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 Lucozade Fit Water
Lucozade Fit Water The Lucozade Fit Water is designed to fuel your training session, recharging and replenishing thanks to the purified electrolytes; magnesium, calcium, sodium and chloride. > Water> 600ml> Purified electrolyte water> Designed to hydrate> Charged with 4 key electrol..
174 грн.
 Powerbar Power Gel
Powerbar Power Gel The Powerbar Power Gel is ideal for providing the boost of energy that you need during training, featuring a dual mix of caffeine and sodium they are to be mixed with water before being taken. > Energy gel > Dual source carb mix > 205mg sodium > 50g caffeine > 1 g..
174 грн.
196 грн.
 Karrimor Energy Gel
Karrimor Energy Gel A multi carbohydrate flaoured energy gel plus vitamin B6 for active people with sugar and sweetener.Serving suggestion: Adults, take 1-3 gels per hour when participating in endurance based activities, or as needed to support your sporting goals.For our full range of Karrimor Ru..
218 грн.
 Gatorade Sports Drink
Gatorade Sports Drink Keep yourself hydrated during sporting activities with the Gatorade Sports Drink, engineered with electrolytes and carbohydrates to help you push yourself that extra step. > Sports drink > Carbohydrate - electrolyte solution > Sports cap> 500mlFor our full range o..
170 грн.
 Sis GO Energy 50g 74
Product code: 763085..
176 грн.
 Dunlop Water Bottle and Cage
Dunlop Water Bottle and Cage The Dunlop Water Bottle and Cage Set is perfect for staying hydrated on long rides, complete with an easy attach steel cage and 500ml water bottle. > Water bottle and cage > Steel cage (Screws not included) > 500ml water bottleFor our full range of Other Acces..
195 грн.
190 грн.
 NHL Mouthguards Two Pack
NHL Mouthguards Two Pack This NHL Mouthguards Two Pack are an essential part of your MMA or sports kit, complete with case. Comprising of a bottom teeth barricade, air flow channels for maximum breathability and jaw stabilisation. Suitable for rugby, field hockey, ice hockey, martial arts and foot..
195 грн.
326 грн.
 Sis Iso Energy Gel
SIS Iso Energy Gel Thus SIS Iso Energy Gel offers fast energy without the need for water. > Isotonic Energy Gel > No need for water > 60ml > Nutritional Information Per Serving > Blackcurrant > Energy: 368kj/87kcal > Fat: 0g > of which saturates: 0g > Carbohydrate: 22g &..
195 грн.
 Everlast Logo Waterbottle
Everlast Logo Waterbottle For our full range of Everlast Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 842015..
196 грн.
 Take Off Off Frame Cover
Take Off Frame Cover > Trampoline frame cover > Waterproof design > Easy to clean > 100cm For our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 761344..
196 грн.
 Chia Charge Flapjack
Chia Charge Flapjack This Chia Charge Flapjack has been crafted to offer superb en excellent amount of energy and endurance, whilst also being high in omega 3 and including electrolytes and antioxidants. > Chia Charge Flapjack > High in omega 3 > Electrolytes > Antioxidants > Energy..
208 грн.
 Powerbar Gel Original
PowerBar Gel Original This PowerBar Gel Original has been crafted with a C2MAX dual source carb mix and features 205mg of sodium and 50mg of caffeine to help you boost your performance. > Energy Gel > C2MAX Dual source carb mix > Consume during exercise > Consume a minimum of 150ml wat..
208 грн.
 GU Energy Gel
GU Energy Gel This GU Energy Gel has been engineered to give you a boost for your sporting events. > Energy Gel > Take 5 Minutes before then every 45 minutes > Hydrate along the way > Easy to digest > Long-lasting energy > Nutrition > Lemon Sublime > Energy: 418kj (100 kcal..
234 грн.
 Sis GO Plus Berry Caffeine Gel
SIS GO Plus Berry Caffeine Gel This SIS GO Plus Berry Caffeine Gel has been engineered to provide fast energy, whilst increasing alertness and enhancing concentration. > Energy Gel > Fast energy > Increased alertness > Improved concentration > Not intended for children, under 16s or..
