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Gym Gloves and Weight Lifting Belts

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 adidas Womens Essential Gloves
Adidas Womens Essential Gloves For our full range of adidas Training visit birka.clubProduct code: 761673..
287 грн.
481 грн.
 Everlast Dead Lift Straps
Everlast Dead Lift Straps These Everlast Dead Lift Straps are perfect for your weight lifting training and benefit from being engineered with durable fabric, whilst the padded wrist supplies great comfort and the Everlast branding completes the look. > Dead Lift Straps> Durable construction ..
359 грн.
541 грн.
 adidas Performance Gloves
Adidas Performance Gloves Designed using the latest Climacool Tech, adidas Performance Gloves keep you cool and dry whilst you train. With built-in mesh ventilation and thumb towelling material, the gloves reduce irritation with ergonomic palm padding maximising comfort and grip. An elast..
359 грн.
812 грн.
 adidas Per Gloves Camo
Adidas Per Gloves Camo For our full range of adidas Training visit birka.club Product code: 761674 ..
430 грн.
1 043 грн.
 Reebok Functional Glove
Reebok Functional Glove Built to withstand the toughest workouts, the Reebok Full Finger Functional Gloves offer complete protection and grip.Made from durable Amara suede with a breathable material upper, the Functional Gloves provide added durability with reinforced leather contact zones. Design..
430 грн.
1 276 грн.
 Reebok Strength Glove
Reebok Strength Glove Delivery information:Fast delivery within 1-3 working days.Please call us on 01623 745 467 with any queries relating to this productFor our full range of All Ladies Running visit birka.clubProduct code: 761793..
430 грн.
 Everlast Fitness Gloves
Everlast Fitness Gloves Add to your gym kit essentials with the Everlast Fitness Gloves offer lightweight comfort and protection with a touch and close adjustable fastening for a customisable fit, complete with pull tabs to the backs of the fingers for an easy on off fit. Logo colours may vary.>..
431 грн.
650 грн.
 Everlast Neoprene Weight Lifting Gloves
Everlast Neoprene Weight Lifting Gloves For our full range of Everlast Fitness visit birka.club Product code: 761070 ..
416 грн.
 Everlast Neoprene Weight Lifting Gloves
Everlast Neoprene Weight Lifting Gloves For our full range of Everlast Fitness visit birka.clubProduct code: 761070..
431 грн.
650 грн.
 Harbinger Pad Lifting Strap
Harbinger Power Grips Lift heavier, longer and in style with Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps. The 21.5-inch extended length strap provides a stronger wrap on the bar, while the extra 1.5-inch width increases contact on grip surface resulting in less grip fatigue so you can lift more weight ..
470 грн.
600 грн.
 Reebok Lifting Gloves
Reebok Lifting Gloves Reebok lifting gloves for a solid grip.The lightweight minimalist red gloves from the Reebok Men's Training range feature padded, textured palms which offer protection and an enhanced grip when using weights or functional fitness equipment such as pull up bars and battle rope..
502 грн.
834 грн.
 Reebok Speed Glove
Reebok Speed Glove The Reebok Women's fitness gloves are made from breathable, anti-slip material which keeps the hands dry throughout every workout whilst ensuring an improved grip.These stylish gloves with 'Speed' and 'Power' detailing are perfect for general fitness training.Key Features:> B..
502 грн.
834 грн.
 Reebok Training Glove
Reebok Training Glove Ultimate comfort, flexibility and protection.The Reebok Fingerless training gloves provide ultimate comfort and an enhanced grip for all types of fitness training, with breathable material to help reduce sweat.With a unique Reebok design, these training gloves are functional ..
502 грн.
 Everlast Lifting Grips
Everlast Lifting Grips These Everlast Lifting Grips are ideal for anyone doing weight lifting. These straps come in one size and are ideal for extremely heavy lifting specifically on exercises such as dead lifts and bent over rows — helping to increase your grip and the contact with the bar. Prod..
503 грн.
859 грн.
