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Character Star Wars Armbands Child Boys
Star Wars Armbands Child Boys Being both safe and fun, these Star Wars Armbands make for the ideal accompaniment for your youngster in the pool, designed with safety valves and air chambers, with a recognisable Star Wars graphic print to either side. > Child's armbands > Safety valves > A..
110 грн.
WIN Float Disc
Win Float Disc For our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 884088..
137 грн.
236 грн.
Character Armbands Infants
Character Armbands The Character Armbands are perfect for your little one as they learn to swim, with a durable vinyl construction with dual air chambers and safety valves, complete with a character print. > Infants armbands > 2 x armbands > Safety valves > Dual air chamber design >..
115 грн.
326 грн.
WIN Handi lock Floats
Win Handi lock Floats The Win Handi lock Floats offers a durable design and safety lock feature to secure the float to the line. > Float > Safety lock design > Durable design > Win branding For our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 886032..
131 грн.
197 грн.
WIN Inflatable Animal Ring Infants
Win Inflatable Animal Infants Ring Have fun in the pool with this Win Inflatable Animal Ring it provides water confidence for your growing water baby. > Inflatable ring > Safety valve > Made of strong quality PVC > 400mm ring > Suitable for ages 3 - 6 years For our full range of ..
164 грн.
246 грн.
Kiefer Rubber Long Training Fins
Kiefer Rubber Long Training Fins These Kiefer Rubber Long Training Fins are a heavy solid fin construction which increases leg strength and foot flexibility. > Fins > Float in the water > Soft heel areas for a comfortable fit For our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.c..
208 грн.
365 грн.
WIN Finger Paddles
Win Finger Paddles The Win Finger Paddles are designed especially for breast stroke and backstroke swimming. It helps to correct and strength your stroke and heightens sensory awareness for proper technique. Swimming Accessories > 2 Paddles > 2 StrapsFor our full range of All Swimming Access..
197 грн.
296 грн.
Disney Kick Board
Disney Kick Board Let your little water baby gain confidence with this Disney Kick Board , which is a lightweight foam construction that features a choice of a familiar character of Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse which they will love and adore. Its foam design enables this kickboard to float allowin..
264 грн.
461 грн.
Slazenger Swim Noodle
Slazenger Swim Noodle The Slazenger Swim Noodle is a great way to gain confidence when learning to swim or alternatively use in the pool as a exercise tool when participating in sports like aquaorobics. This swim noodle is a lightweight foam construction that can is flexible to be moved into shape..
264 грн.
Speedo Sea Squad Armbands
Speedo Sea Squad Armbands These childrens armbands are ideal for beginner swimmers as they look to become more confident, with rubber blow holes to both sides for quick and easy inflation. These kids swimming accessories also feature a vibrant fun design for a superb look in the pool. > Kids ar..
264 грн.
395 грн.
Speedo Deluxe Armbands Junior
Speedo Deluxe Armbands Junior The Speedo Deluxe Armbands come in a range of sizes meaning you can find the perfect one for your youngster, complete with Speedo branding for a great look. > Arm Bands > Speedo branding > Range of sizesFor our full range of Speedo visit birka.clubProduct cod..
280 грн.
361 грн.
WIN Deluxe Arm Bands Infants
WIN Deluxe Arm Bands Infants Introduce your youngster to the water with these WIN Deluxe Arm Bands for little ones aged 1 -3 years, designed for ease of movement, in a high strength construction, with multiple air chambers and a safety valve. > Infant arm bands > For ease of movement > H..
280 грн.
411 грн.
WIN Velcro Aqua Gloves Mens
Product code: 884086..
313 грн.
691 грн.
Kiefer Ergo Paddles Snr
Product code: 884044..
329 грн.
493 грн.
Speedo Armbands
Speedo Swimming Armbands The Speedo Armbands are the ideal swimming accessory for kids as they gain confidence in the water. > Swimming armbands > Speedo logo For our full range of Buoyancy Aids visit birka.clubProduct code: 888015..
329 грн.
452 грн.
