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 Karrimor Byotrol Body Spray
Karrimor Byotrol Body Spray The Karrimor Byotrol Body Spray is great for killing and controlling germs and fighting odour without drying out skin. > Body Spray > Kills 99.9% bacteria and viruses > 100ml > Karrimor branding For our full range of Big Brand Sale Karrimor visit birka.clubP..
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161 грн.
 Single Replacement Tent Pole
Gelert Single Replacement Tent Pole The Gelert Single Replacement Tent Pole are ideal for replacing broken tent pole segments, featuring a fibreglass construction with a metal ferrule attached to one end that allows for quick and easy replacement. > Tent pole > Ideal for replacing or repairi..
86 грн.
165 грн.
 Karrimor Byotrol Body Mousse
Karrimor Byotrol Body Mousse The Karrimor Byotrol Body Mousse is great for killing and controlling germs and fighting odour without drying out skin and provides a barrier that is designed to last for hours. > Body Mousse > Kills 99.9% bacteria and viruses > 50ml > Karrimor branding For..
87 грн.
160 грн.
 Character Fold Bottle
Character Fold Bottle Keep your little one hydrated with a fold bottle with the character adorned to the front. Added to this is a plastic bottle top with a sports cap for easy drinking and a carabiner to one side so that this water bottle can be attached easily to belt loops or bags. > Charact..
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233 грн.
 Gelert Lightstick
Gelert Lightstick This Gelert Lightstick, is a great a camping accessory or even for use around the home. > Lightstick > Non toxic and weatherproof > Complete with hanginf hook and lanyard > 4 bright colous For our full range of Camping Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 789263..
173 грн.
246 грн.
 No Fear Forever Waterbottle
No Fear Forever Waterbottle Extreme sports label No Fear has teamed up with award-winning grime artist and GQ Man of the Year Skepta on a collaborative capsule collection entitled ‘No Fear Forever’. Under Skepta’s creative direction, the range takes inspiration from all aspects of the No Fear bran..
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224 грн.
 Gelert Instant Toe Warmers
Gelert Toe Warmers The Gelert Toe Warmers provide up to 6 hours of soothing warmth to help relieve muscle aches, stiffness and joint pain.> Toe warmers> Pack of 2> Provides up to 6 hours of warmth> Environmentally safe, biodegradable contents> DisposableFor our full range of Gelert ..
218 грн.
 Everlast Logo Waterbottle
Everlast Logo Waterbottle For our full range of Everlast Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 842015..
196 грн.
 Gelert Folding Sit Mat
Karrimor Folding Sit Mat The Karrimor Folding Sit Mat has a lightweight and compact design that makes it perfect for camping trips and hikes, a waterproof and thermally insulating design means you will always have somewhere warm and dry to sit. > Sit mat> Folding design > Lightweight >..
196 грн.
207 грн.
 Karrimor Byotrol Kit and Equipment Concentrate
Karrimor Byotrol Kit and Equipment Concentrate The Karrimor Byotrol Kit and Equipment Concentrate is great for killing and controlling germs and fighting odour that is on your equipment and clothing and provides a barrier that is designed to last for hours. > Kit and Equipment Concentrate > ..
196 грн.
188 грн.
 Freeloader Pico Gel Case Cover
Freeloader Pico Gel Case Cover Protect your Freeloader Pico in this Freeloader Pico Gel Case Cover - its gel construction allows for impact protection that prevents knocks and scratches. It also benefits from two slots situated to the back to allow you to attach to your belt, luggage or rucksack. ..
261 грн.
214 грн.
 Gelert 7 inch Wire Pegs
Gelert 7 inch Wire Pegs Replacement Gelert 7 inch Wire Pegs ideal for pegging guide ropes out or holding down the base of your tent. > Gelert pegs > 10 x 7 inch pegsFor our full range of All Camping visit birka.clubProduct code: 784087..
261 грн.
 Gelert Carabiner Clip
Gelert Carabiner Clip Durable lightweight aluminium Gelert Carabiner Clip, just 16g in weight. Attach onto clothing, equipment and other materials. > Outdoors equipment> Lightweight> 16g in weight> Aluminium> NOT FOR CLIMBINGFor our full range of Mens Gelert visit birka.clubProduct ..
261 грн.
 Gelert Deluxe Sit Mat
Karrimor Deluxe Sit Mat For our full range of Camping Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 782013..
261 грн.
 Gelert Dustpan and Brush Set
Gelert Dustpan and Brush Set A useful accessory for any camper to help keep their camping space nice and clean. > Dustpan and Brush set > Plastic > 78g > L19.5 x W16 cm For our full range of Mens Gelert visit birka.clubProduct code: 784076..
261 грн.
229 грн.
