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Классная штука. И теплые и удобные, пока только слегка измазал, но очень интересно сколько они прожи.. ...»
Купил сыну для работы на станции автоТО, очень понравились(качество пошива, внешне выглядят как .. ...»
Замеры джинсов 30х32 можете предоставить?.. ...»
Покупал себе, рассчитывал на трекинг.Выдержали 3 походы, без косяков. преимущества:м ягкая подошва, .. ...»
Здравствуйте, подскажите пожалуйста какой состав футболки?.. ...»
Добрый день Anastasiia. Данная модель доступна максимум, в размере XXL. Если нужен размер 4XL - смо.. ...»
Футболка идет в размер (может чуть маломерит). По бирке 100% бавовна. Ткань средней плотности - не м.. ...»
По качеству шорты отличные (как по цене). На рост 193 вес 90 -XL сел с небольшим запасом, можно уши.. ...»

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 Lucozade Fit Water
Lucozade Fit Water The Lucozade Fit Water is designed to fuel your training session, recharging and replenishing thanks to the purified electrolytes; magnesium, calcium, sodium and chloride. > Water> 600ml> Purified electrolyte water> Designed to hydrate> Charged with 4 key electrol..
174 грн.
 No Fear Forever Waterbottle
No Fear Forever Waterbottle Extreme sports label No Fear has teamed up with award-winning grime artist and GQ Man of the Year Skepta on a collaborative capsule collection entitled ‘No Fear Forever’. Under Skepta’s creative direction, the range takes inspiration from all aspects of the No Fear bran..
174 грн.
224 грн.
 Sis GO Energy 50g 74
Product code: 763085..
176 грн.
 Everlast Logo Waterbottle
Everlast Logo Waterbottle For our full range of Everlast Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 842015..
196 грн.
 Chia Charge Flapjack
Chia Charge Flapjack This Chia Charge Flapjack has been crafted to offer superb en excellent amount of energy and endurance, whilst also being high in omega 3 and including electrolytes and antioxidants. > Chia Charge Flapjack > High in omega 3 > Electrolytes > Antioxidants > Energy..
208 грн.
 Battle Oats Cookie 94
Product code: 763421..
260 грн.
 Battle Oats Flap Jack 94
Product code: 763420..
260 грн.
 BEET IT Shot 70ml 94
Product code: 763090..
260 грн.
Blue Dot Ice Bag For our full range of Ladies Gym and Training visit birka.clubProduct code: 760219..
260 грн.
281 грн.
 Bounce Ball Bar 84
Product code: 763059..
260 грн.
 Everlast Energy Flapjack
Everlast Energy Flapjack Boost your performance with this Everlast Energy Flapjack which contains 15g of protein, whilst the bar also is a source of fibre and has chocolate chunks embedded in a milk chocolate fondant layer with an oat base. > Flapjack Energy Bar > Nutritional Information 75g..
260 грн.
 Everlast High Protein Cookie
Everlast High Protein Cookie The Everlast High Protein Cookie is a yummy double chocolate cookie with dark chocolate chips which offers 17g of protein to assist with your workout and recovery. > High protein cookie > 17g of protein > Nutrional information per 75g cookie serving > Energ..
260 грн.
 Everlast Protein Bar
Everlast Protein Bar This Everlast Protein Bar contains 24g of protein and supplies great nutrition for your sporting events.> Nutritional Value Per 65g Bar> Chocolate Mint> Energy: 888kj/212kcal> Fat: 6.2g> of which saturates 3.2g> Carbohydrates: 19g> of which sugars: 1.8g>..
260 грн.
 Nooco BCAA Drink
Nooco BCAA Drink For our full range of Ladies Gym and Training visit birka.clubProduct code: 763208..
260 грн.
 Oatein Cookie
Oatein Cookie For our full range of All Ladies Running visit birka.clubProduct code: 763419..
260 грн.
 Oatein Flapjack Bar
Oatein Flapjack Bar For our full range of All Ladies Running visit birka.clubProduct code: 763349..
260 грн.
 ONeills Mouthguard Senior
ONeills Mouthguard Senior This ONeills Mouthguard is made to fit and protect your teeth when participating in contact sports. It will also provide comfort at all times thanks to its mould system that will shape to your customised fit. > Mouthguard > Protect teeth > Moulded system > Com..
