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Shires Plastic Sweat Scraper
Shires Plastic Sweat Scraper This plastic sweat scraper from Shires is great for removing excess sweat and water from your horses coats and skin. >Shires Plastic Sweat Scraper >Removes excess sweat >Removes excess waterFor our full range of All Tennis Clothing visit birka.clubProduct code..
162 грн.
Shires Plaiting Bands
Shires Plaiting Bands This Shires handy tub of plaiting bands is great for keeping in your grooming kit. The reusable tub contains approximately 800 bands. > Plating Bands > 800 approx For our full range of Horse Care visit birka.clubProduct code: 767008..
226 грн.
Shires Thread GP Whip
Shires Thread GP Whip The Shires Thread GP Whip benefits from a single coloured thread stem and rubber handle for an easy to hold design, whilst the plastic button at the end helps to prevent dropping. > Whip > Soft grip handle > Plastic button end > Shires branding For our full range ..
226 грн.
Shires Dressage Whip
Shires Dressage Whip The Shires Dressage Whip measures 39" and has a single coloured thread stem and rubber handle for an easy to hold design, whilst the plastic button at the end helps to prevent dropping. > Whip > 39'' > Rubber handle > Plastic button end > Shires brandingFor our ..
278 грн.
Shires Rubber Grip Whip
Shires Rubber Grip Whip The Shires Rubber Grip Whip benefits from a Threaded stem and an easy hold rubber grip and leather keeper. > Whip > Threaded stem > Easy hold rubber handle > Leather keeper > Shire branding For our full range of For The Rider visit birka.clubProduct code: 767..
278 грн.
Shires Schooling Whip
Shires Schooling Whip This Shires Schooling whip features an obtrusive plain handle for security in the hand when holding, the short lash finishes the whip off and gives the rider subtle control. > whip > Rubber handle > 6 inch lash > 38 inch whip > 6.5 inch handle For our full r..
278 грн.
Shires Wessex Head Collar
Shires Wessex Head Collar The Shires Wessex Head Collar benefits from a durable double layer nylon webbing, along with the fully adjustable headpiece with eyelet holes for increased durability. > Head Collar > Solid construction > Fully adjustable > Easy cleanFor our full range of Head..
278 грн.
Shires Wessex Grackle Noseband
Shires Wessex Grackle Noseband This noseband from Shires helps to prevent the horse from opening their mouths and crossing their jaws. Features a fleece centre point for comfort. >Shires Wessex Grackle Noseband >Padded fleece centre >Adds controlFor our full range of All Tennis Clothing v..
356 грн.
Shires Haylage Net
Haylage net suitable for hay or haylage. Fine mesh holes ensure hay lasts longer. Size 100cm (40")Mesh Size 50mm (2")Capacity approx 6.5KgFor our full range of All Fitness Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 761057..
388 грн.
Shires Long Handle Shovel
Shires Long Handle Shovel A super sized head makes for swift and easy cleaning when using the Shires Long Handle Shovel! The Shires Long Handle Shovel features a durable design alongside its large build that extends life and makes job work easier. Complete with a wide grip for effective use and ha..
454 грн.
Shires Ezi Groom Childs Grooming Kit
Shires Ezi Groom Childs Grooming Kit The Shires Ezi Groom Childs Grooming Kit is a cute childs size 7 piece show kit, perfect for getting your pony looking neat and tidy. The grooming items come in a reusable carry case and includes a face brush, dandy brush, body brush, sweat scraper, novelty com..
485 грн.
Shires Web Lunge Cavesson
Shires Web Lunge Cavesson This strong nylon web Lunge Cavesson is fleece lined and padded for comfort. Featuring a centre strap to prevent the noseband from dropping with reinforced eyelets and a hinged bracket with swivel centre ring. >Shires Web Lunge Cavesson >Fleece lined >Centre stra..
502 грн.
Shires Deluxe Haynet
Shires Deluxe Haynet This Deluxe Haynet from Shire has been crafted for extra sturdiness and strength, complete with a drawstring fastening, metal rings and in dual colouring. > Premium haynet > 102cm > 6.5kg capacity For our full range of Shires visit birka.clubProduct code: 767615..
518 грн.
Shires Deluxe Haynet
Extra strong haynet featuring metal rings at top and bottom enable easy tying and filling suitable for hay or haylage. Mesh is 5.5 cm (2.25") to reduce wastage.For our full range of All Fitness Equipment visit birka.clubProduct code: 761058..
518 грн.
Shires Deluxe Haylage Small
Shires Deluxe Haylage Net Small An extra strong haylage net with large ring at base, strong hanging rope and small holes to make forage last longer. Suitable for haylage or controlled feeding of hay. Mesh size 4.5cm length 90cm > Mesh Size 4.5cm > Capacity 6.5kg > Net 92cm long For our fu..
583 грн.
Shires Leather Show Whip
Shires Leather Show Whip This Riders Whip has a leather construction and handy loop hole for easy use. > Whip > Leather Construction > Loop Hole > Shires brandingFor our full range of For The Rider visit birka.clubProduct code: 767198..
