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V Fit Fit Xer Fit Cond Pack94
Product code: 761004..
2 073 грн.
V Fit Fit STB 09 1 Folding Weight Bench
V Fit STB/09-1 Folding Weight Training Bench The V-Fit STB/09-1 Folding Weight Bench is an entry level weight bench, Folding conveniently for easy storage. With this equipment you can perform a range of exercised including bench press, leg extension, leg bicep curl and many others with the abili..
3 628 грн.
V Fit Fit Fit Start Cycle 94
Product code: 760025..
3 744 грн.
V Fit AET2 Air Elliptical Trainer
V-Fit AET2 Air Elliptical Trainer The V-fit AET2 Air Elliptical Trainer is great for toning both your upper and lower body as well as improving your cardiovascular fitness. The AET2 Elliptical has infinitely adjustable friction tape exercising resistance with additional braking from its speed prog..
4 320 грн.
V Fit Fit Xer Fit Bench
Product code: 760027..
4 608 грн.
V Fit Fit Xer Fit Cycle 94
Product code: 760029..
4 752 грн.
V Fit Start Single Hydraulic Rowing Machine
V-Fit Start Single Hydraulic Rowing Machine The V-Fit Fit Start Single Hydraulic Rowing Machine is an entry level rowing machine, this is ideal for those with limited space and limited budget but still with a great centre-pull action for that all over body workout.The Machine Benefits from a Exerc..
4 860 грн.
V Fit AL16 1U Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike
V-fit AL-16/U Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike NEW for 2016 - our V-fit value for money range of home gym equipment introduces the all new AL-Series, MM-Series & PM-Series cardio blasting exercise machines! Choose the AL-Series for exercising on a budget, but without cutting any corners - this r..
5 400 грн.
V Fit Fit HTR2 Dual Hydraulic Sculling Rowing Machine
V-Fit HTR2 Dual Hydraulic Sculling Rowing Machine The V-Fit HTR2 Dual Hydraulic Sculling Rowing Machine is the deluxe version of V-Fits Regular Hydraulic Rower. This product incorporates a full sculling action for realistic rowing action. The rear support is height adjustable and the rowing arms a..
5 400 грн.
V Fit Fit Herculean 50kg Cast Iron Set
V-Fit Herculean 50Kg Cast Iron Weight Set The V-Fit Herculean 50Kg Cast Iron Weight Set can be used on its own or with one of our weight bench systems. This weight set is the ideal place to start with body building/strength training with its 50kg cast iron weights. The bars and discs have a standa..
5 670 грн.
V Fit ATC1 Air Cycle
VFit ATC1 Air Cycle Unique in the V-fit range, the ATC-1 sports a triple action feature enabling upper body, lower body (or both) workouts. Resistance is is provided by a gym style Air Fan Wheel with additional adjustable tension from a traditional friction tape belt. Ever popular and still at an un..
6 480 грн.
V Fit Fit G UC Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike
V-fit G-UC Upright Magnetic Cycle This V-fit G-UC Upright Magnetic Exercise Cycle is great for toning your lower body and with low impact on your hips, knees and ankles it's ideal for improving cardiovascular fitness too. Lightweight and compact, it features 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resista..
6 480 грн.

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