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Сергей! Ну как, ботинки выдержали Карпаты?.. ...»
Отличный рюкзак, вместительный, яркий, удобный. Качество отличное. Внутри ещё два отдела на липучке... ...»
Очень классный рюкзак. Яркий, вместительный и удобный. Доставка как и указано на сайте 5-7 дней. Пок.. ...»
Крутая панама, но цвет темнее чем на фото. Немного не так передан оттенок на фото, но мне даже больш.. ...»
Панамка реально маленькая. Купил себе, а пришлось отдать 6-летнему ребенку. Ему подошла. .. ...»
Размерная линейка идеально подошла. При заказе всё доступно и приятно объяснили, через СМС отправлял.. ...»
На перший погляд добротне взуття, випробую в Карпатах відпишу більше. Дякую магазину за докладну інф.. ...»
Все по честному. Заказал 43 размер на свои 27,5см подошло идеально. Белые смотрятся классно. Я довол.. ...»

Садки и подсаки

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 Dunlop Weighing Scale
Dunlop Weighing Scale The Weighing Scale is capable of taking loads up to 22kg (50lb). Comes with a tape measure to record the length of your catch. These scales are an essential part of any fishing tackle box. Fishing Scale > Combined scale and tape measure > Weighs up to 22kg (50lb) > C..
181 грн.
265 грн.
 Avanti Stealth Net
Avanti Stealth Net The Avanti Stealth Net is superlight and hair rig friendly base mesh. It has a rigid frame and a re-enforced machined spreader. Avanti Stealth Net > Avanti branding > Durable > Soft reinforced fish friendly net mesh > Strong nylon spreader > Reinforced frame >..
335 грн.
530 грн.
 Avanti 55cm Landing Net
Isis 55cm Landing Net The Isis Landing Net has been designed for the modern commercial carp water where fishing at speed for F1 hybrids and small carp is the order of the day. Made from a combination of 3mm and 6mm soft Safe Flow mesh to protect fish but still let water pass through easily with a ..
368 грн.
601 грн.
 Diem Unhooking Mat
Diem Unhooking Mat The Diem Unhooking Mat is ideal for all types of Carp and large specimen fishing. This Fishing Mat is produced from foam to protect your catch. The Mat rolls up easily and neatly and is lightweight which makes transportation much easier when trying to carry all your other fishin..
401 грн.
602 грн.
 Avanti Round Keepnet
Avanti Round Keepnet The Avanti Round Keepnet is ideal for commercial and river fishing to provide a place to store your haul safely and securely. Avanti Round Keepnet > Super soft fish friendly mesh > Commercial fishery approved > Adjustable connecter > Good value for money For our ..
402 грн.
643 грн.
 Dunlop Flickup Landing Net
Dunlop Flickup Landing Net The Flickup Landing Net is very lightweight with a strong handle. The Flick-up landing net has an extending handle with non-slip grip for excellent performance to land your catch. Suitable for river, lake, pond or commercial fishery. > Fishing Landing Net > Triangu..
402 грн.
662 грн.
 Avanti Airstream Landing Net
Isis Airstream Landing Net Designed for the modern commercial carp water where fishing at speed for F1 hybrids and small carp is the order of the day. The strong spreader block and split profile ‘Safe Land’ rim makes for a durable net that is also ‘Pellet Proof’, which means that when fishing the ..
435 грн.
729 грн.
 Avanti Landing Net Head
Isis Landing Net Head The Isis Landing Net Head is made from a combination of 3mm and 6mm soft Safe Flow mesh to protect fish but still let water pass through easily with a central 'scoop' panel that has no base seam to make for safer and quicker landing of fish. > Net Head > strong spreade..
435 грн.
694 грн.
 Avanti Trinium Net Handle
Avanti Trinium Landing Net Handle The Avanti Trinium Handle is a advanced Carbon landing net handle available in 2 lengths. It is a put over handle which gives great strength and durability. The great benefit to a put over handle is the ease of using as many sections as you want giving you differe..
530 грн.
1 590 грн.
