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Гибридные клюшки для гольфа

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Dunlop Tour Hybrid Ladies
Dunlop Tour Hybrid Ladies The Dunlop Tour Hybrid is made from an advanced alloy compound and comes in a 21 degree loft option. Ideal for using from the fairway or tee, this ladies hybrid golf club comes fitted as standard with a Gecko-Tac grip for a secure hold of your club. > Golf Club > Ha..
494 грн.
864 грн.
Dunlop Tour Hybrid Junior
Dunlop Junior Tour Hybrid Ideal for young beginners and those progressing to a more intermediate level, the Dunlop Junior Tour Hybrid has been designed with a flex shaft to lower the speed of the swing and generate more power. This club also features a soft grip handle for comfort and Dunlop brand..
658 грн.
988 грн.
Dunlop Tour Hybrid
Dunlop Tour Hybrid Produce a great range of shots with the Dunlop Tour Hybrid club. Perfect for using off a tee or the middle of a fairway this club will get you hitting long, true and accurate shots whilst on the golf course. The clubs have a steel, regular flex shaft to allow you to swing the cl..
790 грн.
1 185 грн.
Dunlop Tour Hybrid Graphite Golf Club
Dunlop Tour Hybrid Graphite Golf Club The Dunlop Tour Hybrid Graphite Golf Club features a high tech design to aid in increasing speed and distance on yours shots and is perfectly suited to the developing golfer asking for a stable learning platform. Complete with a high performance grip for a con..
988 грн.
1 482 грн.
Dunlop Tour Driving Iron
Dunlop Tour Driving Iron The Dunlop Tour Driving Iron is developed with gecko tac grip for improved stability during your swing. It is a right handed driver and is made from steel. > Driver > Shaft, Steel > Right handed > Style, Driver > Gecko Tac grip > Loft: 18 degrees > Lie..
1 054 грн.
1 626 грн.
Dunlop XPT Driving Iron
Dunlop XPT Driving Iron The Dunlop XPT Driving Iron is perfect for playing long distance shots off the Tee, on the fairway and into the Green. The solid, cavity back style ensures that the ball will fly off the club face with ease and through the air. The club features a true temper shaft for real..
1 383 грн.
2 283 грн.
Slazenger P500 Hybrid
Slazenger P500 Hybrid The Slazenger P500 Hybrid features a forgiving graphite shaft fitted with a Slazenger grip for comfort and control. > Hybrid > Player Type: Intermediate > Handicap: Mid > Shaft: Graphite > Head: Stainless Steel > Set: Individual For our full range of Hybrid ..
1 646 грн.
2 881 грн.
Wilson Tour Vel Hybrid
Wilson Tour Vel Hybrid This Wilson Tour Vel Hybrid is ideal for a mid fair way shot thanks to the weighted head and milled face with sweet spot. > Hybrid > Weighted head > Milled face > Gripped handle > Wilson brandingFor our full range of Hybrid Golf Clubs visit birka.clubProduct c..
1 844 грн.
2 213 грн.
Dunlop NZ9 Hybrid
Dunlop NZ9 Hybrid The Dunlop NZ9 Hybrid comes with a white finish which is anti-glare and also helps with alignment, the N29 also utilises the AEROSKIN technology which is designed to reduce drag and increase club and head speeds. The Hybrid has a Lamkin grip which helps to reduce slipping and giv..
1 976 грн.
2 939 грн.
Dunlop DP1 Hybrid
Dunlop DP1 Hybrid The Dunlop DP1 Hybrid has a Lamkin grip which helps to reduce slipping and give better control of the club, this club also has a Grafalloy shaft which is designed for stronger swingers as it delivers a boring, penetrating trajectory via a stiff-tip micro-mesh technology which rad..
2 173 грн.
3 229 грн.
Adams Ti Ladies Hybrid
Adams Ti Ladies Hybrid The Adams Ti Ladies Hybrid is just the club your looking for to take play to the next level! Impress your friends on the next round with game winning performance using the Adams Tl Hybrid Ladies Golf Club. With out of sight technology, performance will catch you off guard as..
2 438 грн.
3 596 грн.
Adams Ladies Hybrid
Product code: 879268..
2 767 грн.
3 990 грн.
Ynx Reine Ladies Hybrid Golf Club
