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Lonsdale Dead Lift Straps
Lonsdale Dead Lift Straps The Lonsdale Dead Lift Straps are perfect for all your fitness and weight training exercises with a durable construction and padded section for a more comfortable feel, finished off with Lonsdale branding for a great look. > Lift straps > Durable > Padded section..
130 грн.
216 грн.
Lonsdale Wrist Grip
Lonsdale Wrist Grip The Lonsdale Wrist Grip is a pack of two that have soft padded handles for added comfort and are perfect for adding into your exercise regime. These wrist grips are designed to increase hand strength, toning forearms, fingers and hand muscles. > Wrist grip > Padded handle..
161 грн.
242 грн.
Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope
Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope The Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope has been designed with a 9ft nylon rope that is ideal for fitness and speed training. This Lonsdale skipping rope also comes with slimline moulded plastic handles to easy use. > Boxing skipping rope > 9 ft > Soft nylon rope > ..
194 грн.
291 грн.
Lonsdale Leather Skipping Rope
Lonsdale Leather Skipping Rope The Lonsdale Leather Skipping Rope is perfect for all your cardio workouts helping to improve your agility and co-ordination! This skipping rope has weighted handles to help tone muscles with a leather rope for added durability. > Skipping rope > Weighted handl..
388 грн.
583 грн.
Lonsdale Open Knee Support
Lonsdale Open Knee Support The Lonsdale Open Knee Support is perfect for added support during your fitness and workout regime with an adjustable touch and close strap for a secure and comfortable fit, complete with the Lonsdale logo. > Knee support > Touch and close fastening > Open knee ..
388 грн.
583 грн.
Lonsdale Fitness Gloves
Lonsdale Fitness Gloves The Lonsdale Fitness Gloves is perfect for weight training, featuring a stitched leather palm for lifting heavy objects, finished off with a hook and loop tape fastening and the Lonsdale logo. > Gloves > Leather palm > Hook and loop tape For our full range of G..
389 грн.
611 грн.
Lonsdale Tennis Elbow Support
Lonsdale Tennis Elbow Support Whether you have previous injuries, muscle or bone weaknesses or just want to help avoid injury then the Lonsdale Tennis Elbow Support is what you need! The design offers easy adjustment for the perfect fit thanks to the hook and loop tape adjustment that allows you t..
421 грн.
681 грн.
Lonsdale Knee Sleeve Support
Lonsdale Knee Sleeve Support The Lonsdale Knee Sleeve Support offers a great supportive fit to help give you that confidence boost to push a bit harder and get back to normal! The sleeve helps to provide support, warmth and stabilisation during movement. Finished with Lonsdale branding and a a str..
518 грн.
829 грн.
Lonsdale Resistance Training Rope
Lonsdale Resistance Training Rope The Lonsdale Resistance Training Rope is perfect for helping you to tone and improve your fitness with an elasticated cord. This resistance rope has two large padded handles for a soft and comfortable grip. > Resistance rope > Foam, padded handle > Elasti..
550 грн.
826 грн.
Lonsdale Fitness Mat
Lonsdale Fitness Mat The Lonsdale Fitness Mat is perfect for staying comfortable during floor exercises, with elasticated straps attached so you can roll up for compact storage. > Fitness mat > Carry handle > Elasticated straps > Lonsdale logo > 180 x 60cmFor our full range of Gym M..
567 грн.
886 грн.
Lonsdale Strap Knee Support
Lonsdale Strap Knee Support The Lonsdale Strap Knee Support offers a supportive fit with an elasticated touch and close fastening for a secure feel with unrestricted movement! > Knee support > Elasticated > Touch and close fastening > Lonsdale logo For our full range of Athletic Suppor..
567 грн.
886 грн.
Lonsdale Chest Expander
Lonsdale Chest Expander Sculpt your chest with this Lonsdale Chest Expander, a number of exercises can be performed with this piece of equipment in the luxury of your own home! You can easily vary the number of lifeline cables used and its flexible space saving handles make it easier to work out. ..
616 грн.
1 006 грн.
Lonsdale Kettle Bell
Lonsdale Kettle Bell The Lonsdale Kettle Bell is the perfect addition to any fitness workout helping you to build up your strength, agility and balance. This kettle bell has a comfortable wide grip allowing for a more smooth and controlled movements. > Kettle bell > Wide grip > Please not..
680 грн.
1 931 грн.