 Dunlop Landing Net And Handle
Dunlop Landing Net And Handle The Landing Net And Handle is ideal for all types of fishing. The telescopic handle enables the landing net to be easily used and transported. Fishing Landing Net And Handle > Reinforced joints > Folding net > Fish friendly mesh > 2.2m Telescopic handle F..
703 грн.
1 133 грн.
 Avanti Carp Sk Keepnet
Avanti Carp Sk Keepnet The Avanti Carp Sk Keepnet is ideal for using to keep your catch safe in a strong and fine mesh. The net features pull through handles to allow it to be pulled through the water with ease. Avanti Carp Sk Keepnet > Soft fish friendly mesh > Adjustable angle block >..
870 грн.
1 305 грн.
 Maver D Frame Match Landing Net 50cm
Maver D Frame Match Landing Net 50cm The D Frame Match Landing Net. Manufactured from fish friendly polyester, fishery approved labelling and strong spreader block. Strong mesh, lightweight alloy frame. Quality brass threads. Simply the best looking match landing net on the market. An essential it..
870 грн.
986 грн.
 Diem Pro Sling
Diem Pro Sling For our full range of Weigh Slings and Unhooking Mats visit birka.clubProduct code: 940491..
870 грн.
1 364 грн.
 Fossil Fly Trout QR Landing Net
Fossilfly Trout QR Landing Net The Fossilfly Trout QR Landing Net comes with a elastic lanyard and carabiner to securely attach the landing net so not to drop it. It also comes with a spring loaded autofold head feature meaning you can quickly unfold the net when needed from its compact state. It ..
870 грн.
1 288 грн.
 Maver Abyss X Landing Net Handle
Maver Abyss X Landing Net Handle The Maver Abyss X Landing Net Handle has a carbon composite along with a slim, rigid design that allows it to be used in all aspects of coarse fishing. > Fishing net handle > Carbon composite > Rigid, slim > Strong > Maver branding For our full range..
937 грн.
1 308 грн.
 Diem Stalking Mat
Diem Stalking Mat The Diem Stalking Mat is ideal for stalking and short sessions and comes in a compact style that is fish friendly. The soft padding used in the mat allows you to cushion and support the fish whilst the easy lift handles makes it easy to use and help return your catch safe and eff..
1 004 грн.
1 506 грн.
 Diem Session Land Net
Diem Session Land Net The Diem Session Land Net is Super sized, super-soft mesh carp net head and handle designed for landing of big fish.You get a huge 42" net head with toughened spreader block which takes the strong fibreglass push in arms, while remaining easy to fold down for transporting f..
1 205 грн.
1 807 грн.
 Diem Protecta Sling
Diem Protecta Sling The Diem Protecta Sling is a must for the angler who likes to take care of the fish. Designed to transport the fish from your unhooking mat to the scales and then back in the water. Also with the floatation aides built in it is perfect for holding your possible PB until the mo..
1 673 грн.
2 510 грн.
 Diem Euro Beanie Matt
Diem Floating Protecta Sling All carp anglers know that caring for your catch is imperative indeed most good fisheries insist on the use of an unhooking mat. This Diem Floating Protecta Sling is just the job. Big enough to protect any carp you're likely to catch, it features a hard-wearing yet so..
2 076 грн.
3 079 грн.
 Avanti Stretch Handle 45
Avanti Stretch 45 Handle The Stretch 45 Handle is the new anticipated product to replace the great selling Stretch 20ft from last year. After taking on board the comments from anglers Avanti have designed this shorter lighter version. Can be used at various lengths. > Stretch 45 Handle > Car..
2 143 грн.
3 142 грн.
 Diem Carbon Net and Handle
Diem Carbon Net and Handle This Diem Carbon Net and Handle is a must have for that specialist angler the net has the perfect dip eliminating awkward corners, made from super high quality Modulus Carbon. This comes with a take apart top section for better handling. > Diem Carbon Net and Handle..
3 575 грн.
5 859 грн.

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