260 грн.
206 грн.
 PW World Slender Bar
Protein World Slender Bar The Protein World Slender Bar offer a low calorie, gluten free snack option that helps to contribute to maintaining muscle as you loose weight. > Snack bar > Helps maintain muscle as you slim > Gluten free > Nut free > All natural Nutritional information(ty..
260 грн.
 PW World Slender Blend Sachet
Protein World Slender Blend Sachet The Protein World Slender Blend Sachet is perfect for those with a busy and full life, ideal to grab and throw in your bag on the way out the door. > Shake sachet> 40g> Vegetarian > Soy and gluten free> Kosher and Halal VanillaWhey Protein Concentr..
260 грн.
 adidas Essentials Training Gloves Mens
adidas Essentials Training Gloves Mens The adidas Essentials Training Gloves feature a suede palm and breathable fabric construction for comfort and a natural grip, complete with a single ring pull so you can remove with ease.> Mens training gloves> Single ring pull for easy removal> Sued..
261 грн.
287 грн.
 adidas Perf Glvs LdsCL99
Product code: 769084..
261 грн.
293 грн.
 Slazenger Water Bottle X Large
Slazenger Water Bottle X Large The Slazenger Water Bottle X Large is ideal for taking with you to the gym to help you keep hydrated whilst you train, with a handy sports cap, and a screw top for easy re-filling! The water bottle has a maximum volume of 1 litre and comes with a measuring gage runni..
261 грн.
 USA Pro Little Mix Crop Top Junior Girls
USA Pro Little Mix Crop Top Junior Girls This USA Pro Little Mix Crop Top is crafted with a round neck and a racer back. It has thick straps and flat lock seams for comfort as this prevents chafing. This crop top is designed with an elasticated chest band for easy movement in a block colour and is..
261 грн.
291 грн.
 Grenade 50 Calibre Preload 24g Sachet
Grenade 50 Calibre Preload 24g Sachet Grenade 50 Calibre Preloaded is a pre workout supplement. It contains over 20 ingredients designed to provide you with explosive power. Grenade 50 Calibre Preload 24g Sachet is an ideal supplement for bodybuilders as well as strength and power athletes Grenade..
212 грн.
247 грн.
 Grenade Carb Killer Bar
Grenade Carb Killer Bar This Grenade Carb Killer Bar from Grenade is high in protein and loaded with fibre yet low remains in impact carbs thanks to the enhanced baking process which creates a softer crunchier protein bar. A perfect high protein yet low carb snack. Carb Killa contains less than 1...
212 грн.
247 грн.
 Oatein Protein Bar
Oatein Protein Bar For our full range of All Ladies Running visit birka.clubProduct code: 763280..
212 грн.
 Battle Oats Bites 94
Product code: 763422..
212 грн.
 Everlast Patella Support
Everlast Patella Support Keep yourself supported with this Everlast Patella Support, made with a soft fabric with padding to the front to ease knee pain with a touch and close fastening to keep you comfortable. Everlast branding to one side finishes the design. > Patella support > Padding to..
212 грн.
 Mars Protein Bar
Mars Protein Bar The Mars Protein Bar contains 19 grams of protein and is ideal for sporting events and workouts. > Nutritional value per 57g bar> Energy: 838kJ / 200kcal> Fat: 4.6g> Of which saturates: 2.6g> Carbohydrate: 22.0g> Of which sugars: 13.0g> Protein: 19.0g> Salt..
212 грн.
 Powerbar Protein Plus Bar
Powerbar Protein Plus Bar This Powerbar Protein Plus Bar is ideal for helping to support muscle growth after your training sessions and workouts. > Nutritional information per 50g bar > Cookies and cream > Energy: 693kj/165kcal > Fat: 3.4g > Of which saturates: 1.9g > Carbohydrat..
212 грн.
 Snickers Protein Bar
Snickers Protein Bar The Snickers Protein Bar contains 18 grams of protein and is ideal for work outs and other sporting events. > Nutritional information per 51g bar> Energy: 835kJ / 199kcal> Fat: 7.1g> Of which saturates: 2.7g> Carbohydrates: 18.4g> Of which sugars: 9.5g> Pr..
