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Сумка шикарная! Брала черно-желтую для мужа, очень стильно и спортивно выглядит. Сумка вместительная.. ...»

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Сумка Lonsdale Drawstring Carry Sack
Lonsdale Drawstring Carry Sack An ideal no-frills solution to transporting your sports equipment or everyday good, the Lonsdale Drawstring Carry Sack have one large compartment with drawstring closure, finished with Lonsdale branding. > Drawstring sack > Large compartment > Drawstring >..
154 грн.
 Shires Plastic Curry Comb
Shires Plastic Curry Comb This Shires Plastic Curry Comb features plastic bristles to the bottom with a snap fastening adjustable strap to the top and can be used to remove mud from winter coats, but should not be used on clipped or fine coated horses. > Horse comb > Plastic bristles > Sn..
149 грн.
169 грн.
Cпортивная бутылка для воды Slazenger Water Bottle Small
Slazenger 500ml Water Bottle Keep hydrated as you train with the Slazenger Water Bottle, with a 500ml capacity, ridges to the side for added grip and a handy sport cap! The small water bottle features a screw tap for easy r-filling, a measuring system running down the side and a Slazenger logo for..
173 грн.
 USA Pro Thick Headband
USA Pro Thick Headband This pack of three headbands from USA Pro are constructed from a soft feel, stretch fabric for a personalised fit. > Womens headband > Wide, stretch fit fabric > Subtle glitter effect to silicone grip > Please note: The colour you receive may vary from the image ..
202 грн.
353 грн.
 Wahl Hoof Pick Black Grey
Wahl Hoof Pick Black/Grey New comfort size rubber grip, fits perfectly in the hand.New patent pending erganomic and stylish design is easier to use.Easily picks packed dirt and mud from the hoof with reinforced steel for stronger hook. >19 x 4 cmFor our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories ..
173 грн.
168 грн.
 Korsteel Two Bar Treads
A pair or rubber stirrup treads.For our full range of All Gym Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 760587..
195 грн.
224 грн.
 Korsteel Easy Fit Bit Guard
Kincade Easy Fit Bit Guard For our full range of All Gym Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 760407..
206 грн.
227 грн.
 Shires Detangler Brush
Shires Detangler Brush The Shires Detangler Brush is a multi purpose brush that is gentle yet effective and is ideal for cleaning hooves, tackling manes and tails and removing dried on mould and dirt, plus removing hair during shredding, bathing and can also be used to clean hair from rugs and clo..
206 грн.
227 грн.
 Roma Stud Hole Stoppers
Roma Stud Hole Stoppers Roma Stud Hole Stoppers are a handy rubber plug to keep stud holes in horseshoes dirt free when studs are not in use. Pack of 20 For our full range of All Lonsdale visit birka.clubProduct code: 761121..
229 грн.
179 грн.
 Dunlop 2 Pack Wristbands
Dunlop 2 Pack Wristbands These Dunlop 2 Pack Wristbands are ideal for tennis players of all abilities, to help wipe sweat from the forehead when things heat up. > Dunlop 2 Pack Wristband > Ultra absorbent > Soft material > Dunlop branding > 75% Cotton, 15% Elastane, 10% Nylon > M..
168 грн.
 FENCEMAN Standard Gate Handle
Fenceman Standard Gate Handle This Fenceman Standard Gate Handle features a good strong hook and a circular hook at the other end for rope, twine and wire. For our full range of All Gym Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 760052..
187 грн.
201 грн.
 Shires Plastic Sweat Scraper
Shires Plastic Sweat Scraper The Shires Plastic Sweat Scraper features a plastic body and rubber to one side to remove excess water from your horse's coat and skin. > Sweat scraper > Plastic body > Rubber strip > Shires brandingFor our full range of All Fitness Equipment visit birka.cl..
187 грн.
201 грн.
 Sondico Dot Ice Bag 81
Product code: 760219..
187 грн.
518 грн.
 Take Off Frame Cover
Take Off Frame Cover For our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 761345..
187 грн.
 Take Off Off Frame Cover
Take Off Frame Cover > Trampoline frame cover > Waterproof design > Easy to clean > 100cm For our full range of Big Brand Sale Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 761344..
187 грн.
Носки USA Pro Quarter Socks 3 Pack
USA Pro Quarter Socks 3 Pack The USA Pro Quarter Socks 3 Pack provide a comfortable fit thanks to the stretch fit construction and cushioned footbed for improved comfort and support, whilst the USA Pro branding offers a great look. > Socks > Stretch fit > Cushioned footbed > Ribbed cuf..
