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Training and Team Equipment

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 Requisite Draw Reins With Loop
Requisite Draw Reins With Loop Soft, strong cotton webbing draw reins with loop fastening.For our full range of Requisite visit birka.club Product code: 013889..
87 грн.
170 грн.
 Polar G5 GPS Clip
Product code: 761166..
287 грн.
 Reebok Full Finger Functional Gloves
Reebok Full Finger Functional Gloves The Reebok Full Finger Functional Gloves are designed with a touch and close fastener for a secure fit. Crafted with a full finger, the gloves are designed to increase control and grip, with high grip palms and fingertip protectors. > Training gloves> Tou..
345 грн.
548 грн.
 Lonsdale Fitness Gloves
Lonsdale Fitness Gloves The Lonsdale Fitness Gloves is perfect for weight training, featuring a stitched leather palm for lifting heavy objects, finished off with a hook and loop tape fastening and the Lonsdale logo. > Gloves > Leather palm > Hook and loop tape For our full range of G..
391 грн.
639 грн.
 adidas Essential Training Gloves Ladies
adidas Essential Training Gloves Ladies A must have training accessory is these fingerless training gloves from adidas. They are designed with a breathable climate material which wicks away sweat from the skin, leaving the wearer comfortable and dry. The suede palm offers grip and protection, and ..
447 грн.
674 грн.
 adidas Essentials Training Gloves Mens
adidas Essentials Training Gloves Mens The adidas Essentials Training Gloves feature a suede palm and breathable fabric construction for comfort and a natural grip, complete with a single ring pull so you can remove with ease.> Mens training gloves> Single ring pull for easy removal> Sued..
447 грн.
674 грн.
 Everlast Fitness Gloves Mens
Everlast Fitness Gloves Mens Add to your gym kit essentials with the Everlast Fitness Gloves offer lightweight comfort and protection with a touch and close adjustable fastening for a customisable fit, complete with pull tabs to the backs of the fingers for an easy on off fit.> Mens fitness glo..
431 грн.
 Everlast Ladies Fitness Gloves
Everlast Ladies Fitness Gloves These Everlast Ladies Fitness Gloves come with cut fingers and an adjustable touch & close fastened wrist closure. Padding on the back of the glove and a lightweight mesh front allows for a range of movement and superior comfort. > Ladies fitness gloves> To..
431 грн.
 Everlast Neoprene Weight Lifting Gloves
Everlast Neoprene Weight Lifting Gloves For our full range of Everlast Fitness visit birka.clubProduct code: 761070..
431 грн.
 Everlast Wrist Grip
Everlast Wrist Grip The Everlast Grip brings easy to use strength trainer, with a spring construction and ergonomic grip handles, designed to increase hand strength, toning forearms, fingers and hand muscles. > Wrist grip > Spring design > Ergonomic handles > Strengthens hands, forearm..
431 грн.
 Nike Fundamental Training Gloves Mens
Nike Fundamental Training Gloves Mens Get a secure and comfortable fit with the Nike Fundamental Training Gloves thanks to the hook and loop tape strap and padded micro-fibre palm, complete with Nike Swoosh for a great look that also offers instant brand recognition. > Mens Training Gloves >..
447 грн.
822 грн.
 adidas Fingerless Essential Gloves
Adidas Fingerless Essential Gloves Keep your cool when weight training.All weightlifting gloves within the adidas essential gloves range have integrated climacool® ventilation technology to help wick away moisture and keep your hands comfortable throughout your workout. The breathable orange/black..
524 грн.
766 грн.
 Reebok Training Glove
Reebok Training Glove Ultimate comfort, flexibility and protection.The Reebok Fingerless training gloves provide ultimate comfort and an enhanced grip for all types of fitness training, with breathable material to help reduce sweat.With a unique Reebok design, these training gloves are functional ..
521 грн.
819 грн.
 Slazenger Ikon Academy Set
Slazenger Ikon Academy Set This Slazenger Ikon Academy Set comes with a wooden stick with a reinforcement sticker for long lasting durability, whilst the included ball allows you to perfect your skills and the cushioned grip gives you great control when striking the ball. > Hockey Stick Set>..
521 грн.
897 грн.
 Reebok Lifting Gloves
Reebok Lifting Gloves Reebok lifting gloves for a solid grip.The lightweight minimalist red gloves from the Reebok Men's Training range feature padded, textured palms which offer protection and an enhanced grip when using weights or functional fitness equipment such as pull up bars and battle rope..
633 грн.
1 002 грн.
