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Taktix Fishing Bait Box
Taktix Fishing Bait Box Set The Takix Bait Box is a square box that is ideal for all types of fishing. Ideal for storing all types of fishing bait. The Fishing Box Set would make a great starter set and is great value for money. Multi Purpose Bait Box > Three sizes available > Positive St..
112 грн.
150 грн.
Avanti Stink Bag
Avanti Stink Bag Ensure your landing nets are safe and secure with the Avanti Stink Bag thanks to the large zipped main compartment, coupled with a waterproof design for optimal dryness. This stink bag also benefits from two durable carry handles for easy transportation and handling - finished wit..
200 грн.
301 грн.
Dunlop Tackle Accessory Pack
Dunlop Tackle Accessory Pack The Tackle Accessory Pack is ideal for all types of fishing. The Compartment Boxes are very lightweight making it ideal when organising your small items of Fishing Tackle. Fishing Accessory Pack > 4 compartment > 6 compartment > 8 compartment > Positive lo..
200 грн.
301 грн.
Maver Abyss X Reel Case
Maver Abyss X Reel Case The Abyss X Reel Case is a quality reel case with eye catching Abyss X livery. > Fishing Reel Case > Quality Reel Case > Constructed using finest fabrics For our full range of Other Luggage visit birka.clubProduct code: 941489..
268 грн.
357 грн.
Maver Mxi Reel Case
Maver Mxi Reel Case The Maver Mxi reel case is fully padded with a full zip that makes for an easy opening. >Mxi Reel Case > Easy opening > Fully padded > Full length zip > 19 x 8 x 18cmFor our full range of Other Luggage visit birka.clubProduct code: 940071..
334 грн.
390 грн.
Greys Platinum Quiver Hood
Greys Platinum Quiver Hood The Greys Platinum Quiver Hood has been designed to be used with Quiver Sleeve s or with unsleeved rods to hold the tips securely and protect them from damage. > Quiver hood > Waterproof > Protects rods aid keeps them safely tight together when transporting >..
402 грн.
631 грн.
Stonfo Hooklength Store
Stonfo Hooklength Store The Stonfo Hooklength Store is a great piece of kit to keep all of your hook lengths neat, tidy and most importantly tangle free. It comes with pegs of various sizes to keep different lengths of hooklengths together. Also inside the box is has measurements to know how long ..
468 грн.
527 грн.
Dunlop EVA Bowl Set
Dunlop EVA Bowl Set The Dunlop EVA Bowl Set is ideal for anglers that like to have alot of bait and have them separate from each other because you get 1 large bait bowl with 2 smaller bait bowls inside. This set will also keep any bait you need to dry and fresher. Dunlop EVA Bowl Set > Incl..
519 грн.
923 грн.
Dunlop Square EVA Bowl
Dunlop Square EVA Bait Bowl is ideal for anglers who wish to keep their bait dry and have it a close as possible for ease of use, this is helps by the frame work that fits onto a seat box or chair leg. Dunlop Square EVA Bait Bowl > 30CM x 30CM > Extra Tough Zips > Includes seat box and ..
519 грн.
923 грн.
Diem EVA Stiff Rig and Accessory Bag
Diem EVA Stiff Rig and Accessory Bag This Diem is just what is needed for all your smaller bits of terminal tackle, with a stiff rig board for all the rigs you've made, and bits boxes to store all the terminal tackle to make some more, you'll never be digging around for parts for your next rig. &g..
669 грн.
967 грн.
Diem Deluxe Rig Wallet
Diem Deluxe Rig Wallet Diem specifically designed this Rig Wallet for specimen anglers in mind, with a choice of different storage methods you're able to store your selection of rigs with no problems. > Diem Deluxe Rig Wallet > Specifically designed with specimen anglers in mind > Double ..
736 грн.
1 120 грн.
JRC Contact Accessory Bag
JRC Contact Accessory Bag The Contact Accessory Bag is a great solution for small items and ideal for carrying all your leads, with multi-position compartments and a zipped mesh pocket in the lid. It can also be used to store a small video or other camera equipment. Fishing Accessory Bag > Toug..
736 грн.
797 грн.
Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker
Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker The Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker is the perfect solution to keep essential bits of tackle close at hand you can even attach it to the boat seat or thwart board. Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker > Zip closure compartments > Foam strips for holding flies > Ideal stor..
804 грн.
1 221 грн.
