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Sixth Sense 6 Compartment Fishing Box
Sixth Sense 6 Compartment Fishing Box The 6 Compartment Fishing Box is ideal for all types of fishing. The Compartment Box is very lightweight making it ideal when carrying all your other Fishing Tackle around with you. Fishing Box > Fits inside the larger system boxes > Ideal for organising..
109 грн.
Sixth Sense Boilie Rig
Sixth Boilie Rig The Sixth Boilie Rig is a ready made hair rig. > Sixth Boilie Rig > Perfectly tied rigs > Curved shank hooks > Size 8 swivels will fit most lead clips > Supple camo braid > Super sharp japanese hooks > Ideal for boilies and pelletsFor our full range of All..
109 грн.
Sixth Sense Semi Barbed Treble Hooks
Sixth Sense Semi Barbed Treble Hooks The Semi Barbed Trebles have a bronzed finish to them. The treble hooks are chemically sharpened for excellent performance and are available in sizes 4, 6 & 8. Fishing Hooks > Bronzed > Chemically Sharpened > Semi - Barbed > Pack of 10 treble ho..
110 грн.
Sixth Sense Sense Pike Wire
Sixth Sense Pike Wire The Sixth Sense Pike Wire allows you to make your own wire tracers when predator fishing. Sixth Sense Pike Wire >15lb wireFor our full range of Carp Fishing Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 768364..
137 грн.
Sixth Sense Semi Barbed Pike Rig
Sixth Sense Semi Barbed Pike Rig The Semi Barbed Pike Rig is made from extra strong trebles. The Pike Rigs are made from premium grade 20lb 7 - strand wire and feature two treble hooks for excellent performance. Fishing Pike Rig > Two Treble Hook Pike Rigs > Available in sizes 4, 6 & 8. ..
164 грн.
Sixth Sense PVA Bags
Sixth Sense Solid PVA Bags The Sixth Sense PVA Bags are Strong, Fast Dissolving and leave no residue and are available in 2 sizes, small and large. Sixth Sense Solid PVA Bags > Strong > Fast Dissolving > Leave No Residue > Available in Small and Large > 20 BAGSFor our full range ..
131 грн.
Sixth Sense Bite Indicator
Swing Bite Indicator The Swing Bite Indicator Adjustable sliding weight enabling you to instantly adjust the sensitivity of the indicator. Swing Bite Indicator > Stainless steel > Adjustable sliding weight > Live friendly clip For our full range of Carp Fishing Accessories visit birka.c..
132 грн.
Sixth Sense Chain Hngr 62
Sixth Sense Chain Hangers Sixth Sense Chain Hangers are a set of 3 chain hanger that have an adjustable line tension grip, an isotope recess and a clear plastic presentation case. Sixth Sense Chain Hangers > Pack of 3 Hangers > Adjustable Line Grip > Plastic Presentation Box > Supe..
181 грн.
Sixth Sense Sense Fibreglass Spec Handle
Sixth Sense Fibreglass Spec Handle The Sixth Sense Fibreglass Spec Handle is an essential piece for any match or pleasure angler 180 cm handle for an extended reach for great all round performance. > Fishing net handle > Vitro fibre one piece 6 foot/180 cm HandleFor our full range of Match L..
264 грн.
Sixth Sense Rig Store Fishing Box
Sixth Sense Rig Store Fishing Box The Rig Store Box is ideal for all types of fishing. The rig store box enables you to safely secure and store all new and used rigs. Fishing Box > For the safe storage of rigs > Fits inside the large system boxes > Positive locking catches > With hook ..
280 грн.
Sixth Sense Dial Scale
Sixth Sense Dial Scale The Sixth Sense Dial Scales are an ideal alternative to eletronic scales, can be used in conjunction with tripods and weigh bars. > Sixth Sense Dial Scales > Weighs up to 55lb / 25kg > Impact resistant > 4oz and 100g intervalsFor our full range of Accessories vis..
625 грн.
Sixth Sense Dgtl Scale 71
Sixth Sense Digital Scales The Sixth Sense Digital Scales has an easy to read blue backlit screen, that has multi function buttons on the front and is operated by 2 x AAA Batteries (included) Sixth Sense Digital Scales > Easy to read with blue backlight > Can be used at night > multi ..
1,054 грн.
Take a look at our great range of Sixth Sense fishing equipment online today! Here you'll discover a great range of fishing tackle to suit all anglers. So if you're looking for a new bite alarm or maybe even a chair for beside the water then you will find it at . Looking for other fishing equipment? Then head to our dedicated fishing category.

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