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 Dunlop Graduated Plastic Golf Tees
Dunlop Graduated Plastic Golf Tees The Dunlop golf ball Tees are available in a selection of colours and are proven to be more durable than wood tees, as well as providing a great consistency in height with every shot. > Golf tees > Plastic tees > Available in a variety of colours > Av..
84 грн.
 Dunlop Golf Pencils
Dunlop Golf Pencils These Dunlop golf pencils are short, colourful and there are six in a pack. Every round requires recording the scores but pencils always seem to get lost. This cheap pack of six is a great additional to your golf cart. >Dunlop golf pencils >branded pencils >6 pack For ..
126 грн.
 Dunlop Exploder Ball
Dunlop Exploder Ball This Dunlop Exploder Ball are great for playing practical jokes on your fellow golfers. Sneak a couple into their cart and watch them stare in disbelief at their ball going up in smoke. A joke that will never get old and will lighten up the spirit on a cool day on the course. ..
210 грн.
 Dunlop Opti Brush
Dunlop Opti Brush Clean your clubs properly with this Dunlop Opti Brush. Including both brass and nylon bristles, this combo cleaner brush allows you to really get all the grime out. The brush has a long handle to allow for ease of use and a hanging clip to make sure you don't misplace it. >Dun..
210 грн.
 Dunlop Trolley Straps
Dunlop Trolley Straps Ensure your bag is attached to your trolley with these Dunlop trolley straps. Easy to clip into place, adjustable straps that are designed to test the length of time with their durability. These are really useful and will secure your equipment. >Dunlop Trolley Straps >d..
210 грн.
 Dunlop Air Golf Balls
Dunlop Air Golf Balls These Dunlop air golf balls are great for practising with. The lightweight balls are light and airy and are perfect for working on your swing. Due to them being dense they don't travel very far so are ideal for using in the garden. >Dunlop air golf balls >various bright..
189 грн.
 Dunlop Ball Pick Up
Dunlop Ball Pick Up This Dunlop ball pick up is a clever idea and extremely useful for those who struggle with the physical side of golf. Simply attach this to the end of your putter grip and the golf ball pick up will do all the work so you don't have to bend. Perfect for those who suffer with ba..
189 грн.
 Dunlop Golf Score Counter
Dunlop Golf Score Counter The Dunlop Golf Score Counter is the perfect way to keep your score with the reusable and durable counter! This score card counter has a click around counter for each so you can easily add up your total score. > Score card counter > Durable > Reusable > Click ..
189 грн.
 Dunlop Rubber Tees
Dunlop Rubber Tees When the weather is bad and the course isn't quite up to scratch, these Dunlop rubber tees are perfect for teeing off. This set comes with 3 brightly coloured tees, 1 large and 2 small. >Dunlop Rubber Tees >1 large, 2 small >Dunlop brand on teesFor our full range of Gol..
189 грн.
 Dunlop Faux Fur Putt Cover
Dunlop Faux Fur Putt Cover This Putt Cover is ideal for keeping your equipment protected, featuring a faux fur construction with the Dunlop branding to one side. > Dunlop Putt Cover > Faux fur > Dunlop brandingFor our full range of Golf Clearance visit birka.clubProduct code: 870354..
221 грн.
 Dunlop Lofriction Tees
Dunlop Lofriction Tees These plain white golf tees are designed to longer drives. These easy to launch plastic tees have a star design and stand at 2 3/4" high. Don't worry about losing them either as the price is cheap and you get a pack of 40. >Dunlop Golf Tees >white, star shaped design &..
221 грн.
 Dunlop Ball Align Marker and Pen Set
Dunlop Ball Align Marker and Pen Set Make your golf ball easily identifiable with this Dunlop ball marker and pen set. The markers are permanent so you are sure to come home with your own equipment and with this set, you can make sure you properly align your ball to your tee. A very useful gift id..
252 грн.