 Reebok Speed Glove
Reebok Speed Glove The Reebok Women's fitness gloves are made from breathable, anti-slip material which keeps the hands dry throughout every workout whilst ensuring an improved grip.These stylish gloves with 'Speed' and 'Power' detailing are perfect for general fitness training.Key Features:> B..
633 грн.
1 002 грн.
 Slazenger Ikon Academy Hockey Set
Slazenger Ikon Academy Hockey Set For our full range of All Slazenger visit birka.club Product code: 861036 ..
633 грн.
1 057 грн.
 Everlast Training Gloves
Everlast Training Gloves These Everlast Training Gloves are constructed with cut fingers and adjustable wrist closure to provide a more comfortable fit, whilst the padded palms and lightweight back provide protection during workout.> Adult training gloves> Comfort and protection> Cut fing..
670 грн.
1 011 грн.
 Kincade Cotton Lunge Rein
Kincade Cotton Lunge Rein The Kincade Cotton Lunge Rein has a woven construction, loop handle and a metal trigger clip to fasten to lunge cavesson. > Lunge rein > Woven construction > Metal buckle > Kincade branding > 100% polyester > Length 8 metres For our full range of All Gym..
674 грн.
741 грн.
 Kincade Equigrip Lunge Rein
Kincade Equigrip Lunge Rein Kincade Equigrip Lunge Rein, an eight metre soft cotton lunge rein with padded loop handle. >Padded loop handle > 8 metres > Soft cotton webbing > Clip attachment For our full range of All Gym Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 760344..
674 грн.
741 грн.
 Everlast Leather Fitness Gloves
Everlast Leather Fitness Gloves The Everlast Leather Fitness Gloves benefit from a supple and durable leather construction offering comfort and protection during your workout.> Fitness gloves> Leather construction> Adjustable wrist closureFor our full range of Everlast Fitness visit birka..
647 грн.
 Nike Fundamental Training Gloves Ladies
Nike Fundamental Training Gloves Ladies These ladies Nike training gloves offer a great performance to aid you in your training session. The ladies training gloves feature a padded microfiber palm and an adjustable wrist strap for extra comfort. > Fitness accessories > Fingerless design >..
674 грн.
873 грн.
 Kincade Elastic Nylon Side Reins with Slide Buckle
Kincade Elastic Nylon Side Reins with Side Buckle The Kincade Adjustable Side Reins are made from a durable nylon/elastic mix and feature slider buckle adjustment and trigger clips for easy attachment to the bit.They are used to encourage a horse to stretch forward when being lunged and encourage ..
749 грн.
817 грн.
 Nike Fundamental Training Gloves Mens
Nike Fundamental Training Gloves Mens The Mens Nike Fundamental Training Gloves have been designed to give the ultimate in feel and control with a great feeling fit. A padded micro fibre palm and adjustable wrist strap ensure a comfortable fit through out your training sessions. These Nike gloves ..
749 грн.
873 грн.
 Nike Extreme Fitness Training Gloves Mens
Nike Extreme Fitness Training Gloves Mens Push yourself further with these Men's Nike Extreme Fitness Training Gloves. They are constructed from low-density foam and lightweight material for enhance flexibility. A breathable mesh with engineered print enhances airflow, while a tapered wrist closur..
824 грн.
1 044 грн.
 Puma Gym Gloves Ladies
Puma Gym Gloves Ladies These Puma Gym Gloves are crafted from a lightweight fabric with mesh panelling for breathability, cut off at the fingers to allow for better grip and protection when using gym equipment. Featuring Puma branding to finish.> Ladies gym gloves> Mesh panelling> Lightwe..
862 грн.
1 062 грн.
 Kincade Two Tone Padded Lunge Rein
Kincade Two Tone Padded Lunge Rein The Kincade Two Tone Padded Lunge Rein is ideal for ground training, featuring a soft padded construction that is easy on the hands yet tough enough to withstand regular use, with a metal buckle for secure fastening. > Lunge rein > Padded construction > ..
936 грн.
1 036 грн.
 Slazenger Ikon Academy Set 01
Product code: 866004..
973 грн.
1 441 грн.
 Kincade Nylon Lunge Cavesson
Webbing cavesson with padded nose and buckle and fastening head and nose.For our full range of Training visit birka.clubProduct code: 760581..
974 грн.
1 203 грн.
 Kincade Adj Nylon Elastic Side Reins
Kincade Adjustable Nylon Elastic Side Reins For our full range of All Gym Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 760390..
1 123 грн.
1 255 грн.
 Reebok TriFold Fitness Mat
Tri-Fold Fitness Mat The Reebok TriFold Fitness Mat 3-fold fitness mat.130x58x0.6cm. Breathable mesh bottom with eco EVA foam.Easy fold. Detachable velcro shoulder strap. Key Features: >Component 1: Mat Colour: Magenta C, Cool grey 9C Material: Polyester / EVA Dimensions:130 (L) x 58 (W) x 0.6 (H..
