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Снаряжение для фитнеса

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 Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope
Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope The Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope has been designed with a 9ft nylon rope that is ideal for fitness and speed training. This Lonsdale skipping rope also comes with slimline moulded plastic handles to easy use. > Boxing skipping rope > 9 ft > Soft nylon rope > ..
226 грн.
339 грн.
 Kettler Toning Ball
Kettler Toning Ball Get a more intense workout with this Kettler Toning Ball. The ball is weighted with sand for more resistance during your exercise. The PVC construction of the shell offers an element of grip to the toning ball and is finished with Kettler branding. > Toning ball > Weighte..
264 грн.
779 грн.
 USA Pro Skipping Rope
USA Pro Skipping Rope This USA Pro Skipping rope is a great addition to your workout equipment at home, it will help you maximise your cardiovascular and tone muscles all over leaving you feeling more fit. > Skipping rope > Gripped handles > Helps tone muscles > Maximise cardiovascular..
302 грн.
453 грн.
 Kettler Flexiband
Kettler Flexiband Sculpt you #r body to perfection with this Kettler Flexiband. Change your body by boosting muscular endurance, targeting specific muscle groups and increasing your fat burning capacity. Incorporate this band in to your routine to add upper and lower body, you can also stimulate f..
340 грн.
489 грн.
 Everlast Powerband
Everlast Powerband Strengthen, trim, tone and firm the whole body, from the thighs, to the quads, upper and lower body with this Everlast Powerband. > Powerband > Strengthen, trim, tone and firm > For upper and lower body use > Everlast brandingFor our full range of Everlast Fitness vi..
359 грн.
760 грн.
 USA Pro Resistance Band
USA Pro Resistance Band The USA Pro Resistance Band is available in a range of resistances, ideal for recovery and toning targeted muscle groups. > Latex body band > Includes zipped carry case > Picture for illustrative purposes only, colours vary depending on resistanceFor our full range..
453 грн.
680 грн.
 USA Pro Resistance Tube
USA Pro Resistance Tube The USA Pro Resistance Tube is ideal for building on core strength and is available in a range of resistance levels to suit your workout. > Resistance tube > Neoprene cushioned handles > Contains natural rubber latexFor our full range of USA Pro Fitness Equipment a..
453 грн.
736 грн.
 Lonsdale Resistance Training Rope
Lonsdale Resistance Training Rope The Lonsdale Resistance Training Rope is perfect for helping you to tone and improve your fitness with an elasticated cord. This resistance rope has two large padded handles for a soft and comfortable grip. > Resistance rope > Foam, padded handle > Elasti..
491 грн.
795 грн.
 USA Pro Body Band Set
USA Pro Body Band Set This USA Pro body bands set includes three bands in three different resistances, perfect for toning and strengthening key muscles. > Latex body band set > Beginner, intermediate and advanced bands includedFor our full range of USA Pro Fitness Equipment and Accessories v..
529 грн.
793 грн.
 USA Pro Yoga Exercise Ball
USA Pro Yoga Ball This USA Pro Yoga Ball comes complete with a pump and 12 step by step exercises to help improve overall fitness. > Yoga ball > Includes pump and instruction manual > Anti burst > Max user weight: 300kgFor our full range of All USA Pro visit birka.clubProduct code: 761..
529 грн.
906 грн.
 USA Pro Yoga Mat
USA Pro Yoga Mat The USA Pro Yoga Mat is perfect to take to class with you or for use in the comfort of your own home. The fold out mat allows you to perform your exercises in comfort and wherever and whenever you want to! With detachable handle this can be rolled up and carried with ease. > US..
680 грн.
1 020 грн.
 Everlast F.I.T. Skipping Rope
Everlast F.I.T. Skipping Rope This Everlast F.I.T. Skipping Rope benefits from having metallic weighted handles, whilst the metal rope that has a protective coating ensures long lasting durability and the Everlast branding completes the look. > Skipping Rope > Metal weighted handles > Dur..
680 грн.
1 106 грн.
 Everlast Resistance Trainer
Everlast Resistance Trainer Enjoy a workout at your own pace with this Everlast Resistance Trainer, featuring an elasticated cord and two ergonomically gripped handles for comfort. > Resistance trainer > Elasticated cord > 2 ergonomically gripped handles > Everlast branding tabsFor our..
755 грн.
1 133 грн.
 Lonsdale Push Up Resistance Band Set
Lonsdale Push Up Resistance Band Set You train and train but you will reach a point where your own body weight isn't enough to effectively train with push ups! The Lonsdale Push Up Resistance Band Set ensure that you can keep building fitness and strength past that point without the need for weigh..
794 грн.
1 310 грн.
 USA Pro Move Yoga Exercise Ball
USA Pro Move Yoga Ball The USA Pro Move Yoga Ball is excellent for toning and strengthening your core muscle group. Half of the ball benefits from a bumped surface which helps tackle and alleviate muscle pains. The ball is finished off with USA Pro branding. > Yoga Ball > Half textured surfa..