 Dunlop Pro Tee
Dunlop Pro Tee These Dunlop Pro tees comes have a pronged cup for greater ball control and increased trajectory, allowing you hit the ball further and have greater accuracy. The pack of 10 tees comes in a neon, reflective design so you can always locate your ball. >Dunlop Pro Tees >pronged c..
252 грн.
 Dunlop Putter Cover
Dunlop Putter Cover Rubber Dunlop putter cover with embroidered logo and easy to fasten with its magnetic close and looks after your clubs to ensure they don't rust during bad weather. > Putter Cover > Magnetic close > Embroidered logo > L13 x W10cm For our full range of Golf Clearance..
252 грн.
 Dunlop Spike Wrench
Dunlop Spike Wrench The Dunlop Spike Wrench is a must have accessory for any golfer, with a simple design for replacing and tightening your golf spikes combined with an ergonomic handle for great grip. > Golf spike wrench > Solid construction > Ergonomic handle > Dunlop logoFor our ful..
252 грн.
 Dunlop 4 in 1 Golf Tool
Dunlop 4 in 1 Golf Tool Dunlop 4 in 1 Golf Tool The Dunlop 4 in 1 Golf Tool is a handy tool to carry round on the golf course with a divot tool/grove cleaner, retractable brush, stroke counter complete with a ball marker. > Golf tool > Divot tool / groove cleaner > Retractable brush > ..
205 грн.
 Dunlop 6pk Foam Balls
Dunlop 6pk Foam Balls These Dunlop six pack of multi coloured foam balls are perfect for practising your sport. Easy to locate after use and light enough to get some flight, these golf balls are the perfect pack for practice. >Dunlop foam balls >bright multicoloured design >6 pack For our..
205 грн.
Носки Footjoy ProDry Socks Mens
Footjoy ProDry Socks Mens The Footjoy ProDry Socks are designed for the golfer, created with technologies to make the step to winning a little easier. The lightweight design ensures breathability and form fitting, with DrySof Technology for superior moisture control and Comfort Seam Toe Enclosure ..
210 грн.
291 грн.
 Dunlop Clikka Ball Tube
Dunlop Clikka Ball Tube The Dunlop Clikka Ball Tube is able to hold up to 21 golf balls, it allows you to collect balls from the course without bending. This golf clikka tube is lightweight and will fit into most golf bags. > Golf Ball Tube > Golf clikka tube > 21 ball capacity For our..
207 грн.
 Dunlop Flag Putter Cover
Dunlop Flag Putter Cover Keep your putters in good condition with a Dunlop putter cover. These decorative golf putter covers come in a choice of England, Scotland or United Kingdom and are magnetic so you don't have to worry about messing about with zips. > Putter Cover > Magnetic closure &g..
207 грн.
 Dunlop Novelty Golf Head Cover
Dunlop Novelty Golf Head Cover The Dunlop head cover is perfect for all golf lovers, featuring a knitted sock to protect your golf clubs head from damage. This Golf Head cover is completed with a stuffed character head design and several collar tags. > Animal Golf club cover > Knitted sock &..
207 грн.
 Dunlop Percent  Golf Balls 00
Dunlop 30% Golf Balls 00 These Dunlop golf balls are perfect for practising and as they come in a lightweight design, it will make it harder for you to go the distance. Get your putt under these and they will be sure to make you train hard. >Dunlop golf balls >plain white design >pack of ..
207 грн.
 Dunlop Scorecard Holder
Dunlop Scorecard Holder The Dunlop Scorecard Holder is a protective case for your scorecard, complete with a handicap calculator. > Scorecard holder > Handicap calculator For our full range of Golf Clearance visit birka.clubProduct code: 870366..
207 грн.
 Dunlop Wood Tees 150 Pack
Dunlop Wood Tees 150 Pack The Dunlop Wood Tees feature 150 plain white tees that are durable and great value for money! > Golf Tees > 150 pack > Plain white > Durable For our full range of Golf Tees visit birka.clubProduct code: 870042..
