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Перчатки-СУПЕР!!! За такие деньги, такое качество. Удивили! Размер подобрали точно. Спасибо!.. ...»
Получил посылку. Рюкзак шикарный, как я и хотел. Материал (рипстоп), фирменная фурнитура и приятный .. ...»
Большое спасибо за качественный и самое главное своевременно доставленный заказ. Реально кепка прост.. ...»
Здравствуйте!Покупкой осталась довольна, белетки просто супер!.. ...»
Сумка шикарная! Брала черно-желтую для мужа, очень стильно и спортивно выглядит. Сумка вместительная.. ...»
Отличный рюкзак, вместительный, яркий, удобный. Качество отличное. Внутри ещё два отдела на липучке... ...»
Очень классный рюкзак. Яркий, вместительный и удобный. Доставка как и указано на сайте 5-7 дней. Пок.. ...»

Оборудования для туризма

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 Wilder Kaiser NeoSchutzbut22
Product code: 784597..
170 грн.
 SE Sports Equipment Trekkingteller 60mm
Product code: 784368..
192 грн.
 Karrimor Folding Sit Mat
Karrimor Folding Sit Mat Ideal for walkers and backpackers, the Karrimor Folding Sit Mat is lightweight and easy to transport thanks to its compact, folding design. The fold out mat also offers a dry, comfortable seat when you need a rest and is both waterproof and thermally insulating. > Foldi..
226 грн.
203 грн.
 Karrimor Mountain Whistle
Karrimor Mountain Whistle The Karrimor Mountain Whistle is an essential safety item for outdoor activities and mountain treks in case of emergencies, easily attached to your gear with a key chain loop. > Mountain whistle > 108 decibels > Key ring attachment > Tough anodised aluminium &..
226 грн.
203 грн.
 Freeloader Gel Case
Freeloader Gel Case Protect your pico. Impact resistant and funky gel casing protects your pico againest knocks and scrathes.For our full range of GPS and Navigation visit birka.clubProduct code: 785147..
227 грн.
204 грн.
 Gelert Map Measurer
Gelert Map Measurer The Gelert Map Measurer is perfect for all your outdoor adventures, making it easier for you to read the maps and measure distances so you can easily plan and work out your route. > Map reader > Distance shown in kilometres and nautical miles > Durable plastic construc..
227 грн.
227 грн.
 Gelert Shock Cord Kit
Gelert Shock Cord Kit These Gelert Shock Cord Kit are a must for avid outdoor people who love to go camping! The Gelert Shock Cord Kit is great to keep on hand and can provide a quick fix on broken parts. > Gelert Shock Cord Kit > Gelert branding > Easy use > Must have essential for ca..
227 грн.
227 грн.
 Karrimor Survival Blanket
Karrimor Survival Thermal Blanket The Karrimor Survival Blanket is made from highly reflective material that retains and recyles the users body warmth. A compact and extremely useful item, the thermal emergency blanket will provide vital warmth in the event of an emergency, or sudden weather chang..
184 грн.
254 грн.
 Karrimor Alloy Wire Peg
Karrimor Alloy Wire Peg The Karrimor Alloy Wire Pegs have been constructed from lightweight aluminium for a durable design and the 7'' length for a secure hold. > 8 pack. > Size: 7". > Solid construction. > Lightweight aluminium > Karrimor brandingFor our full range of Camping Acces..
184 грн.
279 грн.
 Karrimor Hydration Cleaning Kit
Karrimor Hydration Cleaning Kit This hydration cleaning kit is a must have for serious adventurers. Hydration bladders require regular cleaning to prevent mould growth and odours. Any water that is left in the reservoir and hose can be a breeding ground for bacteria. This is where this kit comes i..
204 грн.
364 грн.
 Karrimor Survival Bag
Karrimor Survival Bag The Karrimor Survival Bag is lightweight and compact and is ideal for walkers, hikers and backpackers to keep as a safety measure in your rucksack. The survival bag is waterproof and thermally insulating to reduce the loss of vital body heat and can also be used as a distress..
204 грн.
305 грн.
Ремень Karrimor Webbing Belt Mens
Karrimor Webbing Belt Sturdy and secure, the Karrimor Webbing Belt features a heavy, metal, rugged buckle with the Karrimor logo and is perfect for ensuring your trousers have a comfortable fit. > Mens belt > Karrimor logos > Webbed design > Length: 120cm > 100% nylon For our full r..
204 грн.
356 грн.
