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Other Brands Ribbon
Deluxe Ribbon This Deluxe Ribbon has a fantastic double band neck chain for holding and presenting medal. Swimming Accessories > Metal clip > Double bandFor our full range of Other Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 880440..
55 грн.
Other Brands Centre
Metal Centre Be the best you can be with this Swimming Medal . > Swimming Medal > Diameter: 2.5cmFor our full range of Other Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 976122..
89 грн.
Other Brands Deepings
Deepings The Deepings Medal can be used to celebrate in many competitions. Swimming Accessories >Medal with loop for ribbonFor our full range of Other Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 975961..
95 грн.
Other Brands Grips
Fin Grips These Fin Grips are to be used with fins that are slightly too big; placed around the foot before the fins are worn to ensure the fins are kept in place during time in the pool. > Fin grips > Rubberised construction > Black For our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit bi..
111 грн.
Other Brands Guide to Sport
Healthy Guide to Sport This book is great for guiding young parents on how to nurture their children's love towards sports. It features individual plans and programmes for various ages as well as in depth advice by experienced professionals. > Sports guide for kids > Sports plans for differe..
401 грн.
Other Brands Throw Bag Snr 42
Safety throw bag Make sure you are safe around the pool with a throw bag to aid those in the water. Great for lifeguards and personal use, keeping safe is is great with this product. > Safety throw bag > Ideal for lifeguards > Strong red colour > Instructions for use on bagFor our full..
1 673 грн.
Other Brands 101 Megaphone
Smart 101 Megaphone This Smart 101 Megaphone is perfect for lifeguards, training and outdoor excursions thanks to its ability to amplify your voice to a great effect, whilst being compact enough not to be a nuisance. This megaphone has a whistle button, volume control and a wrist strap to get a se..
3 013 грн.

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