207 грн.
 Dunlop Deluxe Spike Cleat Wrench
Dunlop Deluxe Spike Cleat Wrench The Dunlop Deluxe Spike Cleat Wrench is handy for any golfer to replace and tighten you shoes spikes! This spike cleat wrench has a large ergonomic handle for great grip with a Philips screw driver head attachment. > Cleat wrench > Large handle > Philips s..
224 грн.
 Dunlop Soft Spike
Dunlop Soft Spike These Dunlop golf cleats come in a pack of 22 and offer great traction and durability. Replace the ones you have with our Dunlop brand as this is a set of soft spikes and will have a positive influence on your performance. >Dunlop Soft Spike >pack of 22 golf cleats >6mm ..
241 грн.
Зонтик Dunlop 3 Fold Umbrella
Dunlop 3 Fold Umbrella Compact and convenient, this Dunlop Umbrella features a telescopic handle that can fold down to fit into a hand bag or brief case. > Umbrella > 3-fold umbrella > Folds down to 25cm > Drawstring carry case > Please note: The colour you receive may vary from the..
386 грн.
Зонтик Dunlop Umbrella
Dunlop Umbrella This umbrella features a large rounded cane handle with a polished finish for a great look and comfort. > Umbrella > Durable shaft > Rounded handle > Please note: We cannot guarantee which colour you will receive For our full range of Golf Clearance visit birka.clubProd..
386 грн.
 Dunlop Umbrella Holder
Dunlop Umbrella Holder The Dunlop Umbrella Holder attaches to your golf trolley and holds your umbrella so you can stay protected in the rain! This umbrella holder fits on to most types of trolleys and attaches in seconds. > Umbrella holder > Attaches to your trolley > Fits most trolleys ..
276 грн.
 Dunlop Faux Fur Head Covers 3 Pack
Dunlop Faux Fur Head Covers 3 Pack The golf head cover set is ideal for keeping your golf clubs heads and shafts protected from scratches and other damage, featuring three separate covers with faux fur material, finished with the Dunlop branding. > Dunlop Head Covers > 3 covers > Faux fur..
327 грн.
Мужская футболка поло Dunlop Check Golf Polo Shirt Mens
Dunlop Check Golf Polo Shirt Mens The Mens Dunlop Check Golf Polo Shirt is perfect for a round of golf out on the green, featuring a simple check pattern along with the Dunlop logo printed to the top left of the chest. This Dunlop polo shirt also comes with a collared neck and three button placket..
344 грн.
 Dunlop Golf Bright Trousers Mens
Dunlop Golf Bright Trousers Mens These Dunlop Golf Bright Trousers offer a comfortable fit thanks to the button and zip fastening and the belt loops allow you to get a more secure fit. These golf trousers are perfect for standing out on the course thanks to the bright colour and are completed wit..
344 грн.
 Dunlop Graduated Tees 200 Pack
Dunlop Graduated Tees 200 Pack The Dunlop Graduated Tees 200 Pack is a must have for any avid golfer, with a set of tees of varying colours and length for ease of use and retrieval. > Golf tees > Pack of 200 > Various colours and lengthsFor our full range of Golf Clearance visit birka.clu..
344 грн.
 Dunlop Deluxe Iron Head Covers
Dunlop Deluxe Iron Head Covers The iron head covers will protect your irons for scratches and are a must have on the course, featuring an oversized construction to fit most brands and large numbers for easy identification, finished with Dunlop branding. > Golf Iron Head Covers > 7 covers >..
396 грн.
 Dunlop Golf Trouser Mens
Dunlop Golf Trouser Mens The Mens Dunlop Golf Trouser have a simple but stylish design that is great for a round out on the green, designed with two open pockets to the front along with two button pockets to the rear. These Dunlop golf trousers also feature a button and zip fastening waistband for..