191 грн.
285 грн.
Детская футболка Donnay Poly T Shirt Junior
Donnay Poly T Shirt Junior This Donnay Poly T Shirt Junior, features a round neck with contrasting short sleeves as well as Donnay branding for a great look. > Kids T Shirt > Short sleeves > Round neck > Short sleeves > Contrasting features > Donnay branding > 100% polyester &..
187 грн.
310 грн.
Cпортивная бутылка для воды Lonsdale Vintage Shaker
Lonsdale Vintage Shaker This drinks shaker bottle is ideal for mixing up your protein shakes, energy drinks and more, whilst this design comes with a metal ball similar to a whisk which is designed to shake about better and provide a smoother shake or drink. The drinks shaker also comes with a flu..
187 грн.
 Official Assassins Creed Gym Bag
Official Assassin's Creed Gym Bag This Official Assassin's Creed Gym Bag comes with a drawstring fastening and is made of a durable woven fabric. A large printed Assassin's Creed graphic to the outside completes the look. > Gym bag > Drawstring fastening > Main storage compartment > La..
187 грн.
302 грн.
 Team Football Gym Bag
Team Football Gym Bag Show your team pride with our range of football gym bags designed with bold team branding. Keep your essentials safe with the draw string fastening which couple up as shoulder straps. > Gym Bag > Drawstring fastening > Team brandingFor our full range of Gymbags and G..
187 грн.
518 грн.
 Dunlop 2 Pack Double Wrist Bands
Dunlop 2 Pack Double Wrist Bands These Dunlop 2 Pack Double Wrist Bands are perfect at keeping sweat at bay from your forehead, with their absorbent construction to allow you to stay dry while on the court, an embroidered logo finishes off the look. > Wrist bands > Pack of two > Absorbent..
190 грн.
 Dunlop Tennis Headband
Dunlop Tennis Headband The Dunlop Tennis Headband offers an absorbent design and great look when playing tennis with a large Dunlop branding to the front. > Tennis Headband > Absorbent design > Stretchy Feel > Seamless for comfort > Dunlop branding > 75% cotton, 15% spandex, 10% ..
207 грн.
 Everlast Hex Weights
Everlast Hex Weight These Everlast Hex Weights will help bring variety to your work out. These weights are more joint friendly than other forms of exercise, this is due to their being a more natural movement on your shoulder and elbow, your hands are not fixed on place so you are able to turn/rota..
207 грн.
 LA Gear Cycle Shorts Ladies
LA Gear Ladies Cycle Shorts Hit the saddle in comfort in these LA Gear Ladies Cycle Shorts, crafted as a tight fit with stretch for a secure fit and great manoeuvrability, an elasticated and perforated waistband, soft touch and recognisable LA Gear branding. > Ladies cycle shorts > Elasticat..
218 грн.
377 грн.
Детская футболка Lonsdale Boxy T Shirt Junior Girls
Lonsdale Junior Girl's Boxy T Shirt Your youngster will be training in style in this Lonsdale Junior Girl's Boxy T Shirt, crafted with a round neck and short sleeves with turn ups to the hems. The box shape of this shirt brings a sporting touch and a large colour contrasting Lonsdale log sits prou..
218 грн.
377 грн.
 Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope
Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope The Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope has been designed with a 9ft nylon rope that is ideal for fitness and speed training. This Lonsdale skipping rope also comes with slimline moulded plastic handles to easy use. > Boxing skipping rope > 9 ft > Soft nylon rope > ..
207 грн.
310 грн.
 Lonsdale Woven Wrist Support
Lonsdale Woven Wrist Support The Lonsdale Woven Wrist Support is perfect for all your sporting activities offering a comfortable and supportive fit without restricting any movement. > Wrist support > Elasticated > Lonsdale logo For our full range of All Lonsdale visit birka.clubProduct co..
207 грн.
310 грн.
 Patrick Logo Gymsack
Patrick Logo Gymsack Ideal for carrying your gym and sports gear, the Patrick Logo Gymsack has a classic design featuring a pull cord closure and the Patrick branding logo print to the front for a great look that also offers instant brand recognition. > Gymsack > Pull cords > Reinforced e..
207 грн.
366 грн.
 Roma Wire Stud Cleaner 81
Product code: 760709..
