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 Avanti Twisted Elastic
Avanti Twisted Elastic The Avanti Twisted Elastic has incredible stretch factor and visibility that is supplied in five different sizes. Avanti Twisted Elastic > Twisted latex > Available in five sizes For our full range of Pole Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 942116..
83 грн.
 Avanti Double Elastic
Avanti Double Elastic The Avanti Double Elastic is A complete range of ready lubricated double Fluro coloured latex elastics to cover you for all fishing from roach and skimmers to margin carp. A smooth and forgiving Double Elastic which comes in 5 different sizes. Avanti Double Elastic > Ava..
167 грн.
 Avanti Flexi Pots Large
Avanti Flexi-Pots Large The Avanti Flexi-Pots Medium feature a new advanced rubber design which is made from a pole friendly material and stops the end of your pole from getting damaged in day to day use. These Pole pots are super light and you will hardly feel a difference in weight. The pots gri..
167 грн.
 Avanti Flexi Pots Medium
Avanti Flexi-Pots Medium The Avanti Flexi-Pots Medium feature a new advanced rubber design which is made from a pole friendly material and stops the end of your pole from getting damaged in day to day use. These Pole pots are super light and you will hardly feel a difference in weight. The pots gr..
167 грн.
 Avanti Magnieye Hook Threader
Avanti Magnieye Hook Threader This Magnieye Hook Threaderis a fish hook threading tool. It is an inexpensive gadget to help thread your fish hooks easily. Threading small to medium size hooks has never been easier. The magnet will holds the hook in place while you thread the fishing line into the ..
205 грн.
 Avanti Method Feeder Set
Avanti Method Feeder Set The Avanti Method Feeder Set is ideal for any fisher and provides exceptional quality and functionality. > Feeder Set > Fishing > 1 Fast eject flexi mould > 2 in-line 15 g method feeders > 1 in-line 30g method feederFor our full range of All Running Accessor..
276 грн.
 Avanti Twin Pellet Pump Pack
Avanti Twin Pellet Pump Pack A top quality pellet pump designed to extract the air quickly and effortlessly. The simplest and easiest way to ensure perfect soft hooker pellets every time. > Easy to use > Twin mega value pack > Fast sink pellets For our full range of General Accessories vi..
293 грн.
 Avanti Vac Pac Kit
Avanti Vac Pac Kit Keeping bait fresh is an age-old problem for anglers, especially when it comes to week-long sessions or dealing with leftover bait at the end of a match or pleasure trip but thanks to Avanti's clever little vac-pac kit, you'll never need to throw bait away again! In just seconds..
293 грн.
 Avanti Complete Elastication Kits
Avanti Complete Elastication Kits There are four elastic strengths in this Complete Elastication Kit range, each pack consists of over 5m of elastic - enough to set up four or five top kits - plus bung, connector and pole tip bush. There's even a diagram on the packet to show you how to elasticat..
344 грн.
 Avanti Stealth Net
Avanti Stealth Net The Avanti Stealth Net is superlight and hair rig friendly base mesh. It has a rigid frame and a re-enforced machined spreader. Avanti Stealth Net > Avanti branding > Durable > Soft reinforced fish friendly net mesh > Strong nylon spreader > Reinforced frame >..
344 грн.
 Avanti Round Keepnet
Avanti Round Keepnet The Avanti Round Keepnet is ideal for commercial and river fishing to provide a place to store your haul safely and securely. Avanti Round Keepnet > Super soft fish friendly mesh > Commercial fishery approved > Adjustable connecter > Good value for money For our ..
413 грн.
 Avanti Bait Applicator
Avanti Bait Applicator The Avanti Bait Applicator is the first ever fishing gadget that automatically puts paste on your hook without it falling off. Just pull the trigger and your hook is loaded. > Avanti Bait Applicator > Easy to use > Makes paste fishing simple > Use with pole or ..
447 грн.
 Avanti Airstream Landing Net
Isis Airstream Landing Net Designed for the modern commercial carp water where fishing at speed for F1 hybrids and small carp is the order of the day. The strong spreader block and split profile ‘Safe Land’ rim makes for a durable net that is also ‘Pellet Proof’, which means that when fishing the ..
448 грн.
 Avanti Stand And Deliver DBH3000 Reel
Stand And Deliver Reel The new Stand & Deliver reel from Avanti is an excellent piece of kit for the money. Balanced double handle reel with anti reverse and 3 spare spools you just cant beat value on this. > Stand & Deliver DBH3000 > 5.1.1 Gear Ration > 3 spare Graphite spools &g..
603 грн.
 Avanti Fishing Pole Roller
Avanti Fishing Pole Roller The Avanti Fishing Pole Roller combines a number of benefits to give excellent fishing experience with ease of use! Lightweight and compact the roller set up is easy to store and transport while, adjustable legs allow you to get the setup just right. Complete with a foam..
