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LifeSystems Aftersun
LifeSystems Aftersun This LifeSystems Aftersun is a summer essential that everyone should be using! Perfect for after sun use as it helps to maintain moisture, stop peeling and repair damage to the skin. Finished with Aloe Vera, shea butter and and vitamin E oils for a more effective cream and fee..
195 грн.
LifeSystems Mostquito Coils
Mostquito Coils The LifeSystems Mostquito Coils are designed to resist mosquitoes and other flying insects with maximum effectiveness to reduce the chance of discomfort. > Mosquito coils > 10 coils and 2 standsFor our full range of Camping Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 784230..
234 грн.
LifeSystems Tick Remover
LifeSystems Tick Remover This tick remover is a must have for all hikes and holidays, featuring a 3x magnifying lens to easily identify ticks, bee stings, splinters or thorns. The tick remover card benefits from a credit card size so you can store it easily in your wallet and two different sized n..
287 грн.
LifeSystems Expedition Sensitive Insect Repellant
LifeSystems Expedition Sensitive Insect Repellent This LifeSystems Expedition Sensitive Insect Repellent has been carefully formulated to work effectively while being gentle to skin and remaining DEET free! The mid-high strength formula gives protection against mosquitoes, horseflies, sand-flies, ..
334 грн.
LifeSystems Bite and Sting Relief Balm
Lifesystems Bite and Sting Relief Balm This Lifesystems Bite and Sting Relief Balm is perfect for soothing the discomfort and itching of bites and stings featuring a natural wick hazel extract to reduce irritation. This Bite and sting relief balm cools and soothes bites and stings making it ideal ..
401 грн.
LifeSystems Expedition Plus Insect Repellent
LifeSystems Insect Repellent The LifeSystems Expedition Plus Insect Repellent is a maximum strength, concentrated insect repellent with bite inhibitor for added protection in an easy to use pump action. Designed to provide over 10 hours protection, this insect repellent repels mosquitoes, horsefli..
401 грн.
LifeSystems Expedition Plus 50+
LifeSystems Expedition Plus The LifeSystems Expedition Plus 50+ is designed to provide up to 10 hours protection with a high strength formula complete with a bite inhibitor for high risk areas. This insect repellent is designed to repel: > Insect Repellent > Mosquitoes > Horseflies > S..
468 грн.
LifeSystems Head Net Hat
LifeSystems Head Net Hat This mosquito hat is perfect for all travelers, featuring a pop up hat that can easily be folded back down together with a fine mesh net that hangs from the hats brim to protect your head and neck from flying insects. The head net hat also comes with a storage bag with a d..
569 грн.
LifeSystems Chlorine Diox Tablets
Chlorine Diox Tablets The LifeSystems Chlorine Diox Tablets are essential for treating water, designed to kill pathogenic and protozoan cysts in water with maximum effectiveness. > Chlorine diox tablets > Kills both pathogenic and protozoan cysts > Treats up to 30 litresFor our full range..
636 грн.
LifeSystems Portable Bug Killer Unit
Lifesystems Portable Bug Killer Unit Reduce those annoying insect bites at night with the Lifesystems Portable Bug Killer Unit, thanks to the one cartridge lasting up to 6 days in a single room, complete wit Lifesystem branding for a great look. > Bug killer > Battery powered > Kills mosq..
636 грн.

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