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а как она по толщине?/////////////////.. ...»

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 Dusk till Dawn Carp Rod Clips
Dusk Til Dawn Carp Rod Clips The Carp Rod Clips are highly visible making sure of excellent performance. > Fishing Rod Clips > Great value > Highly visible For our full range of General Accessories visit birka.club Product code: 942440 ..
37 грн.
53 грн.
 Dusk till Dawn Leger Rod Clips
Dusk Til' Dawn The Ledger Rod Clip is designed to be used with chemical lights for the people who fish either into the dusk or straight through the night. The handy little clip just clips straight onto the tip of the rod and insert your night light and away you go. > Dusk Til' Dawn > Ide..
37 грн.
53 грн.
 Dusk till Dawn Glowstix
Dusk Til Dawn Glowstix The Glowstix are super bright and long lasting chemical snaplights. These are to be used with rod clips and floats. > Fishing Glowstix > 12 Hours plus > Break and shake to activate > Non toxic and non flamable ingredients For our full range of Carp Fishing Acces..
73 грн.
110 грн.
 Band It Feeder Line
Bandit Feeder Line The Bandit Feeder Line is a low diameter method line which is fast sinking also has low visibility in water which makes it the best line for the modern angler. Bandit Feeder Line > Available in 3 sizes > Low diameter line > Good value for money > 150 meters per sp..
110 грн.
180 грн.
 Waterline Stainless Bankstick
Waterline Stainless Bank Stick The Waterline Stainless Bank Stick is a strong and durable bankstick, made from stainless steel. It comes in 30inch or 16inch with a pointed tip. It has a universal thread so will fit most rod rests and alarms. > Waterline Stainless Bank Stick > Universal Threa..
148 грн.
148 грн.
 Avanti Fluro Latex elastic
Avanti Fluro Latex elastic A complete range of ready lubricated Fluro coloured latex elastics to cover you for all fishing from roach and skimmers to margin carp. A smooth and forgiving elastic, Avanti Fluro Latex comes in eight strengths from a lightweight 4-6 Red for silverfish on shallow waters r..
149 грн.
205 грн.
 Taktix Fishing Bait Box
Taktix Fishing Bait Box Set The Takix Bait Box is a square box that is ideal for all types of fishing. Ideal for storing all types of fishing bait. The Fishing Box Set would make a great starter set and is great value for money. Multi Purpose Bait Box > Three sizes available > Positive St..
149 грн.
167 грн.
 Connekt Double Competition Super Lube
Connekt Double Competition Super Lube The Double Competition Super Lube is available in four different sizes. The pole elastic is super stretchy and has a silicone coat making sure of excellent performance. Fishing Pole Elastic > Superstretch > Silicone coat > Long lasting > Low fricti..
167 грн.
177 грн.
 Dhp Name Fishing DVDs
Famous Name Fishing DVD's Take a back seat and let the experts show you how with these Famous Name Fishing DVDs, with advice on everything from pellet feeder fishing to river tactics. > Famous Name Fishing DVD's > Bob Nudd My Way With The Pole, Part 1 > Bob Nudd My Way With The Pole, Part..
167 грн.
177 грн.
 Taktix Pull Itz Fishing Bung
Taktix Pull Itz Fishing Bung The Taktix Pull Itz Bung is ideal for all types of pole fishing. The Bung is made from a strong construction making sure of excellent performance when netting. Fishing Bung > For total elastic control > Allows for faster netting > Strong construction For our..
178 грн.
213 грн.
 Connekt Fishing Cupping In Pot Kit
Connekt Cupping In Pot Kit The Cupping In Pot Kit is ideal for fast and easy bait delivery. The Cupping In Pot Kit has 2 restricted flow clip on lids for medium or drop feed. Fishing Cupping In Pot Kit > Threaded Adaptor for cupping Kit Fixing > Idea For Fast Bait Delivery For our full range..
223 грн.
201 грн.
 Avanti Magnieye Hook Threader
Avanti Magnieye Hook Threader This Magnieye Hook Threaderis a fish hook threading tool. It is an inexpensive gadget to help thread your fish hooks easily. Threading small to medium size hooks has never been easier. The magnet will holds the hook in place while you thread the fishing line into the ..
181 грн.
265 грн.
 Dunlop Weighing Scale
Dunlop Weighing Scale The Weighing Scale is capable of taking loads up to 22kg (50lb). Comes with a tape measure to record the length of your catch. These scales are an essential part of any fishing tackle box. Fishing Scale > Combined scale and tape measure > Weighs up to 22kg (50lb) > C..
181 грн.
265 грн.
 JRC 3FT Leader Clips
JRC 3FT Leader Clips The JRC 3FT Leader Clips are designed to drop the lead if the fish goes into a snag, leading the fish to rise to the surface enabling you to bring the fish to the net easier. JRC 3FT Leader Clips > Length 3 foot > 3 different colours > Sand , Brown and GreenFor our ..
181 грн.
265 грн.
 JRC Dunky Spod
JRC Dunky Spod The JRC Dunky Spod is a unique design to JRC and sure to cause a soft spod revolution! The Dunky Spod is something really special , designed for spodding , but unlike all the others on the market , this one is virtually silent when hitting the water giving the angler an awesome edg..
