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Фактическая длина стельки у данной модели 25см. На стопу 24,5см... ...»
Качественные, понравились, размер 6,5 по стельке 24,5 см.. ...»
Здравствуйте , какие размеры сумки ?.. ...»
супер брюки для спорта и дома!!!!!.. ...»
Замеры джинсов 30х32 можете предоставить?.. ...»
Здравствуйте, подскажите пожалуйста какой состав футболки?.. ...»
Добрый день Anastasiia. Данная модель доступна максимум, в размере XXL. Если нужен размер 4XL - смо.. ...»
По качеству шорты отличные (как по цене). На рост 193 вес 90 -XL сел с небольшим запасом, можно уши.. ...»


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 Greys Prodigy Grippa Bait Bands
Greys Prodigy Gripped Bait Bands The Greys Prodigy Grippa Bait Bands are easy to install, its ridged grips anchor baits better. Its super stretchy construction allows for them to be hooked directly or hair rigged. > Bait bands > Stretchy construction > Ridged grip > Includes 35 per pac..
86 грн.
157 грн.
 Greys Prowla Treble Sleeves
Greys Prowla Treble Sleeves These Greys Prowla Treble Sleeves are designed to fit various sized hooks and are crafted from a soft rubber . This pack contains 30 pieces. > Treble Sleeves > Soft rubber construction > Will fit various sizes of hooks > Greys Prowla branding > Includes 3..
86 грн.
157 грн.
 Greys Prowla Treble Sleeves
Greys Prowla Treble Sleeves These Greys Prowla Treble Sleeves are designed to fit various hook sizes and a made of rubber. This pack contains 30 pieces. > Treble Sleeves > Fits various hook sizes > Contains 30 pieces > Greys Prowla branding For our full range of Coarse and Match Fishin..
86 грн.
157 грн.
 Greys Extenda Bait Band
Greys Extenda Bait Band The Greys Extenda Bait Band have flexible links so they perform in similar fashion to hair rigs when threaded on your hook, but they are much easier and quicker to use! The soft latex links are segmented so they can be trimmed down in length or snapped off under finger pre..
87 грн.
160 грн.
 Greys Prodigy Push Lok  Rest Head
Greys Prodigy Push Lok Rest Head The Greys Prodigy Push Lok Rest Head is allows vertical and horizontal adjustment and aligns rod rest line channel perfect every single time. It features a quick change facility that involves no unscrewing. > Rest head > Durable > Vertical and horizontal a..
87 грн.
242 грн.
 Maver Match This Internal Pole Bush
Maver Match This Internal Pole Bush The Maver Match This Internal Pole Bush are machined from solid PTFE, these internal brushes are very robust and offer excellent value for money. > Fishing Pole Brush > PTFE > Robust For our full range of Pole Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 9..
131 грн.
196 грн.
 Taktix Pull Itz Fishing Bung
Taktix Pull Itz Fishing Bung The Taktix Pull Itz Bung is ideal for all types of pole fishing. The Bung is made from a strong construction making sure of excellent performance when netting. Fishing Bung > For total elastic control > Allows for faster netting > Strong construction For our..
131 грн.
212 грн.
 Greys Prowla Anti Tangle Tube Sinkers
Greys Prowla Anto Tangle Tube Sinkers These Greys Prowla Anti Tangle Tube Sinkers can ne fished with a float rig or on a straight leger. This pack includes 2 pieces. > Tube Sinker > 2 pieces > Greys Prowla branding For our full range of Coarse and Match Fishing Accessories visit birka.clu..
173 грн.
235 грн.
 Greys Prowla Safe System Pop Up Boom
Greys Prowla Safe System Pop Up Boom The Greys Prowla Safe System Pop Up Boom is used with any standard float rig to aid presentation and prevent tangles in deep water. > Pop Up Boom > Prevents tangles > Aids presentation > Includes 1 in the pack > Greys Prowla branding For our full..
173 грн.