 Gelert Enamel Bowl
Gelert Enamel Bowl The Gelert Enamel Bowl is a superb camping accessory, with a lightweight enamel construction and a rimmed finish for serving up hot and cold dishes. > Camping bowl > Enamel construction > Lightweight design > Diameter: 15cmFor our full range of Outdoor Cook Sets and ..
261 грн.
 Gelert Enamel Mug
Gelert Enamel Mug The Gelert Enamel Mug is a great accessory when camping, featuring a strong yet lightweight design perfect for drinking your hot drinks and soups. > Camping mug > Enamel construction > Lightweight design > Capacity: 330mlFor our full range of Water Bottles and Flasks ..
261 грн.
 Gelert Peg Extractor
Gelert Peg Extractor Everyone knows that having the right tools for the job is pretty well essential. So in your camping tool kit make sure you are carrying at least one Gelert Peg Extractor. This easy to grip tool will allow easy extraction of the pegs when its time to go home and will save you b..
261 грн.
 Gelert Soild Fuel Tabs
Gelert Soild Fuel Tabs The Gelert Soild Fuel Tabs are easy to light and burn without any odour, 1 tablet can bring 2.5 cups of water to the boil in around 5 minutes. > Solid fuel tablets > Easy to ignite > Burns without ordour > Can bring to boil 2.5 cups of water in around 5 minutes &..
261 грн.
 Gelert Spork
Gelert Spork The Gelert Spork is perfect for travelling light and still having all the essentials to hand! The Gelert Spork can conveniently be used as a fork, knife and spoon while, a hanging karabiner ensures you can keep it securely attached. > Gelert Spork > Gelert branding > Durable ..
261 грн.
 Lonsdale Waterbottle
Lonsdale Waterbottle The Lonsdale Waterbottle is perfect for keeping yourself hydrated and comfortable through activity and exercise! The Lonsdale Waterbottle uses an ergonomic bottle design and shape paired with moulded finger grooves and grip patches for a solid and reliable hold. Complete with ..
261 грн.
 Muddyfox Waterbottle
Muddyfox Waterbottle For our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 937823..
261 грн.
347 грн.
 Sistema 645ml Hourglass Bottle
Sistema 645ml Hourglass Bottle This Sistema 645ml Hourglass Bottle has been crafted with a clip lid which can be opened and closed easily without touching the nib. It is dishwasher safe, Phthalate and BPA free and is complete with Sistema branding.> Water bottle> Clip top> Dishwasher safe..
261 грн.
204 грн.
 Sistema Wave Bottle 600ml
Sistema Wave Bottle 600ml The Sistema Wave Bottle 600ml is a great way to keep yourself hydrated while out and about, crafted with a twist top opening that allows the bottle to be opened without having to touch to the sipper, completed with a wave pattern to the main body and the Sistema branding...
261 грн.
191 грн.
 Slazenger Water Bottle X Large
Slazenger Water Bottle X Large The Slazenger Water Bottle X Large is ideal for taking with you to the gym to help you keep hydrated whilst you train, with a handy sports cap, and a screw top for easy re-filling! The water bottle has a maximum volume of 1 litre and comes with a measuring gage runni..
261 грн.
 Team Running Bottle
Hypro Running Bottle Keep hydrated on your next run with the Hypro Running Bottle. It has a grip handle specially deigned for easy hold whilst out running. It can hold 500ml and has a screw top with a pull/push mouth piece.> Water bottle> Screw lid> Pull/push mouth piece> 500ml> Erg..
261 грн.
238 грн.
 Gelert Gel Handwarmers
Gelert Gel Handwarmers The reusable Gelert Gel Handwarmers are engineered to reach a temperature of 53"C for up to 30 minutes. > Handwarmers > Reusable > Pack of 2 > Discard if broken, Liquid may cause skin irritation > Keep away from fireFor our full range of Gelert Accessories vis..
212 грн.
267 грн.
 Karrimor Survival Blanket
Karrimor Survival Thermal Blanket The Karrimor Survival Blanket is made from highly reflective material that retains and recyles the users body warmth. A compact and extremely useful item, the thermal emergency blanket will provide vital warmth in the event of an emergency, or sudden weather chang..
212 грн.
267 грн.
 Life Venture Ellipse Bowl
Lifeven Ellipse Bowl This Ellipse Bowl offers a lightweight a durable structure with a tab for easy attachment to your backpack, ideal for your next camping trip. > Camping Bowl > Light Weight > Durable > Tab For our full range of Outdoor Cook Sets and Utensils visit birka.clubProd..
212 грн.
208 грн.
 Bungee Hooks
Gelert Bungee Hooks > Ties down easily and securely> 2 pieces> Length: 90cmFor our full range of Mens Gelert visit birka.clubProduct code: 784068..
