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Dunlop Puncture Repair Kit
Dunlop Puncture Repair Kit Be prepared with the Dunlop Puncture Repair Kit thanks to the two large patches and 4 smaller ones, whilst the rubber cement helps for a sealed fit. > Puncture Repair Kit > 4 small patches > 2 large patches > Rubber cement > Chalk > Metal grate > Car..
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114 грн.
Muddyfox Bicycle Inner Tube
Muddyfox Bicycle Inner Tube The Muddyfox Bicycle Inner Tube benefits from a schrader valve with a solid rubber construction for increased durability. > Bike Wheel Inner Tube > Scheader Valve > Rubber construction For our full range of Bike Maintenance and Safety visit birka.clubProduct co..
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271 грн.
Dunlop Bike Frame Pump
Dunlop Bike Frame Pump The Dunlop Bike Frame Pump is a must have for tackling repairs on the go, complete with frame fixing straps that simply attach to your bike. > Bike pump > 16 inch hand held design > Detachable 15cm hose > Suitable for Schrader valves > Includes frame fixing st..
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Mega Value Mini Hand Air Pump
Mini Hand Air Pump This Mini Hand Air Pump, features a light weight construction with two of the most popular valves. > Mini Hand Air Pump > Light weight > Two valves > Thumblock to secure valves > Complete with frame clasp > Maximum pressure 30 PSIFor our full range of Bike Pump..
181 грн.
Muddyfox Inner Tube PV
Muddyfox Inner Tube PV The Muddyfox Inner Tube PV benefits from a Presta valve with a solid rubber construction for increased durability. > Bike Wheel Inner Tube > Presta Valve > Rubber construction For our full range of Bike Pumps visit birka.clubProduct code: 937521..
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Muddyfox Track Pump 100
Muddyfox Track Pump 100 Keep pumped up for your track performance with this Muddyfox Track Pump 100, crafted with a floor standing design, complete with Muddyfox banding. > Track pump > Plastic > Floor standing design > Schrader valve compatible > Muddyfox brandingFor our full range..
329 грн.
521 грн.
Muddyfox Alloy Mini Bike Pump
Muddyfox Alloy Mini Bike Pump The Muddyfox Alloy Mini Bike Pump is suitable for use with both schrader and presta valves, whilst the compact design and extending barrel with pressure gauge allow for you to put the air in quickly and safely. > Bike Pump > Schrader and Presta valve compatible ..
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624 грн.
Raleigh Swivel Head Mini Cycle Pump
Raleigh Swivel Head Mini Cycle Pump This Raleigh Swivel Head Mini Cycle Pump has a durable composite barrel for a tough and rugged design, an ergonomic handle for use comfort and this pump can be used with both Presta and Schrader valves. Raleigh branding provides a great look that also offers ins..
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540 грн.
Muddyfox Light Lock And Pump Set
Muddyfox Light, Lock And Pump Set Equip your cycling essentials kit with this Muddyfox Light, Lock And Pump Set, complete with a multi function front and rear LED light set, an alloy mini pump and a coated steel combination cable lock measuring 180cm x 10mm. Complete with Muddyfox branding. > C..
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1,733 грн.
Muddyfox Track Pump 300
Muddyfox Track Pump 300 This alloy Muddyfox Track Pump 300 is floor standing, with an integrated pressure gauge, complete with Muddyfox branding. > Track pump > Alloy > Floor standing > Integrated pressure gauge > Schrader and presta valve compatible > Muddyfox brandingFor our fu..
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2,107 грн.

It’s one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a cyclist, but a flat tyre also happens to be one of the most common problems for many of us. Therefore, take a look at our extensive range of bike pumps to rescue you in your next emergency. Ranging from puncture repair kits, floor pumps to portable bike pumps, our range is sure to have you covered.

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