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Specimen Landing Nets and Handles

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Sixth Sense Sense Fibreglass Spec Handle
Sixth Sense Fibreglass Spec Handle The Sixth Sense Fibreglass Spec Handle is an essential piece for any match or pleasure angler 180 cm handle for an extended reach for great all round performance. > Fishing net handle > Vitro fibre one piece 6 foot/180 cm HandleFor our full range of Match L..
264 грн.
395 грн.
Dunlop Compact Landing Net Handle
Dunlop Compact Landing Net Handle The Dunlop Compact Handle is a 5 piece telescopic travel handle which extends to 2.4 meters making it easy to store. Dunlop Compact Handle > 5 piece telescopic handle > Extends to 2.4 meters > For our full range of Specimen Landing Nets and Handles vi..
313 грн.
502 грн.
Carp Kinetics 2.2m Landing Net Handle
2.2m Landing Net Handle This Carp Kinetics 2.2m Power Handle is a very strong, all-rounder and the perfect addition for any angler. > 2.2m Power Handle > Easy grip > Telescopic > Plastic bung > Universal screw > Strong fibreglass designFor our full range of All Fishing Nets visit..
365 грн.
631 грн.
Dunlop Twin Handle
Dunlop Twin Handle The Dunlop Twin Handle is a new light weight landing net handle and good value for money. Dunlop Twin Handle > 3.25 m > 3 piece handle For our full range of All Fishing Nets visit birka.clubProduct code: 941364..
412 грн.
652 грн.
Carp Kinetics Kin Tri Fold Net 54
Carp Kin Tri-Fold Net 54 The Carp Kin Tri-Fold Net is a great bit of kit to roving or just to minimize the gear you take fishing, folding down in three places makes it easy to store. Carp Kin Tri-Fold Net > 3 fold round aluminum frameFor our full range of All Fishing Nets visit birka.clubProduc..
428 грн.
682 грн.
Dunlop Flickup Landing Net
Dunlop Flickup Landing Net The Flickup Landing Net is very lightweight with a strong handle. The Flick-up landing net has an extending handle with non-slip grip for excellent performance to land your catch. Suitable for river, lake, pond or commercial fishery. > Fishing Landing Net > Triangu..
559 грн.
839 грн.
Barbus Stalking Landing Net
Barbus Stalking Landing Net The Barbus Stalking Landing Net is a strong and sturdy barbel stalking net which comes in 2 different sizes, both come with a strong anodized profile aluminium frame. Bowl shaped safe mesh net and retractable 1m aluminium handle. This net comes in either Oval 70x75cm o..
692 грн.
1,141 грн.
Dunlop Landing Net And Handle
Dunlop Landing Net And Handle The Landing Net And Handle is ideal for all types of fishing. The telescopic handle enables the landing net to be easily used and transported. Fishing Landing Net And Handle > Reinforced joints > Folding net > Fish friendly mesh > 2.2m Telescopic handle F..
758 грн.
1,192 грн.
Maver Abyss Landing Net Handle
Maver Abyss Landing Net Handle The Abyss Landing Net Handle is manufactured from carbon composite. It is rigid, slim and extremely strong and will cater for all aspects of modern coarse fishing. A massive seller due to sensible price point and build quality. An essential item for your Fishing Tack..
856 грн.
1,469 грн.
Fossil Fly Trout QR Landing Net
Fossilfly Trout QR Landing Net The Fossilfly Trout QR Landing Net comes with a elastic lanyard and carabiner to securely attach the landing net so not to drop it. It also comes with a spring loaded autofold head feature meaning you can quickly unfold the net when needed from its compact state. It ..
856 грн.
1,267 грн.
Diem Session Land Net
Diem Session Land Net The Diem Session Land Net is Super sized, super-soft mesh carp net head and handle designed for landing of big fish.You get a huge 42" net head with toughened spreader block which takes the strong fibreglass push in arms, while remaining easy to fold down for transporting f..
1,185 грн.
1,778 грн.
Maver Jurassic Extreme Landing Net Handle
Maver Jurassic Extreme Landing Net Handle The Maver Jurassic Extreme Landing Net Handle is a very strong, high modulous carbon two piece take apart handle. This fishing net is brass threaded and pinned for added strength making it incredible value for money. > Fishing Net > High Quality Carb..
1,778 грн.
2,102 грн.
Avanti Stretch Handle 45
Avanti Stretch 45 Handle The Stretch 45 Handle is the new anticipated product to replace the great selling Stretch 20ft from last year. After taking on board the comments from anglers Avanti have designed this shorter lighter version. Can be used at various lengths. > Stretch 45 Handle > Car..
2,108 грн.
3,092 грн.
JRC 2G Landing Net
JRC 2G Landing Net The JRC 2G Landing Net combines strength and durability with an unbeatable price - something all JRC Contact products have become famous for. JRC 2G Landing Net > Strong carbon composite handle (1.80m) > Custom designed heavy duty spreader block > Strong arms and soft..
2,371 грн.
2,608 грн.
Diem Carbon Net and Handle
Diem Carbon Net and Handle This Diem Carbon Net and Handle is a must have for that specialist angler the net has the perfect dip eliminating awkward corners, made from super high quality Modulus Carbon. This comes with a take apart top section for better handling. > Diem Carbon Net and Handle..
3,744 грн.
5,764 грн.

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