212 грн.
 adidas Weight Plates
Adidas Weight Plates These Adidas Weight Plates are a must for any fitness establishment. These durable weight plates are ideal for both beginners and the experienced. Featuring a coated powder on the plates to make them both durable and dynamic along with a rubber coated to resist impact and prot..
254 грн.
4 321 грн.
 Dot 3in1 Brace Sn64
Product code: 760213..
254 грн.
428 грн.
 Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope
Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope The Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope has been designed with a 9ft nylon rope that is ideal for fitness and speed training. This Lonsdale skipping rope also comes with slimline moulded plastic handles to easy use. > Boxing skipping rope > 9 ft > Soft nylon rope > ..
254 грн.
342 грн.
 USA Pro Dumbbell Bottle
USA Pro Dumbbell Sports Bottle The fun - and practical - way to work out! USA Pro Dumbbell Sports Bottle means you can stay hydrated whenever thirst calls during your weight session. > Water bottle + dumbbell > Screw lid > Bold USA Pro branding For our full range of USA Pro Fitness Equipm..
254 грн.
411 грн.
 USA Pro Dumbbell Bottle
USA Pro Dumbbell Sports Bottle The fun - and practical - way to work out! USA Pro Dumbbell Sports Bottle means you can stay hydrated whenever thirst calls during your weight session. > Water bottle + dumbbell > Screw lid > Bold USA Pro branding For our full range of U..
254 грн.
411 грн.
 USN Protein Fuel 25 Shake
USN Protein Fuel 25 Shake This pre-mixed shake is ready to drink anytime, great for individuals with little opportunity to prepare meals, the USN Core Series Protein Fuel 25 Shake is a convenient meal replacement. Low in fat and high in protein, this milk-based shake is UHT treated and supports mu..
254 грн.
 V Fit fit Pedometer
V Fit Pedometer This V fit Pedometer is a fully functional step counter to help you with your fitness resolution. IT has a chip resistant finish and comes in metallic black or metallic red. This has a handy belt clip attached, in-built over-count error correction mode which detects false sudden mo..
254 грн.
485 грн.
 adidas Performance Gloves
adidas Performance Gloves Perform to your best with the adidas Performance Gloves. Designed with touch and close fastener wrist cuffs, this fingerless design is crafted with breathable fabric for a cool fit, and suedette padded palms for comfort. The adidas logo adds a touch of sleek sporting styl..
255 грн.
558 грн.
 Everlast Duo Ball
Everlast Duo Ball The Everlast Duo Ball has been designed to be used on the wall or floor and is ideal for providing a targeted and effective massage around the spine as well as the upper arms, deltiod, pectoralis and calf muscles, completed with the Everlast branding to the front. > Self massa..
255 грн.
412 грн.
 Everlast Gympal2 Strap
Everlast Gympal2 Strap This Everlast Gympal2 Strap is flexible for enahnced comfort, whilst the push clasp fastening supplies a secure fit and the Everlast branding completes the look. > Gympal2 Strap> Flexible> Push clasp fastening> Everlast branding For our full range of Everlast Fit..
255 грн.
372 грн.
 Everlast Vintage Shaker Bottle
Everlast Vintage Shaker Bottle This Everlast Vintage Shaker Bottle has been crafted with grooves on the side of the bottle for excellent grip, whilst the metallic spring ensures that you can mix your supplement to perfection and the bottle holds 600ml of liquid. > Everlast Shaker Bottle > In..
255 грн.
 Foot Roller
Everlast Foot Roller The helps provide relief for heel and arch pain thanks to the easy to use design and textured surface. > Foot massage roller > Compact > Textured > Relief for heel and arch pain > Everlast brandingFor our full range of Everlast Equipment visit birka.clubProduct ..
255 грн.
372 грн.
 LA Gear Cropped Sports Bra Ladies
LA Gear Cropped Sports Bra Ladies This LA Gear Cropped Sports Bra is a must have piece of training wear - crafted with a cross over shoulder straps with a breathable mesh back, an elasticated hemline and built in padded cup support. This look is completed with a LA Gear logo to one side of the che..
255 грн.
