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Null Nose Bridge Piece
Spare Nose Bridge Piece For our full range of Goggles and Caps visit birka.club Product code: 885325 ..
11 грн.
Null Playbrick
> Includes 1 x playbrick > Please note: The colour / style you receive may vary from the mage shown.For our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 880430..
108 грн.
Null Pots and Pans Set
Spanx Pots and Pans Set The Spanx Pots and Pans Set allow your little one to have hours of fun in the pool thanks to the solid construction and durable design. > Pans > Set of 3 > Durable design For our full range of Swimming Pool Toys visit birka.clubProduct code: 880562..
323 грн.
Null Danger Sign
Danger Sign Keep safe around any hazards with a swimming pool sign to help prevent injuries. This sign warns of 'cleaning in progress' and any slipping hazards that may be nearby. > Danger Sign > Stand-up model > Clear warning sign > Reads: Danger Cleaning in progressFor our full range..
388 грн.
Null Stretch Cords
Bungee stretch cords These bungee cords are an ideal swimming accessory for anyone looking to keep fit in the pool. > Bungee Pool Cords > Stretch cords for the pool > Designed to test fitness > Good for improving strengthFor our full range of Outdoor visit birka.clubProduct code: 97634..
421 грн.
Null Pak Instant Cold Ice Pack
Kool Pak Instant Cold Ice Pack Fast and effective the Kool Pak Instant Cold Ice Pack benefits from an easy use design and step by step instruction to the back. > Ice Pack > Single use > 1 pack > Easy use > Step by step instructionsFor our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit..
485 грн.
Null Pool Closed Sign
Swimming Pool Closed Sign The Swimming Pool Closed Sign is a large and clear sign that clearly states that the pool is closed or not in use. Swimming Accessories > Pool Closed sign > Foam boardFor our full range of Swimming Aids visit birka.clubProduct code: 880597..
485 грн.
Null Prohibit Sign
Foamex Prohibit Sign The Foamex Prohibit Sign sends a clear message of the rules of the pool in easy to read text and visual representations. Swimming Accessories > No Splashing > No Exit > No Smoking > No running > No diving > No Entry > No Armbands beyond this point > No..
485 грн.
Null Shield Lung Bag Infant
Face Shield Lung Bag Infant For our full range of Gifts and Toys visit birka.clubProduct code: 890120..
518 грн.
Null Stretch Cord Junior
Bungee Stretch Cord This Junior Bungee Stretch Cord is perfect for training and working out and is especially useful when you have limited pool space and the still want to complete your swimming regime. > Swimming Cords > Highly durable > Strap fastening > Perfect for training For our ..
615 грн.
Null Supports
Sign Supports For our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 880557..
777 грн.
Null Lesson Pro
Swimming Lesson Pro The Swimming Lesson Pro Sign is a large, clear sign that lets people know that there are swimming lessons in progress. Swimming Accessories > "Swimming Lessons in progress" > Water symbolFor our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 880596..
1 166 грн.
Null Warning Sign
Foamex Warning Sign Stay safe by the pool with the Foamex Warning Sign . Benefiting from large bold red print to make it visible from afar. > Foamex Warning Sign > Red bold print > Waterproof > DurableFor our full range of All Swimming Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 976374..
1 231 грн.
Null Kids Poster
Smart Kids Poster The Smart Kids Poster has been colourfully designed to grab your little ones attention. with written and visual instructions on pool safety. > Smart Kids Poster > Laminated > InstructionsFor our full range of Games visit birka.clubProduct code: 976153..
1 295 грн.
Null Telescopic Handle
Complock Telescopic Handle Completed with a sturdy construction, this Complock handle is extendable and is suitable for most types of domestic swimming pools. > Telescopic Handle > Extendable > Suitable for domestic swimming pools > Moulded plastic handleFor our full range of Swimming ..
1 749 грн.
Null Basketball Game I
Water Basketball Game I Have great fun with this Water Basketball Game I with its buoyant construction it enables this to float freely, and have hours of play. > Basketball game > Floatable hoop > Supplied with ball and net > Size of base : 585mm diameter For our full range of Swimmi..
1 814 грн.
Null Noir Storage Sack
Tidy Noir Storage Sack Keep the poolside tidy with this Tidy Noir Storage sack featuring a rigid waterproof construction. > Waterproof storage container > Semi-rigid construction > Plastic ring to preserve shape > Easy to clean and storeFor our full range of Water Sports visit birka.cl..
1 814 грн.
Null Board
Surfer Board This Surfer Board is an ideal toy and support for playing with in the pool. > Buoyancy Aid > Surfer Design > Curved Edge > Length: 83.5cm > Width: 42.5cm > Depth: 5cm For our full range of Buoyancy Aids visit birka.clubProduct code: 880590..
2 397 грн.
Null Float
Frog Float Jump for joy and have fun in the pool with this Frog Float which gives you tremendous buoyancy allowing you to float and glide on the water with ease. > Swimming Float > Frog design > Offers superb buoyancy > L: 82cm, W: 62cm, D: 4.5cm For our full range of Buoyancy Aids vis..
2 591 грн.
Null Hot + Cold Pack 42
Luxury hot and cold pack Get a hot + cold pack today and recover effectively after a workout. Pop in the microwave or freezer and reuse to aid muscle recovery. > Hot and Cold pack > Reusable > Compression cuff included > Cool in the freezer > Warm up in the microwave > Helps to r..
2 915 грн.

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