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Taska Pear Rig Rings
Taska Pear Rig Rings This stainless Rig Rings are neat little stainless pear shaped rig rings are ideal for making up the perfect blowback rig, nice smooth travel along the hook shank and they wont rust either being stainless. > Taska Rig Rings > Various Sizes > Stainless Steel For our fu..
110 грн.
Taska Oval Rings
Taska Oval Rings Taska Oval Rings are coated black to cut down on glare under the water, they are also ideal for chod rigs for tying on pop ups or for making combi-rigs. > Taska Oval Rings > Matt Black > Ultra Strong > Available in 4.5mm, 5mm & 6mm. > 50 per packFor our full ra..
164 грн.
Taska Withy Curve Creator
Taska Withy Curve Creator This Withy Curve Creator by Taska creates a highly effective pop-up rig will outwit rig shy carp, no need to use shrink tube anymore! > Taska Withy Curve Creator > Perfect presentation > Easy to use > Choice of size and colour > InstructionsFor our full ran..
184 грн.
Taska Bait Tubs
Taska Bait Tubs When you have been fishing you must have had it , you have gone to your bait bag and there it is your special hook baits that you have had in bait glug for weeks has leaked all over your bag, well Taska have cured that problem with the Taska Water Tight Bait Tubs. > Taska Bait Tub..
198 грн.
Taska Baseline Short Shank Tungsten Aligner
Taska Baseline Tungsten Aligner These Taska Aligners are not just any line aligner but one that is impregnated with tungsten, the weight of the line aligner can be utilised to counter balance a wafter etc to create the perfectly balanced rig. > Baseline Tungsten Aligners > Moulded in Tungste..
198 грн.
Taska Kwick LinQ Heli Swivels and Sleeves
Taska Kwick LinQ Heli Swivels and Sleeves These Taska Kwick LinQ Heli Swivels and Sleeves are top-of-the-range and perfect for all carp rig situations which require a quick change over. > Taska Kwick LinQ Heli Swivels and Sleeves > Strong, smooth rolling barrel > Non-reflective matt black..
198 грн.
Taska Square Lead Pack
Taska Square Lead Pack The Taska Square Lead Pack comes in a wide range of weights, available in In-line and swivel , and has a camouflage coating with a matt finish. Taska Square Lead Pack > Big eyed camo swivel > Easy ID of size on lead > Hard camo crackling coating For our full range o..
198 грн.
Taska Sensalite Spare Head
Taska Sensalite Spare Head The Taska Sensalite Spare Head is perfect for anglers who prefer this ball clip head, they come in a variety of colours. > Taska Sensalite Spare Head > Ball clip head > Choice of colours > Adjustable ball clipFor our full range of Bite Alarms and Indicators v..
214 грн.
Taska Dual Lock Fixed Snag Bars
Taska Dual Lock Fixed Snag Bars These precision made 3 rod Snag Bars are perfect for 3 rod pod set-ups they are made from Taska's own 13.9 stainless material with fixed compression washer added to the centre thread base. > Taska Buzz Bars > Integral compression washer > Lightweight design..
2,042 грн.
Here you will find a brilliant range of top quality fishing equipment from Taska. In this collection of products you can see rod pod's, buzz bars, banksticks, threaded bait rings and much more! There is a wide variety of products in several sizes to help you find the perfect tools for your fishing equipment. For more accessories and clothing check out our fishing page.

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