 Nike Gym Essential Fitness Gloves
Nike Gym Essential Fitness Gloves Product code: 761872 ..
542 грн.
745 грн.
 Everlast Weightlifting Belt
Everlast Weightlifting Belt Protect your spine during strenuous activity in this Everlast Weightlifting Belt - crafted for a comfortable, personalised fit with an Everlast branding badge. Styles may vary.> Weightlifting belt> Touch and close adjustable fastening> Padded> Everlast brand..
574 грн.
866 грн.
 adidas Essential Training Gloves Ladies
adidas Essential Training Gloves Ladies A must have training accessory is these fingerless training gloves from adidas. They are designed with a breathable climate material which wicks away sweat from the skin, leaving the wearer comfortable and dry. The suede palm offers grip and protection, and ..
614 грн.
 Reebok Training Gloves
Reebok Training Gloves Designed to accommodate all training styles, the Reebok Training Gloves combine protection and grip for top performance. Made from breathable mesh with a padded suede palm, the gloves shield your hands from heavy-duty training whilst the Velcro fastening creates a secure and..
650 грн.
934 грн.
 Reebok Training Gloves
Reebok Training Gloves Fit for any training regime, Reebok Fitness Gloves deliver comfort and grip for top performance. Made from breathable Lycra with an Amara suede palm, the gloves combine protection with a natural feel for weighted and bodyweight workouts.Key Features:> Dual finger pulls fo..
650 грн.
812 грн.
 Reebok Womens Gloves
Reebok Womens Gloves Made from breathable Lycra with an Amara suede palm, Reebok Women’s Fitness Gloves deliver top performance from the studio to the weight room. Ideal for both weighted and bodyweight workouts, the gloves are designed to boost grip and shield your hands for total protection.Key ..
650 грн.
812 грн.
 adidas Ultimate Training Gloves
Adidas Ultimate Training Gloves Designed with the serious athlete in mind, adidas Ultimate Training Gloves protect your hands in the toughest of conditions. The durable Climacool material keeps you cool and dry whilst the silicone webbed palm maximises grip for top performance.Fitted with reinforc..
646 грн.
1 813 грн.
 Everlast Leather Fitness Gloves
Everlast Leather Fitness Gloves The Everlast Leather Fitness Gloves benefit from a supple and durable leather construction offering comfort and protection during your workout.> Fitness gloves> Leather construction> Adjustable wrist closureFor our full range of Everlast Fitness visit birka..
646 грн.
975 грн.
 Nike Fundamental Training Gloves Mens
Nike Fundamental Training Gloves Mens The Mens Nike Fundamental Training Gloves have been designed to give the ultimate in feel and control with a great feeling fit. A padded micro fibre palm and adjustable wrist strap ensure a comfortable fit through out your training sessions. These Nike gloves ..
650 грн.
916 грн.
 adidas Fitness Gloves
adidas Fitness Gloves These adidas Fitness Gloves are a slip on style crafted with touch closure fastening for a personal fit. They are a fingerless, lightweight construction designed with a signature logo and are complete with adidas branding.> Gloves> Slip on> Touch closure fastening>..
722 грн.
842 грн.
 Nike Essential Fitness Gloves
Nike Essential Fitness Gloves Product code: 761877 ..
722 грн.
 Reebok Lifting Glove
Reebok Lifting Glove Designed for premium comfort and security, the Lifting Gloves’ padded leather palm provides complete grip and protection. Featuring a double-loop Velcro strap and breathable mesh material, the gloves enhance support whilst keeping you cool for top performance.Key Features: >..
722 грн.
1 043 грн.
 Nike Fundamental Training Gloves Ladies
Nike Fundamental Training Gloves Ladies These ladies Nike training gloves offer a great performance to aid you in your training session. The ladies training gloves feature a padded microfiber palm and an adjustable wrist strap for extra comfort. > Fitness accessories > Fingerless design >..
794 грн.
916 грн.
 Harbinger Gloves
Harbinger Power Gloves These Harbinger power gloves provide a flexible fit to the palm of the hand, whilst protecting it from contact and abrasions from weight lifting equipment. Featuring a double layered thumb for added protection, there is a pull over wrist closure for a more personalized, indi..