235 грн.
 Seymo Sml V Roller
Seymo Sml V Roller The Seymo Sml V Roller has a soft green rubber with rippled surface. Moulded spreader block and brass thread. A great piece of Fishing Tackle at a superb price point. Seymo Sml V Roller > Brass thread > Size - 10cm For our full range of Big Brand Sale All Other Brands vi..
173 грн.
245 грн.
 Maver Coloured Pure Latex Elastic
Maver Coloured Pure Latex Elastic The Maver Coloured Pure Latex Elastic has been crafted with a silicone coated and offers fantastic stretch and visibility thanks to the bright coloured design. > Fishing elastic> Silicone coated> Brightly coloured > Abrasion resistant > Maver brandi..
174 грн.
 Maver Invincible Hooks
Maver Invincible Hooks The Maver Invincible Match range of hooks are super strong, tough and most importantly seriously sharp. All the hooks in the range are chemically sharpened and only premium grade high carbon steel is used in their construction. > Invincible Hooks > Wide range. > Su..
174 грн.
203 грн.
 Maver Match This Hooklengths
Maver Match This Hooklengths The Maver Match This Hooklengths are strong and reliable with a wide range of styles and breaking strains to suit just about any match situation. > Match This Hooklengths > Strong > Reliable > Wide range For our full range of All Terminal Tackle visit birka..
174 грн.
263 грн.
 Silstar Fishing Hook Length
Silstar Fishing Hook Length The Silstar Hook Length is ideal for all types of fishing. The Hook Length has a high abrasion resistance for excellent performance. Fishing Hook Length > High quality monofilament > Precision diameter and breaking strain > High abrasion resistance > Made i..
196 грн.
208 грн.
 Silstar Team Match team Fishing Line
Silstar Match team Fishing Line The Match team Line is ideal for all types of fishing with a low diameter high tech monofilament for excellent performance and is great value for money. > Fishing Line > Low diameter high tech monofilament > Computer tested > Made in Japan > 100 metre..
196 грн.
224 грн.
 Dunlop Hooks To Nylon
Dunlop Hook To Nylon The Hook To Nylon pack is ideal for all forms of Carp and general fishing and is great value for money. There are 4 different barbless hook sizes supplied as well as a Disgorger. Fishing Hook To Nylon > 4 different hooks to nylon > Barbless hooks > Disgorger > Siz..
262 грн.
260 грн.
 Dunlop Tackle Accessory Pack
Dunlop Tackle Accessory Pack The Tackle Accessory Pack is ideal for all types of fishing. The Compartment Boxes are very lightweight making it ideal when organising your small items of Fishing Tackle. Fishing Accessory Pack > 4 compartment > 6 compartment > 8 compartment > Positive lo..
262 грн.
249 грн.
 Greys Prowla Pop Up Pears
Greys Prowla Pop Up Pears These Greys Prowla Pop Up Pears are ideal if you are wanting to lift or balance your baits and act as a visual point to a predator. This pack contains 5 pieces that also include stems. > Pop Up Pears > Includes stems > 5 pieces > Greys Prowla branding For our ..
262 грн.
249 грн.
 Avanti Complete Elastication Kits
Avanti Complete Elastication Kits There are four elastic strengths in this Complete Elastication Kit range, each pack consists of over 5m of elastic - enough to set up four or five top kits - plus bung, connector and pole tip bush. There's even a diagram on the packet to show you how to elasticat..
257 грн.
390 грн.
 Greys Prowla Fluorocarbon Tippet Fly Leader Line
Greys Prowla Fluorocarbon Tippet Fly Leader Line The Greys Prowla Fluorocarbon Tippet Fly Leader Line has a superb knot strength as well as a quick sink rate that is nearly invisible for the fish under water. > Line > 50m > Good abrasion resistance > Superb knot strength > Quick sin..
257 грн.
401 грн.
