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Получил посылку. Рюкзак шикарный, как я и хотел. Материал (рипстоп), фирменная фурнитура и приятный .. ...»
Большое спасибо за качественный и самое главное своевременно доставленный заказ. Реально кепка прост.. ...»
Здравствуйте!Покупкой осталась довольна, белетки просто супер!.. ...»
Сумка шикарная! Брала черно-желтую для мужа, очень стильно и спортивно выглядит. Сумка вместительная.. ...»
Отличный рюкзак, вместительный, яркий, удобный. Качество отличное. Внутри ещё два отдела на липучке... ...»
Очень классный рюкзак. Яркий, вместительный и удобный. Доставка как и указано на сайте 5-7 дней. Пок.. ...»
Крутая панама, но цвет темнее чем на фото. Немного не так передан оттенок на фото, но мне даже больш.. ...»
Панамка реально маленькая. Купил себе, а пришлось отдать 6-летнему ребенку. Ему подошла. .. ...»


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 Gelert Enamel Bowl
Gelert Enamel Bowl The Gelert Enamel Bowl is a superb camping accessory, with a lightweight enamel construction and a rimmed finish for serving up hot and cold dishes. > Camping bowl > Enamel construction > Lightweight design > Diameter: 15cmFor our full range of Outdoor Cook Sets and ..
227 грн.
 Gelert Enamel Mug
Gelert Enamel Mug The Gelert Enamel Mug is a great accessory when camping, featuring a strong yet lightweight design perfect for drinking your hot drinks and soups. > Camping mug > Enamel construction > Lightweight design > Capacity: 330mlFor our full range of Water Bottles and Flasks ..
227 грн.
 Gelert Enamel Plate
Gelert Enamel Plate The Gelert Enamel Plate provides a simple solution to eating your hot and cold meals whilst camping, with a lightweight yet strong enamel construction with shallow finish. > Camping plate > Enamel construction > Lightweight design > Diameter: 24cmFor our full range ..
227 грн.
 Gelert Solid Fuel Stove
Gelert Solid Fuel Stove This Gelert Solid Fuel Stove features a strong and stable steel construction and is lightweight and compact perfect for camping. This set comes with 4 fuel tablets and they are easily lighted with a match and burn odourless. ! tablet will bring the boil 2.5 cups of water in..
227 грн.
 Gelert Spork
Gelert Spork The Gelert Spork is perfect for travelling light and still having all the essentials to hand! The Gelert Spork can conveniently be used as a fork, knife and spoon while, a hanging karabiner ensures you can keep it securely attached. > Gelert Spork > Gelert branding > Durable ..
227 грн.
 Gelert KFS Clip Set
Gelert KFS Clip Set The Gelert KFS Clip Set sports a fork, knife and spoon with a simple clip finish for functionality and ease of use, perfect for camping trips. > Camping set> Knife, fork and spoon > Easy to clean and dry > Lightweight designFor our full range of Bivvie Essentials an..
184 грн.
 Karrimor Hydration Cleaning Kit
Karrimor Hydration Cleaning Kit This hydration cleaning kit is a must have for serious adventurers. Hydration bladders require regular cleaning to prevent mould growth and odours. Any water that is left in the reservoir and hose can be a breeding ground for bacteria. This is where this kit comes i..
204 грн.
364 грн.
 Heatons Cutlery To Go
Sistema Cutlery To Go The Sistema Cutlery To Go that is perfect for camping and outdoor eating, featuring an easy to assemble kit with a knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks in a hygienic carry case. > Cutlery > Easy to assemble > Hygienic carry case > Contains: Fork, knife, spoon and cho..
204 грн.
 Life Venture Ellipse Mug
Lifeven Ellipse Mug This Camping Mug has a light weight and durable structure as well as a easy carry handle for easy attachment to your back pack. > Ellipse Mug > Light Weight > Durable Structure > Carry handle For our full range of Water Bottles and Flasks visit birka.clubProduct..
238 грн.
267 грн.
 Gelert 450ml Travel Mug
Gelert 450ml Travel Mug This Gelert Thermal Mug is ideal to keep your drinks hot when on the go with a 450ml capacity, a removable top lid to keep the contents secure and a handle for easy carrying/ > Travel mug > Pull off lid > Open/Close fixture to lid > Stainless steel > Double w..
289 грн.
 Gelert 8 Inch Frying Pan
Gelert 8 Inch Frying Pan The Gelert 8 Inch Frying Pan has a lightweight and durable anodized aluminium construction that allows for even heat distribution. The frying pan also benefits from folding handles and has a compact size that makes it easy to transport and store. > Frying pan > Durab..
289 грн.
476 грн.
 Gelert Thermal Mug
Gelert Thermal Mug This Gelert Thermal Mug is ideal for outdoors, travelling, in the car or the office to keep your drinks hot or cold with a 350ml capacity, a screw top lid to keep the contents secure. > Travel mug > Screw top lid > Stainless steel > Double wall design for optimum ins..
306 грн.
 Gelert Collapsible Colander
Gelert Collapsible Colander Whisk up a home cooked meal with the Gelert Collapsible Colander, designed with a hard plastic base and handle along with a folding silicone insert to the middle that allows the equipment to be folded away easily when not in use. > Colander > Moulded plastic handl..
