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Классная штука. И теплые и удобные, пока только слегка измазал, но очень интересно сколько они прожи.. ...»
Купил сыну для работы на станции автоТО, очень понравились(качество пошива, внешне выглядят как .. ...»
Замеры джинсов 30х32 можете предоставить?.. ...»
Покупал себе, рассчитывал на трекинг.Выдержали 3 походы, без косяков. преимущества:м ягкая подошва, .. ...»
Здравствуйте, подскажите пожалуйста какой состав футболки?.. ...»
Добрый день Anastasiia. Данная модель доступна максимум, в размере XXL. Если нужен размер 4XL - смо.. ...»
Футболка идет в размер (может чуть маломерит). По бирке 100% бавовна. Ткань средней плотности - не м.. ...»
По качеству шорты отличные (как по цене). На рост 193 вес 90 -XL сел с небольшим запасом, можно уши.. ...»

Снаряжение для альпинизма, скалолазания

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 Petzl St Anneau 60cm Sling
Petzl St Anneau 60cm Sling The Petzl St Anneau 60cm Sling is a lightweight alternative to a classic sling, being more flexible and very abrasion resistant.> Climbing sling> Lightweight alternative to classic slings> Easy colour coding for identification> Very abrasion resistant> 60c..
518 грн.
 Gibbon Treewear Snr53
Product code: 788081..
574 грн.
 Petzl Fakir Bag 00
Product code: 788328..
888 грн.
 Petzl Spiky Plus 3
Product code: 788300..
963 грн.
 Petzl Attache Carabiner
Petzl Attache Carabiner The Petzl Attache Carabiner has a lightweight and durable design with a compact shape that is ideal for belay stations along with a H shaped cross section for improved strength and weight ratio and a wider contact surface for better rope glide and reduced wear, completed wi..
1 110 грн.
 Petzl Saka Chalk Bag
Petzl Saka Chalk Bag The Petzl Saka Chalk Bag offers an ergonomic shape for easy access to your chalk. Designed with a drawstring and cordlock closure makes the design practical, easy to open with only one hand and with a rigid rim to maintain the bag shape.> Climbing chalk bag> Ergonomic sh..
1 191 грн.
 Petzl William Carabiner00
Product code: 788124..
1 332 грн.
 Petzl Spirit Qdraw 12 00
Product code: 788307..
1 406 грн.
 Petzl AmD Ball Lock Carabiner
Petzl AmD Ball Lock Carabiner The Petzl AmD Ball Lock Carabiner is designed with an automatic ball locking mechanism, in an asymmetric D-shape design which ensures great ergonomics and thus easy to handle with gloves. The carabiner is extremely versatile, easy to handle and has a large internal vo..
1 480 грн.
 Petzl Spirit Express 17cm Quickdraw Carabiner
Petzl Spirit Express 17cm Quickdraw Carabiner The Petzl Spirit Express 17cm Quickdraw Carabiner is designed with a H-shaped profile, with a straight-gate SPIRIT carabiner on top and bent-gate to bottom. The sling is equipped with a string protector, holding the lower carabiner in position. The des..
1 480 грн.
 Petzl Verso Belay 00
Product code: 788322..
1 480 грн.
 Karrimor Hot Crag Rucksack
Karrimor Hot Crag Rucksack Carry around your essentials with this Karrimor Hot Crag Rucksack, built with one small zip compartment for easy access and one large main compartment, featuring an open sleeve for sectioning and organising what you need and another small zip compartment for super safe s..
1 336 грн.
2 188 грн.
 Petzl Quickdraw
Petzl Quickdraw The Petzl Quickdraw has a clean nose design to reduce snagging which helps to give the biner both toughness and excellent handling qualities, along with the 12cm durable nylon tape for extra durability. The Quickdraw has an updated straight gate to help with full stretch clips and ..
1 629 грн.
 Petzl William Carabiner Clip
Petzl William Carabiner Clip This Petzl William Carabiner Clip has a push button and twist auto lock system which offers enhanced security, whilst the large design means that this caribiner is very versatile and can be used for a range of activities. > Carabiner Clip > Auto lock system > ..
1 629 грн.
 Petzl Tibloc Ascender