212 грн.
 Character Flip Bottle
Character Flip Bottle Drink your water from a water bottle with your favourite character on the side with the Character Flip Bottle, with its flip lid with hidden straw you can drink from the bottle easily with minimal spillage, and with its fantastic character design this water bottle will be lov..
212 грн.
354 грн.
 Gelert 9inch Wire Pegs
Gelert 9inch Wire Pegs The Gelert 9 inch Wire Pegs benefit from a durable construction to reduce damage and the long design for a secure hold. > 10 Pack > Size 9" > Solid steel construction > Gelert brandingFor our full range of All Camping visit birka.clubProduct code: 784088..
212 грн.
 Gelert KFS Clip Set
Gelert KFS Clip Set The Gelert KFS Clip Set sports a fork, knife and spoon with a simple clip finish for functionality and ease of use, perfect for camping trips. > Camping set> Knife, fork and spoon > Easy to clean and dry > Lightweight designFor our full range of Bivvie Essentials an..
212 грн.
 Gelert Rubber Mallet
Gelert Rubber Mallet This Gelert Rubber Mallet has a rubber head so it wont damage the pegs while pitching your tent. Perfect for pitching on hard ground. > 12 oz Steel shaft. > Rubber head. > Easy grip handle. > Ideal for hard ground. > Black > Gelert brandingFor our full range ..
212 грн.
 Gelert Solid Fuel Stove
Gelert Solid Fuel Stove > Strong and stable steel construction> Lightweight and compact - a great camping accessory> Fuel tablets are easily ignited with a match and burn without odour> Contains 4 fuel tablets> 1 tablet will bring to the boil 2.5 cups of water in around 5 minutes>..
212 грн.
 Gelert Washing Line Kit
Gelert Washing Line Kit The Gelert Washing Line Kit has a lightweight and compact design that allows for easy storage when not in use. 21ft of line allows for plenty of space for your washing along with 8 rust protected pegs to help make washing day a breeze. > Washing line kit > 21ft of lin..
212 грн.
293 грн.
 Gelert Washing Line Kit
Gelert Washing Line Kit The Gelert Washing Line Kit comes complete with a set of bright pegs, perfect for drying wet clothes when away on camping trips. > Washing line set > Retracts to compact reel > 21ft length > Includes 8 rust protect pegs > Material: ABS plasticFor our full ran..
212 грн.
 Tripod Stool
Gelert Tripod Stool The Gelert Tripod Stool features a small pack size and includes a carry case with handles so you can transport for ease.> Stool> Folding design> 600D Polyester seat> Max load: 100kg> Weight: 780g> W32 x D32 x H42cmFor our full range of Mens Gelert visit birka...
212 грн.
 Gelert 3 Pack Thermal Socks Junior
Gelert 3 Pack Thermal Socks Junior The Gelert 3pk Thermal Socks are perfect for keeping your toes and feet nice and toasty while your showing off an eye catching look! The Gelert Thermal Socks feature a highly soft and comforting material construction for optimal performance in holding in heat wit..
214 грн.
321 грн.
 Gelert Magic Glove Juniors Girls
Gelert Magic Glove Juniors Girls The Kids Gelert Magic Glove feature a super stretchy construction with a ribbed trim to the wrist cuff for a comfortable fit, completed with the Gelert branding. > Kids gloves > Super stretch construction > Contrasting finger tips > Knitted construction..
214 грн.
336 грн.
 Karrimor Spare Walking Pole Caps
Karrimor Spare Walking Pole CapsThese Karrimor Spare Walking Pole Caps are perfect when going on a long walk. Build with durable materials, these are suitable for all sufaces. > Walking pole caps > Universal lightweight replacement pole caps > Durable metal inserts > Suitable for all sur..
214 грн.
321 грн.
 Karrimor Survival Bag
Karrimor Survival Bag The Karrimor Survival Bag is lightweight and compact and is ideal for walkers, hikers and backpackers to keep as a safety measure in your rucksack. The survival bag is waterproof and thermally insulating to reduce the loss of vital body heat and can also be used as a distress..
214 грн.
321 грн.
 USA Pro Dumbbell Bottle
USA Pro Dumbbell Sports Bottle The fun - and practical - way to work out! USA Pro Dumbbell Sports Bottle means you can stay hydrated whenever thirst calls during your weight session. > Water bottle + dumbbell > Screw lid > Bold USA Pro branding For our full range of USA Pro Fitness Equipm..
214 грн.
476 грн.
