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Avanti Round Keepnet
Avanti Round Keepnet The Avanti Round Keepnet is ideal for commercial and river fishing to provide a place to store your haul safely and securely. Avanti Round Keepnet > Super soft fish friendly mesh > Commercial fishery approved > Adjustable connecter > Good value for money For our ..
494 грн.
740 грн.
Taktix Mono Mesh Carp Keepnet
Taktix Mono Mesh Carp Fishing Keepnet The Carp keepnet is suitable for all types of Commercial Fisheries and is great value for money. Included for excellent performance are stake-out tabs and a multi-tilt top frame making this a must have when Carp Fishing. Carp Fishing Keepnet > Two sizes ava..
593 грн.
1,008 грн.
Avanti Carp Sk Keepnet
Avanti Carp Sk Keepnet The Avanti Carp Sk Keepnet is ideal for using to keep your catch safe in a strong and fine mesh. The net features pull through handles to allow it to be pulled through the water with ease. Avanti Carp Sk Keepnet > Soft fish friendly mesh > Adjustable angle block >..
856 грн.
1,284 грн.
Shakespeare Sigma Keepnet
Shakespeare Sigma Keepnet The Shakespeare Sigma Keepnet is truly outstanding for money. there's a traditional round net and a square net that fits the bill for commercial and river work. Shakespeare Sigma Keepnet > Strong adjustable angle lock > Carp mesh > Aluminum ringsFor our full rang..
856 грн.
1,094 грн.
Maver Abyss Keepnet
Maver Abyss X Keepnet The Maver Abyss X Keepnet is made with strong nylon frames and the pull through ring is made from a strong alloy. the base ring is also made from strong alloy to help shake out the net when in use. Maver Abyss X Keepnet > Available in 2 sizes 2.5m and 3m > Strong Ny..
1,646 грн.
1,921 грн.
Diem Session Cot
Diem Session Cot The Diem Session Cot is ideal for keeping fish in safely after being caught. The cot features an elasticated cover flap to temporarily secure fish in. The cot features a fast set up construction with two leg design to ensure it can stand with ease. > Session cot > Two leg de..
1,976 грн.
2,964 грн.
Maver 3.0m Shake Dry Keepnet
Maver 3.0m Shake Dry Keep Net The 3.0m Shake Dry Keep Net is an angling foundation approved keep net. Featuring a mesh that retains far less water. Strong alloy frames throughout with the last three rings reduced in size for easy weighing and 'D' rings at the base for easy staking out. > Fishin..
2,108 грн.
2,529 грн.
Maver 3.0m Nano Keepnet
Maver 3.0m Nano Keep Net The 3.0m Nano Keep Net is an innovative keep net, featuring a 'Nano Mesh' material which actually repels water. Water beads on the fabric and simply runs off, meaning the keep net is instantly dry. Incorporating a quality angle lock. > Fishing Keep Net > Quality angl..
2,635 грн.
3,162 грн.

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