Petzl Tibloc Ascender The Petzl Tibloc Ascender has a lightweight design and can be used to build hauling system or as a replacement as a friction knot in a self rescue situation, complete with a chrome plated steel with angled teeth and a self cleaning slot that ensures for a secure grip on the r..
1 703 грн.
 Petzl Bolsa Rope Acc00
Product code: 788380..
2 221 грн.
 Edelrid Cable Ultral 71
Product code: 788427..
2 222 грн.
 Karrimor Hot Rock 30 Rucksack
Karrimor Hot Rock 30 Rucksack The Karrimor Hot Rock 30 Rucksack is great for hiking and trekking thanks to the rigid back support and the FForm Backsystem giving you a comfortable, padded shoulder, while waist straps give added support and comfort. This rucksack has a large tube compartment for al..
2 021 грн.
3 212 грн.
 Petzl Helmet Meteor Sn53
Product code: 788448..
2 740 грн.
 Petzl MeteorSnr42
Product code: 788417..
2 740 грн.
 Petzl Elios Helmet Mens
Petzl Elios Helmet Mens A durable and versatile helmet, with a soft foam inner and adjustable clip fastening. > Men's climbing helmet > Durable and versatile helmet > Soft foam inner > Adjustable clip fastening For our full range of Climbing visit birka.clubProduct code: 788013..
3 049 грн.
3 658 грн.
 Under Armour Lightweight Jacket Ladies
Under Armour Lightweight Jacket Ladies Layer up in lightweight comfort with the Under Armour Jacket. Finished with a full zip, elasticated cuffs and a mesh lined hood, this is the perfect piece for active days.> Ladies jacket> Lightweight> Elasticated cuffs> Full zip fastening> Pock..
3 136 грн.
4 050 грн.
 Exped Stick Comp135Snr42
Product code: 784752..
3 376 грн.
 Petzl Boreo Helmet Adults
Petzl Boreo Helmet Adults The Petzl Boreo Helmet is designed to provide reinforced protection for climbing and mountaineering. The outer shell is impact and scratch resistant, designed to protect the top and sides, with an EPP and EPS foam liner to ensure a compact cushioning. > Climbing helmet..
3 713 грн.
 Petzl Corax Harness
Petzl Corax Harness This Petzl Corax Harness is perfect for keeping safe when working at a height. > Climbing harness > Closed cell foam > Two doubleback buckles > Adjustable leg loopsFor our full range of Climbing visit birka.clubProduct code: 788123..
3 713 грн.
 Petzl GriGri2 Belay 00
Product code: 788200..
4 388 грн.
 Petzl Corax Set Belt
Petzl Corax Set Belt The Petzl Corax Set is the perfect accessory for any climber. The belt comes with a harness for a secure but comfortable fit to allow it to sit around your waist and store all your essentials. The set comes complete with harness, belay-rappel device, locking carabiner, chalkba..
4 591 грн.
 Petzl Adjama Harness Sn00
Product code: 788101..
5 063 грн.
 Petzl Luna Harness Ld00
Product code: 788127..
5 063 грн.
 Petzl Djinn Quick Draw Set
Petzl Djinn Quick Draw Set This Petzl Djinn Quick Draw Set comes with six slings with carabiners on both ends. The carabiners feature large gate openings and H-shaped cross sections that offers an improved strength and weight ratio, wider contact surfaces give better rope glide and reduced wear on..
5 401 грн.
 Petzl Scorpio EASHOOK Via Ferrata Lanyard
Climb in comfort and confidence using the Petzl Scorpio EASHOOK Via Ferrata Lanyard! The design of the system allows for uninterrupted and comfortable climbing style throughout a Via Ferrrata route, thanks to its ergonomic and user friendly design. Featuring EASHOOK carabineers for an ergonomic and..
5 401 грн.
 Petzl Grigri+ Belay Device
Petzl Grigri+ Belay Device The Petzl Grigri+ Belay Device is designed as an assisted braking device for all climbers, indoor and out. Use with single ropes and suited for intensive use, the device is equipped with an antipanic system. > Assisted braking device> Designed for all climbers (ind..
6 207 грн.
 Petzl Rumba 60m Rope
Petzl Rumba 60m Rope The Petzl Rumba 60m Rope has been engineered with Duratec Dry treatment that allows for an enhanced performance no matter what the conditions along with a reinforced sheath for increased durability, ideal for multi pitch climbing, mountaineering or ice climbing. > Rope >..
8 167 грн.

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