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XLT Carp Butt Grips
XLT Carp Butt Grips This XLT Carp Butt Grips are an economy butt rest to attach to a rod rest or bankstick to hold you rod in a snug position. Choice of rubber or plastic to suit your needs. > XLT Carp Butt Grips > Matt Black > Plastic Or RubberFor our full range of General Accessories vi..
54 грн.
XLT Disgorger 73
XLT Disgorger The XLT Disgorger is made from a strong plastic compound, making it rigid enough to remove even the most difficult of hooks. It has 2 different sizes, one at each end, giving you the ability to remove either small or large size hooks. > XLT Disgorger > Rigid Design > 2 Diffe..
54 грн.
XLT Rig and Float Stops
Sixth Sense Rig and Float Stops The Sixth Sense Rig and Float Stops are a multi purpose line stop, it can be used for protecting knots on rigs or used as a line stop when fishing. > Rig and Float Stops > Essential terminal tackle > QTY 20 > Easy to use > Fast removal from strandFor ..
54 грн.
XLT Rod Rest Heads
XLT Rod Rest Heads The XLT Rod Rest Heads are available in two shapes the V or U. > XLT Rod Rest Heads > Black > V shape or U Shape optionsFor our full range of General Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 768189..
54 грн.
XLT Bubble Floats
XLT Bubble Floats The XLT Bubble Floats is a float used for pike and carp fishing when using surface baits. XLT Bubble Floats > Can be weighted with water > Easy to use > Can be used for carp/predator fishing For our full range of Carp Fishing Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 9..
55 грн.
XLT Gripper Butt Rest
XLT Gripper Butt Rest The XLT Gripper Butt Rest are an economy butt rest to attach to a rod rest or bank stick to hold you rod in a snug position. XLT Gripper Butt Rest > Matt Black > Available in Rubber For our full range of Carp Fishing Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 942504..
55 грн.
XLT Flexi Rod Rest
XLT Flexi Rod Rest The XLT Flexi Rod Rest is a adjustable rod rest with an angle tilt. Also comes with a universal thread to fit most bank sticks. > XLT Flexi Rod Rest > Angle tilt > Brass threads > Universal thread For our full range of General Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code..
110 грн.
XLT Quiver Rest
XLT Quiver Rest The XLT Quiver Rest is a robust three dip adjustable feeder rest with angle tilt and a brass thread. A great piece of Fishing Tackle at a superb price point. XLT Quiver Rest > Robust > Angle tilt > Brass thread For our full range of Carp Fishing Accessories visit birka.c..
110 грн.
XLT Feeder Rest
XLT Feeder Rest The XLT Feeder Rest is a strong and durable feeder rod rest and a great price. Comes with Universal thread to fit most bank sticks. > XLT Feeder Rest > Brass thread > Universal thread > LightweightFor our full range of General Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 7..
131 грн.
XLT Bait Riddle
XLT Bait Riddle The XLT Bait Riddle are perfect must for any angler, sieving through ground bait and maggots and any other bait for the perfect mix. XLT Bait Riddle > Available in three sizes > The maggot riddle , The pinkie riddle and The round bucket riddle > Grate value for moneyFor o..
165 грн.
XLT Pellet Pump
XLT Pellet Pump The XLT Pellet Pump is a top quality pellet pump designed to extract the air quickly and effortlessly. The simplest and easiest way to ensure perfect soft hooker pellets every time. XLT Pellet Pump > Easy to use > Creates fast sinking pellets For our full range of Coarse an..
165 грн.
XLT Fishing Bait Waiter
XLT Fishing Bait Waiter The Bait Waiter is ideal for storing all types of bait and accessories for all general types of Fishing. The Fishing Bait Waiter comes complete with 2 x 1.1 pint bait boxes that are easily cleaned after use. The XLT Bait Waiter has a thread so you have the option to screw ..
263 грн.
XLT Telescopic Whip
XLT Telescopic Whip The XLT Telescopic Whip with it Being telescopic, it retracts into the main section of the pole, and on the end of the top kit is an integral eye - just tie your rig to the loop and swing it out. XLT Telescopic Whip > Available standard loop / Elasticised whip > Availab..
280 грн.
XLT Match Fishing Reel
XLT Match Fishing Reel The Match Fishing Reel is a superb value for money reel and would make a great starter reel. The reel has a smooth ball bearing system and fold down ambidextrous handle for excellent performance. Included is an extra spare spool. The Fishing Reel is known as the little gem,..
428 грн.
XLT Beach master XLT
Waterline Beach master XLT The Waterline Beach master XLT includes graphite composite blanks, twin leg ceramic lined guides, split EVA non slip handle making sure of excellent performance. These rods are packed in a cloth bag Waterline Beach master XLT > Screw reel seat > EVA handle > L..
692 грн.
XLT Carp Fishing Chair
XLT Carp Fishing Chair The Carp Fishing Chair is an ideal chair for all types of fishing. The chair has a Robust Construction for great wear and tear. Complete with the Fishing Chair is a padded cushion to make those long days of Fishing much more enjoyable. > Fishing Chair > Robust constru..
1,153 грн.

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