866 грн.
990 грн.
 Harbinger Power Training Glove Ladies
Harb Power Training Glove Ladies Product code: 761025 ..
866 грн.
990 грн.
 SKLZ Grip Strength Trainer
SKLZ Grip Strength Trainer Product code: 760808 ..
866 грн.
990 грн.
 Nike Gym Elemental Fitness Gloves
Nike Gym Elemental Fitness Gloves Product code: 761892 ..
939 грн.
1 064 грн.
 Harbinger Pro Lifting Straps
Harb Pro Lifting Straps Product code: 760145 ..
1 083 грн.
1 264 грн.
 Nike Mens Elemental Fitness Gloves
Nike Mens Elemental Fitness Gloves Product code: 761879 ..
1 083 грн.
1 264 грн.
 Under Armour Armour Glove Mens
Under Armour Glove Mens The Under Armour Glove features a lightweight and breathable construction with a snug fit cuff and fingers for enhanced traction, completed with the UA branding. > Mens glove> Lightweight > Breathable > Stretch fit > Under Armour branding> Keep from fire ..
1 156 грн.
1 471 грн.
 Harbinger Pro Wrap Gloves
Harbinger Pro Wrap Gloves Harbinger Pro Wrist Wrap Weightlifting Gloves feature integrated wrist wraps that stabilize wrist joints with adjustable pressure for support when weightlifting. The genuine leather palm is vented to minimize sweat and is cushioned with resilient open-cell foam that maint..
1 228 грн.
1 683 грн.
 Under Armour Armour Graphic Training Gloves Womens
Under Armour Graphic Training Gloves Womens These are built to keep you protected when putting in the hard work in the weight-room. Leather in the palms protects and cushions, while perforations add breath-ability to keep hands dry. Product code: 762478 ..
1 228 грн.
1 548 грн.
 Harbinger Pro Training Gloves
Harb Pro Training Gloves Product code: 761213 ..
1 300 грн.
1 536 грн.
 Harbinger 6" Padded Leather Weightlifting Belt
Harbinger 6" Padded Leather Weightlifting Belt The Harbinger 6" Padded Leather Weightlifting Belt offers enhanced comfort with interior foam cushioning and a suede lining. Belts are constructed of genuine leather with a contoured design to snugly fit the body and offer support for heavy lifting an..
1 373 грн.
1 779 грн.
 Harbinger Flexfit Training Glove
Harb Flexfit Training Glove Product code: 761045 ..
1 444 грн.
1 733 грн.
 Harbinger Red Line Knee Wraps
Harbinger Red Line Knee Wraps The Harbinger Red Line Knee Wraps provide knee stability and positioning for bodybuilding, weightlifting, and functional fitness. Featuring competition grade elastic, Red Line Wraps are 3 wide and 78 long. Product code: 760200 ..
1 589 грн.
1 883 грн.
 Harbinger Firm Fit Contour Weightlifting Belt
The Harbinger 7.5 Firm Fit Contour Weightlifting Belt was designed to help promote proper posture and lifting technique. This contoured 7.5 extra-wide belt was manufactured to fit the natural curve of the back and is constructed to take the abuse of any serious weightlifter. Five contoured EVA stabi..
1 661 грн.
1 958 грн.
 Reebok Combat Training Gloves
Reebok Combat Training Gloves The Reebok Combat Training Glove is the ideal option for all types of boxing training including bag work and sparring. Conforming to the natural shape of the user’s fist with plush padding which protects the hand, these gloves promote correct punching technique.Solid ..
1 995 грн.
4 307 грн.
 Harbinger Training Grip Gloves
Harbinger Training Grip Gloves Crafted from tech layered fabric to maintain shape, these training gloves from Harbinger feature tech gel palm pads to support key stress points and flex with grip, whilst also providing no sweat lining to wick moisture away and keep you feeling dry and fresh through..
1 805 грн.
2 106 грн.

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