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Kamasan Bayer Perlon 100m
Kam Bayer Perlon 100m The Kam Bayer Perlon 100m is ideal for all types of coarse fishing. It also comes in a wide range of breaking strains and is a low diameter line and it also as low visibility in water making this line perfect for every angler. Kam Bayer Perlon 100m > 100 meter spools > ..
113 грн.
160 грн.
Maver Standard Rest
Maver Standard Rest The Standard Rest is simple but effective. Included is an adjustable multi position and brass thread. A great piece of Fishing Tackle at a superb price point. Fishing Rest > Adjustable Multi Position > Brass thread For our full range of General Accessories visit birka.clu..
161 грн.
188 грн.
Maver Tulip Rest
Maver Tulip Rest The Tulip Rest is designed to stop pole sections sliding down the bank after unshipping. Spring loaded gripper band will grip sections 3 to 6 easily. A great piece of Fishing Tackle at a superb price point. Fishing Rest > Spring loaded gripper > Fully adjustable > Brass t..
161 грн.
188 грн.
Greys Prodigy Klip Lok Base Boxes
Greys Prodigy Klip Lok Base Boxes These Greys Prodigy Klip Lok Base Boxes are are perfect for storing hooks, swivels and beads. These boxes are constructed with a transparent stackable design. > Base boxes > Includes 4 > One handed opening > Secure lids > Transparent design > Wat..
194 грн.
291 грн.
Seymo Rod Rest
Seymo Rod Rest The Seymo Rod Restis strong easy to use with the adjustable head so you can use it at any angle. > Seymo Rod Rest > Adjustable head > Strong and durable plastic > Easy to use For our full range of General Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 941732..
194 грн.
242 грн.
Maver Quick Release Hex Lock Adaptor
Maver Match This Hex Lock Adaptor The perfect accessory for todays match angler. With this clever little adaptor there is no need to keep unscrewing your keepnet or any other screw thread accessory. Quick and easy to use, simply push the button to release the adaptor. Maver Quick Release Hex Lock Ad..
278 грн.
317 грн.
Boxplus Double Umbrella
Boxplus Double Umbrella The Boxplus Double Umbrella is essential for any angler to secure a umbrella, this has a two point locking for extra security, will fit most legs. Boxplus Double Umbrella > Secure > 2 Point locking > Fits Most seat boxes For our full range of Sea Fishing Accessorie..
340 грн.
502 грн.
Silstar Grizzly Fishing Tele Pole
Silstar Grizzly Fishing Tele Pole The Silstar Grizzly Tele Pole has a lightweight construction. This fishing rod comes with eye attached to tip for excellent performance. This would make a great starter pole and is excellent value for money. > Silstar Grizzly Fishing Tele Pole > Lightweight ..
373 грн.
760 грн.
Maver MX Umbrella Arm
Maver MX Umbrella Arm The Maver MX Umbrella Arm is a high quality umbrella arm that measure 29cm and features the clever leg fitting allowing it to be used on the majority of leg systems with either square or round legs. > Fishing Umbrella Arm > High Quality > Used of majority of leg syst..
453 грн.
510 грн.
Maver Signature Cross Arm
Maver Signature Cross Arm The Maver Signature Cross Arm is ideal for bait waiters, pole hooks or windsocks. It has a Maver universal attachment that will fit 25mm , 30mm and 36mm legs on your box. Maver Signature Cross Arm > Universal attachment > Fits 25mm , 30mm and 36mm legs For our ful..
550 грн.
633 грн.
Avanti Knee Pole Support
Avanti Knee Pole Support Suited to anglers who want to use the pole in a stable rest system but have the ability to immediately strike, the Knee Active Pole Support (KAPS) makes fishing effective and simple. > Avanti Knee Pole Support > Fits any seatbox round or square > Just lift your kn..
1 037 грн.
1 659 грн.
Maver Bait Brolly
Maver Bait Brolly The Maver Bait Brolly is a large bait brolly that measures 40" square making it perfect for covering big side trays. This fishing bait brolly will keep you protected from the worst weather conditions without hampering your fishing. > Fishing Bait Brolly > Lightweight > T..
1 425 грн.
1 689 грн.
Avanti Match Barrow
Avanti Match Barrow The Avanti Match Barrow is specially designed barrow style tackle transporter, that has been developed to carry all types of seat boxes and all of your bags and holdalls. Avanti Match Barrow > Light weight frame > 2 Pumped up wheels for better support > Easy to take..
2 527 грн.
3 519 грн.
Avanti Gearbox Seat Box
Avanti Gearbox Seat Box The Avanti Gearbox Seat Box is a great superlight weight seat box with back rest and is superb value for money. It has adjustable legs, a padded seat cushion for extra comfort. The 2 front drawers means you are never to far away from your tackle and it will be stored away n..
3 283 грн.
4 806 грн.
Avanti Action Seat Box
Avanti Action Seat Box The Avanti Action Seat Box is constructed with a lightweight 3 drawer design that features a padded pole sat for comfort. Its deep storage base offers plenty of storage for all your fishing tackle. > Seat box > 3 drawer seatbox > Secure leg locking adapters > Eas..
3 744 грн.
5 264 грн.
Maver Abyss X 3 Drawer Seat Box
Maver Abyss X 3 Drawer Seat Box The Abyss X 3 Drawer Seat Box is a well though out and competitively priced seatbox packed full of features and perfect for the newcomer to the sport. An ultra lightweight box that will appeal to all anglers looking for their first seatbox. Fishing Seat Box > Pad..
4 320 грн.
5 062 грн.

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