181 грн.
275 грн.
 Stonefly Dub Machine
Stonefly Dub Machine The Stonefly Dub Machine is a perfect bit of kit for designing your own flies and tying them.For our full range of Carp Fishing Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 949266..
181 грн.
339 грн.
 Stonefly Dubbin teaser
Stonefly Dubbin teaser The Stonefly Dubbin teaser are specially designed micro barbed tool making it ideal for picking up small amounts of dubbing material and can be used to tease out a fly. Stonefly Dubbin teaser > Easy to use > Must have toolFor our full range of Fly Fishing Accessories..
181 грн.
230 грн.
 Dunlop Bait Catapult
Dunlop Bait Catapult The Bait Catapult is perfect for propelling your bait out into your swim. > Fishing Catapult > Strong Moulded nylon frame > Super stretchTubular elastic > Deep Pouch > Bait/Feed catapult For our full range of Pole Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 94138..
200 грн.
301 грн.
 Dunlop Tackle Accessory Pack
Dunlop Tackle Accessory Pack The Tackle Accessory Pack is ideal for all types of fishing. The Compartment Boxes are very lightweight making it ideal when organising your small items of Fishing Tackle. Fishing Accessory Pack > 4 compartment > 6 compartment > 8 compartment > Positive lo..
200 грн.
301 грн.
 Dunlop 5 LED Headlamp
Dunlop 5 LED Headlamp The 5 LED Headlamp is ideal for Climbing, Cycling, Walking, Outdoor and Camping, Automotive/DIY and Fishing. The Fishing Headlamp has 5 high quality LED's and has a fully adjustable strap for superb performance. The Headlamp is water resistance so will take a shower or two b..
201 грн.
326 грн.
 Dunlop Bait Box Set
Dunlop Bait Box Set The Dunlop Bait Box Set is a square box that is ideal for all types of fishing. Ideal for storing all types of fishing bait. The Fishing Box Set would make a great starter set and is great value for money. > Dunlop Bait Box Set > Available in a twin pack > 1 pint and 2..
201 грн.
316 грн.
 Taktix Bait Punch Set
Taktix Bait Punch Set The Bait Punch Set is designed to punch out hook bait sized pellets. Consists of four different sizes. Ideal for luncheon meat and paste. Made from a tough construction making sure of superb performance. Fishing Bait Punch Set > Great value > For luncheon meat > 4 si..
218 грн.
317 грн.
 Dunlop Multi Tool
Dunlop Multi Tool The Multi Tool is a very useful accessory to have for all those little jobs at the bankside. Will act as braid and line scissors, pliers and shot opening and closing tool. Fishing Multi Tool > Spring loaded design > Easy grip handle > Forceps style end for aiding unhook..
234 грн.
387 грн.
 Dunlop Rod Rest Set
Dunlop Rod Rest Set This Dunlop Rod Rest Set comes with two rests that have adjustable angle tilts. > Dunlop Rod Rest Set > 2 rests > Adjustable angle titles > Suitable for all conditions For our full range of Carp Fishing Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 942112..
251 грн.
408 грн.
 Waterline Telescopic Stainless Bank Stick
Waterline Telescopic Stainless Bank Stick The Waterline Telescopic Stainless Bank Stick is a strong and durable bankstick, made from stainless steel. It is telescopic with a pointed tip. It has a universal thread so will fit most Rod rests and alarms. > Waterline Telescopic Stainless Bank Stick..
267 грн.
356 грн.
 Avanti Twin Pellet Pump Pack
Avanti Twin Pellet Pump Pack A top quality pellet pump designed to extract the air quickly and effortlessly. The simplest and easiest way to ensure perfect soft hooker pellets every time. > Easy to use > Twin mega value pack > Fast sink pellets For our full range of General Accessories vi..
285 грн.
448 грн.
 Avanti Vac Pac Kit
Avanti Vac Pac Kit Keeping bait fresh is an age-old problem for anglers, especially when it comes to week-long sessions or dealing with leftover bait at the end of a match or pleasure trip but thanks to Avanti's clever little vac-pac kit, you'll never need to throw bait away again! In just seconds..
285 грн.
448 грн.
 Carp Kinetics Carbon FX Extendable Bank Stick
Carp Kinetics Carbon FX Extendable Bank Stick These stylish Carbon FX Extending Bankstick are slim-profiled and are finished in a carbon effect, they have strong bullet points and the adjusting knob can be tightened extra-firm thanks to a groove - simply use a coin - to ensure they remain at the d..
285 грн.
502 грн.
 Dragon Carp LED Disgorger
Dragon Carp LED Disgorger This amazing gadget from Dragon Carp is a must for anyone fishing at dusk or through the night. Total hook location visibility for quick, safe unhooking. Use in the day as well as night and with 3 different size heads it suits small fish up to specimen sized fish. > LE..
285 грн.
448 грн.
 Carp Kinetics Pellet Drill
Carp Kinetics Pellet Drill A must-have for all carp, specimen, and match anglers, this incredibly useful bit of kit drills through hard baits quickly meaning you can prepare loads of hookbaits in just seconds. It comes with two ultra fine drill bits that allow you to drill through pellets a..
