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 WIN Handi lock Floats
Win Handi lock Floats The Win Handi lock Floats offers a durable design and safety lock feature to secure the float to the line. > Float > Safety lock design > Durable design > Win branding For our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 886032..
233 грн.
210 грн.
 Miso Inflatable Drinks Holder
Miso Inflatable Drinks Holder Relax in the pool with the Miso Inflatable Drinks Holder, available in a range of fun and quirky designs so you can chill out with your favourite drink by your side! > Inflatable drinks holder > 6+ years onlyFor our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit b..
234 грн.
 Uglies Junior Kickboard
Dolfin Junior Kickboard Gain water confidence in this Dolfin Junior Kickboard which is crafted from a durable and dense closed cell foam that does not absorb water. It strengthens legs through kicking through the water. This kickboard is safe and flexible. > Kickboard > Durabloe > Dense f..
228 грн.
389 грн.
 WIN Squeaker Swimming Paddling Pool Toys
Win Squeaker Pool Toys Keep your little ones entertained in the pool with the Win Squeaker Pool Toys thanks to the 5 unique designs and durable construction. > Pool Toys > 5 unique design > Durable construction > SqueakerFor our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.club..
241 грн.
415 грн.
 H20 Swim H2O Inflatable Lilo
Swim H2O Inflatable Lilo These Swim H2O Inflatable Lilo is perfect to relax on or to practice your swimming technique, portable so can be took to different locations easily. >Swimming accessories >Portable >Comfortable >Durable >Easy to inflate and deflateFor our full range of Big B..
281 грн.
337 грн.
 H20 Swim Inflatable Chair
Swim H2O Inflatable Chair This Swim H2O Inflatable Chair will bring hours of fun in the pool for ages 3 - 5 years - a portable, durable and comfortable device, that is easy to inflate and deflate. > Inflatable chair > Portable > Durable > Comfortable > For ages 3 - 5 years > Easy t..
281 грн.
337 грн.
 Slazenger Swim Noodle
Slazenger Swim Noodle The Slazenger Swim Noodle is a great way to gain confidence when learning to swim or alternatively use in the pool as a exercise tool when participating in sports like aquaorobics. This swim noodle is a lightweight foam construction that can is flexible to be moved into shape..
281 грн.
 WIN Junior Swim Collar
Win Junior Swim Collar Swim with increased confidence and aid in learning with the Win Junior Swim Collar! The dual inflatable chambers of the Win Junior Swim Collar and ergonomic adjustable fit makes for an optimal device that can be used with ease to deliver help in introducing people that are s..
281 грн.
449 грн.
 Zoggs Zoodle
Zoggs Zoodle For our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 888013..
298 грн.
385 грн.
 WIN Puffer Fins Jnr 42
Win Puffer Fins Make sure you're ready for the water with a great range of swim fins on offer. Check out the different styles and be prepared to improve your performance. > Junior swimming fins > Aids swimming > Available in a range of colours > Adjustable fit > One sizeFor our full..
315 грн.
473 грн.
 Dolfin Kickboard
Dolfin Kickboard This Dolfin Kickboard is an ideal accessory to help strengthen your legs through kicking training. The durable build features a dense closed cell foam construction that will not absorb water, while remaining safe and flexible. Simply place your hands at the top of the float and re..
333 грн.
561 грн.
 WIN Elite Aqua Waist Band
Win Elite Aqua Waist Band Designed for water aerobics, the Win Waistband allows you to strengthen your muscles whilst in the water. > Waist Band > Hook and loop tape adjustable fastening > Win logoFor our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 880665..
350 грн.
526 грн.
 WIN Safety Swim Ring Jn73
Safety swim ring This swim ring is ideal for keeping safe in the water. The ring is designed to fit safely around the body and its quality construction gives extra security. > Safety swim rinng > Two inflatable chambers for extra safety > Safety valves provide additional security > Des..
350 грн.
526 грн.
 Slazenger Swim Belt 5pc 84
Product code: 880038..
351 грн.
577 грн.
