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Экипировка для бокса

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 Lonsdale Boxing Keyring
  Уважаемые клиенты, обратите внимание! Описание товара переведено с английского языка роботом, поэтому возможны неточности. Перчатки для ММА Lonsdale Boxing Keyring Лонсдейл бокса Брелок. Lonsdale бокса Брелок идеально подходит для glamming ваши ключи, и дать им более уникальн..
167 грн.
188 грн.
 Everlast Protein Snack Bar
Everlast Protein Snack Bar > Protein: 13g> Fat: 4.0g> Sugar: 11g> Fibre: 7.2gFor our full range of Everlast Fitness visit birka.clubProduct code: 763070..
251 грн.
 Everlast Protien Bar
Everlast Protein Bar This Everlast Protein Bar contains 24g of protein and supplies great nutrition for your sporting events. > Nutritional Value Per 65g Bar > Chocolate Mint > Energy: 888kj/212kcal > Fat: 6.2g > of which saturates 3.2g > Carbohydrates: 19g > of which sugars: ..
251 грн.
 Lonsdale Weight 1.25KG
Lonsdale Weight 1.25KG Makeover your fitness routine with this the 1.25KG Lonsdale Weight. Crafted in cast iron and finished with black paint, this weight not only looks the part but is sure to play its part and last. > Single piece weight > 1.25KG > Lonsdale branding > Cast iron const..
251 грн.
206 грн.
 ALI Mouthguard
ALI Mouthguard This ALI Mouthguard are an essential part of your MMA or sports kit, complete with case. Comprising of a bottom teeth barricade, air flow channels for maximum breathability and jaw stabilisation. Suitable for rugby, field hockey, ice hockey, martial arts and football. > Mouthguar..
252 грн.
372 грн.
 Lonsdale Wrist Grip
Lonsdale Wrist Grip The Lonsdale Wrist Grip is a pack of two that have soft padded handles for added comfort and are perfect for adding into your exercise regime. These wrist grips are designed to increase hand strength, toning forearms, fingers and hand muscles. > Wrist grip >..
204 грн.
258 грн.
Cпортивная бутылка для воды Everlast Logo Waterbottle
Everlast Logo Waterbottle For our full range of Everlast Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 842015..
205 грн.
 Lonsdale Boxing Elastic Sleeve 2 Pack
Lonsdale Boxing Elasticated Sleeve 2 Pack This pair of Lonsdale Boxing Elasticated Sleeves, crafted in a ribbed elastic, can be used to secure glove cuffs or provide additional coverage of laces during sparring. > Boxing elasticated sleeves > 2 pack > Ribbed elastic construction > Four..
205 грн.
237 грн.
Cпортивная бутылка для воды Lonsdale Vintage Shaker
Lonsdale Vintage Shaker This drinks shaker bottle is ideal for mixing up your protein shakes, energy drinks and more, whilst this design comes with a metal ball similar to a whisk which is designed to shake about better and provide a smoother shake or drink. The drinks shaker also comes with a flu..
205 грн.
 Everlast Hex Weights
Everlast Hex Weight These Everlast Hex Weights will help bring variety to your work out. These weights are more joint friendly than other forms of exercise, this is due to their being a more natural movement on your shoulder and elbow, your hands are not fixed on place so you are able to turn/rota..
206 грн.
 Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope
Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope The Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope has been designed with a 9ft nylon rope that is ideal for fitness and speed training. This Lonsdale skipping rope also comes with slimline moulded plastic handles to easy use. > Boxing skipping rope > 9 ft > Soft nylon rope > ..
206 грн.
309 грн.
 Lonsdale Woven Wrist Support
Lonsdale Woven Wrist Support The Lonsdale Woven Wrist Support is perfect for all your sporting activities offering a comfortable and supportive fit without restricting any movement. > Wrist support > Elasticated > Lonsdale logo For our full range of All Lonsdale visit birka.clubProduct co..
206 грн.
309 грн.
 Everlast Coconut Oil
Everlast Coconut Oil Size: 60 Soft Gels Servings: 30 What is Everlast Coconut Oil and How Does it Work: A food supplement containing 1000mg Coconut Oil, made from organically grown coconuts. Coconut Oil is taken from the flesh of a coconut, and naturally contains non hydrogenated fatty acids inclu..
207 грн.
 Everlast Creatine Mints
Everlast Creatine Mints Flavour: Refreshing Mint Size: 60 Chewable Mints Servings: 10 What are Everlast Creatine Mints and how do they work: Everlast Creatine Mints is a Food Supplement (with sugar and sweetener) supplying Creatine Monohydrate as a chewable mint flavoured tablet for ease of use th..
207 грн.
