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Shakespeare Rig Attractor Beads
Shakes Rig Attractor Beads The Shakes Rig Attractor Beads is a comprehensive range of rig accessories and bits to allow anglers to make modern design saltwater rigs. Shakes Rig Attractor Beads > 100 beads per pack > Available in medium or large For our full range of Shakespeare visit birka.c..
108 грн.
Shakespeare Roll Swivels
Shakes Roll Swivels The Shakes Roll Swivels is strong durable swivels used for general rig building. Shakes Roll Swivels > 25 Swivels per pack > Available in 3 sizes > Size 6 > Size 8 > Size 10For our full range of Shakespeare visit birka.clubProduct code: 949356..
108 грн.
Shakespeare Shore Bait Clip
Shakes Shore Bait Clip The Shakes Shore Bait Clip a tough, simple lead link clip for attaching lead weights; used on both shore and boat rigs. The shore lead bait clip features a built-in bait clip for clipping hooks in, to streamline the bait and rig for maximum casting distance. Shakes Shore Ba..
113 грн.
Shakespeare Shore Lead Link
Shakes Shore Lead Link The Shakes Shore Lead Link a tough, simple lead link clip for attaching lead weights; used on both shore and boat rigs. The shore lead bait clip features a built-in bait clip for clipping hooks in, to streamline the bait and rig for maximum casting distance. Shakes Shore Lea..
113 грн.
Shakespeare Fly Selection
Shakes Fly Selection The Shakes Fly Selection is A selected mix of dog day flies in a size 10 hook and size 12 hook and also feature a wide variety of bright colours. The selection covers a wide range for fly fishing applications. There are six flies in this pack of Shakespeare fly selection. Sha..
161 грн.
Shakespeare Sigma Line Cut
Shakes Sigma Line Cut The Shakes Sigma Line Cut is a handy and reliable nipper is ideal for cutting even heavy mono. Features a wide head with thumb cushion for maximum cutting pressure. Shakes Sigma Line Cut > A handy tool for cutting line or tippets > Strong carbon steel construction >..
194 грн.
Shakespeare Waggler Set
Shakes Waggler Set The Shakes Waggler Set is a Super-robust clear straight wagglers with buoyant tips for river fishing. Shakes Waggler Set > 5 floats in the set > 3BB, 2AAA, 2.5AAA, 3AAA and 3.5 AAA sizes.For our full range of All Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 940549..
259 грн.
Shakespeare Sigma Match Net
Shakespeare Sigma Match Net The Shakespeare Sigma Match Net is super lightweight built around a aluminium frame with a tough brass threads. these nets come with a soft mesh rather than the rubberized mesh. Shakespeare Sigma Match Net > Aluminium frame > Brass thread For our full range of Mat..
340 грн.
Shakespeare Beta Boat Rod
Shakes Beta Boat Rod The Shakes Beta Boat Rod is a level entry range perfect for selling in bulk quantities and also in combos with the new BETA reels. Shakes Beta Boat Rod > Slim handle design > Lined guides > Cushioned reel seat > Varied casting weights depending on model > Availa..
680 грн.
Shakespeare Omni Fly Line
Shakes Omni Fly Line The Shakes Omni Fly Line is a premium line with a beautifully even taper, ultra smooth coating and superb suppleness regardless of weather. Shakes Omni Fly Line > Easy to cast line which loads the rod quickly > Super smooth coating that aids shoot ability and distance...
745 грн.
Shakespeare Beta Match Rod
Shakes Beta Match Rod The Shakes Beta Match Rod This Agility Match Rod is perfect for modern coarse fishing, bringing a lightweight design and a beautiful balance with slim banks and high quality zirconium guides. Shakes Beta Match Rod > Lined guides > Cushioned reel seat > Supplied in ..
842 грн.
Shakespeare Sigma Keepnet
Shakespeare Sigma Keepnet The Shakespeare Sigma Keepnet is truly outstanding for money. there's a traditional round net and a square net that fits the bill for commercial and river work. Shakespeare Sigma Keepnet > Strong adjustable angle lock > Carp mesh > Aluminum ringsFor our full rang..
842 грн.
Shakespeare OMNI Free spool
Shakespeare OMNI Free spool The Shakespeare OMNI Free spool are now very popular with many anglers and these OMNI reels offer amazing value for money. Shakespeare OMNI Free spool > Heavy bail wire > 4+1 bearings > 5.0:1 retrieve For our full range of Carp Reels visit birka.clubProduct c..
1 101 грн.
Shakespeare Sigma BC Rod
Shakes Sigma BC Rod The Shakes Sigma BC Rod is a medium fast action blanks offer easy long range casting performance with the simplest of casting styles. They are perfect for general beach and mixed rough ground fishing when targeting flounders, dabs, plaise, whiting, codling, bass and rays. Sha..
1 296 грн.
Shakespeare Agility Long Surf rod 13ft
Shakespeare Agility Long Surf rod 13ft The Shakespeare Agility Long Surf rod 13ft is a lightweight, medium fast taper, carbon blank offers excellent bite detection but is specifically designed with power in the mid-section and butt to achieve maximum casting distance with the easier overhead and o..
3 571 грн.
Here we have a great range of fishing equipment from Shakespeare. In this section you will find rods, reels, bags and many more fishing accessories. In this range there are some fantastic prices so take a look and land yourself a bargain today!

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