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Мяч Mitre Impel Football
Mitre Impel Football The Mitre Impel Football is ideal for all weather training thanks to a soft foam lining for superb first touch time after time and a reinforced rubber bladder for outstanding air retention. > Football > All weather > Soft foam lining > Engineered to hold shape >..
413 грн.
 Mitre Federation Rugby Ball
Mitre Federation Rugby Ball The Mitre Federation Rugby Ball is constructed from a natural rubber compound offering all round durability and consistent play in training. > Rugby ball > Natural rubber compound > 2 ply vulcanised lining > Deep pimple emboss for enhanced grip > Ideal fo..
482 грн.
 Mitre Control Netball
Mitre Control Netball The Mitre Control Netball has been engineered with a grippy soft touch emboss, ideal for training use. > Netball > Grippy soft touch emboss > Hand stitched casing > Ideal for training / skill developmentFor our full range of Games visit birka.clubProduct code: 800..
550 грн.
Мяч Mitre Division Football
Mitre Division Football The Mitre Division Football is ideal for training thanks to a high density PVC outer and extra strong backing, perfect for use on grass and astro surfaces. > Football > Hand stitched HD PVC casing > Extra strong backing > High air retention bladder > For gras..
550 грн.
Мяч Mitre JNR Lite Football
Mitre JNR Lite Football The Mitre JNR Lite Football has been precision engineered for young players starting out in the game, ideal for grass and astro surfaces. > JNR Lite 360 (Size 5) > A size 5 football at the weight of a size 4 – designed to inspire confidence on the ball and help player..
585 грн.
 Mitre Intercept Netball
Mitre Intercept Netball The Mitre Intercept Netball features a soft feel and durable construction making this ideal for training. > Netball > Soft feel / durable construction > Wave emboss for added grip > Please note: All netballs are delivered deflated.For our full range of Games vis..
603 грн.
Мяч Mitre EFL Delta Replica Football
Mitre EFL Delta Replica Football The Mitre EFL Delta Replica Football is ideal for training thanks to a high quality textured outer and stitched construction, perfect for use on grass and artificial surfaces. > The Official replica football of the English Football League. > Developed to perf..
654 грн.
Мяч Mitre Calcio Football
Mitre Calcio Football This Mitre Calcio Football is ideal for training, featuring an innovative Hyperseam technology that is designed to provide optimum in-play consistency and durability. It also has a reinforced bladder and foam backed PU that improves your first touch and cushions impact. Compl..
723 грн.
Перчатки вратарские Mitre Magnetite Glv Snr51
Product code: 830128..
778 грн.
Мяч Mitre Stirrup Pump
Mitre Stirrup Pump > Heavy-duty stirrup pump – ideal for inflating a medium-sized group of balls > Made from metal and with a steady foot plate – durable and extremely easy to use > Perfect for schools and teams to inflate balls efficiently > Uses replaceable Mitre valve bladder needle..
792 грн.
 Mitre Seto Astro Hyperseam Football
Mitre Seto Astro Hyperseam Football > Specialist match ball for artificial surfaces with revolutionary Hyperseam technology that delivers optimum in-play consistency> Designed specifically for 'Astro-friendly' lower air pressures> Embossed outer coating makes it a consistent performer gam..
826 грн.
Мяч Mitre SPFL Delta Replica Football
Mitre SPFL Delta Replica Football Kick start the game with the Mitre SPFL Delta Replica Football. This SPFL Delta Replica features a durable outer, foam backed lining and an air-retention bladder. Withstand the full season with this high performance training ball.>Football>Delta replica (Mit..
826 грн.
Мяч Mitre Samba Futsal Trainer
Mitre Samba Futsal Trainer Engineered for Futsal the Mitre Samba Futsal Trainer features a specially weighted bladder, keeping the ball on the ground helping players improve close control. > The ultimate Brazilian inspired development football – designed to improve player performance > Speci..
827 грн.
Мяч Mitre Delta Hyperseam Fluo EFL Replica Football
Mitre Delta Hyperseam Fluo EFL Replica Football This Mitre Delta Hyperseam Fluo EFL Replica Football has been engineered with Hyperseam technology which fuses both stitched and bonded panels together to give players the benefits of both constructions. The high visibility design allows you to track..
964 грн.
Мяч Mitre Astro Division Football
Mitre Astro Division Football Designed for artificial surfaces, this Mitre Astro Division Football features Hyperseam technology which delivers improved in-play consistency, plus an embossed outer coating that gives it durability to play on Astro surfaces and a foam backing that gives . Completed ..
1 033 грн.
Мяч Mitre Delta F Ball 51
Product code: 820230..
1 033 грн.
Мяч Mitre Ultimatch Hyperseam Football
Mitre Ultimatch Hyperseam Football The Mitre Ultimatch Hyperseam Football is a top quality ball which features Hyperseam technology that fuses stitched and bonded seams to give players the benefit of both. This technology also helps ensures zero water uptake, so the ball does not become heavy, and..
1 102 грн.
Мяч Mitre Cyclone Indoor Football
Mitre Cyclone Indoor Football This Mitre Cyclone Indoor Football is a great ball to use in the sports hall, made from 18 panels of needle felt with a reinforced bladder to retain shape, a rubber core and reinforced bladder to help it retain its shape. Completed with a multi colour graphic design a..
1 170 грн.
