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Lonsdale Mini Gloves
Lonsdale Mini Gloves The Lonsdale Mini Gloves is perfect for jazzing your car up! In an array of colours and designs to suit everyone! > Minin Gloves > AssortedFor our full range of Sports Equipment Sale visit birka.clubProduct code: 762486..
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Lonsdale Dead Lift Straps
Lonsdale Dead Lift Straps The Lonsdale Dead Lift Straps are perfect for all your fitness and weight training exercises with a durable construction and padded section for a more comfortable feel, finished off with Lonsdale branding for a great look. > Lift straps > Durable > Padded section..
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Lonsdale Wrist Grip
Lonsdale Wrist Grip The Lonsdale Wrist Grip is a pack of two that have soft padded handles for added comfort and are perfect for adding into your exercise regime. These wrist grips are designed to increase hand strength, toning forearms, fingers and hand muscles. > Wrist grip > Padded handle..
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Everlast Vest Mens
Everlast Vest Mens This Everlast Vest is a brilliant choice for a laid back style that is suitable for casual wear or whilst training. The vest features a crew neck and a loose fitting sleeveless style. The large printed design to the front of the vest adds to the look with a bold Everlast brand t..
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Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope
Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope The Lonsdale Club Skipping Rope has been designed with a 9ft nylon rope that is ideal for fitness and speed training. This Lonsdale skipping rope also comes with slimline moulded plastic handles to easy use. > Boxing skipping rope > 9 ft > Soft nylon rope > ..
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Lonsdale Floor To Ceiling Ball Bladder
Lonsdale Floor To Ceiling Ball Bladder The Lonsdale Floor To Ceiling Ball Bladder is the perfect replacement for a perished or damaged floor to ceiling ball bladder. > Floor to ceiling ball bladder > Ideal as a spare > Comes deflated See our full collection of punch bag accessories at Pro..
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Lonsdale 2.5m Hand Wrap
Lonsdale 2.5m Hand Wrap This Lonsdale 2.5m Hand Wrap have been crafted with an extended thumb hook and loop fastening for longer life, whilst the Lonsdale branding completes the great look. > Hand Wrap > Pack of 2 > Extended thumb hook and loop fastening > Premium stretch material >..
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Lonsdale Contender Hand Wrap
Lonsdale Contender Hand Wrap The Lonsdale Contender Hand Wrap are a boxing essential so that you can train easily in safety! The Lonsdale Contender Hand Wrap use a tough and durable fabric to aid in supporting and protecting your hands and wrists through training allowing you to train longer, fast..
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Safeguard Gel Mouthguard Junior
Safeguard Gel Mouthguard Junior This junior Safeguard Gel Mouthguard, provides a high level of impact protection in comfort, moulding around the teeth. > Junior mouthguard > Gel construction moulds around teeth > Gives high level of impact construction > Case included > Suitable for..
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Lonsdale 3.5m Pro Handwrap
Lonsdale 3.5m Pro Handwrap The Lonsdale 3.5m Pro Handwrap are perfect for any type of boxing activities, the premium stretched material offers a comfortable fit and durability. These Handwraps have and extended hook and loop tape fastening for a longer life. > Handwraps > Hook and loop tap f..
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ALI Mouthguard
ALI Mouthguard This ALI Mouthguard are an essential part of your MMA or sports kit, complete with case. Comprising of a bottom teeth barricade, air flow channels for maximum breathability and jaw stabilisation. Suitable for rugby, field hockey, ice hockey, martial arts and football. > Mouthguar..
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Everlast Herringbone Handwrap
Everlast Herringbone Handwrap The Everlast Herringbone Handwrap is essentials for any training sessions providing you with wrist and hand support. The Everlast handstrap has an easy hook and loop fastening complete with a secure thumb loop for a secure fit and making this perfect for boxing and MM..
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Lonsdale Box Tank Vest Mens
Lonsdale Box Tank Vest Mens This is a classic boxing vest with a crew neck and no sleeves, bigger arm holes so there is no restriction in movement finished off with Lonsdale branding on the front of the vest. > Mens boxing vest > Crew neck > No sleeves > Lonsdale Branding > 100% cot..
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Lonsdale Herringbone Bone Hand Wrap
Lonsdale Herringbone Bone Hand Wrap This Lonsdale Herringbone Bone Hand Wrap, features a thumb loop for a secure fit as well as a hook and loop tape fastening. > Hand Wrap > Thumb loop > Hook and loop tape fastening > 3.5 metre >2 hand straps > Lonsdale branding For our full rang..
