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Stonefly Tippet Tamer
Stonefly Tippet Tamer The Tippet Tamer will prevent you line from unwinding and makes sure of superb performance. The elasticised band stretches over the spool. The pack consist of 3 tippet tamers making this great value for money. Fishing Boat Bag > Great value > Pull line through colour b..
137 грн.
Stonefly Dubbing Needle
Stonefly Dubbing Needle The Stonefly Dubbing Needle is a extra long needle ideal for picking out dubbing. Stonefly Dubbing Needle > Suitable for varnished fly heads > Soft touch finger gripsFor our full range of Carp Fishing Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 942759..
132 грн.
Stonefly Dubbin teaser
Stonefly Dubbin teaser The Stonefly Dubbin teaser are specially designed micro barbed tool making it ideal for picking up small amounts of dubbing material and can be used to tease out a fly. Stonefly Dubbin teaser > Easy to use > Must have toolFor our full range of Fly Fishing Accessories..
165 грн.
Stonefly Fur Rake
Stonefly Fur Rake The Stonefly Fur Rake is a inexpensive twin headed fur rake designed to comb the under fur. Mounted on a strong handle with soft touch finger grips. Stonefly Fur Rake > Easy to useFor our full range of Fly Fishing Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 768820..
181 грн.
Stonefly Bobbin threader
Stonefly Bobbin threader The Stonefly Bobbin threader is to adjust the tension of your thread while fly tying. Stonefly Bobbin threader > Easy to useFor our full range of Fly Fishing Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 768812..
198 грн.
Stonefly Bottle Holder
Stonefly Bottle Holder The Bottle Holder will fit either way up. The bottle is supplied with spare rubber 'O' rings making this great value for money. A must be part of your Fishing Tackle when fly fishing. Fishing Bottle Holder > Bottle fits either way up > Spare rubber 'O' rings supplied ..
198 грн.
Stonefly Dubbing Spinner
Stonefly Dubbing Spinner The Stonefly Dubbing Spinner is specially designed shape so that the spinner will not roll off the tying table. Weighted for easy spinning with stainless steel wires. Stonefly Dubbing Spinner > Good value for moneyFor our full range of Fly Fishing Accessories visit birk..
198 грн.
Stonefly Rty Hak PlrsSn61
Product code: 768858..
214 грн.
Stonefly Waste Bag
Stonefly Waste Bag The Waste Bag is a simple cloth bag that fits onto the vice stem. The waste bag will catch all waste materials during fly tying. Fishing Waste Bag > Size - 180mm x 602mm Deep > Stonefly Logo > Cloth bag For our full range of Coarse and Match Fishing Accessories visit bi..
214 грн.
Stonefly Dub Machine
Stonefly Dub Machine The Stonefly Dub Machine is a perfect bit of kit for designing your own flies and tying them.For our full range of Carp Fishing Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 949266..
243 грн.
Stonefly Shot Remover
Levapiombo Shot Remover The Levapiombo Shot Remover are short pliers designed specifically for use with small and micro shot. Allows you to move and remove shot without damaging the line. A double tool in one. One end of the tool is used to remove all sizes of shot and the other end is used to sl..
264 грн.
Stonefly Long Tube Bobbin
Stonefly Long Tube Bobbin The Stonefly Long Tube Bobbin is a lightweight , comfortable bobbin holder. with long alumina oxide ceramic tube ideal for the larger flies like the salmon , pike. Stonefly Long Tube Bobbin > Soft touch finger grips > Easy to use For our full range of Fly Fishing A..
329 грн.
Stonefly Boat Caddie Clamp
Stonefly Boat Caddie Clamp The Stonefly Boat Caddie Clamp is the heart of the boat caddie system, is very robust , a rock-solid tried and tested design that's going to last no matter what. it can be attached to your boat seat or the thwart board with ease and this then allows you to attach other s..
461 грн.
Stonefly Stainless Steel Priest
Stonefly Stainless Steel Priest The Stainless Steel Priest is solid with a nylon lanyard and soft touch handle making sure of great performance. Complete with rubber 'O' rings that prevent noise in boats. Fishing Priest > Weight - 215 grams > Solid stainless steel > Great value > Nylo..
511 грн.
Stonefly Catch And Release Tool
Stonefly Catch And Release Tool The Catch And Release Tool has a soft grip long handle making sure of excellent performance. This will make catching and safe release very easy. Included are two interchangeable heads making this great value for money. Fishing Catch And Release Tool > Great valu..
527 грн.
Stonefly Marrow Spoon Priest
Stonefly Marrow Spoon Priest The Marrow Spoon Priest is 22cm and weighs 120 grams. Spoon stows in handle and reverses for use making sure of superb performance throughout. Fishing Marrow Spoon Priest > 22cm > 120 grams > Great valueFor our full range of Carp Fishing Accessories visit birk..
692 грн.
Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker
Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker The Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker is the perfect solution to keep essential bits of tackle close at hand you can even attach it to the boat seat or thwart board. Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker > Zip closure compartments > Foam strips for holding flies > Ideal stor..
791 грн.
Stonefly Boat Line Tray
Stonefly Boat Line Tray The Stonefly Boat Line Tray is to be used with the boat caddie clamp, Can be positioned perfectly to hold stripped line and it can be positioned on to the boat seat. Stonefly Boat Line Tray > Prevents accidental line damage > Improves casting performance For our full ..
955 грн.

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