304 грн.
539 грн.
 Taktix Fishing Curved Forceps
Taktix Fishing Curved Forceps The Curved Forceps are ideal for unhooking any type of fish. The Fishing Forceps can also be used for nipping shot onto line. They are available in sizes 4in, 6in, 8in, & 12in. Curved Fishing Forceps > 4 Sizes Available > Curved > Used For Unhooking Fish ..
334 грн.
390 грн.
 Avanti Complete Elastication Kits
Avanti Complete Elastication Kits There are four elastic strengths in this Complete Elastication Kit range, each pack consists of over 5m of elastic - enough to set up four or five top kits - plus bung, connector and pole tip bush. There's even a diagram on the packet to show you how to elasticat..
335 грн.
530 грн.
 Matt Hayes Wild Anglers Tool Kit
Matt Hayes Wild Anglers Tool Kit A range of fishing accessories that are all essentials for your stalking bag, rucksack, seatbox or waistcoat. In the set you get a pair of forceps suitable for use with larger hooks and trebles. A double ended disgorger, super sharp scissors for snipping braid and ..
368 грн.
601 грн.
 Avanti Bait Applicator
Avanti Bait Applicator The Avanti Bait Applicator is the first ever fishing gadget that automatically puts paste on your hook without it falling off. Just pull the trigger and your hook is loaded. > Avanti Bait Applicator > Easy to use > Makes paste fishing simple > Use with pole or ..
435 грн.
775 грн.
 Greys Prowla Fluorocarbon Tippet Fly Leader Line
Greys Prowla Fluorocarbon Tippet Fly Leader Line The Greys Prowla Fluorocarbon Tippet Fly Leader Line has a superb knot strength as well as a quick sink rate that is nearly invisible for the fish under water. > Line > 50m > Good abrasion resistance > Superb knot strength > Quick sin..
435 грн.
682 грн.
 Stonefly Boat Caddie Clamp
Stonefly Boat Caddie Clamp The Stonefly Boat Caddie Clamp is the heart of the boat caddie system, is very robust , a rock-solid tried and tested design that's going to last no matter what. it can be attached to your boat seat or the thwart board with ease and this then allows you to attach other s..
469 грн.
719 грн.
 Carp Kinetics Glow Tool Kit
Carp Kinetics Glow Tool Kit The Carp Kinetics Glow Tool Kit has been selected to cover all baiting or rig situations and ideal for pitch black nights. Not one needle does everything and with this set it will ensure that you can use the right needle for the job. > Carp Kinetics Glow Tool Kit &..
485 грн.
 Carp Kinetics Boilie Smasher
Carp Kinetics Boilie Smasher The Carp Kinetics Boilie Smasher makes smashing those hard boilies and particle an easy task, easy to use and ideal for any angler. Make it a part of your Tackle. > Carp Kinetics Boilie Smasher > Easy to use > Boilies, nuts and particles > Blender > H..
536 грн.
857 грн.
 Diem Carbon Buzz Bar
Diem Carbon Buzz Bar The Diem Carbon Buzz Bar are precision made high quality carbon buzz bars and are perfect for a single bank stick set-up, making it easier on the bank. > 2 Rod Set Up > Carbon and Stainless Two rod buzzer bars > Lightweight Carbon > 100% Stainless fittings > ..
603 грн.
1 041 грн.
 Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker
Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker The Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker is the perfect solution to keep essential bits of tackle close at hand you can even attach it to the boat seat or thwart board. Stonefly Boat Caddie Locker > Zip closure compartments > Foam strips for holding flies > Ideal stor..
804 грн.
1 221 грн.
 Fossil Fly Trout QR Landing Net
Fossilfly Trout QR Landing Net The Fossilfly Trout QR Landing Net comes with a elastic lanyard and carabiner to securely attach the landing net so not to drop it. It also comes with a spring loaded autofold head feature meaning you can quickly unfold the net when needed from its compact state. It ..
870 грн.
1 288 грн.
 Diem Weigh Scale
Diem Weigh Scale The Diem Weigh Scale are an ideal alternative to electronic scales, can be used in conjunction with tripods and weigh bars. designed to meet all the requirements of the modern angler whilst retaining those features that have made the Diem Weigh Scale so successful in many other c..
1 473 грн.
2 298 грн.
 Diem Euro Beanie Matt
Diem Floating Protecta Sling All carp anglers know that caring for your catch is imperative indeed most good fisheries insist on the use of an unhooking mat. This Diem Floating Protecta Sling is just the job. Big enough to protect any carp you're likely to catch, it features a hard-wearing yet so..
2 076 грн.
3 079 грн.
 Diem Ultra Protecta Cradle
Diem Ultra Protecta Cradle The Diem Ultra Protecta Cradle is perfect for deal with your carp, safe and secure way to take pictures and unhook the fish, Easy to set up and use. Diem Ultra Protecta Cradle > Full Padded interior and exterior > Mesh panel for drainage > Diem logo > Carry h..
2 143 грн.
2 952 грн.

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