 Gelert 4 Pack Guylines
Gelert 4 Pack Guylines These Gelert 4 Pack Guylines are a must for avid outdoor people who love to go camping! The Gelert 4 Pack Guylines are great to keep on hand and can provide a quick fix on broken parts. > Gelert 4 Pack Guylines > Durable > 4 Pack > High visibilityFor our full ran..
214 грн.
 Gelert AA Hand Torch
Gelert AA Hand Torch The Gelert AA Hand Torch offers 15 lumens of light and has a rain proof design, along with the ABS construction for great durability. > Torch > 15 lumens > Rain proof > ABS construction > Gelert branding For our full range of Camping Accessories visit birka.club..
214 грн.
 Gelert Dog Tether 00
Gelert Dog Tether The Gelert Dog Tether is perfect for camping trips, days out & for use at home. The giant screw enables it to be safely fastened into the ground & the revolving attachment for the lead means that your dog will not get tangled up. > Easily clean > Strong > Easy to..
214 грн.
 Gelert Rock Pegs
Gelert Rock Pegs The Gelert Rock Pegs is designed for hard ground types. Taking spare tent pegs on any type of camping trip is essential just in case any get bent out of shape whilst trying to erect your tent . > Camping accessories > Made from Steel > Strong and Robust > Holds tent do..
214 грн.
 Gelert Torch Lantern
Gelert Torch Lantern The Gelert Torch Lantern is ideal for using on camping trips or outdoor adventures. The torch features a super bright LED bulb with a torch and lantern mode to make it suitable for different uses. It comes complete with a hanging hook to allow it to be used in tents if necessa..
214 грн.
364 грн.
 Nevica Original Skuff
Nevica Original Skuff The Nevica Original Skuff features a lightweight and versatile design that allows it to be worn in various ways, quick drying properties help to keep you dry and comfortable and the all over print and Nevica branding completes the look. > Skuff > Lightweight > Quick ..
214 грн.
535 грн.
 ONeill Noronha Ladies Flip Flops
Oneill Noronha Ladies Flip Flops The Ladies Oneill Noronha Flip Flops are perfect for lazy days spent down around the pool, featuring a one piece moulded footstrap with a fixed toe post along with a foam midsole, completed with the ONeill branding. > Ladies flip flops> Foam midsole > One ..
327 грн.
445 грн.
 Radial Water Bottle
Radical 500ml Water Bottle Stay hydrated and get the most out of your performance with this Radical Water Bottle which has raised bumps for a greater grip, whilst the drip free sports nozzle allows you to take on fluids with complete ease. > Water Bottle> Screw top> Raised bump grip patte..
214 грн.
300 грн.
 Karrimor Aluminium Drinks Bottle 600ml
Karrimor Aluminium Drink Bottle 600ml The Karrimor Aluminium Drinks Bottle 600ml is perfect for staying hydrated during your outdoor adventures. Ideal for carrying in your rucksack when out and about. The Karabiner clip allows you to attach it securely to your pack. > Metal dinks bottle > An..
249 грн.
374 грн.
 Karrimor Tritan Water Bottle 350ml
Karrimor 350ml Tritan Water Bottle Keep hydrated on your camping trip, adventures or lunch brakes with the Karrimor water bottle, featuring a flip lid which pushes up to reveal the durable straw, whilst it is bent when the lid is closed and prevents spilling. This drinks bottle is ideal for childr..
249 грн.
374 грн.
 Life Venture Soap Leaves
LifeVenture Soap Leaves Ideal for travelling light, the LifeVenture Soap Leaves conform to airport standard and are simple and easy to use. You only need to lather the soap leaves in water and rinse. > Soap leaves > Dissolvable > Just add water > Airport friendly > Contains 50 leave..
249 грн.
281 грн.
 Life Venture Venture Ellipse Cutlery Set
Life Venture Ellipse Cutlery Set Be prepared for your next meal with the Life Venture Ellipse Cutlery Set thanks to the durable, impact resistant nylon, whilst the mixture of spoon, knife and fork allows for a range of meals. > Cutlery Set > Knife, Fork and spoon set > Impact resistant n..
249 грн.
281 грн.
 Life Venture Venture Ellipse Plate
Life Venture Ellipse Plate The Life Venture Ellipse Plate offers a lightweight and durable design with a hook to the top making it ideal for any hiking or camping trip, complete with the Life Venture branding for a great look. > Camping Plate > Lightweight design > Solid construction >..
249 грн.
281 грн.

Looking to head into the great outdoors and not fully equipped yet? We have all you need to be kitted out properly, from sleeping bags to rucksacks and tents to outdoor furniture. In addition, we also have a wide range of outdoor clothing so you look the part, including waterproof jackets, fleeces, base layers, footwear and even shorts for the warmer weather! With a great choice at even better prices you can go out and explore with all your new outdoor clothing and outdoor equipment.

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