WIN Elite Aqua Wrist Band
Win Elite Aqua Wrist Band Designed for water aerobics, the Win wristband allows you to strengthen your muscles whilst in the water. > Wrist Bands > Hook and loop tape adjustable fastening > Win logoFor our full range of Buoyancy Aids visit birka.clubProduct code: 880665..
329 грн.
493 грн.
WIN Safety Swim Ring Jn73
Safety swim ring This swim ring is ideal for keeping safe in the water. The ring is designed to fit safely around the body and its quality construction gives extra security. > Safety swim rinng > Two inflatable chambers for extra safety > Safety valves provide additional security > Des..
329 грн.
493 грн.
WIN Duo Tech Aqua Mitts
Win Duo Tech Aqua Mitts The Win Duo Tech Aqua Mitts have been designed to be reversible and can be used by all fitness levels. > Mitts > Resistance for increased surface area > Buoyancy challenge with variable size inserts > Reversible design > Suitable for shallow and deep water &g..
346 грн.
549 грн.
Speedo Sea Squad Armbands Juniors
Speedo Sea Squad Junior Armbands Have hours of fun in these Speedo Sea Squad Armbands which are designed for your little one to start gaining confidence in the swimming pool while learning to swim. Designed with a octopus character motif for a fun look whilst in the pool. These armbands are ideal ..
362 грн.
475 грн.
Dolfin Pullbouy Juniors
Dolfin Pullbouy Juniors This Dolfin Pullbouy float is designed for strengthening and aquatic exercise routines, making it the perfect training aid for swimmers of all levels. Place this float between your legs and the classic pull helps you to concentrate on arm stroke and technique by isolating t..
395 грн.
451 грн.
Slazenger KickBoard
Slazenger KickBoard The Slazenger KickBoard features a Slazenger branding to the bottom and two handles to hold on to giving kids more confidence in the pool and help them to improve their swimming ability. > Childrens Float > Slazenger branding > 2 handles For our full range of All Swimm..
395 грн.
592 грн.
Dolfin Pullbouy
Dolfin Pullbouy This Dolfin Pullbouy is the perfect training aid for swimmers of all levels and is designed for strengthening and aquatic exercise routines. Place the float between your legs so that you isolate your legs and negate kicking, enabling you to concentrate on your arm stroke and techni..
461 грн.
518 грн.
WIN Elastic Aqua Gloves
Win Elastic Aqua Swimming Gloves These Win Elastic Aqua Gloves enhance the effect of every stroke. In addition they are perfect for water aerobics exercises by ensuring maximum body workout. > Swimming gloves > Tight fit > Synthetic constructionFor our full range of All Swimming Accessori..
461 грн.
691 грн.
Character Body Board Childrens
Character Body Board Childrens Your youngster will find endless fun in the sea with this Character Body Board, designed as a lightweight and easy floatable piece of equipment, with a touch and close fastening wrist strap and fun Character design. > Children's body board > Touch and close fas..
461 грн.
761 грн.
Uglies Junior Kickboard
Dolfin Junior Kickboard Gain water confidence in this Dolfin Junior Kickboard which is crafted from a durable and dense closed cell foam that does not absorb water. It strengthens legs through kicking through the water. This kickboard is safe and flexible. > Kickboard > Durabloe > Dense f..
478 грн.
640 грн.
Beco BeFlex Aqua Paddles
Beco BeFlex Aqua Paddles These Beco BeFlex Aqua Paddles are ideal for resistance training and muscle endurance building. They feature a lightweight rubber construction and are great for any age or size swimmer. > Swimming paddles > Rubber construction > Resistance training > Ergonomic ..
494 грн.
741 грн.
Slazenger Swim Seat Baby
Slazenger Swim Seat Baby The Slazenger Swim Seat is perfect for your little ones next trip to the pool thanks to the 3 air chambers for extra safety and 2 durable handles, complete with the stable secure seat for confidence. > Inflatable Ring > 3 air chambers > 2 durable handles > Stab..
526 грн.
790 грн.