Diem Deluxe Tackle and Rig Board
Diem Tackle and Rig Board This is the perfect all rounder for your carping session, with 2 removable rig boards and 4 bits boxes as well as extra inner pockets, you can fit in everything you need in this Diem Deluxe Rig Wallet. > Diem Deluxe Rig Wallet > Deluxe rig and tackle pouch > Des..
870 грн.
1 248 грн.
Stonefly Boat Line Tray
Stonefly Boat Line Tray The Stonefly Boat Line Tray is to be used with the boat caddie clamp, Can be positioned perfectly to hold stripped line and it can be positioned on to the boat seat. Stonefly Boat Line Tray > Prevents accidental line damage > Improves casting performance For our full ..
971 грн.
1 379 грн.
Carp Kinetics 5 piece set
CK Fusion Carpers 5 Piece Set Everything you need to brew up and cook on the bank! Included in the Carpers 5 Piece set is a kettle, frying pan, two deep pans and a lid that fits all three. > Carpers 5 piece set > Anodized aluminium > Rubber coated handles > Inter-fitting set for compac..
1 004 грн.
1 757 грн.
Diem Pro Sling
Diem Pro Sling For our full range of Weigh Slings and Unhooking Mats visit birka.clubProduct code: 940491..
1 004 грн.
1 506 грн.
Dunlop Rigid Rod Holdall
Dunlop Rigid Rod Holdall The Rigid Rod Holdall is reinforced for extra protection to your Fishing Tackle. Complete with a padded shoulder strap making transportation much easier. Fishing Holdall > 195cm > Reinforced for protection > Padded shoulder strap > Will hold all modern pole but..
1 406 грн.
2 320 грн.
Avanti Electron Blue Holdall
Avanti Electron Blue Holdall A beefy 6ft 3in-long holdall for storing three or four ready-made feeder and float rods complete with reels, the Ready rod Holdall's construction will also keep them safe and sound thanks to its padded interior and rugged materials used in the build. Velcro fastenings ..
1 741 грн.
2 576 грн.
Maver Abyss X 8 Tube Holdall
Maver Abyss X 8 Tube Holdall The Abyss X 8 Tube Holdall has a full length two way zip with padded shoulder strap and handle. Two external pockets with storm flaps and quick release ratchet buckles. Eight tube capacity and is ideal for all general angling. Fishing Holdall > Size 185 x 23 x 20cm ..
1 875 грн.
2 529 грн.
Maver Mxi Carryall
Maver Mxi Carryall The Maver Mxi Carryall as a reinforced base with mud feet. heavy duty two-way zip and pullers. Large outer pockets for keepnets with a quick release ratchet buckle. Removable internal divider, padded detachable strap and carry handle complete the specification of the purpose bu..
2 343 грн.
2 917 грн.
Maver Platinum Jumbo Carryall
Maver Platinum Commercial Carryall The Platinum Commercial Carryall is very spacious that will accommodate everything you need. Reinforced base with mud feet, heavy duty two way zip and pullers. Large outer pocket for keep nets and two zipped end pockets, removable internal divider, padded detacha..
2 477 грн.
2 917 грн.
Avanti Ridgeback Pro Carryall System
Avanti Ridgeback Pro Carryall System The Avanti Ridgeback Carryall System is packed with features and extra than your standard carryall. Large carryall which features 2 end pockets to put your keepnets in and 2 side pockets. > Avanti Ridgeback Carryall > Re-positionable padded shoulder strap..
2 812 грн.
3 833 грн.
JRC Cocoon Bait Bag 6 Rod Holdall
JRC Extreme Barrow 6 Rod H/All The JRC Extreme Barrow 6 Rod H/All is especially designed for barrow use with straps to attach the holdall on top of the barrow and ensuring that all the other bags are fully secured in transit. the holdall fold flat over the barrow for better balance and safer trans..
3 274 грн.
4 910 грн.
Avanti Action Seat Box
Avanti Action Seat Box The Avanti Action Seat Box is constructed with a lightweight 3 drawer design that features a padded pole sat for comfort. Its deep storage base offers plenty of storage for all your fishing tackle. > Seat box > 3 drawer seatbox > Secure leg locking adapters > Eas..
3 393 грн.
4 967 грн.
Avanti Ridgeback Pro Holdall
Avanti Ridgeback Pro Holdall The Avanti Ridgeback Pro Holdall is the ideal holdall for the match fishing candidate. A boast of features means you can take what you need for that days fishing whether is be a single rod or pole, or one of each this is the holdall to use. > Avanti Ridgeback Pro Ho..
3 869 грн.
5 944 грн.

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