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Все товары бренда Unbranded

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Unbranded Bubbles Solution
Outdoor Bubbles Solution The Outdoor Bubbles Solution is sure to provide your little one with hours of amusement. > Bubble solution > 1L > Not suitable for children under 3 monthsFor our full range of Gifts and Toys visit birka.clubProduct code: 971286..
148 грн.
Unbranded Oxford Small Geometry Set
Helix Oxford Small Geometry Set The perfect addition for your pencil case is the Helix Oxford Small Geometry Set, this set includes 4 transparent pieces. > Geometry set > Transparent > 4 pieces > 15cms > 15cm / 6 '' ruler > 45 degree set square > 60 degree set square > 180 ..
148 грн.
Unbranded Pen 6 Pack Blue
Oxford Pen 6 Pack Blue For our full range of Other Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 937398..
148 грн.
Unbranded Spray Classic
Pledge Spray Classic This Pledge Spray is to be used on wooden surfaces to dust, shine and protect and the spray removes up to 90% of allergens in dust. > Pledge Spray > Classic > For wooden surfaces > Removes up to 90% allergens in dust For our full range of Mega Value Homeware visit ..
148 грн.
Unbranded Up Basin
Washing Up Basin The Washing Up Basin is perfect for washing up thanks to the moulded plastic construction teamed with a lipped edge and textured grip that allows for easier transportation. > Washing up bowl > Moulded plastic construction > Lipped edge > Textured grip areas > Polypr..
149 грн.
Unbranded Waste Bag Refills
Doggy Waste Bag Refills The Doggy Waste Bag Refills come with three refill rolls for the doggy waste kit. > Refill for doggy waste kit > Three rolls > Each roll contains 20 bags For our full range of Pet Store visit birka.clubProduct code: 970242..
149 грн.
Unbranded Waste Pickup Kit
Doggy Waste Pickup Kit The Doggy Waste Pickup Kit is perfect to grab and take with you on walks, featuring a moulded plastic bone carry case for the roll with a clip to the top that allows it to be easily fastened to a lead, belt or collar. > Dog waste kit > Moulded plastic bone holder > ..
149 грн.
Unbranded Fun Animal Tube 177ml
Bubble Fun Animal Tubes 177ml Have lots of bubbly fun with this Bubble Fun Animal Tube 177ml, each tube contains bubble solution for you to enjoy! A wand is include which either features a big bubble maker wand or a small bubble maker to make lots in one go. A novelty animal character sits on top ..
166 грн.
Unbranded Fun Sport Tube 177ml
Bubble Fun Sport Tubes 177ml Have lots of bubbly fun with this Bubble Fun Sport Tube 177ml, each tube contains bubble solution for you to enjoy! A wand is include which either features a big bubble maker wand or a small bubble maker to make lots in one go. A novelty little sports character sits on..
166 грн.
Unbranded Collar 2.0 x 46cms
Dog Collar 2.0 x 46cms Perfect for mans best friend is this Dog Collar 2.0 x 46cms designed with a polka dot design for a stylish look for your canine. Its buckle fastening ensures a secure fit around your beloved dogs neck. > Dog collar > Woven outer detail > Polka dot design > Buckle..
167 грн.
Unbranded Meadow Mug
Panama Meadow Mug This Panama Meadow Mug features a delightful floral print, whilst the fine bone china construction supplies durable quality and the mug is dishwasher safe. > Mug > Floral print > Fine bone china > Dishwasher safe For our full range of Mega Value Homeware visit birka.c..
167 грн.
Unbranded Water Bottle 350ml
Smash Water Bottle 350ml This Smash Water Bottle 350ml is a great way to hydrate on the move. Its lightweight 350ml construction is shaped to be held perfectly in you hand , designed with a screw cap top with a twist lock drinking opening. > Water bottle > 350mls > Screw cap top > Twis..
167 грн.
Unbranded Authority Beanie Hat Mens
Free Authority Beanie Hat Mens This Free Authority Beanie Hat is a great winter warmer, made of a thick knitted construction with lining and elasticated hem for a close fit. Finished off with a smart check style design. > Men's beanie hat > Thick knit construction > Knitted lining > El..
