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Unbranded Pen 6 Pack Blue
Oxford Pen 6 Pack Blue For our full range of Other Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 937398..
82 грн.
Unbranded Wrap 24x50 71
Product code: 840006..
109 грн.
Unbranded Ant Killer Bait Station
Ant Killer Bait Station This Ant Killer Bait Station is a specialised bait formulation containing an ingredient with strong insecticidal activity which is for amateur use against crawling insects such as ants, and other small crawling insects in domestic premises along ant trails, near walls, cupb..
110 грн.
Unbranded Oxford Small Geometry Set
Helix Oxford Small Geometry Set The perfect addition for your pencil case is the Helix Oxford Small Geometry Set, this set includes 4 transparent pieces. > Geometry set > Transparent > 4 pieces > 15cms > 15cm / 6 '' ruler > 45 degree set square > 60 degree set square > 180 ..
110 грн.
Unbranded Square Egg Cup 71
Product code: 977521..
110 грн.
Unbranded Coffee Gls 71
Product code: 977644..
165 грн.
Unbranded Tea Light Holder
Unbranded Tea Light Holder This Unbranded Tea Light Holder is a stylish holder for tea lights and includes a battery powered tea light inside. It is made of glass and comes in a cylindrical shape with an all over decorative pattern. > Tea light holder > Glass construction > All over pattern..
131 грн.
Unbranded w Stationery64
Product code: 971849 ..
131 грн.
Unbranded 0.35L Clip Jar 00
Product code: 977686..
132 грн.
Unbranded 1872 Plastic Alarm Clock
London 1872 Plastic Alarm Clock The London 1872 Plastic Alarm Clock is ideal for having on your beside table or desk to ensure you can keep track of time. The clock features a bright red case for a great look and clear dial that is easily readable. > Alarm clock > Plastic > Bright red cas..
132 грн.
Unbranded Bowl 00
Product code: 977512..
132 грн.
Unbranded Fbc Mug 71
Product code: 981476..
132 грн.
Unbranded Flare Bfst Mug 00
Product code: 977575..
132 грн.
Unbranded Handled Jar 00
Product code: 977712..
132 грн.
Unbranded Love Choc Mug 71
Product code: 919081..
132 грн.
Unbranded Mug
Moroccan Mug Enjoy a nice cuppa out of one of this fabulous Moroccan Mugs. The mugs feature a fabulous print design all way round for a great design. > Moroccan mug > Handle > Printed design > Microwave and Dishwasher safeFor our full range of Other Accessories visit birka.clubProduct ..
132 грн.
Unbranded Mug250Ml 00
Product code: 977517..
132 грн.
Unbranded Oxford Executive Companion Set
Helix Oxford Executive Companion Set Ideal for school or the office, this Helix Oxford Executive Companion Set features 10 HB pencils, a single hole pencil sharpener and eraser. > Stationery set > 10 HB pencils > Pencil sharpener > Eraser > Helix Oxford brandingFor our full range of..
132 грн.
Unbranded S Plate 8In 00
Product code: 977520..
132 грн.
Unbranded Sp Set 00
Product code: 977519..
132 грн.
Unbranded Sugar Bowl 00
Product code: 977522..
165 грн.
Unbranded 0.55Lt Btle 00
Product code: 977688..
198 грн.
Unbranded Cat Patchwork Mice Duo
Cat Patchwork Mice Duo This Cat Patchwork Mice Duo, feature a patch work design with cat nip to the middle which is sure to excite your cat. > Cat Patchwork Mice Duo > Pack of 2 > Patch work design > Premium catnip For our full range of Pet Store visit birka.clubProduct code: 963046..
198 грн.
Unbranded Milk Jug 00
Product code: 977567..
198 грн.
Unbranded Prsrve Btle 00
Product code: 977691..
198 грн.
Unbranded Set 2 x 20 64
Product code: 972403..
198 грн.
Unbranded Sudoku Game
Retro Sudoku Game This Retro Sudoku Game provides challenging fun for all the family, featuring 100 different Sudoku puzzles, a plastic playing board and plastic counters. > Sudoku game set > Plastic playing board > Plastic counters > 100 different puzzlesFor our full range of Other Ac..
198 грн.
Unbranded Sugar Bowl 00
Product code: 977568..
198 грн.
Unbranded Board Game
Heatons Board Game This Heatons Board Game provides fun for all the family and are suitable for two players. Comes complete with all the pieces required to play straight out of the box along with instructions. > Board game > 2 players > Instructions > Suitable for ages 5 and aboveFor o..
231 грн.
Unbranded Mash Domino Run
Monster Mash Domino Run The Monster Mash Domino Run allows you to set up different runs with swinging barriers and stickers to allow you to decorate the dominoes in different styles. > Dominoes > Drop lever start > Stop/Start barriers > Swinging barriers > Sticker > 104 dominoes ..
231 грн.
Unbranded Piece Jigsaw 64
Product code: 973113..
