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Silstar Dyneema Briad
Silstar Dyneema Braid The Silstar Dyneema Braid is unmatched value in hi-tech Super line! giving maximum strength and smoothness, ideal for spinning, specialist fishing and salt water fishing. Silstar Dyneema Braid > Spin for pike, zander, perch > Use it for barbel, chub and any other rive..
112 грн.
Silstar Fishing Hook Length
Silstar Fishing Hook Length The Silstar Hook Length is ideal for all types of fishing. The Hook Length has a high abrasion resistance for excellent performance. Fishing Hook Length > High quality monofilament > Precision diameter and breaking strain > High abrasion resistance > Made i..
151 грн.
Silstar Vacuum Line
Silstar Vacuum Line The Silstar Vacuum Line is a new generation of monofilament line which is packed under laboratory conditions at zero atmospheres to ensure peak performance and minimal deterioration. Silstar Vacuum Line > Minimize line deterioration > Better flexibility > Stable kn..
200 грн.
Silstar Team Match team Fishing Line
Silstar Match team Fishing Line The Match team Line is ideal for all types of fishing with a low diameter high tech monofilament for excellent performance and is great value for money. > Fishing Line > Low diameter high tech monofilament > Computer tested > Made in Japan > 100 metre..
267 грн.
Silstar Grizzly Rod
Silstar Grizzly Rod The Silstar Grizzly Rod is perfect for river, Stillwater and saltwater applications. This fishing rod comes with a screw reel seat, Eva handle and lined guides for excellent performance. Silstar Grizzly Rod > Screw reel seat > EVA handle > Lined guides > Compact f..
469 грн.
Silstar Shuttle FD Reel
Silstar Shuttle FD Reel The Silstar Shuttle FD Reel is a good quality reel precision designed, and this makes it absolutely perfect for hard-fighting fish. also Ideal for float work or bomb fishing, it would also lend itself to light spinning too. Silstar Shuttle FD Reel > Available in three si..
703 грн.
Silstar 4000 Pro GX Reel
Silstar 4000 Pro GX Reel The Silstar 4000 Pro GX Reel has a one way clutch system and graphite body. This fishing reel has an excellent line lay oscillation for excellent performance. > Fishing Reel > Graphite body > One way clutch system > Ambidextrous7 > Spare graphite spool > ..
870 грн.
Silstar Optimus Reel
Silstar Optimus Reel The Silstar Optimus Reel Reel has a front drag clutch adjustment and soft rubber handle knob. Silstar Optimus Reel > Front drag clutch adjustment > Soft feel rubber handle knob > Multi stop anti-reverse > Supplied with cloth bag and spare spoolFor our full range o..
1 205 грн.
Silstar Typhoon Reel
Silstar Typhoon Reel The Silstar Typhoon Reel has a one way clutch system and graphite body with gold colouring. This fishing reel has an excellent line lay oscillation for excellent performance. Silstar Typhoon Reel > Bright gold and black colouring > Rear drag system > Comes with spe..
1 272 грн.
Silstar Supa FD Reel
Silstar Supa FD Reel The Silstar Supa FD Reel has a front drag clutch adjustment and soft rubber handle knob. This fishing reel has a multi stop anti-reverse for excellent performance. Silstar Supa FD Reel > Front drag clutch adjustment > Multi stop anti-reverse > Aluminium spool and gr..
1 573 грн.
Silstar Tec Waggler Rod
Silstar Tec Waggler Rod The Silstar Tec Waggler Rod will cover all your commercial float needs and offer a crisp pick up and good recovery. Perfectly balanced for repeat casting and busy fishing. Silstar Tec Waggler Rod > 3 piece waggler rod > Ideal commercial fishing > Good value for mo..
2 544 грн.
Silstar Superflex Surf Rod
Silstar Superflex Surf Rod The Silstar Superflex Surf Rod Rod delivers excellent value and outstanding performance the XM beach caster is designed to work equally well over all kinds of terrain and will suit all styles of casting from the overhead thump to a full-blooded pendulum. Silstar Superfl..
3 080 грн.
Since 1984, Silstar have been producing high quality, affordable fishing tackle for anglers all over the world. Silstar developed a unique composition which continues to dominate the graphite composite market today. The brand doesn’t just specialise is fishing rods but offers a selection of high quality reels, combos , lures and more.

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