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Классная штука. И теплые и удобные, пока только слегка измазал, но очень интересно сколько они прожи.. ...»
У морі пропозицій виробників шортів можна заплутатися на раз два. Особисто я, раніше тут замовляв дв.. ...»
Продовження... Шорти Karrimor дійсно класні, для спорту, тканина синтетика, яка відводить вологу тіл.. ...»
Добрый день! Парка зимняя? Какой наполнитель, если он есть?.. ...»
супер брюки для спорта и дома!!!!!.. ...»
Замеры джинсов 30х32 можете предоставить?.. ...»
По качеству шорты отличные (как по цене). На рост 193 вес 90 -XL сел с небольшим запасом, можно уши.. ...»
Отличная куртка, легко заметить в темноте. Достаточно теплая для работы на улице. Нормальная модель .. ...»

Аксессуары для йоги

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 USA Pro Micro Gym and Yoga Towel
USA Pro Micro Gym and Yoga Towel The USA Pro Micro Gym and Yoga Towel is perfect for helping you to stay comfortable and stable during your workout or yoga session! The Micro Gym and Yoga Towel features an absorbent construction perfect for wicking away moisture as the silicone gripping print make..
295 грн.
445 грн.
 USA Pro Yoga Block
USA Pro Yoga Block The USA Pro Yoga Block is a great choice for any yoga enthusiast. The high-density foam construction features chamfered edges that ensures to hold weight and pressure. > Yoga Block> High density construction> Chamfered edges> Light weight> Different dimensions>..
295 грн.
445 грн.
 Everlast Mini Roller
Everlast Mini Roller The Everlast Mini Roller has a small and lightweight design that makes it perfect for travel and can be used at the table or on the floor or wall. Ideal for selective massage of the feet, legs, arms and other body parts, completed with the Everlast branding. > Mini foam rol..
295 грн.
495 грн.
 Everlast Gym Towel
Everlast Gym Towel This Everlast Gym Towel is a block colour design. It has an embroidered logo and the style is complete with Everlast branding.> Gym towel> Block colour> Embroidered logo> Everlast branding> 60cm x 40cm> 100% cotton> Machine washableFor our full range of Ever..
369 грн.
557 грн.
 USA Pro Gym Towel
USA Pro Gym Towel The USA Pro Gym Towel is constructed from super-soft micro-fibre fabric which makes the towel quick-drying, lightweight, compact and easier to carry. Designed to fit a standard yoga mat, this towel is perfect for yoga and should fit all mat sizes. > Soft micro-fibre towel> ..
369 грн.
557 грн.
 PTP Cool Towel Adults
PTP Cool Towel Adults This PTP Cool Towel is a compact cooling towel for any physical activity, stay dry and cool during workouts thanks to the quick-drying and evaporative technology in the lightweight mesh fabrication. This simple to use towel is perfect for wiping off your face/body or to be wo..
372 грн.
477 грн.
 USA Pro Micro Resistance Band Set
USA Pro Micro Resistance Band Set Improve strength with the USA Pro Micro Resistance Band Set. The set features three different latex closed-loop bands with low, medium and high resistance varieties making them suitable for all types of training. These lightweight and versatile bands are easy to c..
443 грн.
668 грн.
 USA Pro Yoga Ball
USA Pro Yoga Ball This USA Pro Yoga Ball comes complete with a pump and 12 step by step exercises to help improve overall fitness.> Yoga ball> Includes pump and instruction manual> Anti-burst> Max user weight: 300kgFor our full range of USA Pro Yoga Clothes visit birka.clubProduct code..
590 грн.
964 грн.
 USA Pro Yoga Towel
USA Pro Yoga Towel For our full range of USA Pro Fitness Equipment and Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 760419..
591 грн.
951 грн.
 SportFX Gym Towel
SportFX Gym Towel For our full range of Sweatbands and Gym Towels visit birka.clubProduct code: 870013..
669 грн.
874 грн.
 USA Pro Pro Gym Towel
USA Pro Gym Towel The USA Pro Gym Towel is constructed from super-soft micro-fibre fabric which makes the towel quick-drying, lightweight, compact and easier to carry. Designed to fit a standard yoga mat, this towel is perfect for yoga and should fit all mat sizes. > Soft micro-fibre towel> ..
665 грн.
1 064 грн.
 Everlast Shower Towel00
Product code: 760911..
738 грн.
1 114 грн.
 USA Pro Yoga Mat
USA Pro Yoga Mat The USA Pro Yoga Mat is perfect to take to class with you or for use in the comfort of your own home. The fold out mat allows you to perform your exercises in comfort and wherever and whenever you want to! With detachable handle this can be rolled up and carried with ease. > US..
738 грн.
1 114 грн.
 Slazenger Towel
Slazenger Towel This Towel has a large Slazenger logo to the middle of the design as well as a contrasting outline for a great look. > Sports Towel > 158cm x 94cm > Slazenger BrandingFor our full range of Towels visit birka.clubProduct code: 760251..
739 грн.
1 176 грн.
 Jaxjox Foam Roller
Jaxjox Foam Roller The Jaxjox Foam Roller is perfect for helping ease out post training sore and stiff muscles, featuring a textured surface that is ideal for helping ease muscle soreness while also improving your range of motion, complete with the Jaxjox branding.> Foam roller > Textured su..
850 грн.
1 316 грн.
 Everlast Exercise Mat
Everlast Exercise Mat Be sure to work out in comfort in this Everlast Exercise Mat - a highly durable wear, with carry handle and fold away straps. Everlast branding makes for an iconic wear, finished with a motivational slogan. > Exercise mat> Highly durable wear> Carry handle> Fold a..
886 грн.
1 337 грн.
 SportFX Massage Roller
SportFX Massage Roller For our full range of Running Recovery visit birka.clubProduct code: 761119..