340 грн.
510 грн.
 Gelert Mess Tins Set
Gelert Mess Tins Set This Gelert Mess Tins Set is perfect for taking on any camping trips and ideal to eat out off. The collapsible handle allows for it to be held with ease. > Tin set > Folding handles > Aluminium construction > Size: Large: 1.3L, Small: 1.1L > Lightweight For our ..
340 грн.
510 грн.
 Karrimor Folding Windshield
Karrimor Folding Windshield The Karrimor Folding Windshield is perfect for camping and hiking, light weight and easy to store. Finished off with the Karrimor logo for a great look that also provides instant brand recognition. Pins to wither end allow you to anchor this wind shield in to the groun..
340 грн.
510 грн.
 Zanussi 0.35L Stainless Steel Flask
Zanussi 0.35L Stainless Steel Flask The Zanussi 0.35L Stainless Steel Flask is designed with a tough 18/8 stainless steel with a double walled vacuum insulation. This flask can keep drinks hot or cold for hours . > Flask > Stainless steel > Double walled vacuum insulation > One touch s..
340 грн.
437 грн.
 Gelert 1L WhistleKettle73
Product code: 787054..
340 грн.
539 грн.
 Gelert 500ml Flask
Gelert 500ml Flask This Gelert Thermal Mug is ideal for travelling whether outdoors, in the car or even the office, to keep your drinks hot with a 500ml capacity, a screw top lid to keep the contents secure and an incorporated cup for ease of use. > Travel mug > Screw top lid > Incorporat..
357 грн.
714 грн.
 Gelert Collapsible Cook Pot
Gelert Collapsible Cook Pot Prepare home cooked meals during your camping holidays with the Gelert Collapsible Cook Pot, featuring a stainless steel base and rim with carry handles along with a silicone insert to the middle that allows it to be folded and stored easily. > Cook pot > Stainles..
544 грн.
943 грн.
 Thermos Flask 0 5l 00
Product code: 978226..
544 грн.
 Gelert 1L Food Flask
Gelert 1L Food Flask The Gelert 1L Food Flask is constructed with stainless steel and a double wall design for excellent insulation properties, complete with wide mouth for soups and stews, and mug inside the lid. > Food flask > 1L capacity > Stainless steel construction > Double wall ..
595 грн.
954 грн.
 Gelert 1 Litre Flask
Gelert 1 Litre Flask This Gelert Thermal Mug is ideal for keeping drinks forms with a large 1ltr capacity ideal whether outdoors, for picnics or long travels in the car, featuring a screw top lid to keep the contents secure and an incorporated cup for ease of use. > Travel mug > Screw top li..
612 грн.
918 грн.
 Life Venture Ellipse Travel Mug
Life Venture Ellipse Travel Mug The Life Venture Ellipse Travel Mug can keep your drink > Keep drinks hot or cold for over an hour > Double wall insulated polypropylene > Screw-on leak-proof lid > Drinking hole with flip-top > Weight: 180g > Dimensions: 180 x 80 x 76mm > Capac..
646 грн.
734 грн.
 Gelert Collapsible Kettle
Gelert Collapsible Kettle Enjoy a home luxury in the camping fields with the use of this Gelert Collapsible Kettle - designed with a 1.2 litre capacity, with a stainless steel base for quick and efficient heat transfer and a break resistant silicone body. This equipment open and fold flat instantl..
782 грн.
1 205 грн.
 Karrimor Explore Stove
Karrimor Explore Stove The Karrimor Explore Stove features a Piezo ignition system for ease of use, complete with durable carry case to keep your stove protected. > Camping stove > Dimensions: 140 x 86mm / 60.5 x 88mm > Weight: 129g > Rate: 10400BTU (3000W0 > Ignition: Piezo > Ga..
884 грн.
1 308 грн.
 Gelert 5 Piece Cookset
Gelert 5 Piece Cookset The Gelert 5 Piece Cookset is ideal for taking on camping trips and provides everything needed to cool for yourself when outdoors. The set contains a 3 litre and 2 litre pot, 1 litre kettle, 22 cm fry pan plus lid and a handle that can be used on all the pieces. > 5 piece..
885 грн.
1 386 грн.
 Karrimor 2 Person Camping Cook Set
Karrimor 2 Person Camping Cook Set The Karrimor 2 Person Camping Cook Set is a must for making your time outdoors easier and more efficient! The Karrimor 2 Person Camping Cook Set makes for compact and lightweight packing thanks to an aluminium build and stack pack design that reduced space needed..
1 089 грн.
1 790 грн.
 Karrimor Alpine Camping Stove
Karrimor Alpine Camping Stove Lightweight, compact and durable with exceptional efficiency the Karrimor Alpine Camping Stove is a must for anyone looking to get ready for the next expedition! > Karrimor Alpine Camping Stove > Karrimor branding > Durable > Compact > Lightweight > ..
1 564 грн.
2 329 грн.
 T Tegstove
Tegstove by Tegology Winner from Series 13 of TV's Dragon's Den Tegstove is a portable gas stove like no other, which has excellent cooking performance, outstanding stability and powerful charging, all in one system. Don't limit yourself. Open yourself up to a brand new experience. You can now coo..
7 087 грн.

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