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Lonsdale Trainers Towel
Lonsdale trainers Towel The Lonsdale Trainers Towel is made from the finest cotton, this towel is larger than usual, and is a essential tool for all trainers and seconds. > Lonsdale trainers towel > Made from the finest cotton > Lonsdale embroidery > Ideal for trainers and seconds >..
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adidas 2 5mm Hand Wraps
adidas 2.5mm Hand Wraps The adidas 2.5mm Hand Wraps are a must for any boxer during training, featuring an elasticated, woven design and a single touch and close fastener, these adidas hand wraps are finished off with the adidas logo to the front. > Boxing hand wraps > Woven elasticated desi..
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Everlast Flock Crew T Shirt Mens
Everlast Flock Crew Mens T Shirt This Everlast Flock Crew T Shirt is stylishly constructed with a round neck and short sleeves, combined with contrasting stitched detail. A large textured Everlast logo is situated on the front of he T Shirt. Everlast branding completes this look. > T Shirt >..
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Lonsdale Training Inner Glove
The Lonsdale Training Inner Gloves have been designed with a padded knuckle area, Made from breathable stretch material for comfort and support and are a convenient alternative to wraps, Ideal for boxing aerobic workouts. > Lonsdale Training Inner Gloves > Breathable material > Alternative ..
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Opro Bronze Mouthguard
Opro Bronze Mouthguard This Opro Bronze Mouthguard is designed with one material, a fin technology for fit and protection and a integrated stretch zones all of which will provide comfort and protection. >Protective Mouthguard >One material design >Fin technology >Integrated stretch zon..
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Shock Doctor Doctor 1.5 Mouth Guard Juniors
Shock Doctor 1.5 Junior Mouth Guard Perfect protection for your mouth is the Shock Doctor Mouth Guard which has a latex free construction. > Mouth Guard > Latex free > Works with braces > Case included > Boil and bite fit system For our full range of MMA Accessories and Equipment..
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Lonsdale Pro Style Water Bottle with Straw
Lonsdale Pro Style Water Bottle with Straw The Lonsdale Pro Boxing Style Bottle has a solid construction for extra durability and the removable straw for easy clean. This Water Bottle has a screw off lid with extra large opening for easy filling and is finished off with Lonsdale branding for a gre..
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Спортивная сумка Lonsdale Barrel Bag
Спортивная сумка Lonsdale Barrel Bag Отличная брендовая спортивная сумка, известной британской компании Lonsdale. Идеально подходит как для посещения спортивного зала так и для путешествий. Сумка легкая и прочная а также надежная и вместительная. Есть удобные ручки для переноски, а так же отс..
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Everlast Flexcool Handwraps
Everlast Flexcool Handwraps The Everlast Flexcool Handwraps are designed with Flexcool breathable technical fabric that stretches and flexes for the ultimate comfort and support. > Handwraps > Includes 2 handwraps > 180" each > Flexcool fabricFor our full range of Boxing Handwraps and ..
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Everlast Med Holdall C99
Product code: 709147..
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Lonsdale Boxing Vest Top Mens
Lonsdale Boxing Vest Top Mens This Mens Lonsdale Boxing Vest Top has a scooped neck and sleeveless design for a comfortable and relaxed fit, whilst the printed design on the chest completes the impressive look. > Mens Sleeveless Top > Scooped neck > Lightweight > Soft touch material &g..
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Lonsdale Leather Skipping Rope
Lonsdale Leather Skipping Rope The Lonsdale Leather Skipping Rope is perfect for all your cardio workouts helping to improve your agility and co-ordination! This skipping rope has weighted handles to help tone muscles with a leather rope for added durability. > Skipping rope > Weighted handl..
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Lonsdale Open Knee Support
Lonsdale Open Knee Support The Lonsdale Open Knee Support is perfect for added support during your fitness and workout regime with an adjustable touch and close strap for a secure and comfortable fit, complete with the Lonsdale logo. > Knee support > Touch and close fastening > Open knee ..
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Everlast Reverse Print Eye T Shirt Mens
Everlast Reverse Print Eye Mens T Shirt Keep cool in this Everlast Reverse Print Eye T Shirt is crafted with short sleeves and a crew neck for a comfortable casual feel. A two stripe detail is situated down each side of the T Shirt for a stylish finish. A printed Everlast logo is displayed on the ..
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Everlast Taped T Shirt Mens
Everlast Taped Mens T Shirt This Everlast Taped T Shirt is styled with a ribbed crew neck and short sleeves and features a large printed Everlast logo on the front which is teamed with taped detail down the sides of the T Shirt to complete the look. > T Shirt > Crew neck > Short sleeves &..