Мяч Mitre Nebula Futsal Football
Mitre Nebula Futsal Football The Mitre Nebula Futsal Football is designed for Futsal games with it's hard-wearing grain surface and 30% reduced rebound qualities. The ball features 32 stitched panels for a quality build. > Futsal Football > 32 panels > Stitched design > Hard wearing gr..
1 170 грн.
 Mitre Shooter Netball
Mitre Shooter Netball The Mitre Shooter Netball is ideal for training thanks to a high quality textured outer and stitched construction, ideal for training or match play. > Football > Hand stitched casing > Textured outer > Mitre branding Please note: All netballs are delivered deflate..
1 170 грн.
Мяч Mitre Monde V12 Football
Mitre Monde V12 Football This Mitre Monde V12 Football is a great ball for training or match play. It is made of a 12 panel construction for optimum aerodynamic control, which is foam backed for increased control. Finished off with a bright graphic design and Mitre branding. > Football > 18 ..
1 308 грн.
Мяч Mitre Manto Hyperseam Football
Mitre Manto Hyperseam Football The Mitre Manto Hyperseam Football features revolutionary Hyperseam Technology, with bonded seams throughout meaning almost zero water uptake. > Engineered with revolutionary Hyperseam technology – delivering rapid speed, boosted power and unrivalled control > ..
1 378 грн.
Мяч Mitre Element Hyperseam Football
Mitre Element Hyperseam Football The FIFA approved Mitre Element Hyperseam Football features Mitres latest Hyperseam Technology for the most consistent performance. > Rejuvenated and redesigned professional ball – proudly stamped with the FIFA Quality Pro mark. > Durable double coating resis..
1 584 грн.
 Mitre Flat Discs 84
Product code: 845237..
1 653 грн.
 Mitre Training Bibs Childrens
Mitre Training Bibs Childrens > Set of 10 > 100% Polyester micro mesh > Fits 26-34" chestFor our full range of Other Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 750038..
1 721 грн.
 Mitre Training Bibs Mens
Mitre Training Bibs Mens > Set of 10 bibs > 100% Polyester micro mesh > Fits: 42-50" chestFor our full range of Other Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 750040..
1 721 грн.
 Mitre Hoops 12 Pack
Hula Hoops 12 Pack Welded joint, tubular hoops. Sold per 12. Colour may vary For our full range of Games visit birka.clubProduct code: 892053..
1 722 грн.
Мяч Mitre Max Football
Mitre Max Football The ball with all the heritage, now re-engineered for the next generation. Features our revolutionary 12 panel design – keeping the ball stable at the highest speeds. The ball’s 4-way lining panel construction provides enhanced shape retention whilst Hyperseam technology deliver..
1 929 грн.
 Mitre Netball Mesh Bibs
Mitre Netball Mesh Bibs The Mitre Netball Mesh Bibs features team positions displayed on the front and back, constructed from 100% polyester micro mesh with elasticated side strap. > Netball bibs > Set of 7 > Positions printed front and back > 100% Polyester micro mesh > Medium: 34-..
2 272 грн.
 Mitre Slalom Pole 12 Pack
Mitre Slalom Pole 12 Pack A set of 12 poles (colour may vary). Driven directly into the turf. The height ensures the athlete’s entire body makes the manoeuvre. Complete with storage bag. For our full range of Football Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 840134..
2 686 грн.
Мяч Mitre Impel Football Pack
Mitre Impel Football Pack The Mitre Impel Football set includes a branded mesh carry bag and includes ten Mitre Impel footballs. The Mitre Impel football is great for training thanks to a durable machine stitched case with a 3.5mm deep foam TPU lining that's suitable for use on grass or astro turf..
3 905 грн.
 Mitre Federation Rugby Ball Pack
Mitre Federation Rugby Bal Pack The Mitre Federation Rugby Ball Pack is great for training sessions, constructed with a natural rubber compound that gives fantastic durability and all round consistent play, complete with a draw string fastening mesh carry bag. > Rugby training balls > Pack o..
4 556 грн.
 Mitre Control Netball Pack
Mitre Control Netball Pack The Mitre Control Netball Pack has been designed with a gripped soft feel that makes it perfect for training use, complete with a mesh draw string carry bag. > Netball set > Pack of 10> Soft gripped touch > Draw string mesh carry bag > Ideal for training &..
5 207 грн.
Мяч Mitre EFL Delta Official Match Football
Mitre EFL Delta Match Football > The Official football of the English Football League – delivering unrivalled performance on the professional field of play. > Engineered for incredible speed, boosted power, and ultimate control. > Unique emboss surface manipulates air-flow for pin-point a..
5 208 грн.
Мяч Mitre Ultimatch Hyperseam Football
Mitre Ultimatch Hyperseam Football > Set of 5 balls> 12-panel construction with textured surface for unrivalled aerodynamic control> Foam-backed for enhanced control and cushioned impact> Marked with the International Match Ball stamp of approval> Unique textured surface enhances in..
5 670 грн.
Мяч Mitre Electric Pump
Mitre Electric Pump > Efficient, durable and quiet electric ball pump > Inflates a large volume of balls, super-fast > Perfect for coaches at large clubs and schools > Stand out from the other kitmen with our top of the range pump > Electric Air Pump is ideal for any sports ball - i..
5 984 грн.
Here at we bring you a great selection of sports accessories from Mitre. We have football, rugby balls, netballs and much more. Get your hands on one of our great deals today.

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