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Dragon Pike Bubble Float
Dragon Pike Bubble Float The Dragon Pike Bubble Float is a float used for pike fishing when using baits. > Can be weighted with water > Easy to use > Can be used for carp fishingFor our full range of Fishing Clearance visit birka.clubProduct code: 942432..
73 грн.
134 грн.
Maver JH Series4 Float
Maver JH Series4 Float The Maver JH Series4 Float is an extremely stable and robust float. Best used for fishing large baits on the bottom at short range. Also brilliant when faced with deeper margins. For our full range of Maver visit birka.clubProduct code: 949448..
74 грн.
167 грн.
Maver Loaded PW
Maver Loaded PW The For our full range of Maver visit birka.club Product code: 949453..
112 грн.
146 грн.
Band It Standard Pellet Bands
Band-it Standard Pellet Bands The Band-it Standard Pellet Bands is a pack of 100 pellet bands which can be fitted to pellets from ranging from 4mm to 12mm in size. > Band-it Standard Pellet Bands > Pack of 100 > Fits 4mm to 12mm in size > Made from super stretch latex For our full rang..
149 грн.
167 грн.
Maver Elite S6 Float
Maver Elite S6 Float The Maver Elite S6 Float is a new float designed by maver. Maver Elite S6 Float > Available in 8 different weights > 0.5g > 0.75g > 1.0g > 1.5g > 2.0g > 3.0g > 4.0g > 5.0g For our full range of Floats visit birka.clubProduct code: 949290..
149 грн.
195 грн.
Maver JH Series5 Float
Maver JH Series5 Float The Maver JH Series5 Float is a versatile float designed specifically for open water venues affected by the wind. Suited for use with any bait, extremely stable and ideal for fishing at length due to the positive bristle and long stem.For our full range of Maver visit birka...
149 грн.
167 грн.
Premier Carpers and Inserts
Premier Loaded Carpers These floats are ideal for waggler fishing on commercial type fisheries or lakes. These floats have a tip section which is thinner than the main body of the float: this is to increase the sensitivity and to provide less resistance for those shy biting fish. These floats are ..
149 грн.
167 грн.
Premier Loaded Clear Waggle
Premier Loaded Clear Waggle The Premier Loaded Clear Waggle is A "one shot" waggler for anglers who prefer clear floats, very useful for close in work near weed beds. The entry splash is minimal and should not spook fish, besides carp it is a fantastic float for roach and Rudd up in the water. Pre..
149 грн.
167 грн.
Dunlop Clear Waggler Float Pack
Dunlop Clear Waggler Float Pack The Clear Waggler Float Pack pack has been specially selected for U.K waters. Fishing Waggler Float Pack > 5 different types of Clear waggler floats > 1 X 0.8g 2BB > 1 X 1.2g 3BB > 1 X 1.6g 2AAA > 1 X 2.0g 2.5AAA > 1 X 2.4g 3AAA For our full range ..
167 грн.
151 грн.
Polaris Floats Pike Waggler 15 Fishing Float
Polaris Pike Waggler 15 Fishing Float The Pike Waggler 15 Fishing Float has an all-rounder pattern and will cover most situations. Polaris floats combine the top presentation of legering and feeder fishing with the supreme bite indication of float fishing. Master this method and your catches will ..
167 грн.
223 грн.
Taktix Pike and Predator Set
Taktix Pike and Predator Set The Taktix Pike and Predator Set is for fishing a still bait against the far shelf. The fine antenna shows up the shyest bites. Taktix Pike and Predator Set > Pack of 2 floats > Complete with instructions leaflet For our full range of All Accessories visit birk..
167 грн.
251 грн.
Dunlop Pellet Waggler Pack
Dunlop Pellet Waggler Pack The Pellet Waggler Pack has been specially selected for U.K waters. Suitable for river, lake, pond or commercial fishery. Fishing Pellet Waggler Float Pack > 3 different types of pellet wagglers > Can cast up to 40 yards > Self righting For our full range of All..
200 грн.
301 грн.
Maver Sloty Rigs
Maver Sloty Rigs The Maver Sloty Rigs is a new unique design of pole float that stops the line cutting into the body of the float, giving extra strength and life to the float. The body of the float is made from a unique aerospace material, only ever found in aircraft wings, that doesn't let water..
234 грн.
263 грн.
Pantera Pole Rigs
Pantera Pole Rigs These Pantera Pole Rigs are designed especially with lakes, rivers and canals in mind. The All-Rounder range are perfect for a large variety of water and uses. In the larger sizes these rigs offer great stability whilst the smaller sizes make "on the drop" fishing easier. All of ..
285 грн.
509 грн.
Dunlop Pole Rigs
Dunlop Pole Rigs The Pole Rigs are ideal for all types of pole fishing. These Fishing rigs are pre-tested for quality. Included in the pack are 1 of each, Meat/Corn rigs, Pellet rigs, Margin rigs, Shallow rigs, Silver fish rigs. This Pole Rig Set is great value for money. > Fishing Pole Rigs &g..
334 грн.
502 грн.
Taktix Assorted Floats
Taktix Assorted Floats The Taktix Assorted Floats are perfect for coarse and match fishing. Taktix Assorted Floats > Mix of wagglers and stick floatsFor our full range of Coarse and Match Fishing Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 940383..
603 грн.
934 грн.

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