396 грн.
Мужская футболка поло Ashworth Ez Tec Golf Polo Mens
Ashworth Ez Tec Golf Polo Mens Tee off in this Ashworth Ez Tec Golf Polo - Ez- Tec 2 technology is featured to ensure that you are offered a breathable, quick drying feeling that offers moisture wicking properties to keep you cool and dry whilst out on the green. Its short sleeved design is combin..
478 грн.
743 грн.
 Ashworth Heritage Cap Mens
Ashworth Heritage Cap Mens This Mens Ashworth Heritage Cap hasa cotton twill construction with a heavy wash for a more natural feel along with a peaked front, ventilation holes and an adjustable strap to the back of the head, completed with the Ashworth branding to the back. > Mens cap > Pea..
413 грн.
601 грн.
 Dunlop Deluxe Society Golf Pack
Dunlop Deluxe Society Golf Pack This Deluxe golf set has everything you need when you're out on the course, featuring wooden tees of different sizes, a cleaner brush, winter tee set, bead stroke counter, pitchmark repairer, wooden pencils, ball markers and a waterproof pen. > Dunlop Golf Pack &..
413 грн.
 Dunlop Deluxe Umbrella Holder
Dunlop Deluxe Umbrella Holder The Dunlop Deluxe Umbrella Holder attaches to your golf trolley and holds your umbrella while you take your shot, and at the same time giving cover for your golf equipment. > Umbrella Holder > Attaches to your golf trolley > Cover for your golf equipment...
482 грн.
 Dunlop Iron Headcovers
Dunlop Iron Headcovers Keep your irons covered with these Dunlop Iron Headcovers, all numbered to make finding your desired club easier. > Golf headcovers > Numbered covers > Dunlop logo > Set of 3-SW For our full range of Golf Clearance visit birka.clubProduct code: 870359..
482 грн.
Сумка Dunlop Deluxe Shag Bag
Dunlop Deluxe Shag Bag The Dunlop Deluxe Shag Bag is capable of holding up to 85 balls which makes it perfect for transporting large amounts of golf balls to the practice area. This Golf Ball Carrier is completed with a secure zip compartment and a Locking Device to prevent balls falling out. &g..
517 грн.
Ремень Ashworth Weave Golf Belt Mens
Ashworth Weave Golf Belt Mens The Mens Ashworth Weave Golf Belt has been crafted with a woven and elasticated section to the middle along with a buckle fastening and leather ends for a secure fit, completed with the Ashworth logo embossed to the end. > Golf belt > Elasticated > Woven midd..
638 грн.
991 грн.
 Dunlop Bag Rain Cover
Dunlop Bag Rain Cover The Dunlop Bag Rain Cover offers superb protection in the worst weather conditons. This golf cover keeps your golf equipment, trolley and bags dry. > Golf rain cover > Superb protection > Covers trolleyFor our full range of Golf Clearance visit birka.clubProduct code..
551 грн.
 Dunlop Ball Retriever
Dunlop Ball Retriever The Dunlop Ball Retriever is perfect for all golfers! It allows you to retrieve your ball from lakes or over a boundary fence. This Golf Ball Retriever extends up to 281cm, and will help reduce back strain when bending over. > Golf ball retriever > 9ft long when ful..
551 грн.
 Island Green Poly Jacket Ladies
Island Green Poly Jacket Ladies The Island Green Poly Jacket is designed with a full zip fastening, long sleeves with ribbed cuffs and ribbed hem plus a stand up collar, crafted from a lightweight fabric with brushed fleece lining that is breathable and has thermal properties. There are two zip po..
619 грн.
1 099 грн.
 adidas UltGolfPan SnrCL99
Product code: 369185..
620 грн.
1 054 грн.