WIN Learn To Swim Suit
Win Learn To Swim Suit The Win Learn To Swim Suit is ideal as a first swim suit thanks to the two inflatable pockets with safety valves, complete with the contrasting panes for a great look. > Swim suit > Inflatable pockets > Safety valves > Contrasting panels > Win branding For our..
526 грн.
885 грн.
WIN Swim Collar Senior
Win Senior Swim Collar Ideal for non-swimmers or those afraid of submerging their face in the water, this Win Senior Swim Collar provides vital support for the head and neck. Visible and highly durable, as well as resistant to salt water, this collar is the ideal buoant aid for those over twelve y..
526 грн.
790 грн.
Helly Hansen Sport II Vest
Helly Hansen Sport II Vest This Helly Hansen Sport II Vest is designed for use during leisure water sports activities such as sailing and boating and is intended for use to assist competent swimmers in sheltered coastal or inshore waters and should not be used solely as a lifejacket. The adjustabl..
527 грн.
885 грн.
Kiefer Hydroplaner Pullkick
Kiefer Hydroplaner Pullkick This Kiefer Hydroplanner Pullkick can be used for arm only and leg only exercises, with its sculpted one piece it fits the leg and hands perfectly. > Pullkick > Fits legs and hands > Made from EVA > Kiefer branding > 270 x 220 x 40 mm For our full rang..
592 грн.
741 грн.
Beco Long Rubber Swimming Fins Kids
Beco Long Rubber Swimming Fins Kids These Beco Long Rubber Swimming Fins are designed for training and are ideal for strengthening your calves. They benefit from under-ankle grips for excellent traction when walking around the pool. > Swimming fins > Rubber construction > Under-ankle grip..
593 грн.
1,087 грн.
Kiefer Neop Collar Float
Kiefer Neop Collar Float This Float goes around the neck and help to support you when in the water. > Swimming Float > Around The Neck > Hook and Loop Tape Strap > Kiefer BrandingFor our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 880488..
593 грн.
889 грн.
WIN Silicone Swimming Mitts
Win Silicone Swimming Mitts The Win Silicone Swimming Mitts are ideal for increasing forward motion and increasing propulsion during training. The silicone material makes it like another skin, easy to move and interact with. Swimming Accessories > Silicone > Webbed mitts > WIN branding Fo..
625 грн.
938 грн.
Funky Trunks Trunks Kickboard
Funky Trunks Kickboard The Funky Trunks Kickboard is a training aid essential for improving core and leg strength in these fantastic colours that are vibrant and fun. This highly durable EVA foam board is long lasting, hard wearing and bares the Funky Trunk brand making it easily identifiable. Thi..
626 грн.
756 грн.
Dolfin Kickboard
Dolfin Kickboard This Dolfin Kickboard is an ideal accessory to help strengthen your legs through kicking training. The durable build features a dense closed cell foam construction that will not absorb water, while remaining safe and flexible. Simply place your hands at the top of the float and re..
659 грн.
878 грн.
Aqua Sphere ErgoFlex Hand Paddles Adult
AquaSphere ErgoFlex Hand Paddles Adult Find you new swim training partners in these AquaSphere ErgoFlex Hand Paddles, designed with interconnected bones for structure, with a rubber frame for flexibility, in a contoured fit to mimic proper hand positioning and a wide, adjustable hand strap for a c..
758 грн.
934 грн.
Zoggs Float Discs
Zoggs Float Discs These Zoggs Float Discs offer little ones complete movement and freedom in the water, start with two floats on both arms and these can be removed when your little one gains more water confidence. > Floats > Two discs per arm > Made of foam > Durable > Zoggs bran..
758 грн.
1,031 грн.
Kiefer Rubber Long Training Fins
Kiefer Rubber Long Training Fins The Kiefer Rubber Short Training Fins are a heavy solid fin construction with a longer length for greater flexibility and improved speed. > Fins > Float in the water > Soft heel areas for a comfortable fit > Longer length For our full range of All Swim..
790 грн.
2,012 грн.
Kiefer Rubber Short Training Fins
Kiefer Rubber Short Training Fins The Kiefer Rubber Short Training Fins are a heavy solid fin construction with a shorter length for greater flexibility and control. > Fins > Float in the water > Soft heel areas for a comfortable fit > Shorter length For our full range of All Swimming..