207 грн.
 USA Pro Hair Bobbles
USA Pro Hair Bobbles The USA Pro Hair Bobbles are available in a pack of six. > Hair bobbles > Pack of 6 > Print to both sides > Please note: The style you receive may vary from the image shownFor our full range of All Fitness Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 761983..
207 грн.
310 грн.
 Dublin Deluxe Track Gloves
Dublin Deluxe Track Gloves Cotton gloves with elasticated wrists and reinforced wear patches for extra durability.For our full range of All Gym Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 760330..
207 грн.
337 грн.
 Slazenger Wallet
Slazenger Wallet The Slazenger Wallet features multiple pockets for cards, change, notes and receipts and a clear compartment. This wallet is also complete with a uses a touch and close fastening for security, with the Slazenger logo to the front. > Wallet > Touch and close fastening > Ca..
207 грн.
Cпортивная бутылка для воды Slazenger Water Bottle X Large
Slazenger Water Bottle X Large The Slazenger Water Bottle X Large is ideal for taking with you to the gym to help you keep hydrated whilst you train, with a handy sports cap, and a screw top for easy re-filling! The water bottle has a maximum volume of 1 litre and comes with a measuring gage runni..
207 грн.
Носки USA Pro Crossfit Socks
USA Pro Crossfit Socks The USA Pro Crossfit Socks are ideal for wearing whilst training to provide comfort and cushioning under your foot. The socks feature an elasticated ankle with gel grip on the back for a secure fit. The fabric has moisture wicking features to ensure feet remain cool and dry ..
196 грн.
343 грн.
 FENCEMAN Tape Connector Pack 5
Fenceman Tape Connector 20mm Pack 5 Fenceman Tape Connector 20mm are to join two lengths of electric fence tape together and maintain the electric current. > Pack 5 > Connects tape up to 20mmFor our full range of All Gym Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 760916..
241 грн.
342 грн.
 FENCEMAN Warning Sign
Fenceman Warning Sign This Fenceman Warning Sign is required in areas where the public have access to the fence. It is plastic, durable, easy to clean and a bright yellow colour so that it stands out clearly. This warning sign is written in several different languages. Recommended spacing in areas..
241 грн.
272 грн.
 Kettler Toning Ball
Kettler Toning Ball Get a more intense workout with this Kettler Toning Ball. The ball is weighted with sand for more resistance during your exercise. The PVC construction of the shell offers an element of grip to the toning ball and is finished with Kettler branding. > Toning ball > Weighte..
241 грн.
713 грн.
 Lincoln Sponge
Lincoln Sponge Lincoln Sponge a large high quality sponge ideal for washing your horse Size 6"X 4.5"x 1.5"For our full range of All Fitness Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 761743..
241 грн.
272 грн.
 LA Gear Three Quarter Training Capri Womens
LA Gear Three Quarter Training Capri Womens Train in comfort in these loose fitting LA Gear Three Quarter Training Capri. The garment features an elasticated waistband that has a perforated style that offers ventilation and breathability to aid in a comfortable body temperature, with elasticated c..
255 грн.
629 грн.
 Lonsdale Crop Top Ladies
Lonsdale Ladies Crop Top This Lonsdale Crop Top is the perfect choice for any sporting female, with its stretchy fabric construction it provides support when perusing your sporting activity. > Sports Bra > Stretchy fabric > Racer back > Flat lock seams > Lonsdale branding > Ma..
242 грн.
 Lonsdale Sports Bra Ladies
Lonsdale Sports Bra This Ladies sports bra will give you the extra support you need when heading to the gym or out on a run. Benefitting from adjustable straps, a clasp fastening and elasticated band you will feel great whilst exercising. > Sports Bra > Adjustable straps > Elasticated ban..
242 грн.
 Slazenger Gym Sack
Slazenger Gym Sack This Slazenger Gym Sack, features a drawstring fastening with a small zipped pocket to the outside for your smaller items. This Gymbag also features contrasting detailing with Slazenger branding for a great look. > Bag > Drawstring fastening > Small zipped pocket > C..
242 грн.
 USA Pro  Fitness Crop Top Junior Girls
USA Pro Fitness Crop Top Junior Girls Upcoming athletes will feel top of their game in this USA Pro Fitness Crop Top, designed with a round neck and racer back, plus an elasticated chest band hosting embellished USA Pro branding. > Junior training girl's crop top > Round neck > Racer back..