 Gelert AA Hand Torch
Gelert AA Hand Torch The Gelert AA Hand Torch offers 15 lumens of light and has a rain proof design, along with the ABS construction for great durability. > Torch > 15 lumens > Rain proof > ABS construction > Gelert branding For our full range of Camping Accessories visit birka.club..
204 грн.
 Gelert Torch Lantern
Gelert Torch Lantern The Gelert Torch Lantern is ideal for using on camping trips or outdoor adventures. The torch features a super bright LED bulb with a torch and lantern mode to make it suitable for different uses. It comes complete with a hanging hook to allow it to be used in tents if necessa..
204 грн.
347 грн.
 Karrimor Delux Sit Mat
Karrimor Delux Sit Mat The Karrimor Delux Sit Mat has a lightweight and foldable design that makes it perfect for grabbing and taking with you on hikes or camping trips, teamed with a durable woven outer and a light foam lining for comfort on a wide range of surfaces. > Sitting mat > Folding..
204 грн.
 Seven Summits sitzkiss 92
Product code: 784603..
204 грн.
297 грн.
 Life Venture Duct Tape
Life Venture Duct Tape This duct tape is a must have essential that's strong, versatile and waterproof so it can be used in many situations. > Duct Tape > Strong and versatile > Waterproof > 50mm x 5mFor our full range of Outdoor Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 784738..
238 грн.
267 грн.
 LifeSystems Mostquito Coils
Mostquito Coils The LifeSystems Mostquito Coils are designed to resist mosquitoes and other flying insects with maximum effectiveness to reduce the chance of discomfort. > Mosquito coils > 10 coils and 2 standsFor our full range of All Camping visit birka.clubProduct code: 784230..
277 грн.
312 грн.
 Gelert LED Lantern Set
Gelert LED Lantern Set The Gelert LED Lantern Set includes 12 LED and 18 LED lanterns offering 360 degree lumination. > Lantern set > Space saving handle > Adjustable light setting > Water resistant > 18 LED lantern > 3 x D batteries (not included) > 16 x 5mm ultra bright whit..
272 грн.
471 грн.
Ремень Karrimor Walking Trouser Belt Mens
Karrimor Walking Trouser Belt Mens Ensure your trousers are comfortable and secure before you embark on your next walking adventure with the Karrimor Walking Belt featuring a low profile buckle teamed with a webbed design and Karrimor logos. > Mens belt > Walking belt > Jacquard webbing &..
272 грн.
408 грн.
 Gelert Collapsible LED Lantern
Gelert Collapsible LED Lantern The Gelert Collapsible LED Lantern is perfect for lighting up your own little adventure with its efficient yet powerful LED bulb! The more fragile and space intensive light housing collapses completely into the battery section to allow for well protected and compact ..
272 грн.
461 грн.
 Gelert Fleece Camping Blanket
Gelert Fleece Camping Blanket An easy luxury, this Gelert Fleece Camping Blanket - a soft fleece design in an attractive checked patterning, easy foldable and with two carry handles. > Camping blanket > Soft fleece design > All over checked patterning > Easy foldable > Two carry han..
272 грн.
 Gelert Mini LED Head Light
Gelert Mini LED Head Light The Gelert Mini LED Head Light is a superb choice for seeing in the dark with an adjustable head strap system and an adjustable torch angle allowing for prominent light beam wherever you need it. > Head torch > Adjustable head strap and light angle > 5 LED micro..
272 грн.
 Campri Onyx Lantern
Outwell Onyx Lantern The Outwell Onyx Lantern features a handy hanging function and boasts three different light settings: High, low and flashing. > Camping lantern > 3 light settings > Hanging function > 12 LED > Size: H15 x W6cm > Weight: 120 g > Source: 0.5 Watt 36 Lumens &..
289 грн.
403 грн.
 Karrimor Compass
Karrimor Compass The Karrimor Compass is the ideal, navigation tool to read maps easily and accurately, pinpointing your exact location. > 1:25K, 1:50K & 1:63K map measuring scales > Map measuring scale in mm & inches > Magnifying lens viewer > Luminous detail for use in low li..
289 грн.
455 грн.
 LifeSystems Tick Remover
LifeSystems Tick Remover This tick remover is a must have for all hikes and holidays, featuring a 3x magnifying lens to easily identify ticks, bee stings, splinters or thorns. The tick remover card benefits from a credit card size so you can store it easily in your wallet and two different sized n..
341 грн.
388 грн.
 Snowtrax Shoe Grips
Snowtrax Shoe Grips The Snowtrax are a true winter essential, simply slip onto your trainers or boots for instant grip on packed snow and ice, featuring a hard wearing elastomer construction with coils and spikes to the base designed to provide full 360 degree traction. > Shoe grips > Elast..