235 грн.
 Sis Raspberry Electrolyte Gel
SIS Raspberry Electrolyte Gel This SIS Electrolyte Gel is designed to enhance hydration, whilst allowing you to maintain your high level of performance during prolonged endurance exercise and the natural flavours make it easy to digest. > Energy Gel > Added electrolytes > Enhances hydrati..
235 грн.
 Sports Beans Sport Beans
Sports Beans Sport Beans For our full range of All Ladies Running visit birka.clubProduct code: 763076..
235 грн.
 BEET IT Shot 70ml 94
Product code: 763090..
260 грн.
Blue Dot Ice Bag For our full range of Ladies Gym and Training visit birka.clubProduct code: 760219..
260 грн.
256 грн.
 Bounce Ball Bar 84
Product code: 763059..
260 грн.
 Everlast Energy Flapjack
Everlast Energy Flapjack Boost your performance with this Everlast Energy Flapjack which contains 15g of protein, whilst the bar also is a source of fibre and has chocolate chunks embedded in a milk chocolate fondant layer with an oat base. > Flapjack Energy Bar > Nutritional Information 75g..
260 грн.
 Everlast Protein Bar
Everlast Protein Bar This Everlast Protein Bar contains 24g of protein and supplies great nutrition for your sporting events.> Nutritional Value Per 65g Bar> Chocolate Mint> Energy: 888kj/212kcal> Fat: 6.2g> of which saturates 3.2g> Carbohydrates: 19g> of which sugars: 1.8g>..
260 грн.
 Everlast Protein Snack Bar
Everlast Protein Snack Bar > Protein: 13g> Fat: 4.0g> Sugar: 11g> Fibre: 7.2gFor our full range of Everlast Fitness visit birka.clubProduct code: 763070..
260 грн.
 Nooco BCAA Drink
Nooco BCAA Drink For our full range of Ladies Gym and Training visit birka.clubProduct code: 763208..
260 грн.
 ONeills Mouthguard Senior
ONeills Mouthguard Senior This ONeills Mouthguard is made to fit and protect your teeth when participating in contact sports. It will also provide comfort at all times thanks to its mould system that will shape to your customised fit. > Mouthguard > Protect teeth > Moulded system > Com..
260 грн.
206 грн.
 PW World Slender Bar
Protein World Slender Bar The Protein World Slender Bar offer a low calorie, gluten free snack option that helps to contribute to maintaining muscle as you loose weight. > Snack bar > Helps maintain muscle as you slim > Gluten free > Nut free > All natural Nutritional information(ty..
260 грн.
 PW World Slender Blend Sachet
Protein World Slender Blend Sachet The Protein World Slender Blend Sachet is perfect for those with a busy and full life, ideal to grab and throw in your bag on the way out the door. > Shake sachet> 40g> Vegetarian > Soy and gluten free> Kosher and Halal VanillaWhey Protein Concentr..
260 грн.
 Dunlop Tennis Headband
Dunlop Tennis Headband The Dunlop Tennis Headband offers an absorbent design and great look when playing tennis with a large Dunlop branding to the front. > Tennis Headband > Absorbent design > Stretchy Feel > Seamless for comfort > Dunlop branding > 75% cotton, 15% spandex, 10% ..
261 грн.
 HT Tom Turbo 500mlAcc42
Product code: 989606..
261 грн.
 Muddyfox Waterbottle
Muddyfox Waterbottle For our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 937823..
261 грн.
347 грн.
 No Fear Forever Waterbottle
No Fear Forever Waterbottle Extreme sports label No Fear has teamed up with award-winning grime artist and GQ Man of the Year Skepta on a collaborative capsule collection entitled ‘No Fear Forever’. Under Skepta’s creative direction, the range takes inspiration from all aspects of the No Fear bran..
261 грн.
204 грн.