 Everlast Deflate Ladies
Everlast Deflate Ladies Size: 60 Capsules Servings: 30 What is Everlast Inner Cleanse and How Does it Work: A food supplement providing a quality formulation of Psyllium Fibre and herbs and spices including, Alfalfa, Fennel, Peppermint, Garlic, Citrus Pectin, Liquorice, Aloe Vera, Cayenne, Ginger,..
207 грн.
 Everlast Duo Ball
Everlast Duo Ball The Everlast Duo Ball has been designed to be used on the wall or floor and is ideal for providing a targeted and effective massage around the spine as well as the upper arms, deltiod, pectoralis and calf muscles, completed with the Everlast branding to the front. > Self massa..
207 грн.
362 грн.
 Everlast Hair Skin and Nails
Everlast Hair Skin and Nails Pack Size: 60 Capsules Servings: 30 What is Everlast Hair, Skin & Nails and How Does it Work: Everlast Hair, Skin & Nails is a Food Supplement specially formulated for women, containing Grapeseed, Gingko Biloba, Horsetail, Nettle and Lysine, with added Vitamins..
207 грн.
 Everlast L Carnitine
Everlast L-Carnitine Size: 60 Tablets Servings: 30 What is Everlast L-Carnitine and How Does it Work: Food Supplement containing L-Carnitine 500mg as L-Carnitine L-Tartrate. L-Carnitine is an amino acid, a building block of protein that is naturally produced in the body. Everlast L-Carnitine is us..
207 грн.
 Everlast Mini Roller
Everlast Mini Roller The Everlast Mini Roller has a small and lightweight design that makes it perfect for travel and can be used at the table or on the floor or wall. Ideal for selective massage of the feet, legs, arms and other body parts, completed with the Everlast branding. > Mini foam rol..
207 грн.
362 грн.
 Everlast Raspberry Ketones
Everlast Raspberry Ketones Size: 60 Tablets Servings: 30 What is Raspberry Ketones and How Does it Work: Food Supplement containing Natural Raspberry Fruit Extract 250mg, a source of Raspberry Ketones, with added Zinc. The Raspberry Ketones used in Everlast Raspberry Ketones are found naturally in..
207 грн.
 Everlast ThermoDefine
Everlast ThermoDefine Size: 60 Capsules Servings: 30 What is Everlast Thermodefine and How Does it Work: An Explosive Pre-Workout Food Supplement capsule, which is high in Caffeine delivered via Natural Caffeine from Coffee Bean Extract, Green Coffee, Guarana, Cocoa and Kola with the additional su..
207 грн.
 Everlast Ultimate Green Tea
Everlast Ultimate Green Tea Size: 60 Capsules Servings: 30 What is Everlast Green Tea Edge and How Does it Work: Everlast Green Tea Edge is a Food Supplement containing a massive 6000mg Green Tea from 300mg Extract 20:1 per serving, plus an active level of absorbable Zinc, in the form of Zinc Citr..
207 грн.
Cпортивная бутылка для воды Everlast Vintage Shaker Bottle
Everlast Vintage Shaker Bottle This Everlast Vintage Shaker Bottle has been crafted with grooves on the side of the bottle for excellent grip, whilst the metallic spring ensures that you can mix your supplement to perfection and the bottle holds 600ml of liquid. > Everlast Shaker Bottle > In..
207 грн.
 Lonsdale Ankle Support
Lonsdale Ankle Support This Lonsdale Ankle Support offers a great supportive fit and will help give you that push to continue and get better. This sleeve features a soft touch, comfortable fit, even support, stabilises and is lightweight. It is complete with the Lonsdale branding. > Sport suppo..
207 грн.
Cпортивная бутылка для воды Lonsdale Ultra Shaker
Lonsdale Ultra Shaker This drinks shaker comes in an innovative design, featuring a screw-off bottom containing a smaller container,ideal for carrying your shake powder. The shaker has a design with three compartments that leaves your options open with a multi-functional design! > Drinks shaker..
207 грн.
310 грн.
Cпортивная бутылка для воды Lonsdale Waterbottle
Lonsdale Waterbottle The Lonsdale Waterbottle is perfect for keeping yourself hydrated and comfortable through activity and exercise! The Lonsdale Waterbottle uses an ergonomic bottle design and shape paired with moulded finger grooves and grip patches for a solid and reliable hold. Complete with ..
207 грн.
 Lonsdale 2.5m Hand Wrap
Lonsdale 2.5m Hand Wrap This Lonsdale 2.5m Hand Wrap have been crafted with an extended thumb hook and loop fastening for longer life, whilst the Lonsdale branding completes the great look. > Hand Wrap > Pack of 2 > Extended thumb hook and loop fastening > Premium stretch material >..
241 грн.
313 грн.