222 грн.
Unbranded Balloons Pack of 6
Latex Balloons Pack of 6 These Latex Balloons Pack of 6 are perfect for a number of special occasions, its coloured latex construction features a printed design suitable for Birthdays, Christenings and weddings. > Balloons > Pack of 6 > Coloured latex > Printed design > 11" 27.5cms ..
222 грн.
Unbranded Balmoral FBC Mug 74
Product code: 981476..
223 грн.
iTech Essential Flat iPhone 5 and 6 USB Cable This iTech Essential Flat iPhone 5 and 6 USB Cable is perfect for charging your phone and synching data, whilst the cable has a length of 90cm. > USB Charger > 90cm > Hi-Speed USB > To be used with the iPhone 5 and 6 modelsFor our full rang..
223 грн.
Unbranded Litre Bucket
10 Litre Bucket The 10 Litre Bucket is perfect for a range of household chores, featuring a lightweight plastic design with a 10 litre capacity, completed with a fold down handle with a grip pattern for easy transportation. > Bucket > Lightweight > Fold down handle > Grip pattern > ..
223 грн.
Unbranded Mug
Moroccan Mug Enjoy a nice cuppa out of one of this fabulous Moroccan Mugs. The mugs feature a fabulous print design all way round for a great design. > Moroccan mug > Handle > Printed design > Microwave and Dishwasher safeFor our full range of Other Accessories visit birka.clubProduct ..
223 грн.
Unbranded Oxford Executive Companion Set
Helix Oxford Executive Companion Set Ideal for school or the office, this Helix Oxford Executive Companion Set features 10 HB pencils, a single hole pencil sharpener and eraser. > Stationery set > 10 HB pencils > Pencil sharpener > Eraser > Helix Oxford brandingFor our full range of..
223 грн.
Unbranded To Front Mug Pig64
Product code: 996078..
223 грн.
Unbranded Zip Earphones Black
Heatons Zip Earphones Black Don't struggle with tangled earphone cables any more thanks to the Heatons Black ckZip Earphones, which can be easily zipped up when not in use Tired to prevent its cable wires tangling up and breaking. Simply zip them back up when not in use. These earphones are an in ..
223 грн.
Unbranded Zip Earphones White
Heatons Zip Earphones White Tired of your earphone wires tangling up in your bag or pocket then you need Heatons Zip Earphones White. These clever earphones have a unique zipped design to prevent its cable wires tangling up and breaking. Simply zip them back up when not in use. These earphones are..
223 грн.
Unbranded Tray Cover
Tack Tray Cover Slotted for handle to pass through and elasticated for easy fit. Tray not included. Colours available are: Black(Pictured), Navy, Red(Pictured) and Royal.For our full range of Stable Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 761304..
163 грн.
Unbranded Tray Plastic
Tack Tray Plastic A robust plastic tack tray with two compartments. Colours available Purple, Light blue, Dark blue and Cerise PinkFor our full range of Stable Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 761308..
163 грн.
Unbranded Operated Bubble Explorer
Battery Operated Bubble Explorer Create streams of bubbles with this Battery Operated Bubble Explorer , simply pour the solution into the dish and dip in the wand. Push the on / off button and watch a shower of bubbles commence. > Bubble explorer > Battery operated > 60ml of bubble soluti..
181 грн.
Unbranded Pliers Pink
Likit Pliers A handy tool to make light work of removing empty Little Likit pots from your Likit Boredom Breaker, Boredom Buster or Tongue Twister. Simply grip the side of the Little Likit pot with the pliers and pull to release.For our full range of Stable Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: ..
181 грн.
Unbranded Faux Coasters 71
Product code: 977748..
181 грн.
Unbranded Ant Killer Bait Station
Ant Killer Bait Station This Ant Killer Bait Station is a specialised bait formulation containing an ingredient with strong insecticidal activity which is for amateur use against crawling insects such as ants, and other small crawling insects in domestic premises along ant trails, near walls, cupb..
200 грн.
