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Bike Maintenance and Safety

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Dunlop Puncture Repair Kit
Dunlop Puncture Repair Kit Be prepared with the Dunlop Puncture Repair Kit thanks to the two large patches and 4 smaller ones, whilst the rubber cement helps for a sealed fit. > Puncture Repair Kit > 4 small patches > 2 large patches > Rubber cement > Chalk > Metal grate > Car..
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114 грн.
Dunlop Trouser Clips
Dunlop Trouser Clips The Dunlop Trouser Clips are designed to easily clip around the hems of yours trouser legs keeping them out of the way of the chain and pedal cranks whilst you cycle. > Cycling trouser clips > Traditional design > Lightweight plastic constructionFor our full range of ..
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Muddyfox Bicycle Inner Tube
Muddyfox Bicycle Inner Tube The Muddyfox Bicycle Inner Tube benefits from a schrader valve with a solid rubber construction for increased durability. > Bike Wheel Inner Tube > Scheader Valve > Rubber construction For our full range of Bike Maintenance and Safety visit birka.clubProduct co..
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Raleigh Puncture Repair Kit
Raleigh Puncture Repair Kit The Raleigh Puncture Repair Kit has everything you will need to deal with a puncture while out on the road, featuring 6 feather edged patches along a rubber solution for a sealed fit. > Puncture repair kit > 6 feather edge patches > Glass paper > 5gms rubber..
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Kenda Bicycle Inner Tube The Kenda Bicycle Inner Tube benefits from a ssolid rubber construction for increased durability. > Bike Wheel Inner Tube > Rubber construction > 16x1.75-2125For our full range of Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 939141..
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Dunlop Hi Vis Sash
Dunlop Hi Vis Sash The Dunlop Hi Vis Sash benefits from an adjustable strap and clip buckle fastener for a personalised fit. > Hi Vis Sash > Clip buckle fastener > High visibility reflective sash > Adjustable size strap > Max 48" waist For our full range of Bike Maintenance and Safe..
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Muddyfox Inner Tube PV
Muddyfox Inner Tube PV The Muddyfox Inner Tube PV benefits from a Presta valve with a solid rubber construction for increased durability. > Bike Wheel Inner Tube > Presta Valve > Rubber construction For our full range of Bike Pumps visit birka.clubProduct code: 937521..
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Sport Eybl Sportsline Sport Multi Spray
Eybl Sport Multi Spray Lubricate your moving parts with this Eybl Sport Multi Spray which has excellant lubrication properties with long term protection and also has high pressure resistance. > Eybl Sport Multi Spray > Lubricant > Long term protection > High pressure resistance > 40..
313 грн.
Muddyfox Multi Tool
Muddyfox Multi Tool The Muddyfox Multi Tool includes every tool you need to maintain your bike, complete in a handy carry case making this an essential part of your cycling pack. > Cycling multi tool > Hex keys (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm) > Flat head screwdriver > 14G and 16G spoke k..
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Maxxus Tyre 29 Matador Tyre
Dura Tyre 29 Matador Tyre Shred through trails with massive precision and unrelenting grip using the Dura Tyre 29 Matador Tyre! The importance of grip out on the trails cannot be understated and is the basis of a good run. The all purpose grip style of the Dura Tyre 29 Matador Tyre makes for impre..
724 грн.
Muddyfox Saddle Bag
Muddyfox Saddle Bag This Muddyfox Saddle Bag benefits from a durable structured design. Reflective detailing helps improve visibility in low light conditions to make sure you are seen coupled with a LED red light that flashes. This bag is simply fastened on to your seat post with adjustable hook a..
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1,420 грн.
Schwalbe Rocket Ron Tubeless Ready Tire
Schwalbe Rocket Ron Tubeless Ready Tire When your speeding down a near vertical trail and traversing saturated and muddy slopes; traction and control are paramount to delivering exceptional performance and feel translating through the bike! The Schwalbe Rocket Ron Tubeless Ready Tire is sure to de..
2,437 грн.

Be prepared for every eventuality with our range of bike maintenance accessories, featuring bike tool kits, bike reflectors, bike covers and more. We have maintenance accessories from big brand names such as Dunlop, Disney and more all at low prices to suit all budgets! Why not also take a look through our collection of cycle helmets so that you’re fully kitted out! cycling accessories department.

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