744 грн.
 Limpeeze Foot Care
Limpeeze Foot Care This Limpeeze Foot Care pack is designed to relieve corns, hard skin, heel pain, blisters and toe pressure. > Limpeeze Foot Care Pack > 2 Toefoams > White felt > Pink foam > Pink felt (thin) > Hypoallergenic adhesive tape > 2 Adhesive island dressings (steri..
255 грн.
372 грн.
 Lonsdale Crop Top Ladies
Lonsdale Ladies Crop Top This Lonsdale Crop Top is the perfect choice for any sporting female, with its stretchy fabric construction it provides support when perusing your sporting activity. > Sports Bra > Stretchy fabric > Racer back > Flat lock seams > Lonsdale branding > Ma..
255 грн.
 Lonsdale Sports Bra Ladies
Lonsdale Sports Bra This Ladies sports bra will give you the extra support you need when heading to the gym or out on a run. Benefitting from adjustable straps, a clasp fastening and elasticated band you will feel great whilst exercising. > Sports Bra > Adjustable straps > Elasticated ban..
255 грн.
Мужские шорты Kappa Lugo Shorts Mens
Kappa Lugo Shorts Mens The Kappa Lugo Shorts are ideal for both sporting activities or relaxed wear thanks to the lightweight fit with the wide elasticated waistband and adjustable inner draw cord, completed with the Kappa logo to the lower left thigh. > Mens shorts > Elasticated waistband &..
255 грн.
422 грн.
 USA Pro Boyfriend Tank Top Junior Girls
USA Pro Boyfriend Tank Top Junior Girls The USA Pro Boyfriend Tank Top Junior Girls is ideal for any active youngster and provides a lightweight top for wearing whilst exercising. The top features a racer back that offers a great fit. USA Pro branding on the front of the top completes the design o..
241 грн.
 Sondico Dual Core Mouth Guard
Sondico Dual Core Mouth Guard The Sondico Dual Core Mouth Guard offers great protection and can be re moulded at anytime making it perfect for those that are still growing. This Mouth Guard has a carry case to keep it fresh and clean whilst you take it to your next game. > Mouth Guard > Self..
259 грн.
 Sportech Skipping Rope
Sportech Skipping Rope The Sportech Skipping Rope is a great addition to your workout equipment at home, to improve general stamina levels. With soft, gripping handles, skip with ease.>Skipping rope>Yellow colouring>Soft, gripping handles>Comes in zip carry bag>Boost stamina levels&..
259 грн.
 Door Anchor
PTP Door Anchor The PTP Door Anchor allows you to quickly and easily create your own mini gym anywhere with a simple anchor that can be hooked around the door. > Door anchor> Soft neoprene lining > Nylon webbing > Thick foam end > PTP brandingFor our full range of All Ladies Running..
267 грн.
347 грн.
 LA Gear Capris Ladies
LA Gear Capris Ladies The LA Gear Capris feature an elasticated waistband with flatlock seams throughout for a comfortable fit, styled with the LA Gear logo to complete the look.> Ladies capris> Elasticated waistband> Flatlock seams> LA Gear logo> Machine washableFor our full range ..
305 грн.
515 грн.
 LA Gear Racer Vest Ladies
LA Gear Racer Vest Ladies This LA Gear Racer Vest is crafted with thick straps and a racer back. It has a crew neck and is a lightweight construction. For added support, this vest features a padded chest and also has mesh panelling to allow the skin to breathe and stay cool. Flat lock seams preven..
305 грн.
706 грн.
 Makura Toka Mouthguard Mens
Makura Toka Mouthguard Mens The Mens Makura Toka Mouthguard is perfect for a wide range of sports, feature a boil and bite design that allows for the guard to be moulded to your teeth for a super comfortable and secure fit while raised areas on the underside of the guard help prevent slipping when..
259 грн.
 Reebok 360 Boxing Trainer
Reebok 360 Boxing Trainer With the Reebok Punching Bag Ceiling Hook, you can securely hang your punching bags that weighs up to 60kg. With its sturdy stainless steel construction, your punching bag is sure to stay in place. Key Features: > Can hold up to 60kgs > Strong Steel Hook > Compat..
267 грн.
378 грн.

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