306 грн.
440 грн.
 Ordnance Survey Survey Brecon Beacons Eastern Map
Ordnance Survey Brecon Beacons Eastern Map > Brecon Beacons national park/ Parc Cenedlaethol Bannau Brycheiniog > Eastern area/ Ardal ddwyreiniol The essential map for outdoor activitiesFor our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 787066..
323 грн.
454 грн.
 Ordnance Survey Survey Brecon Beacons Western Map
Ordnance Survey Brecon Beacons Western Map > Brecon Beacons Natinal park western areas map > The Essesntial map for outdoor activitiesFor our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 787065..
323 грн.
454 грн.
 Ordnance Survey Survey Yorkshire Dales Map
Ordnance Survey Yorkshire Dales Map > Northern and Central areas Wensleydale and SwaledaleFor our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 787074..
323 грн.
454 грн.
 Gelert Map Case
Gelert Map Case The Gelert Map Case is perfect for all your outdoor adventures keeping your map dry and protected from the weather elements! This PVC map case has a neck cord so you keep your hands free during your walk. > Dry map case > Neck cord > Transparent > Waterproof > H27.7 ..
340 грн.
510 грн.
 Gelert Single Mosquito Net
Gelert Single Mosquito Net The Gelert Single Mosquito Net is perfect for all your travelling or camping trips keeping mosquito's and insects out! This mosquito net can easily be hung up by the tie cords for easy use. > Mosquito net > Protects against the smallest bugs > Includes hanging l..
396 грн.
694 грн.
 Gelert 450ml Travel Mug
Gelert 450ml Travel Mug This Gelert Thermal Mug is ideal to keep your drinks hot when on the go with a 450ml capacity, a removable top lid to keep the contents secure and a handle for easy carrying/ > Travel mug > Pull off lid > Open/Close fixture to lid > Stainless steel > Double w..
340 грн.
 Gelert Picnic Rug
Gelert Picnic Rug The Gelert Picnic Rug is perfect for summer time, designed with a woven soft upper with a reflective plastic backing to help keep the rug dry, completed with a touch and close flap and a carry strap to the top. > Picnic rug > Reflective and plastic backing > Touch and cl..
340 грн.
 Gelert 7 LED Head Light
Gelert 7 LED Head Light Don't get lost in the dark with this Gelert 7 LED Head Light which has energy saving ultra bright LEDs, whilst the torch angle is adjustable and the ergonomic head unit and strap will offer a wonderful fit. > Head Light > Ultra bright LED'S > Ergonomic head unit &g..
374 грн.
 Life Venture DriStore Case
Life Venture DriStore Case The Life Venture DriStore Case is perfect for camping trips and outdoor adventures, crafted with UV stabilized Thermoplastic Polyurethane with welded seams that gives the case a durable and weather proof finish. This case has been designed for use with small tablet compu..
456 грн.
808 грн.
 Karrimor Firestarter
Karrimor Fire Starter The Karrimor Fire Starter is an essential item for campers, survival experts and other outdoor enthusiasts. Featuring a magnesium rod and guided striking blade, creating a reliable fire starter for use at any altitude. > Guided striking blade > Durable > Works equall..
408 грн.
612 грн.
 Gelert Rambler Pole
Gelert Rambler Pole This Gelert Rambler Pole has been crafted with shock absorbent technology and a strong aluminium construction for great durability and practicality. A gripped handle makes for a total comfort, alongside an adjustable wrist strap. > Rambling pole > Adjustable > Shock ab..
442 грн.
 Gelert Tryfan Walking Pole
Gelert Tryfan Walking Pole The Gelert Tryfan Walking Pole benefit from a strong aluminium construction with a two-tone easy grip handle design. This walking pole sports adjustable webbing hand strap for total comfort and is complete with snow basket and rubber tip. > Walking pole > Includes ..
442 грн.
 Airbed Lounge
Airbed Lounge Get cosy when at the swimming pool with this Airbed Lounge, featuring 2 built in cup holders and inflatable pillows with a separate air chamber. > Airbed > 2 built in cup holders > Inflatable pillows > 1.98m x 1.60m (78" x 63")For our full range of Mens Swimwear visit bir..
476 грн.
 Karrimor Mini First Aid Kit
Karrimor Mini First Aid Kit The Karrimor Mini First Aid Kit is a useful pack for travelling or keeping in the car, with a multitude of contents. This pack contains sterile first aid dressing, moist cleansing wipes, hydrocolloid blister plasters, wash proof assorted plasters, emergency foil blanket..
