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Seymo Bait Ext Hairs
Seymo Bait Extender Hairs The Seymo Bait Extender Hairs are strong and reliable. This is a great piece of Fishing tackle at a superb price point , easily penetrate most baits, making changes to existing setups subtle and effortless. Seymo Bait Extender Hairs > Change bait sizes simply and qui..
149 грн.
Seymo Braid Stops
Seymo Braid Stops The Seymo Braid Stops Super-grip rig stops with a multitude of uses. Ideal for use with sliding floats, and perfect for creating a semi-fixed rig, or for creating a simple ledger. Seymo Braid Stops > Super-grip rig stops with a multitude of uses > Ideal for use with slidi..
149 грн.
Seymo Double Rolling Swivel
Seymo Double Rolling Swivel The Seymo Double Rolling Swivel are top quality swivels from Seymo, ideal for many applications including float fishing , feeder fishing and ledgering. Seymo Double Rolling Swivel > Strong and Reliable > Tough > 5 pieces per pack For our full range of Swivel..
149 грн.
Seymo Double Snap Swivel
Seymo Double Snap Swivel The Seymo Double Snap Swivel is of the highest quality swivel ideal for many applications, float fishing, feeder fishing and ledgering. Seymo Double Snap Swivel > Easy to use > Snap Swivel > Float > Feeder > Ledgering > Strong and Reliable For our full ..
149 грн.
Seymo Feeder Bead Link
Seymo Feeder Bead Link The Seymo Feeder Bead Link is made from top quality materials to ensure that they are strong, tough and reliable. Seymo Feeder Bead Link > Strong and Reliable > Tough > 5 pieces per packFor our full range of All Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 940519..
149 грн.
Seymo Ring Swivels
Seymo Ring Swivels The Seymo Ring Swivels are ideal for use on helicopter rigs, resistance-free running rigs or when setting up a marker float. Seymo Ring Swivels > Large eye ensures the rig revolves freely on lead core or tubing > Dull, non-reflective, matt-black finish For our full range ..
149 грн.
Seymo Anti Tangle Sleeves
Seymo Anti Tangle Sleeves The Seymo Anti Tangle Sleeves are created for use with all quick change swivels to cover the opening of the clip after attaching the hook length making it tangle free and better presentation when hitting the water. Seymo Anti Tangle Sleeves > Tapered design provides..
167 грн.
Seymo Feeder Beads
Seymo Feeder Beads The Seymo Feeder Beads is a top quality swivel with quick change, it is tough , strong and reliable which makes this perfect for feeder/ledgering fishing. Seymo Feeder Beads > Strong and Reliable > Tough > Designed for running rigs with bombs and feeders > Smooth f..
167 грн.
Seymo Method Sto44
Seymo Method Stops The Seymo Method Stops Where allowed adding a stop above your feeder serves two important purpose’s. firstly, they increase the bolt effect, safely making your rig more effective. And secondly they prevent your feeder sliding up to your tip ring when unhooking fish which helps m..
167 грн.
Seymo Swivel Beads
Seymo Swivel Beads The Seymo Swivel Beads are an effective anti-tangle stop for all running lead and feeder rigs. The rubber bead is designed to house the top ring and barrel of the swivel and leave the bottom ring protruding and free to rotate. Seymo Swivel Beads > Easy to use > 6 Beads p..
167 грн.
Seymo Sml V Roller
Seymo Sml V Roller The Seymo Sml V Roller has a soft green rubber with rippled surface. Moulded spreader block and brass thread. A great piece of Fishing Tackle at a superb price point. Seymo Sml V Roller > Brass thread > Size - 10cm For our full range of Pole Accessories visit birka.clubP..
268 грн.
Seymo is a well known name in fishing, and with good reason. We have a great range of Seymo fishing tackle and accessories online at . So whether you're in the market for a fishing catapult, meat cutter or worm scissors we'll be sure to have them. Why not take a look at other great fishing brands today?

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