1 117 грн.
1 872 грн.
 Kincade Nylon Padded Lunge Cavesson
Kincade Nylon Padded Lunge Cavesson The Kincade Nylon Padded Lunge Cavesson is made from a strong nylon with a padded adjustable nose band for extra comfort, adjustable head strap and chin strap for a secure fit. There are three secure D rings on the nose band allowing to lunge from either rein. &..
1 198 грн.
1 331 грн.
 Shires Lunge Cavesson
Shires Lunge Cavesson The Shires Lunge Cavesson offers a secure and supportive fit thanks to the adjustable design. > Lunge Cavesson > Adjustable design > Webbed construction For our full range of Training visit birka.clubProduct code: 767191..
1 198 грн.
1 331 грн.
 Shires Web Draw Reins
Shires Cotton Web Draw Reins Shires Cotton Web Draw Reins help to encourage a good outline. They act on the bars and corners of the mouth to exert gentle downwards pressure on the poll to encourage flexion. These cotton reins features spring clips at each end and loops to attach to the girth or sa..
1 198 грн.
1 331 грн.
 adidas CCool Trn Glv Ld82
Product code: 760782..
1 236 грн.
1 585 грн.
 Resistance Chute
Mitre Resistance Chute The Mitre Resistance Chute is designed to help players develop pace and power, complete with a handy carry bag.> Air resistance chute – for drills that build up pace and power> Individuals can improve their skills on their own - ideal for pre-season> Includes handy ..
1 273 грн.
1 464 грн.
 Kincade One Side Rubber Reins
Kincade One Side Rubber Reins Kincade One Side Rubber Reins are durable traditional styled leather ideal for everyday riding or the show ring, rubber lined to one side. Billet fastening to bit. > Rubber to one side > Billet fastening. For our full range of All Gym Equipment visit birka.clubP..
1 348 грн.
1 483 грн.
 Speedo FaskSkin Kickboard
Speedo FaskSkin Kickboard This Speedo FaskSkin Kickboard is crafted with a sealed gloss finish to allow maximum durability and a secure grip. It has a hydrodynamic profile to help improve straight line speed. This kickboard is complete with both FastSkin and Speedo branding.> Kick board> Dur..
1 648 грн.
2 260 грн.
 Reebok MMA Gloves
Reebok MMA Gloves Be defined by the journey - not the fight - with professional Reebok MMA gloves.MMA is one of the fastest growing full-contact sports involving both striking and grappling either standing or grounded. If you want to train like a fighter you’ll need a pair of MMA gloves which give..
1 798 грн.
2 363 грн.
 Speedo Fastskin Kickfins
Speedo Fastskin Kickfins The Speedo Fastskin Kickfins have been construction using 3D foot scan technology for a comfortable and perfect fit along with shorter dual rail blades that allow for faster kicks and greater power while in the water, completed with the Speedo branding to the front. > K..
2 323 грн.
3 205 грн.
 Reebok Combat Training Gloves
Reebok Combat Training Gloves The Reebok Combat Training Glove is the ideal option for all types of boxing training including bag work and sparring. Conforming to the natural shape of the user’s fist with plush padding which protects the hand, these gloves promote correct punching technique.Solid ..
2 904 грн.
6 276 грн.
 Mitre Agility Ladder
Mitre Agility Ladder For our full range of Football visit birka.clubProduct code: 840322..
2 996 грн.
3 596 грн.
 Shires Lunging Aid
Shires Lunging Aid The Shires Lunging Aid is designed to strengthen the back and build muscles, whilst stretching the top line and maintaining muscle tone. Roller is not supplied. > Lunging Aid > Adjustable design > Solid construction > Roller not included For our full range of Trainin..
2 996 грн.
3 329 грн.
 USA Pro Studio Step
USA Pro Studio Step Get into shape and step into the body you've always wanted on this USA Pro Studio Step, a multi purpose functional training platform, great for muscle toning and exercise regimes. A fully rubberised and textured upper surface allows for great grip, and removable feet add practi..
3 426 грн.
5 086 грн.
 Slazenger Plastic Hockey Set
Slazenger Plastic Hockey Set The Slazenger Plastic Hockey Set is buit up of six red hockey sticks, six yellow hockey sticks, two pucks and two perforated balls. The set is easy to transport thanks to the large carry bag with double handles.> 6 x red sticks> 6 x yellow sticks > 2 x pucks &..
4 445 грн.
6 455 грн.

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