 Sistema Twist Top Sip Bottle
Sistema Twist Top Sip Bottle A 330ml 'twist and sip' bottle for youngsters - easy to use, hard to spill! > Sip bottle > 'Twist and sip' > Ergonomic grip > 330ml > Sistema branding For our full range of Water Bottles visit birka.clubProduct code: 980023..
261 грн.
190 грн.
 Sistema Wave Bottle 600ml
Sistema Wave Bottle 600ml The Sistema Wave Bottle 600ml is a great way to keep yourself hydrated while out and about, crafted with a twist top opening that allows the bottle to be opened without having to touch to the sipper, completed with a wave pattern to the main body and the Sistema branding...
261 грн.
191 грн.
 Slazenger Water Bottle X Large
Slazenger Water Bottle X Large The Slazenger Water Bottle X Large is ideal for taking with you to the gym to help you keep hydrated whilst you train, with a handy sports cap, and a screw top for easy re-filling! The water bottle has a maximum volume of 1 litre and comes with a measuring gage runni..
261 грн.
 Team Running Bottle
Hypro Running Bottle Keep hydrated on your next run with the Hypro Running Bottle. It has a grip handle specially deigned for easy hold whilst out running. It can hold 500ml and has a screw top with a pull/push mouth piece.> Water bottle> Screw lid> Pull/push mouth piece> 500ml> Erg..
261 грн.
238 грн.
 Warrior Protein Bar
Warrior Protein Bar For our full range of Ladies Gym and Training visit birka.clubProduct code: 763084..
261 грн.
 Dot Wrist Ice Sup 64
Product code: 760217..
212 грн.
326 грн.
 Grenade 50 Calibre Preload 24g Sachet
Grenade 50 Calibre Preload 24g Sachet Grenade 50 Calibre Preloaded is a pre workout supplement. It contains over 20 ingredients designed to provide you with explosive power. Grenade 50 Calibre Preload 24g Sachet is an ideal supplement for bodybuilders as well as strength and power athletes Grenade..
212 грн.
208 грн.
 Grenade Carb Killer Bar
Grenade Carb Killer Bar This Grenade Carb Killer Bar from Grenade is high in protein and loaded with fibre yet low remains in impact carbs thanks to the enhanced baking process which creates a softer crunchier protein bar. A perfect high protein yet low carb snack. Carb Killa contains less than 1...
212 грн.
208 грн.
 adidas Essen Glvs CL99
Product code: 769029..
212 грн.
320 грн.
 Character Flip Bottle
Character Flip Bottle Drink your water from a water bottle with your favourite character on the side with the Character Flip Bottle, with its flip lid with hidden straw you can drink from the bottle easily with minimal spillage, and with its fantastic character design this water bottle will be lov..
212 грн.
354 грн.
 Go Super Granola Velocity Gluten Free Granola
Super Granola Velocity Gluten Free Granola The Super Granola Velocity Gluten Free Granola is a gluten free, tasty real goji and strawberry granola, great to enjoy as part of a balanced diet. The easy, on-the-go bag even includes a spoon, simply add milk or water for a delicious meal.> Granola&g..
212 грн.
208 грн.
 Karrimor Run Water Bottle
Karrimor Run Water Bottle The Karrimor Run Water Bottle is perfect for the next time you head out, featuring a design specific that allows for comfortable placement in the hand along with a pull top sports cap so you can stay hydrated while on the move. > Water bottle > Ergonomic design >..
212 грн.
 Lonsdale Boxing Elastic Sleeve 2 Pack
Lonsdale Boxing Elasticated Sleeve 2 Pack This pair of Lonsdale Boxing Elasticated Sleeves, crafted in a ribbed elastic, can be used to secure glove cuffs or provide additional coverage of laces during sparring. > Boxing elasticated sleeves > 2 pack > Ribbed elastic construction > Four..
212 грн.
245 грн.
 Mars Protein Bar
Mars Protein Bar The Mars Protein Bar contains 19 grams of protein and is ideal for sporting events and workouts. > Nutritional value per 57g bar> Energy: 838kJ / 200kcal> Fat: 4.6g> Of which saturates: 2.6g> Carbohydrate: 22.0g> Of which sugars: 13.0g> Protein: 19.0g> Salt..