Unbranded Solution 6pk
Bubble Solution 6pk Have hours of bubble fun with this Bubble Solution 6pk, each bottle contains 4 fl.oz of bubble solution as well as a bubble wand. > Bubble solution > Pack of 6 > Includes bubble wand in each bottle > 4 fl oz of solution in each bottle > For outdoor use only > ..
200 грн.
Unbranded Tree Dog Treats
Tasty Tree Dog Treats The Tasty Tree Treats are a perfect festive treat for your pooch, featuring Christmas tree shapes in a range of colours. > Dog treats > To be used as part of a balanced diet > 500g > Composition: Cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, meat and animal derivative..
200 грн.
Unbranded Faux P Mat 71
Product code: 977747..
201 грн.
Unbranded Tablecloth
Vinyl Tablecloth Protect your dining table from mess with the Vinyl Tablecloth, its PEVA construction allows for a easy wipe away clean. This table cloth is also perfect for picnic tables. > Tablecloth > PEVA construction > Vegetable design > Perfect for dining tables and picnic tables..
201 грн.
Unbranded Tablecloth
Vinyl Tablecloth This Vinyl Tablecloth is perfect for protecting your table at dinnertime or when being used for messy play times. Its wipe clean design is teamed with a soft flannel backing and features a citrus pattern to the outer. > Tablecloth > Fleece backing > Easy care > Wipe cl..
201 грн.
Unbranded Headphones 71
Product code: 971100..
234 грн.
Unbranded Piece Jigsaw
104 Piece Jigsaw Entertain your little ones with this 104 Piece Jigsaw, it features a illustrated popular character design that will be instantly recognised. This jigsaw has 104 pieces to piece together. > Jigsaw > 104 pieces > Illustrated design > Not suitable for children under 3 yea..
234 грн.
Unbranded Set of two 60 pieces
Jigsaw Set of two 60 pieces This Jigsaw Set of two 60 pieces is ideal for helping your child improve on their observation skills and development whilst having fun. The jigsaws feature a great design on the front which your little one will instantly recognise. > Jigsaw > Set of two > 60 pi..
234 грн.
Unbranded Cat Patchwork Fish teaser
Cat Patchwork Fish teaser The design of the Cat Patchwork Fish teaser is sure to offer hours of fun and enjoyable play for your cat! The design features a filling of premium quality catnip for greater attention and a more enthusiastic reaction. Finished with a easy hold grip stick that gives you g..
268 грн.
Unbranded Cat Patchwork Trio
Cat Patchwork Trio These Cat Patchwork Trio of toys offer plenty of fun and exercise for your cat. The colourful and fun collection of cat toys are filled with premium quality catnip. > Cat toy > Three pack > Colourful design > CatnipFor our full range of Pet Store visit birka.clubProd..
268 грн.
Unbranded Essentials Headphones
iTech Essentials Headphones Enjoy your music with these quality iTech Essentials Headphones. They headphones allow you to control the volume, playback and answer any incoming calls when being used with a mobile phone device. > Headphones > Volume control > Playback control > Answer/end..
268 грн.
Unbranded 30 Piece Jigsaw
Maxi 30 Piece Jigsaw The Maxi 30 Piece Jigsaw is perfect for helping your child improve on their observation skills and development. . The jigsaws feature a great design on the front which your little one will instantly recognise. > Jigsaw > 30 piece > Cartoon character designs > 62 x ..
301 грн.
Unbranded Fleece Scarf Ladies The Unbranded Fleece Scarf is ideal for wearing during the colder winter months and provides comfort, warmth and style whilst on the go. > Scarf > Ladies > Soft fleece construction > 100% polyester > Machine washable > Keep away from fire For our ful..
335 грн.
Unbranded Pals Play Set
Saddle Pals Play Set Let your little one have hours of fun with this Saddle Pals Play Set. The set comes with a fully functioning rider that features real life hair that can be brushed. The set is complete with a horse with life like hair and a carrot that can be fed to it. > Horse and Rider pl..
335 грн.
Unbranded Elite Himalayan Salt Lick
Himalayan salt is a fantastic product due to it being very rich in trace minerals. It is ethically mined from underground salt deposits in the Himalayan foot hills away from everyday pollution. For our full range of Horse Care visit birka.clubProduct code: 762805..