 Island Green Cold Weather Trouser Ladies
Island Green Cold Weather Trouser Ladies The Island Green Cold Weather Trouser is stylish and practical, ideal for wearing round the course on colder days. Designed from a soft, stretchable fabric that is windproof, water resistant, breathable and has thermal properties, there is a button fastenin..
620 грн.
1 054 грн.
 adidas Puremotion 3 Stripe Golf Shorts Junior Boys
adidas Puremotion 3 Stripe Golf Shorts Junior Boys The adidas Puremotion 3 Stripe Golf Shorts are designed with a button fastening waistband, zip fly, four pockets and crafted from a lightweight fabric with Puremotion stretch for improved freedom of movement. Completed with adidas branding. > B..
654 грн.
1 114 грн.
 Advantage Pants Mens
adidas Advantage Pants Mens These adidas Advantage Pants are crafted with a single button fastening waist and zip up fly. They feature belt loops as well as 4 open pockets. These trousers are a tapered, lightweight construction. They are a block colour designed with an embroidered logo and are com..
689 грн.
1 181 грн.
Мужская футболка поло Ashworth Matt Golf Polo Mens
Ashworth Matt Golf Polo Mens Enjoy style on the green in the Ashworth Matt Golf Polo - crafted with a three button fastening placket, regular fold down collar and short sleeves. A subtly embroidered Ashworth branding logo sits to the back of the neck. > Men's golf polo> 3 button fastening pl..
689 грн.
1 842 грн.
Футболка поло женская Climachill Sleeveless Polo Ladies
adidas Climachill Sleeveless Polo Ladies This adidas Climachill Sleeveless Polo is made with Climachill technology to offer you moisture wicking properties that also draw body heat away from you to keep you feeling comfortable for longer so you can push yourself further. Its sleeveless design is c..
689 грн.
1 181 грн.
 Dunlop Golf Knit Vest Mens
Dunlop Golf Knit Vest Mens The Dunlop Golf Knit Vest Mens is perfect for layering up on the golf course featuring a v-neck collar with ribbed trimmings to the neckline and sleeves. This mens golf pullover vest also features the Dunlop logo to the left on hem. > Golf pullover > Sleeveless >..
689 грн.
1 205 грн.
Футболка поло женская Golf Polo Ladies
adidas Golf Polo Ladies This adidas Golf Polo Ladies is a extremely lightweight construction that is styled with classic short sleeves and a fold over collar. Located to the front is a 4 button placket fastening for a more personalised touch. The look is complete with a elasticated hemline and sub..
689 грн.
1 181 грн.
Футболка поло женская Knit Polo Ladies
adidas Knit Polo LadiesCrafted with Climacool technology, the adidas Knit Polo is sure to keep you cool and dry during intense matches. It features short sleeves, a fold down collar and four button placket. A mesh style pattern covers the back and shoulders, and adidas branding completes the design...
689 грн.
1 181 грн.
Футболка поло женская Traditional Merchant Polo Ladies
adidas Traditional Merchant Polo Ladies This adidas Traditional Merchant Polo is styled with short sleeves, a fold over collar and a discreet 4 button placket fastening for a comfortable fit tailored to you. This lightweight golf polo is complete with a striped patterning to the upper body as well..
689 грн.
1 181 грн.
 Ashworth Golf Graphic TShirt 2.0 Mens
Nike Golf Graphic T-Shirt 2.0 Mens This Nike Golf Graphic T-Shirt 2.0 is designed for a comfortable casual fit on the golf course with its crew neck and short sleeve fit. The t-shirt features a large printed design to the chest, back and left sleeve that adds to the style of the top. Dri-Fit techn..
877 грн.
1 980 грн.

Our clearance department has a massive range of golfing items, from driving woods to waterproof trousers, golfing gloves to left handed clubs, our golf clearance department has everything you'll be looking for at discount prices from top golfing brands such as Cobra, Cleveland, Dunlop Callaway, Titleist, Nike, Yonex and many more.

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