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Everlast Zip Pocket Eye T Shirt Mens
Everlast Zip Pocket Eye Mens T Shirt This Everlast Zip Pocket Eye T Shirt is crafted from 100% cotton construction to assist in keeping you cool and ventilated whilst wearing. Its short sleeves and crew neck design provide a casual perfect fort everyday wear. This T Shirt displays a chest pocket w..
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Lonsdale Boxiing Leggings Ladies
Lonsdale Boxing Ladies Leggings For a casual look choose the Lonsdale Boxing Leggings that are a soft light weight construction that provide a comfortable feel thanks to its elasticated waistband. Styled with over locked stitched detail and two open pockets for a great finish. Lonsdale branding is..
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Lonsdale Fitness Gloves
Lonsdale Fitness Gloves The Lonsdale Fitness Gloves is perfect for weight training, featuring a stitched leather palm for lifting heavy objects, finished off with a hook and loop tape fastening and the Lonsdale logo. > Gloves > Leather palm > Hook and loop tape For our full range of G..
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Lonsdale Perforated Sleeveless T Shirt Unisex Adults
Lonsdale Perforated Sleeveless T Shirt Unisex Adults Get the most out of your performance with this Lonsdale Perforated Sleeveless T Shirt which is highly breathable to keep you cool, whilst the sleeveless design allows you to move freely so you can make the punched you want. > Boxing Top > ..
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Lonsdale Tote Bucket
Lonsdale Tote Bucket The Lonsdale Tote Bucket is suitable for a wide variety of uses featuring two separate compartments coupled with a durable carry handle across the top and Lonsdale logos to the side. > Tote bucket > Twin compartments > Carry handle > Lonsdale logos We have a huge ..
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adidas Super Inner Gloves
adidas Super Inner Gloves These adidas boxing inner gloves feature a fingerless design with thumb hole for breathability and protective gel to the knuckles. The elasticated handwrap gloves have a contrast colour trim with a wrap around hook and loop fastener to each glove for a secure fit. > Bo..
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Lonsdale Tennis Elbow Support
Lonsdale Tennis Elbow Support Whether you have previous injuries, muscle or bone weaknesses or just want to help avoid injury then the Lonsdale Tennis Elbow Support is what you need! The design offers easy adjustment for the perfect fit thanks to the hook and loop tape adjustment that allows you t..
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Everlast Gym Backpack
Everlast Gym Backpack Arrive at the gym in style and with all your essentials when using this Everlast Gym Backpack! This backpack features adjustable and padded shoulder straps, a drawstring fastening for secure storage with an additional front zipped pocket. Everlast branding to the front provid..
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Lonsdale Box T Shirt Mens
Lonsdale Box T Shirt Mens Get a brilliant look with these Mens Lonsdale Box T Shirt which features a printed design on the front, whilst the cotton rich construction ensures delightful comfort. > Mens T Shirt > Round neck > Short sleeves > Printed design on the torso > Lonsdale bran..
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Lonsdale Box Vest Snr
Lonsdale Boxing Vest Mens Ideal for training, club or competition wear, this Lonsdale Boxing Vest benefits from a quick drying fabric offering improved performance along with a contrasting trim for an eye catching look. This Mens boxing vest features an embroidered Lonsdale logo for an authentic t..
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Lonsdale Boxing Shorts Mens
Lonsdale Boxing Shorts Mens These Lonsdale Boxing Shorts Mens have a elasticated and drawstring waist for a secure fit, Also these shorts have two open pockets on each side. >Lonsdale Boxing Shorts Mens >Elasticated waist >Drawstring waist >Two side pockets >Back pocket >Lonsdale..
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Muhammad Ali T Shirt Mens
Muhammad Ali T Shirt Mens Celebrate The Greatest Of All Time with the Muhammad Ali T Shirt, constructed from soft touch cotton with a printed design to commemorate the boxing legend. > Mens T Shirts > Short sleeves > Crew neck > Muhammad Ali Print > 100% cotton > Machine washable..
454 грн.
Lonsdale Groin Protector
Lonsdale Groin Protector The Lonsdale Groin Protector are a boxing essential so that you can train easily in safety! The Lonsdale Groin Protector use a tough and durable fabric paired with effective padding and a hard inner shell to aid in supporting and protecting your groin through training allo..
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Lonsdale Box Lightweight Shorts Mens
Lonsdale Box Lightweight Shorts Mens The Lonsdale Box Lightweight Shorts provides a comfortable fit thanks to the lightweight construction, elasticated waist and drawstring fastening, complete with the 2 pockets for improved storage and Lonsdale branding for a great look. > Mens Shorts > Ela..