 H20 Swim Inflatable Swimming Paddling Pool
Swim H2O Inflatable Pool This Swim H2O Inflatable Pool is perfect fun for children or a way to allow them to cool down. It's easy to inflate and deflate so simple to set up. >Dimensions: 148cm wide x 21cm high >Easy to inflate and deflate >Portable, comfortable and durable >Not suitabl..
369 грн.
576 грн.
 Zoggs Zoggy Soakers
Zoggs Zoggy Soakers Your youngster will be creating a fun splash with these Zoggs Zoggy Soakers - an exciting way to build confidence in the water. This pack of three feature vibrant animal designs for little ones to enjoy the feel of the water with. > Soakers > 3 pack > Animal characters..
369 грн.
495 грн.
 WIN Swim Collar Senior
Win Senior Swim Collar Ideal for non-swimmers or those afraid of submerging their face in the water, this Win Senior Swim Collar provides vital support for the head and neck. Visible and highly durable, as well as resistant to salt water, this collar is the ideal buoant aid for those over twelve y..
386 грн.
639 грн.
 WIN Elite Mens Ankle Band
Win Elite Mens Ankle Band The Win Elite Mens Ankle Band is an exciting design concept for hydrotherapy and resistance based aqua aerobics. Lightweight, portable and inexpensive it enhances natural buoyancy and provides measurable resistance for a variety of exercises. Ideal for post-operative or i..
404 грн.
629 грн.
 Zoggs Mini Kickboard Float
Zoggs Mini Kickboard Float This Zoggs Mini Kickboard Float has been specifically designed for swimming lessons and early swim development training, made from a durable, hard wearing ridged foam construction. Use this kickboard to help strengthen the legs and improve kicking technique. > Swimmin..
404 грн.
549 грн.
 Slazenger KickBoard
Slazenger KickBoard The Slazenger KickBoard features a Slazenger branding to the bottom and two handles to hold on to giving kids more confidence in the pool and help them to improve their swimming ability. > Childrens Float > Slazenger branding > 2 handles For our full range of All Slaze..
421 грн.
631 грн.
 Slazenger Dive Sticks
Slazenger Dive Sticks These Slazenger diving sticks are the perfect choice for those little swimmers practice sessions. Whether its for swimming or diving development, these weighted sticks are bright and colourful to help visual aid when under water and are an ideal size for handling underwater. ..
421 грн.
 Other Brands Overshoes
Vinyl Overshoes The Vinyl Overshoes offer a comfortable and secure fit thanks to the elasticated opening, whilst the vinyl construction offers greater durability. > Overshoes > Elasticated opening > Vinyl constructionFor our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.clubProduct c..
456 грн.
582 грн.
 Slazenger Swimming Floats
Slazenger Swimming Floats The Slazenger Swimming Floats are an aid to help your little one s learn to swim, They are designed to be worn on the upper arms using as many discs as required. WARNING- will not protect against drowning, use only under constant supervision > Swimming floats > Foam..
527 грн.
921 грн.
 Slazenger Swim Seat Baby
Slazenger Swim Seat Baby The Slazenger Swim Seat is perfect for your little ones next trip to the pool thanks to the 3 air chambers for extra safety and 2 durable handles, complete with the stable secure seat for confidence. > Inflatable Ring > 3 air chambers > 2 durable handles > Stab..
561 грн.
842 грн.
 WIN Learn To Swim Suit
Win Learn To Swim Suit The Win Learn To Swim Suit is ideal as a first swim suit thanks to the two inflatable pockets with safety valves, complete with the contrasting panes for a great look. > Swim suit > Inflatable pockets > Safety valves > Contrasting panels > Win branding For our..
561 грн.
943 грн.
 Slazenger Aqua Dumbbell Set
Slazenger Aqua Dumbbell Set The Slazenger Aqua Dumbbell Set have been designed to be used for water resistance training, featuring a lightweight and durable EVA foam construction along with soft grip bars for comfort, completed with the Slazenger branding to the sides. > Aqua dumbbells > EVA..
597 грн.
963 грн.
 WIN Animal Dive Sticks
Win Animal Dive Sticks The Win Animal Dive Sticks are the ideal game for your next swimming trip thanks to the added weight for a quick sink, complete with the unique designs for a great look. > Diving Sticks > Pack of 4 > Unique designs > Easy use > Weighted bottomFor our full rang..