 Lonsdale Contender Hand Wrap
Lonsdale Contender Hand Wrap The Lonsdale Contender Hand Wrap are a boxing essential so that you can train easily in safety! The Lonsdale Contender Hand Wrap use a tough and durable fabric to aid in supporting and protecting your hands and wrists through training allowing you to train longer, fast..
241 грн.
361 грн.
 Makura Toka Mouthguard Junior
Makura Toka Mouthguard Junior The Makura Toka Mouthguard is perfect for helping to protect your youngsters jaw and teeth while out on the pitch or training in the ring, feature a boil and bite designthat allows the guard to be moulded for a secure and comfortable fit teamed with the slipsafe pads ..
241 грн.
 Makura Toka Mouthguard Mens
Makura Toka Mouthguard Mens The Mens Makura Toka Mouthguard is perfect for a wide range of sports, feature a boil and bite design that allows for the guard to be moulded to your teeth for a super comfortable and secure fit while raised areas on the underside of the guard help prevent slipping when..
241 грн.
 Lonsdale Pantothenic
Lonsdale Pantothenic >500mg >60 tablets Directions Take 1 Tablet daily with meal. Do Not exceed stated dose. IngredientsCalcium Pantothenate, stabiliser (microcrystalline cellulose), bulking agent (Di calcium phosphate), anti caking agent (magnesium stearate). Allergen Advice: Free from arti..
258 грн.
378 грн.
Cпортивная бутылка для воды Everlast Infuser Bottle
Everlast Infuser Bottle Add extra flavour to your water with this Everlast Infuser Bottle which has a section to place fruit such as lemons and oranges which then allows the fruit to release its flavour into your water. The screw top ensures that you get a secure fit and the strap on the top allow..
275 грн.
481 грн.
 Everlast Ped Roller 82
Product code: 761074..
275 грн.
413 грн.
 Lonsdale 3.5m Pro Handwrap
Lonsdale 3.5m Pro Handwrap The Lonsdale 3.5m Pro Handwrap are perfect for any type of boxing activities, the premium stretched material offers a comfortable fit and durability. These Handwraps have and extended hook and loop tape fastening for a longer life. > Handwraps > Hook and loop tap f..
275 грн.
393 грн.
 Lonsdale Basic Gym Towel
Lonsdale Basic Gym Towel The Lonsdale Basic Gym Towel is lightweight and fast drying with a super soft cotton feel.> Gym towel> 60 x 40cm > 100% Cotton> Machine washableFor our full range of Boxing Fitness and Timers visit birka.clubProduct code: 769030..
275 грн.
440 грн.
 Everlast CLA 1000mg
Everlast CLA 1000mg Size: 60 Soft Gels Servings: 60 What is Everlast CLA 1000 and How Does it Work: Plain and Simple Food Supplement containing Conjugated Linoleic Acid 1000mg (80% Ethyl Ester). Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a slightly altered form of the essential fatty acid linoleic acid. Fa..
276 грн.
Cпортивная бутылка для воды Everlast Duo Bottle
Everlast Duo Bottle Stay hydrated with this Everlast Duo Bottle, crafted with rubber and indented panels for anti slip grip with a texturised panel for easy holding when working out. Everlast branding sits to the front to finish the look. > Bottle > Indenting for grip > Rubberised panels ..
276 грн.
 Everlast Glucosamine HCl plus Chondroitin
Everlast Glucosamine HCl plus Chondroitin Size: 60 Tablets Servings: 30 What is Everlast Glucosamine HCl + Chondroitin and How Does it Work: Food Supplement with Glucosamine Hydrochloride 500mg and Chondroitin 100mg. Glucosamine products are some of the most popular nutritional supplements in the ..
276 грн.
 Everlast Glutamine Edge
Everlast Glutamine Edge Pack Size: 60 Capsules Servings: 30 What is Everlast Glutamine Edge and How Does it Work: Targeting the sports enthusiast, in this formulation we combine popular l-glutamine with magnesium for a functional edge. Everlast Glutamine can be taken either pre or post workout to ..
276 грн.
 Everlast Hybrid Shaker Bottle
Everlast Hybrid Shaker Bottle This Everlast Hybrid Shaker Bottle comes with two compartments which allows you to have two mixes in one bottle and the two grooves down the sides allow you to get a secure grip. > Shaker Bottle > Two compartments > Lock down clasp lid > Everlast branding ..
276 грн.
 Everlast Sports Multi Mens
Everlast Sports Multi Mens Size: 60 Capsules Servings: 30 What is Everlast Sports Multi and How Does it Work: Everlast Sports Multi is a Food Supplement formulated for sporting men providing a broad range of vitamins and an amino blend, with Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 as ZMA®. Vitamin C contri..
276 грн.
 Everlast Tri Shaker Bottle
Everlast Tri Shaker Bottle This Everlast Tri Shaker Bottle allows you to mix your supplements with complete efficiency thanks to the spring ball, whilst the the flip top allows you to access your drink with complete ease and the Everlast branding completes the great look. > Shaker Bottle > F..