Lonsdale Push Up Resistance Band Set
Lonsdale Push Up Resistance Band Set You train and train but you will reach a point where your own body weight isn't enough to effectively train with push ups! The Lonsdale Push Up Resistance Band Set ensure that you can keep building fitness and strength past that point without the need for weigh..
680 грн.
1 123 грн.
Lonsdale Ab Strap
Lonsdale Ab Straps Enjoy a complete ab workout with these Ab Straps, designed to target the core. Crafted with a comfortable sweat resistant foam cushion, these durable and heavy duty straps easily attach to any pull up bar. > Ab straps > Provides a complete ab workout > Targets the core ..
712 грн.
1 069 грн.
Lonsdale Chrome Dumbbell
Lonsdale Chrome Dumbbell Strengthen your upper body and tone your muscles with the Lonsdale Chrome Dumbbell thanks to the comfortable foam handgrip for a secure and soft feel, whilst the chrome plated, solid cast iron construction allows for a well balanced design. > Dumbbell > Soft foam han..
778 грн.
2 504 грн.
Lonsdale Leather Weightlifting Belt
Lonsdale Leather Weightlifting Belt Designed to give the required support when weight training, the Lonsdale Leather Weightlifting Belt has a padded back section, genuine leather construction and chunky metal buckle, finished with two sets of loops and embossed Lonsdale branding. > Weight lifti..
842 грн.
1 320 грн.
Lonsdale Medicine ball
Lonsdale Medicine ball The Lonsdale Medicine ball is perfect for building up your core strength and stability! This medicine ball has a durable rubber outer with a dimpled pattern for added grip. > Medicine ball > Dimpled grip > Durable > Lonsdale logoFor our full range of Weights and ..
842 грн.
1 943 грн.
Lonsdale Bands Kit
Lonsdale Bands Kit Increase your resistance levels and improve your strength with this Londsdale Bands Kit - allowing for a full body workout including bicep curls, chest presses, bent over rows, front raises, the rear fly, tricep kickbacks, lunges, side shuffles, calf raises and wood chops. This ..
1 036 грн.
1 520 грн.
Lonsdale Ab Carver
Lonsdale Ab Carver Strengthen and tone your abs, core and arms with this Lonsdale Ab Carver - a wide wheel that allows for unrestricted movement with a spring free hub design and left and right handles with ergonomic grips. > Ab carver > Tones abs, core and arms > Wide wheel device with s..
1 101 грн.
1 652 грн.
Lonsdale Rotating Push Up Handle
Lonsdale Rotating Push Up Handle Train like a professional in the comfort of your own home with this Lonsdale Rotating Push Up Handle, suitable for the Pilates push up, knee modification, chair elevation wall push up and arm sweeper. This device is ideal for all fitness levels and allows the arms ..
1 101 грн.
1 652 грн.
Lonsdale Body Trainer
Lonsdale Body Trainer Build strength with this Lonsdale Body Trainer that is suitable for individual use or partner training. Increse the impact frequency and impact velocity of your workout thanks to the resistance bands that attach easily to your wrists and ankles helping to improve your kick an..
1 166 грн.
1 913 грн.
Lonsdale PU Balance Pad
Lonsdale PU Balance Pad This Lonsdale PU Balance Pad is designed to improve the users balance, coordination as well as stability and motor skills for physical rehabilitation. > Balance pad > PU construction > Wipe clean > Soft foam feel > 19.5 cm x 16cm x 2 cmFor our full range of A..
1 231 грн.
1 994 грн.
Lonsdale 15Kg Dumbbell Set
Lonsdale 15Kg Dumbbell Set The Lonsdale 15Kg Dumbbell Set is perfect for keeping in shape and enhancing your definition, including two bars with four spinlock collars and a selection of weights so you can tailor your workout. > Dumbbells > 4 x 1.25kg weights > 4 x 2.50kg weights > 2 x ..
1 426 грн.
2 224 грн.
Lonsdale Multi Gym
Lonsdale Multi Gym Train in the comfort of your own home for the body you always wanted with this Lonsdale Multi Gym. This equipment allows you to train via pull ups, sit ups, push ups and dips for a complete upper body workout. The frame sits neatly to any standard door frame. > Multi gym >..
1 619 грн.
2 429 грн.
Lonsdale Electronic Gym Timer
Lonsdale Electronic Gym Timer This high visibility Lonsdale Electronic Gym Timer has been designed with adaptable parameters, an extra loud sound, large visibility display and touch buttons. > Gym timer > Electronic > Adjustable parameters > Extra loud sound > Large visibility displ..
4 608 грн.
5 981 грн.

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