583 грн.
Shires Ezi Groom Kit
Shires Ezi Groom Kit Keep your horse clean and tidy with this Shires Ezi Groom Kit it comes in a handy case which makes it easy to carry and store. > Grooming Kit > Dandy Brush > Body Brush > Face Brush > Sweat Scraper > Curry Comb > Mane Comb > Hoof Pick/Brush > Spon..
647 грн.
Shires Stable Bandages
Shires Stable Bandages The Shires Stable Bandages offer a soft and warm fit, whilst providing support and protection in the stable, complete with the Shires branding for a great look. > Stable Bandages > Soft and warm > Touch and close strap > Shires branding > 12cm wide, 3m long &g..
712 грн.
Shires Saddlehugger Leggings Junior Girls
Shires Saddlehugger Leggings Junior Girls The Shires Saddlehugger Leggings have been crafted with a great stretch and in great softness, with an elasticated waist, internal drawstring and belt loops, in a panelled design for a highly comfortable fit on and off the saddle. > Junior girl's riding..
778 грн.
Shires Deluxe Polo Bandages
Fleece bandages featuring easy hold pull tabs for ese of use. Ideal for schooling work, warming and protecting the legs against minor surface injuries. Set of 43.5m x 11cmFor our full range of Golf Balls visit birka.clubProduct code: 015308..
874 грн.
Shires Greedy Feeder Net
Shires Greedy Feeder Net This Shires Greedy Feeder Net is small holed and will encourage your horse to slow down its eating for a better digestion and extended stable activity. Ideal for hay or haylage. > Greedy Feeder > Extends feeding time > Reduces stable boredom > Ideal for control..
874 грн.
Shires Nylon Grass Muzzle
Shires Nylon Grass Muzzle Designed to reduce the horses grass intake without having to keep them on box rest or bare paddocks the Shires Nylon Grass Muzzle is a must for horses and ponies that have ongoing issues with laminitis and is also great for good doers and horses that are gaining too much ..
1 101 грн.
Shires Synthetic Gaiters
Shires Synthetic Gaiters The Shires Synthetic Gaiters are an excellent value item to wear over your jodhpurs and jodhpur boots. They are suitable for everyday riding use with durable and easy clean synthetic outers. They are amara lined for comfort and fasten with a rear zip. > Gaiters > Ama..
1 295 грн.
Shires Performance Mud Socks
Feature ergonomic shaping to ensure a close comfortable fit, dense neoprene to protect against bumps and scrapes and secure touch close straps. Suitable for front and hind legs.For our full range of Boxing Gloves visit birka.clubProduct code: 762270..
1 425 грн.
Shires Rubber Ride Riding Boots Girls
Shires Rubber Ride Girls Riding Boots Make sure that your riding in absolute comfort with the Shires Rubber Ride Girls Riding Boots! Features a soft touch padded lining for great comfort along with a smooth touch so it does not cause discomfort for either you or the horse. Complete with a lowered ..
1 425 грн.
Shires Chantilly Snaffle Bridle
Shires Chantilly Snaffle Bridle This Chantilly Snaffle Bridle from Shires is produced from a high grade of eco friendly leather which goes through a tanning process which uses natural vegetable derivatives to ensure softness and pliability. Features an all in one headpiece which makes it very comf..
1 846 грн.
Shires Wortham Leather Ladies Half Chaps
Shires Wortham Leather Ladies Half Chaps The Shires Wortham Leather Ladies Half Chaps are an essential riding accessory that will have you looking the part and help to provide that extra protection! With a foot stirrup, full side zip and press stud top and bottom the Shires Wortham Leather Ladies ..
1 846 грн.
Shires Rochester Performance Breeches Mens
Shires Rochester Performance Breeches Mens Give your best performance in these Shires Rochester Performance Breeches, crafted with a zip fastening fly and clip fastening waist, a four pocket design, an incorporated Meryl Actisystem for a protective, lightweight, quick-drying and comfortable outer,..
1 944 грн.
Shires Mens Long Rubber Riding Boots
Shires Mens Long Rubber Riding Boots The Shires Mens Long Rubber Riding Boots offers a comfortable fit thanks to the soft lining and cushioned insole, along with the slip on design for easier on and off. These Riding Boots feature a spur stop, whilst the synthetic construction improves durability...
2 138 грн.
Shires Henley Jacket Ladies
Shires Henley Lades Jacket This Shires Henleys Jacket is styled with a velvet collar and pocket trims and contrasting satin lining for a flattering look for any horse show. This jacket has a double back vent and and metal buttons for a stylish feminine look. > Jacket > Flattering fit &g..
3 110 грн.
Shires 5 Point Leather Breast Plate
Shires 5 Point Leather Breast Plate The Shires Leather Breast Plate features contrast stitching, padded leatherwork with sheepskin pressure pads for added comfort. These pads are removable for cleaning and other features include stainless steel fittings, elastic inserts and detachable martingale a..
3 168 грн.

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