231 грн.
Unbranded Sets 2 x 60 64
Product code: 972650..
231 грн.
Unbranded Your Own Teddy Bear Set
Build Your Own Teddy Bear Set Let your little one build their own bear. They can bring it to life by putting the stuffing into the bear and then add additional detailing by adding floral detailing onto the front for a great look. > Build your own bear set > Fill with stuffing > Add floral..
231 грн.
Unbranded Ball 64
Product code: 970628..
263 грн.
Unbranded Cat Patchwork Trio
Cat Patchwork Trio These Cat Patchwork Trio of toys offer plenty of fun and exercise for your cat. The colourful and fun collection of cat toys are filled with premium quality catnip. > Cat toy > Three pack > Colourful design > CatnipFor our full range of Pet Store visit birka.clubProd..
264 грн.
Unbranded Din Plate 11In 00
Product code: 977515..
264 грн.
Unbranded Faux Coasters 71
Product code: 977748..
264 грн.
Unbranded Jug 00
Product code: 977516..
264 грн.
Unbranded Pasta Bowl 00
Product code: 977571..
264 грн.
Unbranded Pasta Bowl 21.5Cm00
Product code: 977518..
264 грн.
Unbranded Track Set
Unbranded Monster Track Set This Monster Track Set is great for developing your youngster's motor skills, featuring a play and learn build your own track set with monster character car included, which can also be extended with further track pieces and cars sold separately. > Monster track set &..
277 грн.
Unbranded 30 Jigsaws 64
Product code: 973523..
296 грн.
Unbranded Creative Play Set
Heatons Creative Play Set This Heatons Creative Play Set contains all the things you need to get creative, from being a young scientist to creating your own fairy lights. > Play set > Creative > Heatons branding > Suitable for children over 8 years old For our full range of Ski Hats an..
296 грн.
Unbranded N Glam Nail Salon Kit
Glitter N Glam Nail Salon Kit The Glitter N Glam Nail Salon Kit is ideal for any youngster to use to give their nails a glamorous make over. The kit comes complete with a work station and all of the bits needed to ensure their nails looks amazing for any occasion. > Nail Salon Kit > Work sta..
296 грн.
Unbranded Puzzle 500 Pieces
Jigsaw Puzzle 500 Pieces The Jigsaw Puzzle 500 Pieces is sure to provide hours of fun and amusement, featuring a range of famous landmarks that anyone is sure to recognise. > Jigsaw puzzle > 500 pieces > Range of landmark pictures available > 49 x 36cm > Not suitable for children un..
296 грн.
Unbranded x 48 Puzzle 64
Product code: 974634..
296 грн.
Unbranded Fairly Odd Trollkins 3 Pack
Heatons Fairly Odd Trollkins 3 Pack These Heatons Fairly Odd Trollkins 3 Pack are a set of three cute troll figures, each with differing hair and outfits. > Trollkins set > 3 pack > Different designs > Not suitable for children under 3 yearsFor our full range of Gloves Hats and Scarves..
323 грн.
Unbranded Hero Stacker and Roller Toy
Little Hero Stacker and Roller Toy The Little Hero Stacker and Roller Toy comes with six different sized and texture rings that can be stacked or rolled and makes it ideal for helping to develop fine motor skills and problem solving, completed with a bell toy to the top for sensory development. &g..
323 грн.
Unbranded P Kid My First Little Robot
Hap P Kid My First Little Robot The Hap P Kid Fun N Roll Flower is a fun toy that will aid your child's early development. Featuring a sturdy plastic design, multi articulated arms and legs with click sound, turn key to roll the eyes, a flashing light and fun electronic sounds > Child's robot t..
323 грн.
Unbranded Free Authority Beanie Hat Mens
Free Authority Beanie Hat Mens This Free Authority Beanie Hat is a great winter warmer, made of a thick knitted construction with lining and elasticated hem for a close fit. Finished off with a smart check style design. > Men's beanie hat > Thick knit construction > Knitted lining > El..
329 грн.
Unbranded Free Authority Trapper Hat Mens
Free Authority Trapper Hat Mens This Free Authority Trapper Hat is ideal for wearing during colder weather, featuring faux fur lined ear flaps with chin fastening, soft touch outer and internal lining to offer comfort and style. Finished off with an all over check design. > Men's trapper hat &g..
329 грн.
Unbranded 600Ml Jug 72
Product code: 977489..
329 грн.
Unbranded Butter Dish 00
Product code: 977513..
329 грн.
Unbranded Off Roader Child Boys
Heatons Off Roader Child Boys This Heatons Off Roader is ideal for youngsters who want to play racing games at home, featuring a large pullback motored monster truck in a bold coloured design. > Boy's toy car > Monster truck design > Pullback motor > Bold design > Not suitable for c..
329 грн.
Unbranded Tulip Stem Beer 00
Product code: 977689..
329 грн.
Unbranded Coffee Jar71
Product code: 977572..
395 грн.

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