Yonex Reine Ladies Hybrid Golf Club Reinvent how you play with the Yonex Reine Ladies Hybrid Golf Club! Using the Yonex Reine Ladies Hybrid Golf Club you'll experience easy launches and a forgiving feel that encourages you to go for riskier plays and push your limits. Complete with a top end grip ..
2 837 грн.
4 255 грн.
Adams Pro Mini Hybrid
Adams Pro Mini Hybrid Looks great, feels great and plays great the Adams Pro Mini Hybrid Golf Club is a must for anyone going that extra mile on the green! With a sleek and compact head shape featuring great crown and Cut-Thru slots and razor thin face the Adams Pro Mini Hybrid Golf Club improves ..
2 950 грн.
4 776 грн.
Cobra Bio Cell Hybrid
Cobra Bio Cell Hybrid The Cobra Bio Cell Hybrid has been crafted to give a longer distance, manage trajectory and optimise yardage gaps, with the Bio Cell technology delivering maximum distance with high launch and low spin, forged thin, shallow high strength inserts for more face flex giving fast..
3 404 грн.
5 353 грн.
Cobra Bio Cell Ladies Hybrid
Cobra Bio Cell Ladies Hybrid This Cobra Bio Cell Ladies Hybrid is equipped with MyFLy8 with Smartpad technology featuring 8 loft options in each model with simple on step and adjustability to maximise distance and optimized yardage gaps. This womens hybrid has a forged thin, shallow high strength ..
3 404 грн.
5 353 грн.
Nike Vapor FLY Hybrid
Nike Vapor FLY Hybrid The Nike Vapor FLY Hybrid features a low profile and features a smaller, longer and less dense club head than on previous models produced by Nike. The club head features a honeycomb section to reduce the weight and allow this to be placed in the sole without reducing the stre..
4 255 грн.
6 176 грн.
Cobra FLY Z S Hybrid Ladies
Cobra FLY Z S Hybrid Ladies > Player Type: Intermediate > Handicap: Mid > Shaft: Graphite > Head: Stainless Steel > Set: Individual For our full range of Hybrid Golf Clubs visit birka.clubProduct code: 872029..
4 538 грн.
6 081 грн.
Cobra FLY Z S Hybrid Mens
Cobra FLY Z S Hybrid Mens > Player Type: Intermediate > Handicap: Mid > Shaft: Graphite > Head: Stainless Steel > Set: Individual For our full range of Hybrid Golf Clubs visit birka.clubProduct code: 872022..
4 538 грн.
6 081 грн.
Wilson D200 Hybrid Golf Club
Wilson D200 Hybrid Golf Club The Wilson Staff D200 Hybrid is an easy to hit club that will get the ball up in the air in and send it straight at your target for improved scoring from longer distances. The high CT face design has been created from 455 maraging face which is a premium steel face ins..
4 538 грн.
5 856 грн.
Adams Blue Hybrid
Adams Blue Hybrid Adams Blue has the Easy Launch System in all products - Driver thru PW - It’s a system that launches the ball easily into the air, enough said. But since there is space to write more, we will. The Easy Launch System consists of three amazing features that work together to give go..
5 215 грн.
6 619 грн.
TaylorMade M1 Hybrid Golf Club
Taylormade M1 Hybrid Golf Club The M1 Hybrid features a Tour-inspired shape that enables better playability from more lies. The M1 Hybrid also features shot shape personalization with the use of two moveable weights (1-3g & 1-25g) for neutral or fade bias to dial in trajectory for distance and..
6 314 грн.
8 997 грн.
TaylorMade Kalea Hybrid
Taylormade Kalea Hybrid The Taylormade Kalea Hybrid has been designed specifically for women. This hybrid is lightweight and has been engineered to optimise distance gaps. The low kick, SlimTech shaft launches the ball higher and speed pockets add ball speeds, giving shots that are in the air for ..
6 588 грн.
8 235 грн.

After a golf club that’s going to get you that bit further and help you on your round? Then look no further than our hybrid golf clubs that boost the latest technology and science merged together. These versatile golf clubs are must for any serious golfer as they combine both the golf iron and the wood.. Wheel them around in style, and check out our range of golf trolleys.

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