792 грн.
 Avanti Iso Boot
Avanti Iso Boot The Avanti Iso Boot are high quality waterproof terrain boots. The Fishing Boots have a thick moulded sole for high grip on muddy banks making these perfect footwear for commercial fisheries. With the great British weather in mind the will keep your feet nice and dry whilst ..
792 грн.
Сумка Avanti MS Carryall 84
Product code: 940089..
826 грн.
 Avanti Carp Sk Keepnet
Avanti Carp Sk Keepnet The Avanti Carp Sk Keepnet is ideal for using to keep your catch safe in a strong and fine mesh. The net features pull through handles to allow it to be pulled through the water with ease. Avanti Carp Sk Keepnet > Soft fish friendly mesh > Adjustable angle block >..
895 грн.
 Avanti MS Pole Holdall 84
Product code: 940053..
895 грн.
Зонтик Avanti Fishing Umbrella
Avanti Fishing Umbrella The Avanti Fishing Umbrella is ideal for ensuring you remain dry and protected when out fishing. The umbrella features a massive 45 inch umbrella whilst the pole extends to 55 inches. > Fishing umbrella > 45 inch umbrella > Extendable pole > 55 inch pole For our..
964 грн.
 Avanti Strike FS50 Reel
Avanti Strike FS50 Reel This Avanti Strike FS50 Reel is a new instalment in the Avanti reel range, it is the perfect addition to any rod but mostly suits float/waggler rods. It has a rubberized coating to the body with an aluminium spool. Finished in a stylish black and blue design. > Fishing R..
1 033 грн.
 Avanti 10 10 Rear Drag Reel
Avanti 10 10 Rear Drag Reel This reel is a super smooth 10 ball bearing reel that’s compact and laden with features. There’s a double handle, incredibly sensitive rear drag and anti-reverse switch. Plus, the reel is very nicely finished in a mix of black rubber and dark chrome. But that’s not all...
1 102 грн.
 Avanti Airstream Rod
Isis Airstream The Isis Airstream Rod Range is the new addition the the great Isis range. There is a choice of 2 feeder rods, which are perfectly sized for fishing close-in on commercials with leads or small to medium feeders. Supplied with 2 different sensitivity tips. Available in a 9ft or 10ft...
1 102 грн.
 Avanti 12ft Two Piece Vandetta Strike Waggler Feeder Rod
Avanti 12ft Two Piece Vandetta Strike Waggler Feeder Rod The Avanti 12ft Two Piece Vandetta Strike Waggler Feeder Rod comes with a responsive tip action. The Avanti 12ft Two Piece Vandetta Strike Waggler Feeder Rod is a 2 piece, 12ft rod which can be used for all kinds of methods including groundb..
1 170 грн.
 Avanti Rock Solid Roller
Avanti Rock Solid Roller The Avanti Rock Solid Roller offers top quality performance and security for your sections. The four leg design has a wide, sturdy footprint that can be pushed into the ground. Once in place it is rock solid. Avanti Rock Solid Roller > Carrying Bag > Quick Set up ..
1 377 грн.
 Avanti Stretch Handle 45
Avanti Stretch 45 Handle The Stretch 45 Handle is the new anticipated product to replace the great selling Stretch 20ft from last year. After taking on board the comments from anglers Avanti have designed this shorter lighter version. Can be used at various lengths. > Stretch 45 Handle > Car..
2 204 грн.
 Avanti Pro V Roller
Avanti Pro V Roller This V Roller comes with fully extendable legs is a fold flat roller and tripod. > V Roller > Fully Extendable legs > Height adjustment V roller > Fold flat roller and tripod > Wind beater elastic attacthed > Supplied in deluxe carry caseFor our full range of ..
3 031 грн.
 Avanti GTR 12.5 Pole
Avanti GTR 12.5 Pole The Avanti GTR 12.5 Pole is a great all-round 12.5 meter pole that will do just about everything you ask of it, from battling big commercial fishery carp to a spot of finesse on canals and drains for roach and with five top kits as part of the package you won’t be limited to ..
5 355 грн.
 Avanti Modulite Seat Box
Avanti Modulite Seat Box The Modulite Seat Box is back! This system is Avanti's best-selling seat box and now comes with an incredibly comfy backrest, footplate and front bump bar. > Avanti Fishing Seat Box > PADDED SEAT - Super comfy with added back support which folds down when not in use...
7 875 грн.
Here we have a great selection of Avanti fishing equipment. This fantastic range features reels, rods, nets and fishing accessories. You will find some amazing offers on the products in this range so land yourself some bargains! For similar products why not check out our fishing page.

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