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Все товары бренда Life Venture

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Life Venture Ellipse Bowl
Lifeven Ellipse Bowl This Ellipse Bowl offers a lightweight a durable structure with a tab for easy attachment to your backpack, ideal for your next camping trip. > Camping Bowl > Light Weight > Durable > Tab For our full range of Outdoor Cook Sets and Utensils visit birka.clubProd..
181 грн.
Life Venture Duct Tape
Life Venture Duct Tape This duct tape is a must have essential that's strong, versatile and waterproof so it can be used in many situations. > Duct Tape > Strong and versatile > Waterproof > 50mm x 5mFor our full range of Outdoor Accessories visit birka.clubProduct code: 784738..
234 грн.
Life Venture Ellipse Mug
Lifeven Ellipse Mug This Camping Mug has a light weight and durable structure as well as a easy carry handle for easy attachment to your back pack. > Ellipse Mug > Light Weight > Durable Structure > Carry handle For our full range of Water Bottles and Flasks visit birka.clubProduct..
234 грн.
Life Venture Soap Leaves
LifeVenture Soap Leaves Ideal for travelling light, the LifeVenture Soap Leaves conform to airport standard and are simple and easy to use. You only need to lather the soap leaves in water and rinse. > Soap leaves > Dissolvable > Just add water > Airport friendly > Contains 50 leave..
234 грн.
Life Venture Venture All Purpose Soap
All Purpose Travel Soap Suitable for self-cleaning, cutlery and pans and clothing, the LifeVenture All Purpose Soap is a perfect travel accessory in a handy to use bottle. This all purpose soap is concentrated and has a pH balanced bio-degradable formula. > All purpose soap > pH balanced >..
234 грн.
Life Venture Venture Ellipse Cutlery Set
Life Venture Ellipse Cutlery Set Be prepared for your next meal with the Life Venture Ellipse Cutlery Set thanks to the durable, impact resistant nylon, whilst the mixture of spoon, knife and fork allows for a range of meals. > Cutlery Set > Knife, Fork and spoon set > Impact resistant n..
234 грн.
Life Venture Venture Ellipse Plate
Life Venture Ellipse Plate The Life Venture Ellipse Plate offers a lightweight and durable design with a hook to the top making it ideal for any hiking or camping trip, complete with the Life Venture branding for a great look. > Camping Plate > Lightweight design > Solid construction >..
234 грн.
Life Venture Flight Bottle Set
Life Venture Flight Bottle Set The Life Venture Flight Bottle Set is ideal for travelling, feature four bottles, two with spray tops and two with screw top lids along with 2 small screw top lids, completed with a small, clear airport security friendly bag. > Flight bottle set > Two 70ml scre..
267 грн.
Life Venture Travel Cushion
Life Venture Travel Cushion The Life Venture Travel Cushion is perfect for long journeys, designed to provide support for the neck and back along with extra soft feel fabric that has been treated with AX antibacterial formula, completed with an easy to inflate valve that allows the pillow to be pa..
401 грн.
Life Venture DriStore Case
Life Venture DriStore Case The Life Venture DriStore Case is perfect for camping trips and outdoor adventures, crafted with UV stabilized Thermoplastic Polyurethane with welded seams that gives the case a durable and weather proof finish. This case has been designed for use with small tablet compu..
468 грн.
Life Venture Wash Cell
Life Venture Wash Cell The Life Venture Wash Cell is perfect for your travels, designed with a large main zipped compartment with an internal zipped pocket with a hanging hook and a detachable mirror, completed with a water resistant outer and the Life Venture branding. > Wash bag > Zipped m..
602 грн.
Life Venture Ellipse Travel Mug
Life Venture Ellipse Travel Mug The Life Venture Ellipse Travel Mug can keep your drink > Keep drinks hot or cold for over an hour > Double wall insulated polypropylene > Screw-on leak-proof lid > Drinking hole with flip-top > Weight: 180g > Dimensions: 180 x 80 x 76mm > Capac..
636 грн.
Life Venture RFiD Phone Wallet
Life Venture RFiD Phone Wallet The Life Venture RFiD Phone Wallet has been designed with RFiD material that acts as a barrier against RFiD signals and so helping to reduce the rick of identity theft, teamed with 2 internal card slots and a stash pocket so you can keep your essentials with you, com..
636 грн.
Life Venture Money Belt
LifeVenture Money Belt Comfortable and practical with a stylish edge the LifeVenture Money Belt provides a perfect travel accessory for improving piece of mind and safety! The hidden zip pocket doesn't protrude or stand out making it perfect for storage of money and other small valuables. Complete..
736 грн.
Life Venture RFiD Bi Fold Wallet
Life Venture RFiD Bi Fold Wallet The Life Venture RFiD Bi Fold Wallet has been crafted with RFiD material that blocks RFiD signals from items such as bank and credit cards and passports, completed with card and note slots and a waterproof zip fastening. > Wallet > RFiD protected > 6 card ..
870 грн.
Life Venture Large RFID Belt Pack
LifeVenture Large RFID Belt Pack With RFID chips becoming more and more implemented; the LifeVenture Large RFID Belt Pack is great for keeping high value RFID information like on band cards and passports safe! The compact design is well sized to accommodate all your essentials without causing exce..
870 грн.
Life Venture SoftFibre Towel
Life Venture SoftFibre Towel This Life Venture Towel is constructed from SoftFibre Advance extra soft feel fabric treated with a permanent antibacterial formula to keep your towel fresher for longer. > SoftFibre Advance - extra soft-feel fabric > Lightweight, ultra compact and highly absorbe..
937 грн.
Life Venture RFiD Hip Pack
Lifen RFiD Hip Pack This Lifen RFiD Hip Pack is the perfect choice when travelling, it is constructed with a tamper resistant zip security loop to prevent unwanted access from pick pockets. The main compartment uses RFiD blocking material, which acts a barrier to reduce the risk of data theft . &g..
961 грн.
Life Venture RFID Mini Document Wallet
Life Venture RFID Mini Document Wallet The Life Venture RFID Mini Document Wallet is perfect for travelling, crafted with RFid blocking material to help protect most passports, ID cards and credit cards from identity theft, completed wiht slots for cards, passports, boarding pass and tickets, comp..
1 138 грн.
Life Venture RFiD Waist Wallet
Life Venture RFiD Waist Wallet The Life Venture RFiD Waist Wallet is perfect for taking on your next holiday, featuring a lightweight, low profile design that id perfect for securing any valuables underneath clothing along with a large RFiD pocket that acts as a barrier against RFiD signals that h..
1 138 грн.
Life Venture RFID Document Belt Pouch
Life Venture RFID Document Belt Pouch The Life Venture RFID Document Belt Pouch is ideal for your travels, designed to be fastened around the waist so you can keep important documents such as boarding passes and passports close to hand along with card slots ad RFiD protection to the main body of t..
1 473 грн.
Life Venture Expedition Duffle Bag
Life Venture Expedition Duffle Bag Видео обзор: The Life Venture Expedition Duffle Bag has a rugged and ready look like its ready to be out in the world. The design isn't all in the looks though! With a durable fabric construction the bag stands up well to knock and bumps without tak..
1 780 грн.
Life Venture Exedition Wheeled Bag
LifeVenture Exedition Wheeled Bag The LifeVenture Exedition Wheeled Bag is perfect for your next adventure, constructed with an impressive 120 litre capacity coupled with high strength lockable zips and grab handles. This LifeVenture bag also benefits from a removable shoulder strap and smooth rol..
2 589 грн.

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