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Taktix Fishing Bait Box
Taktix Fishing Bait Box Set The Takix Bait Box is a square box that is ideal for all types of fishing. Ideal for storing all types of fishing bait. The Fishing Box Set would make a great starter set and is great value for money. Multi Purpose Bait Box > Three sizes available > Positive St..
110 грн.
148 грн.
Greys Bait Box Cool Bag
Greys Bait Box Cool Bag This Greys Bait Box Cool Bag is compact and light and keeps bait fresh for long periods of time. > Bait Box Cool Bag > Woven carry handle > Zipped fastening > Compact and lightweight > Keeps bait fresh > Greys branding > Medium sized - 1.4pt / 0.79L or ..
197 грн.
296 грн.
Taska Bait Tubs
Taska Bait Tubs When you have been fishing you must have had it , you have gone to your bait bag and there it is your special hook baits that you have had in bait glug for weeks has leaked all over your bag, well Taska have cured that problem with the Taska Water Tight Bait Tubs. > Taska Bait Tub..
198 грн.
276 грн.
Dunlop Bait Box Set
Dunlop Bait Box Set The Dunlop Bait Box Set is a square box that is ideal for all types of fishing. Ideal for storing all types of fishing bait. The Fishing Box Set would make a great starter set and is great value for money. > Dunlop Bait Box Set > Available in a twin pack > 1 pint and 2..
230 грн.
345 грн.
Carp Kinetics Glug Bottles
Carp Kinetic Glug Bottles This 4 pack of Glug Bottles is ideal for home made baits. Whether its glug, or groundbait, they can be used to anything. > Glug Pack > 4 Pack > Clear > Reasonable sizeFor our full range of General Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 943290..
231 грн.
380 грн.
XLT Fishing Bait Waiter
XLT Fishing Bait Waiter The Bait Waiter is ideal for storing all types of bait and accessories for all general types of Fishing. The Fishing Bait Waiter comes complete with 2 x 1.1 pint bait boxes that are easily cleaned after use. The XLT Bait Waiter has a thread so you have the option to screw ..
263 грн.
351 грн.
Avanti Twin Pellet Pump Pack
Avanti Twin Pellet Pump Pack A top quality pellet pump designed to extract the air quickly and effortlessly. The simplest and easiest way to ensure perfect soft hooker pellets every time. > Easy to use > Twin mega value pack > Fast sink pellets For our full range of General Accessories vi..
280 грн.
441 грн.
Black Zero Bucket
Black Zero Collapsible Bucket The Black Zero Collapsible Bucket is a new bucket that is a brilliant space-saving solution for all anglers. It is super strong, boasts a carry handle, and can be used for particles, maggots, groundbait and spod mixes. > Black Zero Collapsible Bucket > Strong &g..
329 грн.
521 грн.
Silstar 17in Fishing Bait Bowl
Silstar 17in Fishing Bait Bowl The Fishing Bait Bowl has rigid wire in the top lip to help hold shape. This Bait Bowl also has a reinforced base and folds for easy storage. Fishing Bait Bowl > Reinforced base > Folds for storage > Carrying handles For our full range of Bait Luggage and St..
346 грн.
490 грн.
Maver Platinum Groundbait Bowl
Maver Platinum Groundbait Bowl The Platinum Groundbait Bowl is made in a heavy duty waterproof material. Fishing Groundbait Bowl > Waterproof > Size 30cm x 15cm deep For our full range of General Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 941472..
461 грн.
518 грн.
Dunlop EVA Bowl Set
Dunlop EVA Bowl Set The Dunlop EVA Bowl Set is ideal for anglers that like to have alot of bait and have them separate from each other because you get 1 large bait bowl with 2 smaller bait bowls inside. This set will also keep any bait you need to dry and fresher. Dunlop EVA Bowl Set > Incl..
511 грн.
908 грн.
Dunlop Square EVA Bowl
Dunlop Square EVA Bait Bowl is ideal for anglers who wish to keep their bait dry and have it a close as possible for ease of use, this is helps by the frame work that fits onto a seat box or chair leg. Dunlop Square EVA Bait Bowl > 30CM x 30CM > Extra Tough Zips > Includes seat box and ..
511 грн.
908 грн.
Avanti MS Bait Bag
Avanti MS Bait Bag The Avanti MS Bait Bag is fitted with highly efficient insulation material, these new cooler bags will ensure your food, or bait will stay both dry and cool in the warmest weather. Avanti MS Bait Bag > Designed to house bait boxes and bait pots > Hard wearing durable co..
592 грн.
889 грн.
JRC Cocoon Bait Bag
JRC Cocoon Bait Bag The JRC Cocoon Bait Bag is designed as a cooler bag for all kinds of baits, with a large main compartment with the JRC thermo lining, there are 2 separate zipped top compartments containing 2 bait boxes. It has a anti-collapse design with padding in strategic positions, an ad..
2,371 грн.
2,608 грн.
Avanti Action Seat Box
Avanti Action Seat Box The Avanti Action Seat Box is constructed with a lightweight 3 drawer design that features a padded pole sat for comfort. Its deep storage base offers plenty of storage for all your fishing tackle. > Seat box > 3 drawer seatbox > Secure leg locking adapters > Eas..
3,925 грн.
5,352 грн.

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