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Mitre Junior Lite Football
Mitre Junior Lite Football A lightweight ball for younger players - A size 5 ball at size 4 weight, designed to inspire confidence among juniors from 9+ years. The foam backing ensures a soft touch and is more forgiving on the head/body/foot. > 32 panel configuration delivers optimal control &g..
569 грн.
Mitre Calcio Football
Mitre Calcio Football This Mitre Calcio Football is a Mitre classic. This 32 panel all-rounder is a popular training thanks to the similar feel of a match ball with a tough PU/PVC coating for consistent performance on all surfaces in all conditions. This football has a high air retention bladder, ..
636 грн.
Mitre Street Soccer Football
Mitre Street Soccer Football This Mitre Street Soccer Football is designed to withstand impacts from tough tarmac surfaces and other hard outdoor surfaces. The balls features a hand stitched, rubber laminate for a great finish. The ball benefits from vibrant patterning across the ball to ensure ma..
669 грн.
Mitre Delta Football League Replica Football
Mitre Delta Football League Replica Football This Mitre Delta Football League Replica Football is the most advanced FIFA approved quality match ball ever made, with a revolutionary 12 panel design, developed with professional players in mind and recommend for use on grass. The ball consists is mad..
804 грн.
Mitre Delta SPFL Replica Football
Mitre Delta SPFL Replica Football This Mitre Delta SPFL Replica Football has been crafted with 12 panels which are bonded together with Miretra Hyperseam technology, whilst the foam backing provides comfort when controlling the ball and the graphic design allows you to track the flight of the ball..
804 грн.
Mitre Samba Training Football
Mitre Samba Training Football Boost your skills and technique with this Mitre Samba Training Football which has been specially weighted to reduce bounce by 20%. > Mitre Training Football > Designed to reduce bounce by 20% > Ideal for grass and astro > Graphic design > Mitre branding..
804 грн.
Mitre Cyclone Indoor Football
Mitre Cyclone Indoor Football The Mitre Cyclone Indoor Football is a great football for indoor training sessions and 5-a-side matches with it's soft synthetic outer and stitched panels helping it stay under head height, complete with the Mitre branding for a great look. > Indoor football > S..
870 грн.
Mitre Nebula Futsal Football
Mitre Nebula Futsal Football The Mitre Nebula Futsal Football has a match quality finish and is futsal size and weight. The ball is finished off with the Mitre logo printed on a stylish design all over the ball. > Futsal Football > Air lock valve > Mitre Logo and styling > Please note:..
870 грн.
Mitre Ultimatch Football
Mitre Ultimatch Football This Mitre Ultimatch Football has been crafted with machine stitched panels for long lasting durability whilst graphic design allows you to track the flight of the ball easily and Mitre branding completes the look. > Mitre Football > 18-panel design > Machine stit..
870 грн.
Mitre Delta English Football League Football
Mitre Delta English Football League Football The Mitre Delta English Football League Football is a top quality replica of the Delta Hyperseam ball that is used in the English Football League. which features Hyperseam technology that fuses both stitched and bonded seams to give players the benefit ..
937 грн.
Mitre Astro Division Football
Mitre Astro Division Football The Mitre Astro Division Football specialist astro pitch performance match ball in embossed PU outer for great durability and control, finsished off with Mitre branding that provides a great look and also offers instant brand recognition. Features > Hand stitched 3..
1 004 грн.
Mitre Monde V12 Football
Mitre Monde V12 Football This Mitre Monde V12 Football is a great ball for training or match play. It is made of a 12 panel construction for optimum aerodynamic control, which is foam backed for increased control. Finished off with a bright graphic design and Mitre branding. > Football > 18 ..
1 272 грн.
Mitre Manto Football
Mitre Manto Football This Mitre Manto Football has been crafted with Hyperseam technology which means the panels have been thermally bonded and offer almost zero water intake, whilst the 12 panel construction delivers true flight and the 4mm soft foam lining means it provides great comfort when st..
1 473 грн.
Mitre Max Football
Mitre Max Football This Mitre Max Football has been designed to FIFA Quality standards thanks to 12 panel construction which ensures the ball remains stable at the highest speeds, whilst the hand stitched panels ensure great feel and durability and the graphic design allows you to track the ball e..
2 142 грн.
Mitre Pro Max Football
Mitre Pro Max Football Designed to FIFA Quality specifications this Mitre Pro Max Football is perfect for match use, whilst the 12 panels keep the ball flight true, whilst the four-way lining system keeps the ball strong as well as soft to make it more comfortable to control and strike. > Mitre..
2 143 грн.
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