790 грн.
1,022 грн.
Slazenger Float Vest Childs
Slazenger Float Vest Childs The Slazenger Float Vest Childs is perfect for teaching your young children how to swim, featuring a buoyancy aid to both the back and front of the vest to keep your child a float. This Float vest is completed with a full length zip for easy removal and dressing, fini..
790 грн.
1,185 грн.
Helly Hansen Navigare Vest
Helly Hansen Navigare Vest Make sure everyone stays safe while out on the water with this Helly Hansen Navigare Vest. The lifejacket is constructed with foam and is suitable for both swimmers and non swimmers, when the wearer comes in contact with water the lifejacket will turn the user onto their..
856 грн.
1,395 грн.
Kiefer Rubber Long Fins
Kiefer Rubber Long Fins These Swimming Flippers are soft and flexible they are also the perfect training and are also great for a swimming workout. > Kiefer Rubber Long Fins > Flexible > FlippersFor our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 884091..
955 грн.
1,491 грн.
Kiefer Wonder Board Senior
Kiefer Wonder Board Senior This Kiefer Wonder Board Senior is ideal for developing core strength, overall strength training and aquatic rehab. Swimming Accessories > V shaped > Kiefer > FoamFor our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 886036..
988 грн.
1,235 грн.
Speedo Swimming Seat
Speedo Swimming Seat This Speedo Swimming Seat features as part of the speedo kids swimming range, ideal for easing your kids into swimming as they gain confidence in the water. > Childrens Swim Seat > 0-12 months > 11kgs maximumFor our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.c..
988 грн.
1,152 грн.
Aqua Sphere Microfin HP Mens
AquaSphere Microfin HP Mens The AquaSphere Microfin HP will become your perfect training partner, bringing an ergonomic and comfortable foot pocket, with raised rubber ribs, a calibrated blade, rubber beadings and anti-slip rubber pads. > Men's training fin > Ergonomic foot pocket > Raise..
1,153 грн.
1,499 грн.
WIN Body Support Float
Round Body Support Float This excellent Round Body Support Float gives you that perfect buoyancy for a fun fuelled day at the pool, allowing you relax whilst floating around and is also useful for building water confidence. > Swimming Float > Flexible design to allow your body to fit easily ..
1,318 грн.
1,976 грн.
Gul Buoyancy Aid Junior
Gul Junior Buoyancy Aid This Gul Junior Buoyancy Aid is ideal for most water sports. Having been designed to sit just above the bottom of the ribcage, this aid it allows the flexibility and movement required for a number of such activities, with compromising on safety. > Junior buoyancy aid >..
1,713 грн.
2,585 грн.
Null Board
Surfer Board This Surfer Board is an ideal toy and support for playing with in the pool. > Buoyancy Aid > Surfer Design > Curved Edge > Length: 83.5cm > Width: 42.5cm > Depth: 5cm For our full range of Buoyancy Aids visit birka.clubProduct code: 880590..
2,437 грн.
2,870 грн.
Other Brands Float
Teddy Float Take to the water with confidence with this Teddy Float which offers excellent buoyancy so you can float and glide on the water for a truly enjoyable experience. > Swimming Float > Allows children to gain water confidence > L: 88cm, W: 64cm, D: 4.5cmFor our full range of Buoya..
2,437 грн.
2,870 грн.
Null Float
Frog Float Jump for joy and have fun in the pool with this Frog Float which gives you tremendous buoyancy allowing you to float and glide on the water with ease. > Swimming Float > Frog design > Offers superb buoyancy > L: 82cm, W: 62cm, D: 4.5cm For our full range of Buoyancy Aids vis..
2,635 грн.
3,162 грн.

Find all your buoyancy aids including swimming armbands and swimming floats here today, ideal to take with you for swimming lessons or on holiday. Browse our huge range of top branded swimming equipment, including top brands Slazenger, Speedo and many more. Have a look at our swimming pool toys for more fun in the pool!

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