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Очень классный рюкзак. Яркий, вместительный и удобный. Доставка как и указано на сайте 5-7 дней. Пок.. ...»
Крутая панама, но цвет темнее чем на фото. Немного не так передан оттенок на фото, но мне даже больш.. ...»
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Размерная линейка идеально подошла. При заказе всё доступно и приятно объяснили, через СМС отправлял.. ...»
На перший погляд добротне взуття, випробую в Карпатах відпишу більше. Дякую магазину за докладну інф.. ...»
Все по честному. Заказал 43 размер на свои 27,5см подошло идеально. Белые смотрятся классно. Я довол.. ...»

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 WIN Velcro Aqua Gloves Mens
Win Velcro Aqua Gloves Mens These Win Velcro Aqua Gloves Mens are a great idea to use when exercising in water, they are great for helping combine extra drag to enhance your upper body work out. > Aqua Gloves > Adjustable Hook and Loop Tape Straps > Flexible > For our full range of ..
181 грн.
409 грн.
 Finis Footbooties
Finis Footbooties Make sure your foot stays comfortable when wearing fins with these footbooties that can be worn under fins to avoid chafing. > Finis Footbooties > Wear under fins > Prevent chafing > Finis logos > NeopreneFor our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.c..
200 грн.
341 грн.
 Finis Footbooties Junior
Finis Footbooties Junior The Finis Footbooties Junior are ideal for preventing chaffing and adding comfort when using fins. Swimming Accessories > Finis > 2 Booties > NeopreneFor our full range of Swimming Footwear visit birka.clubProduct code: 884019..
200 грн.
341 грн.
 WIN Finger Paddles
Win Finger Paddles The Win Finger Paddles are designed especially for breast stroke and backstroke swimming. It helps to correct and strength your stroke and heightens sensory awareness for proper technique. Swimming Accessories > 2 Paddles > 2 StrapsFor our full range of All Swimming Access..
200 грн.
301 грн.
 Kiefer Rubber Short Training Fins
Kiefer Rubber Short Training Fins The Kiefer Rubber Short Training Fins are a heavy solid fin construction with a shorter length for greater flexibility and control. > Fins > Float in the water > Soft heel areas for a comfortable fit > Shorter length For our full range of Big Brand Sa..
285 грн.
498 грн.
 WaiKoa Rubber Short Fins Junior
Waikoa Rubber Short Fins Junior Your youngster can enjoy time in the sea wearing these Waikoa Rubber Short Fins, designed in a comfortable rubber, with breathable perforation and colour contrasting panelling. Waikoa branding finishes the look. > Junior short fins > Flexible rubber constructi..
285 грн.
498 грн.
 Kiefer Ergo Paddles
Kiefer Ergo Paddles The Kiefer Ergo Paddles help give a boot to swimming training and increase upper body strength and power by creating maximum resistance in the water. These swimming paddles also feature adjustable silicon straps to the back to ensure a comfortable fit for a wide range of hand s..
334 грн.
502 грн.
 Kiefer Rubber Short Training Fins
Kiefer Rubber Short Training Fins With a short, curved blade to improve kick efficiency and strength, the Kiefer Rubber Short Fins are essential for swim workouts and training. Also offering a floating construction, flexible foot pocket and closed ankle, these swimming fins are finished with Kiefe..
334 грн.
585 грн.
 WaiKoa Rub Short Mens Swimming Fins
Waikoa Rub Short Mens Swimming Fins These Waikoa Rub Short Mens Swimming Finsis made from top quality rubber and is an essential training tool for all performance swimmers. This shorter than standard fin has a tapered edge and stiff edges to enhance the upward and downward thrust of the leg kick. ..
334 грн.
644 грн.
 Beco Long Rubber Swimming Fins Kids
Beco Long Rubber Swimming Fins Kids These Beco Long Rubber Swimming Fins are designed for training and are ideal for strengthening your calves. They benefit from under-ankle grips for excellent traction when walking around the pool. > Swimming fins > Rubber construction > Under-ankle grip..
368 грн.
644 грн.
 WIN Elastic Aqua Gloves
Win Elastic Aqua Swimming Gloves These Win Elastic Aqua Gloves enhance the effect of every stroke. In addition they are perfect for water aerobics exercises by ensuring maximum body workout. > Swimming gloves > Tight fit > Synthetic constructionFor our full range of All Swimming Accessori..