794 грн.
1 339 грн.
 USA Pro Printed Yoga Mat
USA Pro Printed Yoga Mat This printed Yoga Mat fro USA Pro comes complete with a branded carry handle for easy transportation. > Yoga mat > Printed design > No slip surface > USA Pro branding > Includes carry handles > 6mm thickness > Dimensions: 182 x 60cm (approx)For our ful..
794 грн.
1 240 грн.
 USA Pro TPE Yoga Mat
USA Pro TPE Yoga Mat This USA Pro TPE Yoga Mat is lightweight and comfortable gym mat, with a 6mm thickness and measuring 180cm x 60cm. > Yoga mat > 6mm thick > Lightweight > L180cm x W: 60cm x D: 10mm > Warning: Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness or exercise prog..
869 грн.
1 405 грн.
 Everlast Exercise Mat
Everlast Exercise Mat Be sure to work out in comfort in this Everlast Exercise Mat - a highly durable wear, with carry handle and fold away straps. Everlast branding makes for an iconic wear, finished with a motivational slogan. > Exercise mat > Highly durable wear > Carry handle > Fol..
907 грн.
1 360 грн.
 Everlast Fitness Machine Mat
Everlast Fitness Machine Mat The Everlast Fitness Machine Mat is perfect for Treadmills, Rowers or as a general Aerobics Mat. This mat helps protect your floors and carpets from the damaging effects of heavy exercise equipment and debris from mechanical parts. It will also pro-long the life of you..
907 грн.
1 484 грн.
 Lonsdale Medicine ball
Lonsdale Medicine ball The Lonsdale Medicine ball is perfect for building up your core strength and stability! This medicine ball has a durable rubber outer with a dimpled pattern for added grip. > Medicine ball > Dimpled grip > Durable > Lonsdale logoFor our full range of Weights and ..
907 грн.
1 935 грн.
 Yoga Mad War II 4mm Mat
Yoga Mad War II 4mm Mat This Yoga Mad War II 4mm Mat has been crafted with soft 4mm foam which has a textured outer for great grip, and the machine washable design ensures the mat will stay clean and it is suitable for all types of yoga. > Yoga Mat > Enhanced grip > Suitable for all types..
1 021 грн.
1 470 грн.
 Kettler Yoga Exercise Ball
Kettler Gym Ball 65cm This Kettler Gym Ball is a great choice for at home workouts, helping to develop your co-ordination and balance and muscle by toning and strengthening your core muscles. > Exercise ball > 65cm diameter > PVC composition > Max weight 120kg > Hand pump only > ..
1 058 грн.
1 568 грн.
 Reebok TriFord Fitness Mat
Reebok TriFord Fitness Mat The Reebok TriFord Fitness Mat 3-fold fitness mat. 130x58x0.6cm. Breathable mesh bottom with eco EVA foam. Easy fold. Detachable velcro shoulder strap. Key Features: >130 (L) x 58 (W) x 0.6 (H) >Component 1: Mat Colour: Cyan C, Cool grey 9C Material: Polyester / EV..
1 210 грн.
1 989 грн.
 USA Pro Medicine Ball
USA Pro Medicine Ball This USA Pro Medicine ball is ideal for your workout routine, perfect for a a number of exercises that focus on your upper body, lower body and abdominal muscles. It will help you improve strength, agility and flexibility. Designed with a textured rubber outer layer for bette..
1 285 грн.
2 252 грн.
 Everlast Club Fitness Mat
Everlast Club Fitness Mat A lightweight and comfortable gym mat, measuring 180cm x 60cm. > Gym mat > Lightweight > L: 180cm x W: 60cm x D: 10mm > Warning: Always consult your doctor before beginning a fitness or exercise programme. Be sure to know the signs or over exertion. For our fu..
1 323 грн.
2 067 грн.
 Reebok Gymball
Reebok Gymball This Reebok Gymball is ideal sit ups, core strength, stability and general fitness whilst the embossed grooves on the ball provides essential grip. > Gymball > Pump included > Reebok branding For our full range of Big Brand Sale Reebok visit birka.clubProduct code: 761031..
1 323 грн.
1 720 грн.
 USA Pro Studio Mat
USA Pro Studio Mat For our full range of USA Pro Fitness Equipment and Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 761997..
1 663 грн.
2 594 грн.
 adidas Yoga Mat 82
Product code: 760853..
2 116 грн.
2 540 грн.
 Reebok Fitness Mat 74
Product code: 761097..
2 192 грн.
2 795 грн.
 SE Sports Equipment Bodenschutzmte Ergomtr
Product code: 761758..
2 570 грн.
 Everlast Battle Rope
Everlast Battle Rope The Everlast Battle Rope is perfect for cardio training, improving your endurance of shoulders, back, arms, increasing reaction time and metabolic rate. Extremely easy to set up - just wrap it around something and get to work!> Battle rope> Length: 12m> Diameter: 38mm..
3 326 грн.
4 468 грн.

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