476 грн.
714 грн.
 Komperdell Strap Covers
Komperdell Strap Covers These Komperdell Strap Covers are replacement handle straps that are comfortable to wear with hook and loop tape fastening straps. > Walking pole straps > Pack of 2 > Replacement itemsFor our full range of Outdoor visit birka.clubProduct code: 943698..
476 грн.
619 грн.
 Gelert Soft Towel Small
Gelert Soft Towel Small The Gelert Soft Towel Small is great with the soft fibre high absorbent material and fast drying design, finished off with Gelert branding and in a travel size pouch. > Towel > Anti-bacterial > Soft microfibre material > Quick drying > Absorbent material >..
556 грн.
 Gelert Soft Towel Large
Gelert Soft Towel Large The Gelert Soft Towel Large is great with its high absorbent material and fast drying design, finished off with Gelert branding. > Towel > Anti-bacterial > Soft microfibre material > Quick drying > Absorbent material > Handy stuff sac > 130 x 70cm For o..
714 грн.
 Life Venture RFiD Phone Wallet
Life Venture RFiD Phone Wallet The Life Venture RFiD Phone Wallet has been designed with RFiD material that acts as a barrier against RFiD signals and so helping to reduce the rick of identity theft, teamed with 2 internal card slots and a stash pocket so you can keep your essentials with you, com..
754 грн.
957 грн.
 Karrimor X lite Head Light
Karrimor X lite Head Light The Karrimor X lite Head Light is perfect for outdoor use and improves your visibility in low light conditions. The light has a 25 metre radius to ensure great visibility and allow you to see clearly in front of you. > Head light > Adjustable headband > 3x power..
680 грн.
1 020 грн.
 Mammut Cover Mammut
Product code: 784719..
714 грн.
 Outwell Aquila Deluxe Lantern
Outwell Aquila Deluxe Lantern The Outwell Aquila Deluxe Lantern boasts three different light settings coupled with an easy touch on / off function. > Lantern > Size: 26 x 11.5 cm (HxDia.) > Weight: 198 g > Source: 24 LED, 144 Lumens > Batteries: 3 x AA (not included) > Burn Time:..
714 грн.
1 012 грн.
 Gelert Soft Towel Giant
Gelert Soft Towel Giant The Gelert Soft Towel Giant is great for travelling and backpacking, designed with a soft fibre high absorbent material and fast drying design, complete with the Gelert branding, this towel packs down into a handy carry pack. > Travel towel > Anti-bacterial > Soft ..
873 грн.
 Erbo Comfort Walking Polo Strap
Erbo Comfort Walking Pole Straps Add extra comfort to your outdoor pursuits with these Erbo Comfort Walking Polo Straps, crafted with touch and close adjusters for a personalised fit. > Walking polo straps > 2 pack > Touch and close adjusters > Erbo branding For our full range of All T..
782 грн.
 Karrimor Sierra 10 Rucksack
Karrimor Sierra 10 Rucksack Видео обзор: Уважаемые клиенты, обратите внимание! Описание товара переведено с английского языка роботом, поэтому возможны неточности. Карримор Сьерра 10 Рюкзак Этот компактный Karrimor Sierra Rackack предлагает удобную посадку благодаря..
716 грн.
1 047 грн.
 Karrimor Sierra Gaiters
Karrimor Sierra Gaiters The Karrimor Sierra Gaiters feature Weathertite technology to increase breathability and provide you with a durable, waterproof gaiter. The Karrimor gaiters also benefit from a lightweight construction with ripstop fabric teamed with a front touch and close fastening for a ..
816 грн.
1 224 грн.
 no name Leder
Armschutz Leder For our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 784195..
816 грн.
 Karrimor Advanced First Aid Kit
Karrimor Advanced First Aid Kit The Karrimor Advanced First Aid Kit is a must have for any sports club and when travelling, with a multitude of contents within a zipped pack with carry handle. This first aid kit contains: > Wound closure strip (pack of 5) > 6 safety pins > Pack of 5 gauze..
884 грн.
1 308 грн.
 Erbo Strap Cmfrt SC 43
Product code: 943696..
885 грн.
Сумка Life Venture Large RFID Belt Pack
LifeVenture Large RFID Belt Pack With RFID chips becoming more and more implemented; the LifeVenture Large RFID Belt Pack is great for keeping high value RFID information like on band cards and passports safe! The compact design is well sized to accommodate all your essentials without causing exce..
1 032 грн.
1 318 грн.

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