855 грн.
 Karakal Foam Roller
Karakal Foam Roller This Karakal Foam Roller provides targeted massage to help restore flexibility, relieve muscle pain and erodes trigger points. > Foam Roller> Targeted massage> Restores flexibility > Quick relief to muscular pain> Erodes trigger pointsFor our full range of Runnin..
892 грн.
 USA Pro Foam Yoga Mat
USA Pro EVA Foam Yoga Mat Featuring a carry handle for everyday travel, the USA Pro EVA Foam Yoga Mat is both functional and stylish. Constructed with EVA foam, this yoga mat is soft, comfortable and lightweight. Uncover your yoga capabilities with ease and add this essential piece to your workout..
929 грн.
1 212 грн.
 Sportech Gym Ball 55cm
Sportech Gym Ball 55cmFor our full range of Yoga visit birka.club Product code: 761108 ..
966 грн.
1 094 грн.
 PTP Fascia Roller
PTP Fascia Roller > 45cmFor our full range of All Ladies Running visit birka.clubProduct code: 764299..
1 003 грн.
1 417 грн.
 Sportech Gym Ball 75cm
Sportech Gym Ball 75cmFor our full range of Yoga visit birka.club Product code: 761845 ..
1 040 грн.
1 223 грн.
 PTP Pack Foam Roller
PTP Pack Foam Roller > Foam roller> Aids muscle recovery> PTP brandingFor our full range of Running Recovery visit birka.club Product code: 764310 ..
1 189 грн.
1 673 грн.
PTP CoreBall The PTP CoreBall has been designed to help improve core strength, balance and coordination at the same time. The CoreBall also helps with working on your back muscle imbalances and in maintaining a healthy posture, completed with the PTP branding and a hand pump. > Coreball > Im..
1 263 грн.
1 452 грн.
 PTP Recovery 3 Unit Pack
PTP Recovery 3 Unit Pack This PTP Recovery 3 Unit Pack provides everything you need to alleviate muscle and joint tightness after intense training sessions or long periods of inactivity. The 3 piece set includes a Myo-X2, for bilateral massage, stretching strap for improved range of motion and tri..
1 263 грн.
1 759 грн.
 Reebok Gymball
Reebok Gymball A home gym essential; Reebok Gymballs help target the core to strengthen and tone, whilst the weighted base aids stability and prevents rolling during exercise. Made from anti-burst material, the Reebok Gymball slowly deflates if punctured to help avoid injury.Key Features:> Avai..
1 263 грн.
2 070 грн.
 Reebok 75cm Gymball
Reebok 75cm Gymball A home gym essential, Reebok Gymballs help target your core with exercise variations. Made from non-slip material with a dual-textured surface, the ball supports your workout with maximum grip. Designed using anti-burst technology with a pump included, the ball slowly deflates ..
1 337 грн.
1 712 грн.
 Reebok Foam Roller
Reebok Foam Roller Delivery information:Fast delivery within 1-3 working days.Please call us on 01623 745 467 with any queries relating to this product.For our full range of All Ladies Running visit birka.clubProduct code: 764043..
1 337 грн.
1 712 грн.
 Reebok Stability 75cm Gymball
Reebok Stability 75cm Gymball Reebok Gymball - Versatility for improved all-round fitness.Possibly one of the most versatile and accessible pieces of training equipment, a gymball can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises which will considerably improve your core strength, posture and fle..
1 330 грн.
2 140 грн.
 SportFX Yoga Mat
SportFX Yoga Mat For our full range of All Yoga visit birka.clubProduct code: 761118..
1 412 грн.
1 657 грн.
 X Roller
PTP X Roller The PTP X Roller is designed to be used in self-myofascial release to prepare for a workout or for recovery after, a hard hollow core ensures that a firm massage of both large and small muscles along with a unique 3D pattern with ridges and diamond shapes that help to increase blood c..
1 412 грн.
1 830 грн.
 Reebok Stability Gymball
Reebok Stability Gymball A home gym essential; Reebok Gymballs help target the core to strengthen and tone. Designed with a weighted base, the ball aids stability and prevents rolling whilst anti-burst material slowly deflates if punctured. Complete with a pump, Reebok Stability Gymballs get your ..
1 560 грн.
2 028 грн.
 adidas Foam Roller
Adidas Foam Roller Designed to enhance your push-ups; the Adidas Swivel Bars help to achieve a smooth, complete rep. Fitted with a ball bearing disk and rotation lock mechanism, the Swivel Push-Up Bars allow you to perform both static and dynamic movements. Designed with a gripped non-slip base, t..
1 857 грн.
2 554 грн.
 SKLZ Trainer Mat
SKLZ Trainer Mat This SKLZ Trainer Mat has been crafted with a soft, padded foam so you can enjoy your exercise routines in comfort, while the mat features 21 workout illustrations for a more efficient and effective workout. The illustrations recommends the ideal amount of reps and highlights what..
1 857 грн.
2 167 грн.
 adidas Textured Mat
Adidas Textured Mat With a unique wave and bobble design, the adidas Textured Training Mat employs proprioceptive feedback to improve your balance and stability. The raised circular padding creates 9 mm of cushioning, with a soft surface feel ideal for prolonged usage. The flat base grip helps red..
3 567 грн.
3 907 грн.

Our range of yoga accessories are perfect for every yoga enthusiast, whether you’ve just started or you’ve been doing it for years we have the products to cater for you. We’ve got a great selection of yoga mats, yoga balls and yoga blocks to make them hard classes that little bit easier for you. If your wanting something to keep all of your stuff together then look no further than one of our yoga bags.

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