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Сумка шикарная! Брала черно-желтую для мужа, очень стильно и спортивно выглядит. Сумка вместительная.. ...»
Отличный рюкзак, вместительный, яркий, удобный. Качество отличное. Внутри ещё два отдела на липучке... ...»
Очень классный рюкзак. Яркий, вместительный и удобный. Доставка как и указано на сайте 5-7 дней. Пок.. ...»
Крутая панама, но цвет темнее чем на фото. Немного не так передан оттенок на фото, но мне даже больш.. ...»
Панамка реально маленькая. Купил себе, а пришлось отдать 6-летнему ребенку. Ему подошла. .. ...»
Размерная линейка идеально подошла. При заказе всё доступно и приятно объяснили, через СМС отправлял.. ...»
Все по честному. Заказал 43 размер на свои 27,5см подошло идеально. Белые смотрятся классно. Я довол.. ...»
Штаны удобные, хорошие. Но! Я выбирал 100% хлопок, что на витрине и написано. Но когда смотрел.. ...»


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Носки No Fear Snowboarding 2 Pack Socks
No Fear Snowboarding 2 Pack Socks These No Fear Snowboarding 2 Pack Socks are a perfect addition to any avid skiers collection, benefitting for a thermal construction which provides a warm and comfortable fit. These ski socks come with an elasticiated opening to help keep the sock up, finished off..
430 грн.
 Burton Logo Matt Sticker
Burton Logo Matt Sticker Show your love for Burton with these Burton Logo Matt Sticker, stick them on your board and they will be there forever thanks to the 3M sticker on the back. Simply peel the 3M off and stick down, get noticed with these Burton Logo Matt Sticker! > Pack of two > 3M sti..
536 грн.
642 грн.
 Boot doc BD Arctic S5 Insoles
Boot Doc BD Arctic S5 Insoles The Boot Doc BD Arctic S5 Insoles are perfect for ensuring a custom and comfortable fit in your snow or ski boots, crafted with a moulded foam construction with softer foam inserts to the forefoot and heel for a super comfortable fit. > Foam insoles > Pre-moulde..
736 грн.
 Boot doc Doc BD Insole Ski Boots Mens
Boot Doc BD Insole Ski Boots Mens The Boot Doc BD Insole Ski Boots are designed to give an custom like fit in your boots to ensure maximum comfort whilst on the go. > Insoles > Suitable for Ski boots > Low Arch > Thermo fitting capabilitiesFor our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessori..
737 грн.
 Boot doc Doc Bd Insole Dyn5ma
Product code: 924023..
870 грн.
 Boot doc Doc Bd Insolebike B9
Product code: 924029..
1 540 грн.
 Boot doc Slim BDE Pro Insoles
Boot Doc Slim BDE Pro Insoles These Boot Doc Slim BDE Pro Insoles have been engineered to offer superior comfort which is provided by the soft cushioning, whilst these insoles help retain heat in cold conditions and the anatomical design promotes natural feet movement. > Boot Doc Insoles > A..
1 874 грн.
 Salomon Spell Ladies Snowboard Bindings
Salomon Spell Ladies Snowboard Bindings Salomon's 2016 Spell snowboard bindings are great for beginners of all ages! These bindings will keep you securely fastened to your snowboard and will remain comfy for the entire day. If you are confident in your ability making your way down the mountain the..
3 214 грн.
3 875 грн.
 MiGear ExtremeX Camera
MiGear ExtremeX Camera Be the master of your own destiny with the Migear ExtremeX action camera, snow, swim and sweat proof casing. The tough waterproof casing keeps your camera in dry surrounds, even if you’re up to your neck in wet terrain or conditions. The action camera gives you to tools to m..
3 575 грн.
4 687 грн.
 K2 Touring Dapsang S Sn41
Product code: 924201..
3 632 грн.
