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Maxxus Bicycle Innertube
Maxxus Innertube This Maxus Bicycle Innertube benefits from a schrader valve with a solid rubber construction for increased durability. > Bike Wheel Inner Tube > Scheader valve > Rubber construction For our full range of Other Accessories visit birka.club Product code: 938054..
113 грн.
Maxxus Replacement Headset Nut
Maxxus Replacement Headset Nut The Maxxus Replacement Headset Nut is easy to fit into the fork steerer and is ideal for repairing or improving your bike. > Replacement headset nut For our full range of Maxxus visit birka.clubProduct code: 938185..
113 грн.
Maxxus Derailleur Cable Outer Casing
Maxxus Derailleur Cable Outer Casing Maxxus Derailleur Cable Outer Casing perfect for protection and transmits shifting movements accurately and quickly. The cable come in 2.5 metre length. > Derailleur Cable Outer Casing > 2.5 metre For our full range of Other Accessories visit birka.clubPr..
167 грн.
Maxxus Tyre 14 00
Maxxus Tyre 14 00 This Maxxus Tyre 14 00 offers good grip thanks to its rubberised surface. > 14 X 1.75 > Inflate to 50 P.S.I For our full range of Other Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 938014..
234 грн.
Maxxus Miner 27.5 MTB Tyre
Duro Miner 27.5 MTB Tyre The right tyre can make all the differance on a ride, especially if your racing! The Duro Miner 27.5 MTB Tyre uses a lower profile with well spread lugs for effective grip that fells super stable of hardpack, gravel and dry surfaces. The low profile also adds the benefit o..
285 грн.
Maxxus FreeWheel 8 Speed
Maxxus FreeWheel 8 Speed This Maxxus FreeWheel 8 Speed is a device for a bicycle that provides exceptional performance with each use, the great design of this product is sure to put a smile on your face for the years to come thanks to the durable design. > Free wheel > 8 speed > Durable d..
419 грн.
Maxxus Adjustable Handlebar Stem
Maxxus Adjustable Handlebar Stem Complete your cycle setup with the Maxxus Adjustable Handlebar Stem! The adjustability of the Maxxus Adjustable Handlebar Stem allows for the perfect customised feel when riding to boost ergonomic seating and efficiency. With increased efficiency your ride will be ..
636 грн.
Maxxus Tyre 29 Matador Tyre
Dura Tyre 29 Matador Tyre Shred through trails with massive precision and unrelenting grip using the Dura Tyre 29 Matador Tyre! The importance of grip out on the trails cannot be understated and is the basis of a good run. The all purpose grip style of the Dura Tyre 29 Matador Tyre makes for impre..
736 грн.
Maxxus Tyre 29 Miner
Duro Tyre 29 Miner > Cycle tyre > Made from rubber. Strong and Durable construction. > Performance Tested. Improved Durability. > Inflate to 30 - 55 PSI. Tyre Size: 26" x 1.95" > Typical S.R.R.P £13.99 for tyre. Colour: Black with Black Side Wall. > You will get: 1 x Tyre For our..
870 грн.
Maxxus Bike Frame Adapter Bar
Maxxus Bike Frame Adapter Bar With the help for this Maxxus Bike Frame Adapter Bar you can easily load and store bikes with non-traditional frame shapes or women specific frames. > Maxxus Bike Frame Adapter Bar > Maxxus branding > Easy use > Lightweight > Compact > Great for stor..
937 грн.
Maxxus Front Cycle Bottle Bag
Maxxus Front Cycle Bottle Bag Make your bike trips run smoother and keep essentials closer with the Maxxus Front Cycle Bottle Bag! The Maxxus Front Cycle Bottle Bag allows you to pack a bottle and items at the front of your bike for easy access and management. Complete with a highly durable build ..
1 138 грн.

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