368 грн.
Unbranded Ping
Equi Ping Equi-Ping allows handlers to safely tether their horse whilst at home or to a trailer/horsebox when away from the yard. Under normal circumstances the Equi-Ping keeps the horse tethered safely and only comes into play if the horse panics for some reason and pulls back sharply. Equi-Ping ..
401 грн.
Unbranded Noms Smell So Delicious 6 Pack
Num Noms Smell So Delicious 6 Pack Your little girl will adore these Num Noms Smell So Delicious 6 Pack, they smell so yummy. Create weird and wonderful flavours and scents and watch them whizz around. > Toy > Pack of 6 > Scented > Includes 1 motorised Num > Num Noms branding > S..
402 грн.
Unbranded Pack Puzzle Set
Four Pack Puzzle Set This Four Pack Puzzle set features your favourite characters, giving you the extra determination to complete the 24 piece puzzles. > Puzzle set > 4 x 24 Piece puzzles > Carry case with 3D picture frontFor our full range of Gifts and Toys visit birka.clubProduct code: ..
402 грн.
Unbranded Tea Jar71
Product code: 977573..
402 грн.
Unbranded Sparkle Bead Set
Princess Sparkle Bead Set Bring out the creative side of your little one with the Princess Sparkle Bead Set. Featuring a shaped bead organiser along with a wide assortment of beads that can be used to create bracelets and necklaces to be shared with friends. > Bead kit > Shaped bead organise..
422 грн.
Unbranded Pom Pom Hat Junior Girls
Newbury Pom Pom Hat Junior Girls Keep cosy when out trekking in this Newbury Pom Pom Hat, crafted from a cable knitted construction which features a faux fur pom pom. A stitched logo is featured on the front to complete the look. > Hat > Knitted > Cable design > Faux fur pom pom > D..
452 грн.
Unbranded Leather Conditioner One Step 425g
Horsemans Leather Conditioner One Step One step cream that cleans and conditions all leather products. Horseman's One Step is a convenient, one-step leather cleaning and conditioning cream. Three cleaning agents removes dirt, sweat, and salt, while helping to restore a natural shine. Designed for ..
468 грн.
Unbranded Drawing Board
Magnetic Drawing Board Create a masterpiece with this Magnetic Drawing Board which comes with a pen and multiple shapes so you can draw your favourite characters with complete ease and the swipe away function allows you to erase your work to start on your next work of art. > Magnetic Drawing Bo..
469 грн.
Unbranded Hawk Chopper
Black Hawk Chopper This Black Hawk Chopper has a wide range of working features to make it fully interactive and comes complete with mini figurines that can go inside the chopper or air lifted to safety. > Black Hawk Chopper > Spinning rotor blade > Working winch > Figures fit inside &..
469 грн.
Unbranded Cribox Ointment
Hydrophane Cribox Ointment The easy and certain way of deterring horses from crib-biting and gnawing wooden rails and rugs. For our full range of Horse Care visit birka.clubProduct code: 018723..
482 грн.
Unbranded Heel To Hoof
Barrier Heel To Hoof Formulated to help protect against and relieve winter skin conditions such as mud fever, cracked heels, rain scald and inflamed areas where swelling and scabs are evident. Scabs soften, loosen, and fall away naturally, helping to reduce swollen pink areas and restore hair loss..
535 грн.
Unbranded Lazerbond
Lazerbond The Lazerbond is perfect for quick repairs, the liquid plastic is perfect for fixing, filling, fastening and seals a wide range of items, apply the liquid plastic to the area that needs to be fixed and the harden with the UV light in a matter of seconds. Use on a range of surfaces such a..
535 грн.
Unbranded Pet Car Seat Cover
Petstar Pet Car Seat Cover Keep your car free from pet hair and dirt with this Petstar Pet Car Seat Cover, its waterproof , stain resistant construction protects your car seats from water, dirt and pet hair. Its easy to fit design makes the cover practical whilst it firmly stays in place and does ..
535 грн.

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