468 грн.
702 грн.
 Null Pool Closed Sign
Swimming Pool Closed Sign The Swimming Pool Closed Sign is a large and clear sign that clearly states that the pool is closed or not in use. Swimming Accessories > Pool Closed sign > Foam boardFor our full range of Swimming Aids visit birka.clubProduct code: 880597..
502 грн.
627 грн.
 Null Prohibit Sign
Foamex Prohibit Sign The Foamex Prohibit Sign sends a clear message of the rules of the pool in easy to read text and visual representations. Swimming Accessories > No Splashing > No Exit > No Smoking > No running > No diving > No Entry > No Armbands beyond this point > No..
502 грн.
627 грн.
 Kiefer Rubber Long Fins
Kiefer Rubber Long Fins These Swimming Flippers are soft and flexible they are also the perfect training and are also great for a swimming workout. > Kiefer Rubber Long Fins > Flexible > FlippersFor our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 884091..
552 грн.
967 грн.
 Zoggs Swim Nappy
Zoggs Swim Nappy Learn your baby to swim at a young age thanks to the Zoggs Swim Nappy, this waterproof construction is to be used underneath a disposable nappy. Its press stud fastening and hook and eye fastening is teamed with elasticated waist and leg holes to ensure a secure fit that prevents ..
602 грн.
753 грн.
 Null Stretch Cord Junior
Bungee Stretch Cord This Junior Bungee Stretch Cord is perfect for training and working out and is especially useful when you have limited pool space and the still want to complete your swimming regime. > Swimming Cords > Highly durable > Strap fastening > Perfect for training For our ..
636 грн.
807 грн.
 Slazenger Stretch Cord Technique Training Belt
Slazenger Stretch Cord Technique Training Belt This Slazenger training belt promotes strength and speed in your workout by tethering tubing to the pool wall offering resistance and building explosive strength. > Slazenger Stretch Cord > Promotes strength and speed > Comfortable padded bel..
636 грн.
807 грн.
 WIN Silicone Swimming Mitts
Win Silicone Swimming Mitts The Win Silicone Swimming Mitts are ideal for increasing forward motion and increasing propulsion during training. The silicone material makes it like another skin, easy to move and interact with. Swimming Accessories > Silicone > Webbed mitts > WIN branding Fo..
636 грн.
953 грн.
 Kiefer Rubber Long Training Fins
Kiefer Rubber Long Training Fins The Kiefer Rubber Short Training Fins are a heavy solid fin construction with a longer length for greater flexibility and improved speed. > Fins > Float in the water > Soft heel areas for a comfortable fit > Longer length For our full range of All Swim..
703 грн.
1 964 грн.
 Kiefer Aqua Swim Bar
Kiefer Aqua Swim Bar This Kiefer swim bar is designed to aid learning to swim or as a way of conditioning both arms and legs effectively. > Swim Bar > Swimming aid > 75cm longFor our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 887075..
736 грн.
932 грн.
 Slazenger Aqua Dumbbell Set
Slazenger Aqua Dumbbell Set The Slazenger Aqua Dumbbell Set have been designed to be used for water resistance training, featuring a lightweight and durable EVA foam construction along with soft grip bars for comfort, completed with the Slazenger branding to the sides. > Aqua dumbbells > EVA..
736 грн.
1 104 грн.
 Zoggs Baby Wrap
Zoggs Baby Wrap Your little water baby will love this Zoggs Baby Wrap, its is crafted from a soft neoprene construction to help keep your little one warm in the pool and adjust to the waters temperature. Its open up design makes fitting easy whilst its open legs and arms promote better movement an..
870 грн.
1 112 грн.
 Speedo Bio Power Paddles
Speedo Bio Power Paddle These Speedo Bio Power Paddles have been engineered with Speedo Biofuse technology for maximum comfort and fit, whilst they are designed to offer maximum resistance in the water which helps increase upper body strength. The stiff blade with thermoplastic rubber overmoulding..
937 грн.
1 102 грн.
 Aqua Sphere Microfin HP Junior
AquaSphere Microfin HP Junior The AquaSphere Microfin HP makes for the ideal training partner, bringing an ergonomic and comfortable foot pocket, with raised rubber ribs, a calibrated blade, rubber beadings and anti-slip rubber pads. > Junior training fin > Ergonomic foot pocket > Raised ..
