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We're now in an age where commuting to work on your bike is the fashionable thing to do, and that's why we've placed particular attention on providing one of the most extensive selections of city and road bikes in the market. Whether it’s to save money on the parking meter, or just to beat that early morning rush hour, road bikes have never been so popular. They are also the bike of choice for the racing cyclists out there and if you are looking to follow in the footsteps of the men who have made cycling so popular over recent years, road bikes are the way to go.

These bikes are specifically designed to handle the smoother nature of urban routes, whilst providing additional speed to the cyclist. To achieve this, they benefit from narrower tires that are of a higher pressure, with this decreasing their rolling resistance. They are generally much lighter than the standard bike as well, in another bid to enhance speed.

Our catalogue contains men's, women's and children's road bikes, with each product arriving in a range of different sizes that can be filtered using both the wheel and frame. For those who want the ultimate flexibility when it comes to commuting, we also have folding bikes which are designed for the road and these can be stored away in an instant.

В нашем интернет-магазине вы можете купить road and city bikes с доставкой в Киеве, Харькове, Днепропетровске, Одессе, Полтаве, Запорожье, Виннице, Луцке, Житомире, Ужгороде, Ивано-Франковске, Кировограде, Львове, Николаеве, Ровно, Сумах, Тернополе, Херсоне, Хмельницке, Черкассах, Чернигове, Черновцах, Кременчуге, Кривом Роге, Мариуполе, Мелитополе, Белой церкови, Борисполе, Коломые, Мукачево, Новоград-Волынском, Бердянске, Славянске, Северодонецке, Ахтырке, Донецке, Краматорске, Луганске, Павлограде, и других городах Украины.

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