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Lonsdale Box Short Snr
Lonsdale Boxing Shorts Mens The Mens Lonsdale Boxing Shorts are ideal for competition or training use, featuring a wide waistband with elasticated trim offering up a comfortable fit. These Lonsdale shorts are finished off with the Lonsdale tag to the waist is complimented with the Lonsdale logo to..
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Lonsdale Knee Sleeve Support
Lonsdale Knee Sleeve Support The Lonsdale Knee Sleeve Support offers a great supportive fit to help give you that confidence boost to push a bit harder and get back to normal! The sleeve helps to provide support, warmth and stabilisation during movement. Finished with Lonsdale branding and a a str..
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Lonsdale Ceiling Hook
Lonsdale Ceiling Hook This heavy duty ceiling hook is suitable for attaching a punch bag to a wooden beam and comes with the screws to hold it in place securely. The hook is suitable for use with chains that include a swivel. > Punch bag ceiling hook > Heavy duty > Use with swivel chains ..
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826 грн.
Lonsdale Resistance Training Rope
Lonsdale Resistance Training Rope The Lonsdale Resistance Training Rope is perfect for helping you to tone and improve your fitness with an elasticated cord. This resistance rope has two large padded handles for a soft and comfortable grip. > Resistance rope > Foam, padded handle > Elasti..
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Opro Silver Mouthguard
Opro Silver Mouthguard These Opro Silver Mouthguard are designed with a durable outer layer for enhanced impact protection, flexible inner layer for increased comfort and fit. >Protective mouthguard >Durable outer layer >Flexible inner layer >Fin technologyFor our full range of All Run..
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Everlast Gel Hand Wraps
Everlast Gel Hand Wraps These Everlast hand wraps are a great alternative to traditional hand wraps, featuring advanced gel cushioning to protect your knuckles. The gel hand wraps benefit from a lightweight neoprene construction with a touch and close fastener for a secure fit. > MMA glove hand..
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Everlast Short Sleeve Rashguard
Everlast Short Sleeve Rashguard The Everlast Short Sleeve Rashguard is designed to fit close to the body and allow a great range of movement whilst being active. The soft material used provides a great feel to the user and the contoured seams mean follow the shape of the body to offer a great fit...
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Lonsdale Fitness Mat
Lonsdale Fitness Mat The Lonsdale Fitness Mat is perfect for staying comfortable during floor exercises, with elasticated straps attached so you can roll up for compact storage. > Fitness mat > Carry handle > Elasticated straps > Lonsdale logo > 180 x 60cmFor our full range of Gym M..
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Lonsdale Gel Handwrap
Lonsdale Gel Handwrap The Lonsdale Gel Handwrap is the perfect alternative to your traditional hand wraps with a protective gel cushioning to your knuckles. The Lonsdale handwraps benefits from a lightweight construction with a touch and close fastening for a secure and comfortable fit. Now update..
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Lonsdale Strap Knee Support
Lonsdale Strap Knee Support The Lonsdale Strap Knee Support offers a supportive fit with an elasticated touch and close fastening for a secure feel with unrestricted movement! > Knee support > Elasticated > Touch and close fastening > Lonsdale logo For our full range of Athletic Suppor..
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Lonsdale 50mm Hand Tape
Lonsdale 50mm Hand Tape The Lonsdale 50mm Hand Tape is an excellent choice for your next training or sparring sessions with a fabric and adhesive construction for a secure fit. > Boxing hand tape > 50mm width > Fabric and adhesive construction Browse our choice of boxing hand wraps and ta..
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Lonsdale Contender Bag Mitts
Lonsdale Contender Bag Mitts The Lonsdale Contender Bag Mitts are perfect for anyone wanting to get into boxing and use for fitness work. The vented palms and mesh grip bars allow heat to dissipate and keep you cool whilst working out. The gloves will fit securely on your hand with assistance from..
583 грн.
874 грн.
Lonsdale Contender Gloves
Lonsdale Contender Gloves These Lonsdale Contender Gloves have been crafted with high impact foam padding to protect your hands and offer comfort, whilst the touch and close fastening supplies a secure fit and the meshed panelling will help keep your hands cool. > Lonsdale Boxing Gloves > To..
583 грн.
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Whether you're a serious boxer or new to the sport, here you'll find a range of boxing equipment from the biggest brands in boxing, including Lonsdale and adidas. We have a great range of boxing gear from punch bag sets and speed bags to training gloves and gum shields, to enhance your training at home or at the gym.

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