1 071 грн.
1 457 грн.
 Aqua Sphere Microfin HP Mens
AquaSphere Microfin HP Mens The AquaSphere Microfin HP will become your perfect training partner, bringing an ergonomic and comfortable foot pocket, with raised rubber ribs, a calibrated blade, rubber beadings and anti-slip rubber pads. > Men's training fin > Ergonomic foot pocket > Raise..
1 172 грн.
1 523 грн.
 Speedo Fastskin Hand Paddles
Speedo Fastskin Hand Paddles This Speedo Fastskin Hand Paddle is perfect for boosting your training sessions as this hand paddle creates water resistance which forces your arms, shoulders and back to work harder to improve muscle tone and technique. > Hand Paddle > Secure fit for optimal st..
1 172 грн.
1 523 грн.
 Null Lesson Pro
Swimming Lesson Pro The Swimming Lesson Pro Sign is a large, clear sign that lets people know that there are swimming lessons in progress. Swimming Accessories > "Swimming Lessons in progress" > Water symbolFor our full range of Swimming Aids visit birka.clubProduct code: 880596..
1 205 грн.
1 424 грн.
 Null Warning Sign
Foamex Warning Sign Stay safe by the pool with the Foamex Warning Sign . Benefiting from large bold red print to make it visible from afar. > Foamex Warning Sign > Red bold print > Waterproof > DurableFor our full range of Swimming Aids visit birka.clubProduct code: 976374..
1 272 грн.
1 493 грн.
 Null Kids Poster
Smart Kids Poster The Smart Kids Poster has been colourfully designed to grab your little ones attention. with written and visual instructions on pool safety. > Smart Kids Poster > Laminated > InstructionsFor our full range of Games visit birka.clubProduct code: 976153..
1 339 грн.
1 606 грн.
 Aqua Sphere Alpha Swimming Training Fins Mens
AquaSphere Alpha Swimming Training Fins Mens Ideal for aquatic and swimming training, these AquaSphere Alpha Swimming Training Fins have been designed in a durable foam construction for buoyancy and body positioning improvement, with offset left and right foot profiles to give optimal kicking moti..
1 473 грн.
1 866 грн.
 Speedo FastSkin Kickboard
Speedo FastSkin Kickboard The Speedo FastSkin Kickboard has been designed between the Speedo Aqualab and their athletes to help develop this fast board that helps to isolate your lower body so your legs work harder resulting in improved leg strength and a better kick technique. Completed with the ..
1 473 грн.
1 866 грн.
 Other Brands Throw Bag Snr 42
Safety throw bag Make sure you are safe around the pool with a throw bag to aid those in the water. Great for lifeguards and personal use, keeping safe is is great with this product. > Safety throw bag > Ideal for lifeguards > Strong red colour > Instructions for use on bagFor our full..
1 673 грн.
1 952 грн.
 Other Brands 101 Megaphone
Smart 101 Megaphone This Smart 101 Megaphone is perfect for lifeguards, training and outdoor excursions thanks to its ability to amplify your voice to a great effect, whilst being compact enough not to be a nuisance. This megaphone has a whistle button, volume control and a wrist strap to get a se..
3 013 грн.
3 066 грн.
 Speedo Aquacoach Watch
Speedo Aquacoach Watch This Speedo Aquacoach Watch helps record your performance and automatically counts each lap performance. The watch can count calories burnt, distance covered speed and strokes per lap. > Aquacoach watch > Calorie counter > Distance recorder > Speed > 50 log me..
3 575 грн.
4 687 грн.
 Other Brands Megaphone
Loudhailer Megaphone Get your message across and ensure safety with this Loudhailer Megaphone which gives you the option to speak through the microphone or you can alert people aware via the siren or whistle option. > Megaphone > Handle with shoulder belt > Trigger switch > Volume cont..
3 632 грн.
4 404 грн.

Our great range of swimming aids will help improve confidence when in the water, with something for everyone from floats to swim vests. Our selection of swimming aids includes top brands from Wet N Wild to Speedo at great discount prices here today! Take a look at our Swimming Pool Toys range to get equipped and have fun in the water as your confidence improves.

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