 Stonefly Boat Caddie Clamp
Stonefly Boat Caddie Clamp The Stonefly Boat Caddie Clamp is the heart of the boat caddie system, is very robust , a rock-solid tried and tested design that's going to last no matter what. it can be attached to your boat seat or the thwart board with ease and this then allows you to attach other s..
257 грн.
401 грн.
 Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker
Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker The Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker is the perfect solution to keep essential bits of tackle close at hand you can even attach it to the boat seat or thwart board. Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker > Zip closure compartments > Foam strips for holding flies > Ideal stor..
257 грн.
419 грн.
 Maver EVA Marker Float Bag
Diem EVA Marker Float Bag Comprising of Diem's deluxe EVA construction this Marker Float Bag offers complete protection, is fully padded and is made with a long life durable material. > Diem EVA Marker Float Bag > Deluxe EVA construction > Fully padded > Strong snag free zips > Dura..
257 грн.
 Avanti Bait Applicator
Avanti Bait Applicator The Avanti Bait Applicator is the first ever fishing gadget that automatically puts paste on your hook without it falling off. Just pull the trigger and your hook is loaded. > Avanti Bait Applicator > Easy to use > Makes paste fishing simple > Use with pole or ..
344 грн.
555 грн.
 Carp Kinetics Carbon FX Extendable Bank Stick
Carp Kinetics Carbon FX Extendable Bank Stick These stylish Carbon FX Extending Bankstick are slim-profiled and are finished in a carbon effect, they have strong bullet points and the adjusting knob can be tightened extra-firm thanks to a groove - simply use a coin - to ensure they remain at the d..
298 грн.
511 грн.
 Maver Jurassic Reel Line
Maver Jurassic Reel Line The Maver Jurassic Reel Line is designed to cope with all challenges of modern freshwater angling. The mono is ideal for carp, barbel, salmon and even specimen sea fish. This fishing reel line is supple surface and extra low memory will enable the angler to set the hook fi..
318 грн.
411 грн.
 Carp Kinetics Pellet Drill
Carp Kinetics Pellet Drill A must-have for all carp, specimen, and match anglers, this incredibly useful bit of kit drills through hard baits quickly meaning you can prepare loads of hookbaits in just seconds. It comes with two ultra fine drill bits that allow you to drill through pellets a..
338 грн.
600 грн.
 Diem LT Throwing Stick
Diem LT Throwing Stick The Diem LT Throwing Stick is a Fast, accurate and versatile the Distance Throwing Stick uses a CAD designed curve for maximum bait acceleration and spin resulting in significantly increased distances for the same effort. Lightweight for heavy baiting without fatigue, and ..
372 грн.
593 грн.
 Diem D6 Catapult
Diem D6 Catapult The Diem D6 Catapult is designed for ultimate feeding of boilies at distance with a robust moulded frame and heavy hollow latex providing durability and reliability. The fishing catapult has a quick change elastic system that makes swapping elastics and punches easy. Diem D6 Cata..
410 грн.
682 грн.
 Maver Min Sp Belt Sn63
Runners waist belt made from ultra-stretchy neoprene, big enough to carry your essentials such as smartphones but small enough that you will hardly know it is there. Features: Stretchy neoprene fabric provides protection for your phone etc Fits Most Phones, including iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4..
559 грн.
1 087 грн.
 Diem Weigh Scale
Diem Weigh Scale The Diem Weigh Scale are an ideal alternative to electronic scales, can be used in conjunction with tripods and weigh bars. designed to meet all the requirements of the modern angler whilst retaining those features that have made the Diem Weigh Scale so successful in many other c..
1 341 грн.
2 212 грн.
 Diem AT Boots
Diem AT Boots The Diem AT Boots are most comfortable all season fishing boots ever produced. 100% waterproof, these boots will keep your feet dry no matter how wet the weather turns. Thermally lined with the breathable thinsulate to guarantee luxurious warmth on the coldest winter sessions..
2 378 грн.
3 740 грн.

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