597 грн.
998 грн.
 Zoggs Dive Sticks
Zoggs Dive Sticks These Zoggs Dive Sticks are designed tro encourage confidence in and under water. The sticks are designed to sink to the bottom of the pool in different locations so that the swimmer can then collect them and practice their underwater swimming. Designed for competent swimmers for..
597 грн.
803 грн.
 Zoggs Infants Swimming Trainer Seats
Zoggs Infants Swimming Trainer Seats The Zoggs Infants Swimming Trainer Seats is a must to get little ones introduced to swimming! The Zoggs Infants Swimming Trainer Seats uses a multi-chambered design to support and hold the child safely in the water so they can experience the feeling. Completer ..
667 грн.
911 грн.
 adidas Pull Bouy
adidas Pull Bouy The adidas Pull Bouy is great for helping to teach correct leg positioning in the water! The ergonomic design and soft touch feel improves comfort to produce a user friendly feel and comfort use. finished with adidas branding and a bright colour look for high visibility and a grea..
842 грн.
962 грн.
 Other Brands Volleyball Net
Water Volleyball Net Make a splash in the pool with this volleyball net and take on your friends or family in a friendly match in the pool. > Volleyball > 72" wide net and frame > Heavy duty construction > Nylon net > Easy assembly > Ball includedFor our full range of All Swimmi..
842 грн.
1 431 грн.
 Kiefer Wonder Board Senior
Kiefer Wonder Board Senior This Kiefer Wonder Board Senior is ideal for developing core strength, overall strength training and aquatic rehab. Swimming Accessories > V shaped > Kiefer > FoamFor our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 886036..
1 052 грн.
1 316 грн.
 Zoggs Float Discs Juniors
Zoggs Float Discs Juniors These Zoggs Float Discs are the perfect tool to help your little one gain confidence in the water. These durable foam floats have variable buoyancy as you start with two floats per arm and reduce them as your child gains skills in the water. > Float discs > Includes..
1 052 грн.
1 316 грн.
 Speedo Fastskin Pullbouy Unisex Adult
Speedo Fastskin Pullbouy Unisex Adult Scientifically designed, the Speedo Fastskin Pullbouy has been created to help you improve your arm technique and upper body strength by isolating the upper body. With an durable and ergonomic design, the pullbouy will support optimal body position and promote..
1 088 грн.
1 443 грн.
 Speedo FastSkin Kickboard
Speedo FastSkin Kickboard The Speedo FastSkin Kickboard has been designed between the Speedo Aqualab and their athletes to help develop this fast board that helps to isolate your lower body so your legs work harder resulting in improved leg strength and a better kick technique. Completed with the ..
1 123 грн.
1 647 грн.
 Zoggs Junior Floatsuit
Zoggs Junior Floatsuit The Zoggs Junior Floatsuit is an easy and non bulky suit for kids swimming. Excellent for holidays as not only is this a floatsuit, but it is made from UPF50+ fabric,which offers maximum sun protection, so it protects kids from the harmful sun's rays all day long. Quick dryi..
1 123 грн.
1 527 грн.
 Other Brands Throw Bag Snr 42
Safety throw bag Make sure you are safe around the pool with a throw bag to aid those in the water. Great for lifeguards and personal use, keeping safe is is great with this product. > Safety throw bag > Ideal for lifeguards > Strong red colour > Instructions for use on bagFor our full..
1 754 грн.
2 047 грн.
 WIN Protective Eyewear 250 Pairs
Winkease Protective Eyewear 250 Pairs Ideal for sunbed use, the Winkease Protective Eyewear 250 Pairs offer 99% UVB and UVA protection without leaving lives or marks on the face - just fold and cover each eye individually. > Winkease protective eyewear > 250 disposable pairs > Medical qua..
2 456 грн.
3 173 грн.

Have fun in the water with our wide range of swimming pool toys including beach balls, diving toys, snorkel sets and many more for your swimming games. We offer swimming pool inflatables from top brands at great discount prices including Zoggs, Speedo and Slazenger here today. To benefit your swim check out our full range of swimming aids.

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