259 грн.
 LA Gear Cap V Neck Training Top Womens
LA Gear Cap V-Neck Training Top Womens Train in style in this LA Gear Cap V-Neck Training Top with its short sleeves and v-neck collar style that features mesh panels for a ventilation and breathability, and flat lock seams that minimise irritation during exercise. The top is a plain design with a..
291 грн.
497 грн.
 LA Gear Crop Top Bra Ladies
LA Gear Crop Top Bra Ladies Get a comfortable piece of training wear from this LA Gear Crop Top Bra, crafted with a racer style back in a breathable mesh, elasticated chest band and built in padded support. LA Gear branding completes the look. > Ladies training crop top > Racer back > Elast..
291 грн.
798 грн.
 LA Gear Long Length Training Top Womens
LA Gear Long Length Training Top Womens This LA Gear Long Length Training Top is an ideal addition to your gym wardrobe with its round neck collar and short sleeves that combine for a comfortable fit. The flat lock seams limit irritation to the skin with mesh panels for breathability and ventilati..
291 грн.
772 грн.
 Lonsdale Printed Gym Sack
Lonsdale Printed Gym Sack This Lonsdale Printed Gym Sack is perfect for school or the gym thanks to a simple dual drawstring design which double as shoulder straps. > Gym sack > Dual drawstring closure > Printed Lonsdale logoFor our full range of All Gym Accessories visit birka.clubProduc..
276 грн.
414 грн.
 Nike Swoosh Headband
Nike Swoosh Headband Keep your concentration optimal in a match by wearing the Nike Headband, it absorbs moisture and keeps your head cool and dry allowing you to keep focussed on the game! > Headband > One-size-fits-all > Stretch fit > Nike Swoosh > 69% Cotton / 26% Nylon / 5% Rubb..
307 грн.
313 грн.
 Roma Plastic Saddle Cover
Roma Plastic Saddle Cover During those light showers, keep your saddle dry when not in use. > Plastic saddle cover > Simple and easy to use For our full range of All Gym Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 760952..
276 грн.
 USA Pro Hand Weight
USA Pro Hand Weight The USA Pro Hand Weight are the perfect addition for your workout and gym sessions featuring a ergonomic handle for added comfort. This hand held weight is complete with the USA Pro logo to the side for a great look. > Hand held weight > Ergonomic handle > USA Pro logo..
276 грн.
621 грн.
Полотенце USA Pro Micro Gym and Yoga Towel
USA Pro Micro Gym and Yoga Towel The USA Pro Micro Gym and Yoga Towel is perfect for helping you to stay comfortable and stable during your workout or yoga session! The Micro Gym and Yoga Towel features an absorbent construction perfect for wicking away moisture as the silicone gripping print make..
276 грн.
414 грн.
 USA Pro Skipping Rope
USA Pro Skipping Rope This USA Pro Skipping rope is a great addition to your workout equipment at home, it will help you maximise your cardiovascular and tone muscles all over leaving you feeling more fit. > Skipping rope > Gripped handles > Helps tone muscles > Maximise cardiovascular..
276 грн.
414 грн.
 USA Pro Yoga Headband
USA Pro Ladies Yoga Headband Complete your workout in style and comfort in this USA Pro Ladies Yoga Headband, a soft and comfortable number with moisture wicking technology to keep you dry and feeling your best. > Ladies yoga headband > Soft > Stretch fit > Moisture wicking > USA Pr..
307 грн.
391 грн.
Наручные часы V Fit fit Pedometer
V Fit Pedometer This V fit Pedometer is a fully functional step counter to help you with your fitness resolution. IT has a chip resistant finish and comes in metallic black or metallic red. This has a handy belt clip attached, in-built over-count error correction mode which detects false sudden mo..
276 грн.
478 грн.
 Everlast Woven Ankle Support
Everlast Woven Ankle Support The Everlast Woven Ankle Support features an elasticated and woven design that offers lightweight and breathable support that is perfect for training and gym sessions, completed with the Everlast branding to the top. > Elbow support > Lightweight and breathable &..
276 грн.
 Everlast Woven Wrist Strap
Everlast Woven Wrist Strap Keep your wrist supported with this Everlast Woven Wrist Strap, crafted with a stretchy woven fabric for breathability and to keep you comfortable. Everlast branding sits to the base. > Wrist strap > Breathable > Stretchy > Thumb hole > Everlast brandingFo..
276 грн.

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