 Salomon Launch BOA Snowboard Boots Infant Boys
Salomon Launch BOA Snowboard Boots Infant Boys The Kds Salomon Launch BOA Snowboard Boots offer a comfortable and warm fit while your youngster is out on the slopes thanks to the Bronze Series liner. These Burton snow board boots also feature a lightweight EVA and rubber compound outsole that has ..
4 036 грн.
 Salomon Pact Snowboard Bindings Mens
Salomon Pact Snowboard Bindings Mens The Mens Salomon Pact Snowboard Bindings have been designed with composite ratchets, 3D Prime ankle strap and lock in toe straps that provide a super secure fit coupled with a HB filter that absorbs any unwanted shock that results in less leg and foot fatigue. ..
4 036 грн.
5 077 грн.
 Volkl Fastec Vision Ski Binds Junior
Volkl Fastec Vision Ski Binds Junior These Volkl Fastec Vision Junior Ski Binds have been crafted with a FT4 Baseplate, whilst the superior support and medium flex of the high back are perfect for quick turns. These binds once set up mean that your child does not have to worry about setting them u..
4 036 грн.
5 078 грн.
 Burton Citizen Snowboarding Bindings
Burton Citizen Snowboarding Bindings The Burton Citizen Snowboarding Bindings are made for easy use and perfect performance so that you spend more time shredding slopes and less time managing gear! The footbed cushioning improves comfort and reduces bumps and shocks while, the one piece highback m..
4 612 грн.
5 822 грн.
 Movement Skin RandomAcc41
Product code: 924189..
4 910 грн.
 Burton Zipline Boa Jn71
Product code: 924006..
5 022 грн.
6 567 грн.
 Salomon Titan Boa M1 Mens Snowboarding Boots
Salomon Titan Boa M1 Mens Snowboarding Boots Enhance your performance on the slopes with these Salomon Titan Boa M1 Mens Snowboarding Boots which have been crafted with the impressive BOA fastening system which is easy to use and ensures the securest of fits. These snowboarding boots also have a m..
5 301 грн.
6 728 грн.
 Burton Invader Boots Mens
Burton Invader Boots Mens These Burton Invader Boots are a simplistic design that offer great comfort thanks to its DynoLite outsole and Snow proof internal gusset.Its traditional lacing secure a customised tight fit. Its rugged gripped sole enables better stability when walking. > Snow boots &..
5 301 грн.
6 573 грн.
 Salomon Grail Snowboard Junior
Salomon Grail Snowboard Junior This Junior Salomon Grail Snowboard is perfect for those youngsters just starting out thanks to the super flat profile which makes it easy to turn. This snowboard also has bite free edges which ensures fewer hang ups on the downhill and the Spongebob Squarepants desi..
5 859 грн.
7 616 грн.
 Burton Citizen Snowboard Bindings Ladies
Burton Citizen Snowboard Bindings Ladies The Ladies Burton Citizen Snowboard Bindings have been crafted with Re:Flex tech to the baseplate that offers a super comfortable ride while along with compatibility for a smoother flexing package that allows for easy set up and adjustment with most snowboa..
6 138 грн.
7 082 грн.
 Burton Moto Boots Sn81
Product code: 924000..
6 417 грн.
8 493 грн.
 Salomon Rhythm Bindings Mens
Salomon Rhythm Bindings Mens The Mens Salomon Rhythm Bindings has been redesigned with an asymmetrical highback that increases the support on the outside while the flex helps to relieve any pressure points on the inside while the 3D supreme strap offers a super cushioned feel while the torsional f..
6 696 грн.
 Salomon Villain Junior Snowboard
Salomon Villain Junior Snowboard The true twin shaped Salomon Villain Junior Snowboard packs a pint-sized punch. Featuring Rock Out Camber for a mix of forgiveness and edge control, and a Popster Construction with an Aspen Core for more pop off the lip. Bite Free Edges make hang-ups and scorpions ..
6 696 грн.
9 566 грн.

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