276 грн.
 Everlast Woven Ankle Support
Everlast Woven Ankle Support The Everlast Woven Ankle Support features an elasticated and woven design that offers lightweight and breathable support that is perfect for training and gym sessions, completed with the Everlast branding to the top. > Elbow support > Lightweight and breathable &..
276 грн.
 Everlast Woven Wrist Strap
Everlast Woven Wrist Strap Keep your wrist supported with this Everlast Woven Wrist Strap, crafted with a stretchy woven fabric for breathability and to keep you comfortable. Everlast branding sits to the base. > Wrist strap > Breathable > Stretchy > Thumb hole > Everlast brandingFo..
276 грн.
Полотенце Lonsdale Cooling Towel
Lonsdale Cooling Towel Perfect for hot weather, out in the field or in the gym, the Lonsdale Cooling Towel will help keep you cool with its hyper evaporative material. > Cooling towel > Hyper-evaporative > Keeps you cool for hours > H: 66cm x W: 42.5cm > Machine washableFor our full..
276 грн.
472 грн.
 Lonsdale Patella Sup C98
Product code: 769041..
276 грн.
 Lonsdale Tennis Elbow Support
Lonsdale Tennis Elbow Support This Lonsdale Tennis Elbow Support has been designed to apply pressure and support to the forearm and elbow, whilst allowing you to move with freedom so you can carry on playing your sports or carrying out every day activities. > Tennis Elbow Support> Touch and ..
276 грн.
 Sondico Ergo Fusion Mouthguard
Sondico Ergo Fusion Mouthguard > Mouth Guard > Breathing channel> Latex Free> Includes storage case > Sondico branding > Youths: Age 11 and under > Adults: Age 11+For our full range of Gum Shields Mouthguards visit birka.clubProduct code: 760273..
276 грн.
 Everlast Herringbone Handwrap
Everlast Herringbone Handwrap The Everlast Herringbone Handwrap is essentials for any training sessions providing you with wrist and hand support. The Everlast handstrap has an easy hook and loop fastening complete with a secure thumb loop for a secure fit and making this perfect for boxing and MM..
293 грн.
447 грн.
 Everlast Omega 3 Max
Everlast Omega 3 Max Size: 60 Soft Gels Servings: 60 What is Everlast Omega 3 Max and How Does it Work: Food Supplement supplying Omega 3 as Fish Oil. Fish Oil 1000mg providing high strength Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) as EPA 330mg and DHA 220mg. At an intake of 1 capsule per day EPA and DHA cont..
310 грн.
 Everlast Powerband
Everlast Powerband Strengthen, trim, tone and firm the whole body, from the thighs, to the quads, upper and lower body with this Everlast Powerband. > Powerband > Strengthen, trim, tone and firm > For upper and lower body use > Everlast brandingFor our full range of Everlast Fitness vi..
327 грн.
693 грн.
 Everlast Cyclone Shaker Bottle
Everlast Cyclone Shaker Bottle The Everlast Cyclone Shaker is a great for workout protein shakes with a 16fl oz volume, designed with a secure lock cap, spout and cone shape, with the Everlast logo completing the look. > Drinks shaker > For protein shakes > Screw top lid > Spout > S..
344 грн.
516 грн.
 Everlast Dead Lift Strap
Everlast Dead Lift Strap This Everlast Dead Lift Strap is perfect for your weight lifting training and benefits form being engineered with durable fabric, whilst the padded wrist supplies great comfort and the Everlast branding completes the look. > Dead Lift Strap > Durable construction >..
344 грн.
516 грн.
 Everlast Gym Towel
Everlast Gym Towel This Everlast Gym Towel is a block colour design. It has an embroidered logo and the style is complete with Everlast branding.> Gym towel> Block colour> Embroidered logo> Everlast branding> 60cm x 40cm> 100% cotton> Machine washableFor our full range of Ever..
344 грн.
516 грн.
 Everlast Olympic Weights
Everlast Olympic Weights These Everlast Olympic Weights Range from 2.5Kg to 25Kg. Olympic weights are a format of lifting product each end of an Olympic bar is 50mm (2 inches) diameter, and Olympic weights have a hole in the centre of each disc of just over 50mm (2 inches) diameter that enable it ..
398 грн.
3 749 грн.
Cпортивная бутылка для воды Everlast Slogan Bottle82
Product code: 842023..
344 грн.
516 грн.

Whether you're a serious boxer or new to the sport, here you'll find a range of boxing equipment from the biggest brands in boxing, including Lonsdale and adidas. We have a great range of boxing gear from punch bag sets and speed bags to training gloves and gum shields, to enhance your training at home or at the gym.

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