212 грн.
 Powerbar Protein Plus Bar
Powerbar Protein Plus Bar This Powerbar Protein Plus Bar is ideal for helping to support muscle growth after your training sessions and workouts. > Nutritional information per 50g bar > Cookies and cream > Energy: 693kj/165kcal > Fat: 3.4g > Of which saturates: 1.9g > Carbohydrat..
212 грн.
 Snickers Protein Bar
Snickers Protein Bar The Snickers Protein Bar contains 18 grams of protein and is ideal for work outs and other sporting events. > Nutritional information per 51g bar> Energy: 835kJ / 199kcal> Fat: 7.1g> Of which saturates: 2.7g> Carbohydrates: 18.4g> Of which sugars: 9.5g> Pr..
212 грн.
 Kappa Lugo Shorts Junior Boys
Kappa Lugo Shorts Junior Boys Keep cool in these Kappa Lugo Shorts which are designed in a block colouring and feature an elasticated waist with an internal drawstring tie fastening. A large printed Kappa logo is situated to the left leg to complete the overall look. > Shorts > Block coloure..
196 грн.
333 грн.
 adidas Weight Plates
Adidas Weight Plates These Adidas Weight Plates are a must for any fitness establishment. These durable weight plates are ideal for both beginners and the experienced. Featuring a coated powder on the plates to make them both durable and dynamic along with a rubber coated to resist impact and prot..
248 грн.
4 321 грн.
 Dot 3in1 Brace Sn64
Product code: 760213..
248 грн.
390 грн.
 Lonsdale Boxy T Shirt Junior Girls
Lonsdale Junior Girl's Boxy T Shirt Your youngster will be training in style in this Lonsdale Junior Girl's Boxy T Shirt, crafted with a round neck and short sleeves with turn ups to the hems. The box shape of this shirt brings a sporting touch and a large colour contrasting Lonsdale log sits prou..
248 грн.
390 грн.
 Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope
Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope The Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope has been designed with a 9ft nylon rope that is ideal for fitness and speed training. This Lonsdale skipping rope also comes with slimline moulded plastic handles to easy use. > Boxing skipping rope > 9 ft > Soft nylon rope > ..
214 грн.
321 грн.
 Reebok Rep Set Muscle Clamp
Reebok Rep Set Muscle Clamp The Reebok Rep Set Muscle Clamp Is high quality and durable for consistent use, the Reebok Rep Set Muscle Clamp secures the Rep Discs into place via its simple lock-tight mechanism, making it much more efficient to change over or add weight to the user's routine. The re..
214 грн.
363 грн.
 Reebok Softgrip Dumbells 0.5kg
Reebok Softgrip Dumbells 0.5kg The Reebok Softgrip Dumbells 0.5kg are ideal for improving muscle tone, burning fat and increasing strength. They can be used in isolation or as part of an aerobic workout. The hand weights are foam covered for comfort and feature adjustable straps to suit individual..
214 грн.
342 грн.
 USA Pro Dumbbell Bottle
USA Pro Dumbbell Sports Bottle The fun - and practical - way to work out! USA Pro Dumbbell Sports Bottle means you can stay hydrated whenever thirst calls during your weight session. > Water bottle + dumbbell > Screw lid > Bold USA Pro branding For our full range of USA Pro Fitness Equipm..
214 грн.
476 грн.
 USA Pro Hair Bobbles
USA Pro Hair Bobbles The USA Pro Hair Bobbles are available in a pack of six. > Hair bobbles > Pack of 6 > Print to both sides > Please note: The style you receive may vary from the image shownFor our full range of All Fitness Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 761983..
214 грн.
321 грн.
 USA Pro Yoga Block
USA Pro Yoga Block This USA Pro Yoga Block is a great choice for any yoga enthusiasts , it has a high density foam construction with chamfered edges that will not give under weight or pressure. It is crafted to give you three different dimensions to vary support height . > Yoga Block > High ..
214 грн.
321 грн.

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