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Gelert AA Hand Torch
Gelert AA Hand Torch The Gelert AA Hand Torch offers 15 lumens of light and has a rain proof design, along with the ABS construction for great durability. > Torch > 15 lumens > Rain proof > ABS construction > Gelert branding For our full range of Camping Accessories visit
164 грн.
246 грн.
Gelert Lumi Glow LED Torch
Gelert Lumi Glow LED Torch The Gelert Lumi Glow LED Torch is the perfect accessory to have with you for an emergency or otherwise, designed with a glow in the dark casing along with 9 LED bulbs making it ideal for finding your way in the dark. This Gelert torch also has a soft touch rubber case an..
230 грн.
345 грн.
Gelert Mini LED Head Light
Gelert Mini LED Head Light The Gelert Mini LED Head Light is a superb choice for seeing in the dark with an adjustable head strap system and an adjustable torch angle allowing for prominent light beam wherever you need it. > Head torch > Adjustable head strap and light angle > 5 LED micro..
230 грн.
345 грн.
Campingaz Gas Mantle
Campingaz Gas Mantle The Campingaz Gas Mantle are extremely easy, quick and effortless to install allowing you get your lantern up and running to illuminate your camp. > Mantle > Pack of 3 > Convenient tabs to change mantles in seconds > For Campingaz gas lanternsFor our full range of ..
231 грн.
346 грн.
Gelert Torch Lantern
Gelert Torch Lantern The Gelert Torch Lantern is ideal for using on camping trips or outdoor adventures. The torch features a super bright LED bulb with a torch and lantern mode to make it suitable for different uses. It comes complete with a hanging hook to allow it to be used in tents if necessa..
247 грн.
401 грн.
Gelert Collapsible LED Lantern
Gelert Collapsible LED Lantern The Gelert Collapsible LED Lantern is perfect for lighting up your own little adventure with its efficient yet powerful LED bulb! The more fragile and space intensive light housing collapses completely into the battery section to allow for well protected and compact ..
346 грн.
571 грн.
Gelert 7 LED Head Light
Gelert 7 LED Head Light Don't get lost in the dark with this Gelert 7 LED Head Light which has energy saving ultra bright LEDs, whilst the torch angle is adjustable and the ergonomic head unit and strap will offer a wonderful fit. > Head Light > Ultra bright LED'S > Ergonomic head unit &g..
362 грн.
543 грн.
Gelert LED Lantern Set
Gelert LED Lantern Set For our full range of All Camping visit birka.clubProduct code: 786158..
379 грн.
612 грн.
Gelert LED Collapsible Lantern
Gelert LED Collapsible Lantern The Gelert LED Collapsible Lantern is ideal for taking on camping trips and provides a good amount of lighting in low light conditions. The lantern benefits from a collapsible construction to save space when packing. A hanging hook also makes it suitable for tents an..
494 грн.
803 грн.
Karrimor X lite Head Light
Karrimor X lite Head Light The Karrimor X lite Head Light is perfect for outdoor use and improves your visibility in low light conditions. The light has a 25 metre radius to ensure great visibility and allow you to see clearly in front of you. > Head light > Adjustable headband > 3x power..
592 грн.
889 грн.
Mega Value 23 and 18 LED Work Light
23 and 18 LED Work Light This 23 and 18 LED Work Lighthas been constructied from PVC and ABS materials with a high super bring 20000 MCD. > 23 and 18 LED Work Light > Light modes: 9LED/23LED/18LED/flash/off > Rotating handle For our full range of All Camping visit birka.clubProduct code: ..
659 грн.
Gelert Windup Camping Lantern
Gelert Windup Camping Lantern The Gelert Windup Camping Lantern is perfect for lighting up your own little adventure with its efficient yet powerful LED bulbs! The more fragile light housing is surrounded by metal reinforcements to allow for a well protected feel and versatile. Complete with a sof..
692 грн.
1,141 грн.
Karrimor Aspen Head Light
Karrimor Aspen Head Light Perfect for exploring the great outdoors is the Karrimor Aspen Head Light , which offers a powerful head light with 3 lighting levels. It provides a maximum brightness 40 to 165 lumens. Its lightweight and waterproof construction enables a hands free lighting whatever you..
856 грн.
1,267 грн.
Coleman Battery Lock Torch
Coleman Battery Lock Torch This compact little Coleman Battery Lock Torch packs a serious punch and features you love! The torch can put out up to 250 Lumens for a room filling light level and must have outdoor awareness. A battery lock function enables the torch to be easily stored away without d..
1,153 грн.
1,499 грн.
Karrimor Superlight Head Light 115
Karrimor Superlight Head Light 115 The ideal choice for camping and exploring the great outdoor is the Karrimor Superlight Head Light 115 , a lightweight construction that offers a super bright LED head light that offers a wide angle with a fully adjustable headband for comfort. > Head light &g..
1,185 грн.
1,761 грн.
Camping Gaz LumoStar Plus PZ Lantern
Campinggaz LumoStar Plus PZ Lantern This Campingaz LumoStar Plus PZ Lantern is designed as a detachable head that benefits from easy access to the mantle for control. The Easy Click PLUS connection enables you to connect and disconnect the cartridge in a few seconds, with an automatic ignition tha..
1,449 грн.
1,836 грн.
Outwell Carnelian Lantern
Outwell Carnelian Lantern The hand held Outwell Carnelian Lantern features a weather resistant design with 3 different settings. > Lantern > Carry handle > Removable lantern globe > Hanging function > High, low and flashing functions > Weather resistant > Size: H24 x W12.5 x D..
1,515 грн.
1,941 грн.
Karrimor Ridge 280 Head Light
Karrimor Ridge 280 Head light The Karrimor Ridge 280 Head Light is the perfect choice for a regular camping enthusiast, with its powerful UBS rechargeable head light with 4 lighting levels, diffuser lens and SOS mode. It offers a maximum brightness of 12 to 280 lumens. > Head light > Adjusta..
1,646 грн.
2,470 грн.
Black Diamond D Lamp Revolt Snr53
Product code: 786146..
1,976 грн.
2,767 грн.
Silva Trail Run 2 USB Headlamp
Silva Trail Run 2 USB Headlamp The Silva Trail Run 2 USB Headlamp provides up to 4 hours minimum discharge time and the battery indicator lets you know how much light time remains. The wide anti-slip headband keeps the headlamp in place providing maximum comfort. > Silva Trail Run 2 USB Headl..
2,635 грн.
3,623 грн.

Heading off on a camping trip? Make sure you browse our collection of torches and lanterns, keep yourself safe whilst out on a trip. Stocking top brands you can get yourself a specialised head torch or LED torches at great low prices. Take a look at our wide range of outdoor equipment to help keep you safe.

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